School Boy In Trouble?

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hey my names Dax Winterson and I was boy when this happened. I go to what some would say was a posh school. It's not a boarding school but I have to wear a strict uniform. Nice pants, polished shoes, dress shirt, sweater vest, a tie and a blazer.

I was at that changing age and I was just discovering my body. I put on my uniform and got onto the school grounds I was about 10 minutes late (not unlike me but I found it hard to get out of bed) I was walking up to the hall just as I saw some girls about 10 of them crowded around a door. It was one of those service doors that goes under the school. No one goes under there anymore as it's been deemed dangerous for the staff. It looked like they were unlocking the door then it opened I stopped to watch I was far enough away to not been noticed by them. It didn't matter anyway before I knew it the were all inside. I decided that I would get closer, I was scared to as these girls were in the older years.

I was 4ft 2inches. That's short really and they most of been close to 6ft it's scary you know. I got close to the door then suddenly I heard a voice behind me that said very creepily "your going to be my toy now" I turned and she grabbed me.

She was strong, she picked me up and carried me down the stairs into the lower levels of the school. I knew I should be shouting for help for what she had said before but I really wanted to see what they were doing down there. We walked in and all the girls looked up at me. They didn't even say anything apart for tie him up. For some reason they had rope and duct tape ( no I don't know why either, it looked like they were expecting me ) they grabbed my arms and pulled them around the back of a pole. As the were tying them (tightly) with rope one other girl got out a sock and forced it into my mouth and duct taped over it. They were really prepared. They then tied my ankles to the pole.

I noticed that they were smoking 'Weed' and drinking alcohol. I sort of had a mini freak out as most of them were drunk and 'high'. What could I do my hand and feet were tied. One girl went to some of the girls and got their belts. She brought them over and buttoned up my blazer then put all 3 belts on my body. One on my lower stomach and one on my mid-section and the last on my chest. I couldn't move. She then leaned in and kissed the duct tape. I was only a little boy. It was strange.

The all sat around the pole I was tied to. Every so often I would sort of cry a little bit. It was the middle of summer and we were in a heated room. The didn't notice how hot it was but I did with the dress shirt, sweater vest and blazer it was really hot. My backpack had fallen off in the previous struggle and one of the drunk girls decided she would go through it. I panicked. It had some stuff in it that I was going to get rid off at school as my mum was going to decorate my room and she would of found them I didn't want to her to find them in the rubbish. These girls didn't know something about me.

I had not only tied myself up before I had pictures and drawings of what I would like to do and some bondage gear I had bought off the Internet. I had a ball gag, an o-ring gag, a bit gag, a funnel gag for force feeding, some handcuffs, some medical restraints like the have in mental homes to tie people to beds, a body harness and a butt plug (I was most scared of the butt plug because u had never used it). I know what your thinking it's abnormal for boy to buy these things but I wanted to try it and it became an obsession. So the girl let's call her Donna the same girl the caught me before who said I was her toy, she grabbed all the gear and the started re doing all the bondage. The used the medical restraints. There is no way I would get out of them. They then took off all of the belts and replaced them with the harness and the looped it around the pole so it was better than the belts really alot tighter.

I was scared because I had never been really tied up, I had used the medical restraints really loose I could slip out but I couldn't now. They took off the duct tape and it gave me a second to say "please let me go, I wont tell anyone!" donna forced the ball gag into my mouth and just said:
"I told you baby, your my toy now. I can't let you go"

I just cried. They just sat there for a while looking a my folder of photos. There were hundreds of them ( I don't know what I was thinking I had a polaroid camera so I never had to put the pictures on the computer or anything like that. When they were done the decided they were done looking now was action.


Donna said:
"so your into torture? Me too. Okay baby let's have some fun"
All I could do was wimper.
A girl we shall call Sophia said:
"I can run home and get my pleasure pads" (if you don't know what pleasure pads are it's okay I didn't when she said it, the are just some sticky little pads with wires going into a box and the deliver a non-harmful jult of electricity can it does different pulses and different intensities of electricity. Donna said:
"go on then be quick"

It must of taken her 20 minutes to get the pads. In the time she was gone Donna had discovered another secret about me.
She found out that I had a fetish for printed t shirts (don't ask) I had two on under my school uniform and Donna said:
"we seem to have alot in common I have the same fetish you like printed tees don't you"
as she is looking under my uniform at the shirts im wearing. In nodded.
"that's good I love that and if you were older I'd have sex with you"

She undid my belt and pulled my pants down I had a chastity belt on witch was what was stopping my erection from being noticeable. I wear the belt as a lot of people come to school in normal clothes and it gives me an erection so it's best to have it on. Donna took the belt off and exposed my penis it was fully erect and I was so glad to get to belt off. It was hurting. She said:
" I want to suck you 'cock' but your too young" with a disappointed look on her face just as Sophie walk in. Donna said:
"your going to like this baby"
Again I wimpered.

She pulled my boxers back up and undid the button and put my penis through the hole. She then got one of the pads and when from the bottom of my upper half and slid her had up my skin and stuck the pad right in the center of my body. I was still really hot I had five layers on abd she didn't care. Like she said I was her toy. She got two more and putthem on my nipples And one more just below my belly button. Then she turned it on. It felt horrible it pulsed around my body, it felt like I was being stabbed really slowly. She then turned it off. She pulled my head down and undid the buckle on the ball gag strap and took it out my mouth I was crying, she said:
"calm down baby, it wasn't even on full, we can do that later. You calm down now!"
I said in sad voice
"I just want to go can you untie me now"
"no baby I can't your my little slave now, my toy and I'm not done playing with you"
"can you please just let me take my clothes off then, it's too hot for me"
"no, it's your torture. So baby whats your name?"

In a really wimpy voice"Dax Winterson"
"that's qute I love how qute you look when your helpless, now talking time is over we need to start now I need to sleep"

Most of the girls had gone to sleep by now so I guess she wanted to aswell. She put the ball gag back in my mouth I started crying again. She turned to shock box up to full and put it on pulsate. I screamed at first and donna panicked that someone would hear me so she grabbed the duct taped and taped my mouth around the ball gag which made it alot quieter. She then laid down near me and said:
" good night daxie waxie my baby"

I could barley breathe. I wanted to pass out but I couldn't. I was left like that for hours. It was dark by the time donna woke up. She turned the box off and I cried out and I had tears in my eyes. She looked and said:
"I think you need a reward now"
She took her pants off and put my penis in her Virginia and said:
"I'm taking you virginity you little bitch" she went really slow I came 12 times and she came twice.

After the sex she got really close to my ear and said:
" it you want we don't have to tell anyone and we can do this as much as you want"
I nodded and she undid all of my bounds and said to me:

"you can leave all your bondage gear down hear and this can be our sex den I have the key and every thing, we can come at the weekend" I agreed and now we do it nearly everyday after school and at the weekend and sometimes i tell my mum I'm going to a sleep over and my and Donna go to the sex den and he sex all night and she tortures me. I'm the only one who gets tortured and I love it. We are openly boyfriend and girlfriend she is one year older than me. Not that bad we have being dating for 2 years and I hope for more.

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