Saturday Work

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Today was not a work day but Diana decided that she had to catch up on some
work. Saturday was usually a dull day for her anyway, so she decided to pay
a visit to the office. Being alone there would help her to do her work
without the usual distractions. She arrived around 10am and was surprised to
see another car in the parking lot. She recognised it.

She let herself in with her office key and locked the door. Melisa, the
Marketing Manager, was there. She too was catching up on her work. Diana was
the Accounts Manager.

"Hi, Melisa." Diana surprised her.

Melisa jumped startled. "Oh hi, Di. How are you?" she asked, smiling.

Di smiled back. For some reason, Melisa seemed enchanting today. The two of
them had the entire office to themselves. Di was clad in her tight blue
jeans and fitted brown top while Melisa was in her black jeans and
sleeveless top.

The two worked without talking for nearly an hour before Melisa entered her
office with some files. Di was leaning over her desk at the time and caught
her mate's intoxicating, sweet scent mixing in the air. Di, who never felt
any attraction to a woman felt her knees go weak. Melisa was still smiling,
her eyes inviting.

"You all right?" Melisa asked, seductively.

Diana blushed. "Of course, you?"

Melisa flipped her hair. "Of course. You mind if I work in here with you? My
office seems so lonely."

Di did not need the interruption but her gorgeous femininity arrested Di's
attention. "Yes, please. I would love the pleasure of your company."

"Be careful there, you might love my pleasure too much," Melisa flirted and
disappeared out of the office. She returned with her pad and some more files
and sat next to Di.

Di blushed again but became disappointed when her colleague actually started
to work. They worked quietly for ten minutes before Melisa sensuously leaned
over to pick up the eraser on the desk. Her silky arm was across Di's chest
and they made a quick eye contact, smiling. Melisa's lips were slightly
opened and Di was not sure how to react.

Melisa sat back down as if nothing occurred. "You have a boyfriend, Di?"

Di felt a shiver go through her spine. "No, not anymore. What about you?"

Melisa smiled. "On and off. Right now, I am off."

"How come?"

"Sometimes, he lacks the right equipment for me."

Di smiled, catching her meaning. Melisa was into girls as well. "Oh," Di
blushed again.

"I can see your taste is in men."

"How can you tell?"

"Just by the way we interract."


Melisa leaned closer to her, their lips a millimetre apart. "But I know your
dirty secret," she whispered.

Diana was too caught up in her orgasmic love to ignore Melisa. She
whispered, "What secret?"

"You want me." Melisa closed the gap. They kissed softly. Diana, surprising
herself by not pulling back, kissed back. At first it was just a casual,
light kiss but soon Melisa made a seductive, wet kissing sound that Diana
fell trapped too. She inserted her tongue into her mate's mouth. Melisa
grabbed on to Di's collar and pulled her closer, allowing her tongue to
bathe in Di's mouth. The decision by Di to continue was made by her aching, bottled up orgasm waitng to
be released. She savoured every moment that passed.

By now, Melisa pulled away and took off Di's top. She pulled down her bra a
little just to reveal Di's right nipple. She sucked on it, purposely making
the loud kissing sounds as Di was entraced with this. Diana's head fell
back, her hips gyrating on her new playmate's hips. Diana could take no
more, she pulled off Melisa's top and released her jeans button. The smell
from her panties enticed her more. Diana slid off her lap and onto her own
knees to pull down both the jeans and panties together. Melisa yelped with
pleasure and allowed her vagina to open up as Di's tongue explored inside
her cunt.

Diana sucked her new candy and felt the wetness sticking to her mouth.
Melisa's moaning encouraged her more, makig her suck harder. Melisa's knees
jammed on her temples and her hips gyrated so quickly. Di never felt such
intensity in love making before. Suddenly, she felt the precum juices
flowing out. Di caught them, swallowing instantly. The candy-tasting, sweet
smelling pre-cum flowed quickly into her.

Melisa pulled back. "No orgasm yet." She pulled her mate to her feet and
took off her jeans. They were both naked now, hugging each other, savouring
the taste of their womanly flesh. Melisa was on her knees now, playing with
her new pussy whilst Di sat on the edge of her desk, taking the orgasmic
abuse. Melisa's fingers were inside her and she never felt such circular
precision churning inside of her. She loved it and her eyes were
disappearing into her forehead as Melisa's tongue accompanied her fingers.
Suddenly, Melisa got up and mounted her, their vaginas rubbing.

Melisa and Diana moved rhythmically together allowing their vaginas to rub
and mesh. Soon their fucking grew harder and bolder, their screams
increasing in volume. Diana grabbed Melisa as she jumped on her pussy. Soon,
their orgasms were mixing and their pussies were slurping wet. They fucked
each other hard for twenty minutes, not resting or changing their rhythm.
Their screams were testimony that their orgasms were powerful and real. They
each had eight orgasms flowing sensuously into one another.

Diana pushed Melisa on the ground and immediately mounted her for a 69.
Their tongues lapped the sweet cum from each other's vaginas, making as loud
as they can, the slurping kissing noises enticing each other. Soon, they
were both dried. They each had their share of orgasms and love.

Diana lay in Melisa's arms on the carpeted floor. They kissed lightly.

"How was it?" she asked.

Diana blushed. "It was great."

"I hope this would not be a one time thing?"

Diana kissed her. "You live alone, don't you?"


They kissed again, their fingers playing with each other's pussies. "Then
let's organise a sleepover every night for this week."

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