Sarah Learns Teamwork : Part 1

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This story is fictional. It contains adult themes, interracial and unsafe sex. This is my first attempt. I would very much appreciate all constructive criticism!


My wife Sarah and I have been married 22 years; we met in college; married after graduating. I'm successful and financially comfortable, 6'1”, 210 lbs, brown hair and eyes, still fit with an 8” cock that Sarah loves to use. She is a pretty lady, shoulder length auburn hair, hazel eyes, 5'8", 34B-28-36, with the most sensitive long nipples, long firm runners legs, a trimmed patch, shaved below. She loves sex but had only 2 partners before me.

She has a demanding voracious sexual need; it's the norm that she has multiple O's, loving oral and hard deep fucking; publically she is reserved and demure dressing tastefully. We've had for the most part a happy active sex life. I have been trying to get to her dress sexy and behave flirty in public with some progress. She is usually focused and intense about whatever she happens to be doing at the time; when she decides to move to do something there's no stopping her. We have 2 daughters Jen 20 and Stacy 18 both are pretty and take after their mother physically.

I was a bit surprised when she confronted me having found my hidden internet history that had quite a bit of wife sharing pics and stories, many interracial. She calmly asked me about the pics and stories. I responded that it was just fantasy. She said that she didn't think we had become sexually stale so she didn't understand. We've always been able to discuss sex openly and honestly. I asked if she read much of what she found and if she had found any interesting. Sarah said yes, that some were very interesting but she wasn't willing to share me with another woman. After that I started bringing home DVD's about wife sharing, many were interracial. Over the following months I would occasionally mention having her be with another man but she has objected as she didn't want an open marriage at least while the children still live at home.


Sarah had bet me I would forget to make reservations at her favorite 5 star restaurant for her birthday; I made the reservations that night for the following Friday. Having lost the bet she had to wear whatever I wanted; I bought her a very sexy mini dress with thin spaghetti straps. It was backless with a low scoop to the top of her ass crack and gave a peek of the sides of her breasts. I wanted her to leave off the panties, wear sheer black crotch less hose; she did making me promise this would lead to some hot sex later. She looked amazing!

The diner was excellent. We went to a club we'd never been to before; having several drinks leaving her a bit tipsy. We did some slow dancing getting frisky, having some laughs. We settled onto bar stools; I worked my hand on her thigh as several men watched from a table.
I told her to cross and re-cross her legs. She looked at me to protest “I won the bet babe!” Sarah crossed and re-crossed her legs several times. I whispered “They are really enjoying the view!” She slowly crossed and re-crossed her legs several times enjoying the attention as they watched. A waitress stopped at their table leaned down listening then glanced at Sarah nodding proceeding to the bar.

She sipped her drink again finishing it. Another drink appeared, the waitress nodding towards the men watching. Sarah giggled “Another and I'll be drunk!” She held up the drink mouthing thank you. She re-crossed them slowly again sipping the drink watching the men stare at her legs.

I whispered “You are a flirt! They love this babe.” My fingers slide her hem a little higher revealing a glimpse at her ass cheek. She blushed but re-crossed them again they stole peeks between her thighs. On the next re-cross I slipped my hand between her thighs holding them slightly parted giving the guys a peek at her fantastic pussy. Sarah blushed deeply and attempting to push my hand away; she looked at me and calmly relaxed leaving them parted with the hem of her short skirt high on her thighs. I could see in her eyes that she was tipsy but enjoying the attention.

One of the guys, a nice looking tall black guy, was bold. He moved to us extending his hand to me. “Hi I am Sam.”
I took his shaking “I'm Jim and this is my wife Sarah.”
Sam took Sarah's hand shaking it. “It's nice to meet you. You are a very attractive lady.”

Sarah blushed stammering softly with a slight slur, her eyes darting to mine then back to his “Oh my thank you so much.”
His eyes never left hers. ”Jim would you mind letting me dance with Sarah?”

She started to object; I said “It's only a dance babe.” They danced to a fast song then during a slow song his hands moved over her bare back down to the bottom of the scoop, gently pulling her closer; she looked at me; I smiled staring as he ground against her. He drew her even closer, talking into her ear. His fingertips slipped into the dress caressing the top of her bare ass cheek; her eyes never left mine as his fingers slowly crept lower grinding with her as his hand slid lower; her eyes lidded as his finger had to be down in her crack teasing near her star. When the song ended he held her talking into her ear, her eyes widened, she blushed, nodded slowly then swallowed deeply turning to look at me. She backed up a little and his hand was holding hers to his bulge. She smiled and turned walking back to me her eyes wide still blushing deeply with his hand resting on the top of her sensually swaying ass.

The waitress came up to us holding a tray of drinks “I have that table Sam.” We followed the girl to a dimly lighted corner booth. She set down the drinks as Sarah slipped into the booth first, Sam and I sliding in on either side of her. I reached over and caressed her thigh.
“Jim, you are one very lucky man.”

“Yes I know. She is an amazing woman.” squeezing her thigh caressing my fingertips back up between them. Sam was watching my hand, Sarah looked at me leaning turning slightly her thighs parting. I watched Sam's eyes stare boldly at her parted thighs knowing he could see her pretty pussy. She swallowed deeply; she whispered “He wants to fuck me.”
“Do you want to fuck him?”
Sam's brought her hand to his bulge, her fingers wandered over it squeezing.
She leaned up to my ear whispering “He's got a big cock!”

Sam smiled overhearing, his free hand lowered to his zipper reaching in taking out a thick long dark cock. He brought her hand to it wrapping her fingers around it holding; her eyes flashed wide her head spun around looking down gasping “Oh my god, he's huge!”
She stared down swallowing deeply as his hand stroked hers up and down the long dark shaft. She took a long sip of her drink stammering softly “It's so smooth and hard.” I couldn't believe how hard I got so quickly watching her fingers stroking his dark thick cock.

He moved his hand away to her thigh his fingers caressing slowly up along her inner thigh. Her fingers continued to stroke him slowly. I moved mine back over her thigh to her knee nudging them wider apart as his moved higher between her thighs. They caressed her inner thigh slowly higher, she willingly parted them more. Her fingers stroked him and he caressed her inner thigh a minute or two, it seemed like forever, I was so hard. His fingers moved higher under the hemline. Her eyes flashed to mine; her lips parted then her eyes slowly closed; a soft gasp escaped her lips; her back arched. Her fingers moving on his cock in longer faster strokes. Her hips rutting, a soft low moan escaping her lips.

Her eyes flashed open wide, she released his cock pushing his hand away. She stammered “I'm sorry. I'm not ready for this!” She gasped in air stammering again “Perhaps if and when, I would love to be with you Sam.”
Sam lifted a wet index tip to his nose inhaled deeply “Oh Sarah you are so ready.” He took out a business card and handed it to her. “Call me when you are ready.”

On the way home she was rubbing my hard cock and even laid down licking teasing it while my hand played with her ass and pussy. I asked if she had fun dancing.
“I was surprised but I did. Oh my god he was so hard so thick pressed against me.”
“See you are sexy and can enjoy it. It excited you.”

Did you like stroking his big hard cock. “Your pretty pussy is wet baby.”
“I thought I would cum when he touched my pussy. I would have had he fingered me much longer. I didn't think I could behave like that in public!”
“You were very hot babe. All the guys and some of the ladies were watching you.”
“You seemed like you were really into Sam. Honestly, did you want to fuck him?”
She stammered slurring softly “Yes, I would but that doesn't mean I will.”

By the time we arrived home she was so hot, her ass hips were squirming. She was slurring her words even more. The house was pretty dark so I assumed the kids had gone out. We moved quickly from the garage, backing Sarah into the den kissing her with my hands under her skirt lifting it up playing with her sexy ass cheeks. Sarah stumbled halfway into the room. I heard a loud female groan while feeling Sarah stumbling then falling, I was trying to hold her and we both went to the floor.

I looked past Sarah to see a woman straddling a black man with his cock deep in her cunt, her ass held by two large dark hands bouncing her up and down, her hips wildly squirming grinding. Sarah had turned to break her fall and was between his thighs her face almost to the girl's ass. The girls head spun around stammering “ohhh mmyyyyyyyyyyy god!” It was my daughter's friend Maria! She tried to lift off him but he held her thrusting hard and fast then groaned “ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh!” He was cumming deep in her cunt.

Sarah was close enough to touch her ass with her nose and stared at the sight of that cock in the girls stretched cunt, her juices coating the cock and heavy dark balls. The girl slid off him stammering “Oh my god!” while trying to cover up! His hands pulled her back down her cunt pushing on his shaft his crown down to Sarah's lips as he cock erupted again cummming between her parted lips. She involuntarily licked her lips, her eyes went to his cock. She stared wide eyed at the dark throbbing meat. Her tongue extended to his dark crown her lips closed on it.

The girl fell back with her cunt opened stretched seeping cum onto the carpet. Sarah's eyes were foggy, confused, drunk. I snapped at him to get dressed!
Sarah gasped again loudly backed away; another rope of his cum squirted landing on her neck and into her cleavage over dress. Sarah blushed deeply and looked at Maria who started to grin at the situation. Sarah picked up the man's underwear and wiped the cum from her face rising to quickly leave the room, stopping looking back telling Maria that she expected her to clean all the sex from her furniture and carpet and have her dress dry cleaned. I cleared them out of the house then went to my daughters rooms.

I found Jen with her b/f in her bedroom. They were scrambling to get dressed.
“Where is Stacy?”
“Still out.” Jen replied.
I told Jen I needed to talk with her and Maria the next day and told her b/f to go home.

After they left, I made drinks and went to our bedroom. Sarah was sitting on the bed, her back to the headboard with the guys shorts clinched in one hand, Sam's business card in the other, her knees bent and thighs parted, the dress down around her hips with her pussy exposed. She has the sexiest pussy, her inner folds open like the petals of a flower and her hood and clit extend when she is aroused. I handed her the drink asking if she was alright.
“I am just shocked!” with a slur.
I glanced at her pussy “You look very wet babe”.
She blushed “I was wet before it happened. Sam had me so wet babe.”

I laughed “oh that cock didn't get you wet?” I went down between her thighs and started to lick. She shuddered and spread wide. She gasped “No Sam's cock got me all wet!”
“Wow you are so wet babe”, she grabbed my head and ground wildly to my face. My curled into her pretty pussy, she fucked it wantonly wrapping her thighs around my head cumming again and again. She relaxed and moaned as my tongue flicked slowly over her highly sensitive clit.

I looked up at her “You licked that black man's cock. In your mind was that Sam's cock you licked?” I brought a wet index tip her ass making her hips squirm.
“It was just an involuntary reaction!”
“Did that big cock cum squirting over your face get you excited?”

"Oh god that was a shock!" She lifted up while I slipped my wet index finger into her ass to the first knuckle; she moaned pushing to it.
“I saw that look in your eyes, your lips parted when he squirted, your tongue licked it, your lips closed on it. I think you wanted it. I think you had Sam on your mind!”.
"Of course not" she stammered pulling away and rolling to her side. I slipped up behind her spooning. She groaned feeling my hard cock pushing into her soaked pussy from behind.
“That was very hot to see.”

She groaned pushing back "You really liked seeing that? You're so hard! You must have liked seeing his cock on my lips."
“Oh yes very erotic!” I pushed in deeper, “yes very sexy.” She pushed back taking me deeper with a low moan churning her ass and hips wantonly.
"It was an accident!"

I thrust in hard holding her hips “Yes but with an honest reaction, you tasted him, licked him, took him into your lips”. She moaned and ground back harder meeting my thrusts.
“Did you like the taste of his cum?” She closed her eyes and churned back groaning. My hips thrusting taking her hard deep feeling her wildly thrust her hips back. I slowed leaving her churning wildly. I asked again if she liked the taste of the young studs cum. She moaned "oh please baby" churning grinding then she groaned "Yes, I liked it. Did it get you hard seeing my lips on his cock?”

"It was very hot".
“You would like to see him cum in my mouth?”
“Are you serious about sharing me?”
"Yes. So that you can fully be fully satisfied. So you can release all inhibitions."

“Did it turn you on seeing Sam's finger wet from me?”
“I thought you were going to fuck him.”
"You would want to see Sam's cock in me?"
"Only if you want it.”
“You would want see my pussy stretched oozing with another man's cum? Like Maria's tonight?”

“Yes I would but only if it was what you want.”
“I'm not sure I could be with another man.”
She rolled over me sinking down onto my cock churning grinding her eyes closed moaning.
“Are you thinking of that cock baby?” thrusting up fucking her hard with my hands holding her hips.
She shook wildly rutting her hips then trembling cumming. I unloaded filling her with a loud growl.

She looked down at me a sly grin forming on her lips as she slid off. “Were you thinking of Sam's cock fucking me, stretching my pussy, filling me with his cum baby?”
She crept up until her pussy was over my face giggling “In those stories the husband cleans the wife.” She slowly lowered pressing her oozing cunt to my lips. I licked deeply into her as she ground down, her body tensing building to another cumming again and again feeding me my cum.

She rolled off to her back collecting her pillow falling into a deep sleep. Turning off the lights, I lay there wondering where this might go, slowly stroking my cock fantasizing about Sarah and Sam's cock.

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