Saturday Night love Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

Both Skylar and Nikki lay there in the 69 position both out of breath on the couch in the black dark room sweat rolling down there faces each others juices on each other.

Nikki: “Ready for the finale?” she says while turning around and straddling his stomach

Skylar: “yes, I’m ready to lose my virginity to you” he says while smiling at her 

Nikki smiles back at him as she rises her self putting her pussy inches away from Skylar’s quickly growing 7 inch cock. He trys to push her down by putting his hands on her hips but she refuses. Finally she looks him into the eyes and starts to go slowly down onto him inch by inch she starts struggling from the size and moans in pain Skylar places his right hand on her face trying to comfort her. She finally decides to get rid of the pain and drops down quickly slamming down on him and screaming in pain.

Nikki: “OH MY GOD!” she screams feeling herself get torn apart

Skylar: “its ok babe we’ll go at your own pace” he responds softly feeling the blood trickle down the sides of hips

Skylar places his hands back onto Nikki’s hips as she slowly starts to speed up feeling the pain instantly lifting into loads of pleasure she still keeps a slow pace keeping eye contact

Nikki: “you feel so big inside me” she says stopping her pace on him
Skylar: “ride my cock hard baby you make me so hot” he responds to her as she picks up the pace 

Nikki speeds up faster as Skylar grabs Nikki’s breasts massaging them as she bounces on Skylar’s love stick. Nikki speeds up more rising up and down over skylar’s quickly throbbing cock up and down Skylar starts breathing heavily feeling an orgasm build up but not before she does…

Nikki: “oh yes yes yes so big sooooo biggggg!!!!” she screams as she has an orgasm 

Skylar: “its my turn” he responds to her orgasm by lifting her onto her back

Skylar climbs onto Nikki still keeping his cock deep inside her he continues the pace on her but faster raising one of her legs onto his shoulder.

Nikki: “Fuck me sky fuck me harder I want to feel you even deeper inside of me” 

Skylar speeds up closing his eyes as he starts to feel short shocks of pleasure run up his spine he feels it building up like a cauldron inside his balls. The slapping of his balls echoing the room turning on both of them even more.

Nikki: “faster FASTER oh yes oh god yes FUCK me baby fuck me faster”

Skylar trys to speed up faster feeling him self loose the energy from the orgasm building up to much killing his once non virgin energy to nothing.

Nikki: “harder HARDER HARDER Sky that’s it SKYYYYYY!!!” she screams going into another orgasm while giving him one last squeeze on his cock before almost passing out

Skylar grunts loudly then moans letting load after load of hot warm juicy cum inside of Nikki. Skylar drops down on top of her resting his head on her breasts still keeping his still hard cock in her

Nikki: “i-I’m happy I lost my virginity to my new boy friend” she says panting 

Skylar: “we never went to the spot you know…and I thought we were only friends?” he says also gasping for air

Nikki: “we will go tomorrow, after we continue round 2 tomorrow” she says while falling 

Skylar pulls out slowly trying not to wake her as he calls his parents asking them when there coming home they say they wont be because they were both drinking so Skylar grabs a blanket and walks back over to Nikki climbing slowly back onto her pushing him self back in slowly so he doesn’t wake her then falls asleep re resting his head on her beasts. THE END (the first story of Skylar & Nikki)
(Author Comments)

This was my first story that I sent here other then part 1. I’ve been reading a lot of your guys work giving me the insipience! Most of my stories will be biased on these 2 characters in different situations. I know its in “dialog” but soon my stories will be different I see that many people don’t use this form so I decided to try it! Anywayz. I’d like to thank A sex stories for having this nice site to post my work and I would like to thank everyone for telling me to make this!

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