Sara's summer Vacation: Part 1

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Note : this story is completely fictional!

Sara Martin was bored and not a little pissed off. Here she was alone at her family’s summer house with absolutely nothing to do. She and her dad had arrived at the lake house the day before and were supposed to spend some time together, but a deal her dad had been working on was in danger of falling through and he had rushed back to deal with it leaving Sara alone, and now he had just called saying he probably wouldn’t be back until tomorrow night. She was pissed because she hadn’t wanted to come early in the first place. Sure it was a family tradition that she and her dad would spend several day together before the rest of the family arrived, and in truth she had always enjoyed the time hanging out with her dad, but this year was different. She was about to enter her junior year in high school and the last thing she wanted to do was to leave all of her friends to spend a week with her father. Sure her friends Amy and Kelli would be coming up in a few days with her mom and sisters, which would be fun, but Sara was finally starting to be popular with boys and by the time she got back she figured most of them would have found other girls who didn’t have to go on stupid family vacations! Her dad had left about noon and now it was almost eight. The house was right on Lake Two Moons and had it’s own beach so Sara had spent the day tanning and listening to her I-Pod but now it was getting late and there was nothing to do. She had noticed that down the beach there had been a bunch of what looked to be older kids hanging out and having fun so she figured she should walk down the beach and check it out. She knew if there was any chance that older kids would want to hang out with her she had to look good so she went in her room to change clothes.

Sara looked in the mirror as she tried on some different outfits an she smiled at herself knowing that she actually did look pretty cute. She was 5’5” with long blonde hair, green eyes and a body that was finally beginning to resemble a real woman as opposed to a little girl. Her breasts had filled out to a shapely 34c and even Sara had to admit she was really starting to look hot. She finally decided on a jean skirt and a yellow tank top which shoed off her perfectly flat tummy and shapely legs, if there were going to be any cute boys, she thought, they would definitely notice her. Sara wasn’t always the most outgoing girl in the world usually relying on her friends to meet new people, but she really didn’t have a choice, she thought, hang out in the cottage and be bored, or risk looking like a dork in front of some older kids. It was a bit scary but no contest, so Sara grabbed a pair of flip-flops to walk on the beach and headed out the back door towards the lake.

The moon was just starting to come up as Sara started her walk and it looked beautiful shimmering on the lake. She looked down the shore to where she saw the other kids and she really didn’t see anyone. The area where they were was pretty secluded, she knew it from walking on the beach in earlier years. The property was actually its own little cove and was surrounded by wooded lots; there wasn’t another house for quite a ways. She saw that they had lit a couple of tiki torches on the beach but, at least from a distance, didn’t seem to be anyone around. Her heart sank thinking that her only chance for fun wasn’t going to happen after all, but she decided to walk along anyway hoping that maybe the kids were just up towards the house where she couldn’t see them. As she got a little closer her mood began to improve as she heard some voices coming from the beach where the kids had been. She started to playfully dart in and out of the tree line hoping to see what was going on before she introduced herself but as she approached the beach with the torches what she saw stopped her in her tracks.

There were several kids on the beach after all and some were just walking around laughing and joking, but what had shocked Sara were three of them that were off to the side on a blanket. There was a girl who was completely naked and she was on her hands and knees in from of a boy who was on his knees as well. He was naked too and she was giggling and playing with his penis. Sara wasn’t completely oblivious to sex, after all she had done a lot of making out and had even stroked a couple of penises herself, although that was as far as she had gone, but the shocking part was the other boy right behind the girl who looked like he was starting to stick his own dick in her. She was actually watching another girl have sex and not with one boy but two! Sara’s mind was reeling with this sight but she couldn’t take her eyes off of the three as they continued. The boy appeared to actually be fucking the girl now and she in turn had taken the other boys dick in her mouth. Sara rubbed her eyes to make sure she was actually seeing what she was seeing and looked around to see if the other kids on the beach were reacting to this dirty behavior at all. She noticed that some of them were watching but many of them were starting to mess around themselves. She saw another girl drop to her knees and without much thought at all take the dick of the boy she was with in her mouth. Sara was always afraid of the day she was going o have to give a boy a blow job but now that she was actually seeing it she was getting very excited. She could feel her pussy start to get hot and wet and she knew she was as turned on as she had ever been in her young life. Just then she noticed a girl coming down to the beach from the house with a flashlight, the girl was obviously a little drunk and was using the flashlight to guide her way to the beach. Sara froze in horror as the girl accidentally shone the flashlight right on her.

“Hey everybody!” Yelled flashlight girl “Looks like we have an audience!” The girl giggled and shone the flashlight directly at Sara now, with a couple of other kids following quickly behind.
“I’m sorry” Sara mumbled as the kids approached “I, um, didn’t mean to I , um just…”
“Its ok” Said one of the boys who stepped ahead of flashlight girl. “No worries, we’re all just having some fun” 

Sara was hanging onto a tree to steady herself as the boy walked right up to her with his friends behind him. She could see him clearly now and saw that he was absolutely gorgeous. He was about 6’2” wearing only a pair of swim trunks which highlighted his muscular body. His hair was blond and in the moonlight his eyes looked liked he deepest blue. Sara was going weak in the knees with all the sensations washing over her. “I’m Sara” Was all she could manage to say.

“Hi Sara” The boy smiled at her “I’m Mark, and this is Holly” motioning to the girl who Sara could now see was a pretty long legged brunette “And these two” waving his hand behind him to the other two kids that had walked over “Are Tom and Carrie, come on” He extended his hand to her “Come on down and join the party.”

Sara took his hand and wordlessly followed the five kids to the beach heading towards the area with the torches she had seen earlier. They passed right by the three that she had originally seen who were now so into there threesome that they didn’t even notice as they passed. The boy was now fucking the girl with such force that it actually gave Sara a chill but she could see by the way the girl was sucking the other boy’s dick that she was completely enjoying herself.

“Ah that’s Stephanie,” Mark laughed in explanation as he saw Sara’s rapt interest in the trio “She loves threesomes, the guys are George and Tim” Looking at her with a little concern he said “Come on Sara come sit with us, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” He took her hand and gently squeezed it leading her to the far end of the beach where there were a bunch of kids sitting on beach chairs under the torches.

Sara sat down next to Mark as he introduced her to a bunch of people who she knew she wouldn’t remember their names given her shocked state. They explained to her that they were all College kids form a school not far from the lake and that they had rented this house for two weeks so they and their friends could all have some fun before going back to school. Most of the kids, Sara learned, were around 19 or 20 not that much older than her own 18, but at the moment she felt very very young. Mark had given her a glass of beer and she was drinking it much faster than she had planned, probably from nervousness. She had drank beer before but usually only sipped it to be cool. Soon she had finished her first beer and Mark quickly replaced it with another. Despite all the kids being nice to her and asking her about herself, she still couldn’t help looking around at all the sex going on around her on the beach. Just then the three kids she had seen in the first placed wandered towards the group.
“Hi I’m Steph” Said the girl who Sara had seen in the threesome “I heard you were watching!” She giggled “You should try it, way more fun than watching”

“Stop it Stephanie!” Mark scolded gently “Sara here is pretty freaked, let her be” Then to Sara, “Hey, want to go for a walk?”

Feeling very exposed Sara welcomed the chance to go for a walk with this gorgeous college boy and took his hand.

Mark led her up the path toward the house the kids were staying in, and Sara noticed as they approached that there were a few people up there too, most of them in various sexual activity as well. She felt more excited than she had ever been. He led her into the house and into the living room which was actually deserted with some kids out on the deck and other obviously in the bedrooms judging from the laughs, grunt and squeals. They sat down on the couch and mark leaned over and kissed her.

Sara was reeling form this wonderful kiss she was receiving form the hottest boy she had ever seen. Their tongues were darting around in each others mouths so intently that she didn’t even notice as his hand crept up her skirt. She felt he=is fingers going under her panties but she couldn’t even think of stopping him. Her pussy was on fire feeling a boys hand on her sex for the first time.

“Do you like that Sara” Mark whispered in her ear momentarily breaking the kiss.
“Yess” She stammered “but I’ve never..”
“Ssshh, it’s going o be alright, I’m going o make you feel so good” With that he pulled his hand out from under her panties and started pulling them all the way off. When he had them off he brought his hand back to her pussy and slowly inserted his finger. He could feel the little beauty’s cunt get wetter and wetter.

Sara was engulfed completely in these new feelings and found herself reaching for Mark’s dick without even realizing it. Noticing the high school girl’s boldness he laughed and stepped out of his trunks causing his nine inch cock to stand at attention/

“Oh my God!” Sara exclaimed “I’ve never seen one so big!” She couldn’t help herself as she began to stroke it.
“MMM baby that’s nice” Mark whispered “have you ever sucked one?”
“NNo” Sara answered nervously “I know girls that have but I was afraid”
“Aww don’t be afraid cutie” Mark gently stroked her hair “Come on try it I know you’ll be great at it”
Sara pulled her hair back and prepared to lower her head toward the monstrous cock, her mind racing with so many emotions she could hardly think, so she decide not to and gently began to lick around the tip of mark’s cock.
“Oh baby that’s so good put your mouth on it Sara, suck my cock girl

Sara started to do just that remembering what she had seen on the beach she started putting more and more of his big dick in he mouth until she was picking up the pace her mouth filled with his sex. Then she smiled up at him hoping she was doing it right.

Mark smiled right back at her enjoying his role as this young girl’s sexual awakener. “That’s so good Sara, keep sucking it so nice”
Sara continued sucking and began to get more and more into it, going up and down the big shaft momentarily gagging as it went too far down her throat, but not missing a beat and continued her ministrations on this boy’s cock. She started playing with his balls which started a low moan from deep within the older boy’s body.
“God girl! You’re a fast learner! I’m going to cum soon, think you can swallow my load little girl?”

Sara may have been naďve, but she wasn’t stupid she knew that he was going o cum and she knew what that meant, she briefly remembered jerking some boys off in the past and having them cum all over her hand and she remembered being terrified of the time one might shoot off in her mouth. She wasn’t scared anymore; instead she started sucking harder hoping to cause this boy to explode in her pretty mouth.

“Here it comes Sara! I’m cumming…” with that Mark felt his balls rise up and his load start to shoot in the young girl’s mouth.
Sara was in another world as she felt the boy’s seed invade her moth, the salty taste actually tasted wonderful as she tried to swallow it all. Spurt after spurt she swallowed until finally the last spurt was a bit much and it dribbled down her chin. She smiled up at him.

“Sorry” She giggled “I tried”
“Girls you did more than that! You’re an awesome cocksucker girl!” He smiled “Now it’s you’re turn” With that he positioned her on the couch and spread her legs so that he could get his mouth on the tight young snatch. As he got down there he was surprised to see that the girl’s pussy was bald as a baby’s. He looked up at her quizzically.
“Oh” She laughed: I just did that, for my bikini, not that I thought that I would..” Her words trailed off slightly embarrassed. “I’m actually a virgin and you’re the first boy to see it”
“No girl” he laughed “no need to apologize, you have a beautiful pussy and I’m going to eat it up!”

Sara closed her eyes as she felt Mark’s tongue start to lick her virgin cunt. The feeling in her body seemed to go from her head to her toes and after a few minutes of his lapping she felt her orgasm start to rise from deep inside her.

Mark could feel the girl’s orgasm coming on from the sweet juices he continued to slurp up and then he felt her muscles tense. He had a plan. He assumed that at this point the girl was going to let him fuck her but he wasn’t even going to risk a no, as soon as she was in the throws of orgasm he was going o sink his big cock into the tight virgin pussy.

Sara kept her eyes closed tight as her orgasm overtook her, a slight moan escaping her lips. She had no idea from her fingering attempts that an orgasm could feel like this. She let it flow over her completely overwhelming her young senses, her eyes still closed. Then she felt something else. She opened her eyes to see Mark on top of her pushing his dick into her, before she knew what was happening almost an inch was inside. She knew she should stop him but she also knew that she wanted it badly.

Mark saw the girl open her eyes and smile weakly, he took that as his sign to push deeper. “This might hurt a little Sara” he warned her as he pushed his big dick into the tight virgin pussy. He had to push slowly since she was so tight, he had fucked virgins but she was tighter than any. Finally he pushed passed her cherry and landed balls deep in her young cunt.

Sara felt a twinge of searing pain as the boy’s cock assaulted her pussy but the pain was son replaced with wonder as she felt him push all the way in. She looked up and watched his prick sink deep in her pussy. She loved the way it looked and continued to watch as he started to move in and out. She was getting fucked and she loved it!

Mark really began to fuck then. His muscular ass started pounding again and again into this high school girl’s tight cunt. It felt amazing as he fucked and he realized how glad he was that he had already cum so he could last awhile in this tight no longer virgin cunt. 

Sara was in ecstasy as she could feel another orgasm coming on brought on by this huge fleshy mass pistoning in and out of her. She loved watching it knowing that she was now officially a woman. She was vaguely aware of other people in the room now but she was beyond caring. She let Mark turn her over and put her on the floor on her hands and knees just like she had seen the girl Stephanie when she first arrived. She was slightly startled when another dick appeared in front of her at her mouth, but remembering the other girl’s activities she put her mouth around it and began to give her second blow job.

The second boy, who’s name was Steve, smiled as this little high school girl began to suck on his dick while his friend fucked her doggie with so much force that she kept bucking forward towards him. “Holy shit Mark” Steve exclaimed “You’ve found one hot little cunt here!”

Sara heard the boy talk dirty about her and to her surprise found that it turned her on even more, Mark was fucking her so hard she was just one giant ball of sex and she loved it. She saw another girl about 5 feet from her getting fucked doggie too and she felt like she was am member of some exclusive club. The she felt that now familiar feeling overtake her and she began to cum again. At the same time Steve was exploding in her mouth.

Mark thought about pulling out of the girl’s pussy before he came, but as he felt her cumming again, and saw her slurping up his friend’s cum, he knew it was hopeless and began to explode inside the high school girl’s spasming cunt.

Sara felt a surge inside her as she felt Mark’s cock spurt his seed deep inside her. She was vaguely aware of the fact that she was at a part of her cycle that she was unlikely to get pregnant, but even if she was she doubted she would care. She felt every wave of hot cum as it pumped inside her until finally it stopped and she heard mark’s cock pull out of her with a loud spurt. She could taste cum in her mouth and feel it in her pussy. She was in heaven. Then she heard a bunch of kid’s applaud as she felt hands helping her to her feet.

“Nice job kid!” Sara heard a female voice say and looked up to see that it was Steph the girl she had seen first doing what she herself had just done.
“Thanks” Sara giggled 

Steph laughed with the younger girl “Glad I could be a role model! Hey come on Sara let’s go down to the beach ok?”
Sara somehow was glad to have a girl to talk to at least for awhile and smiled at the older girl as the y both headed down to the beach.

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