Sara gets a divorce

(Part 1 from 1)

When the bar closed Sara was drunk and fell on her ass. She was afraid to call her husband because he didn't approve of her drinking. Two teenagers ask her if she wanted a ride home. They said their names were Carl and Jim and they were brothers. She said yes and soon realized her mistake. When she was in their car Carl ripped her panties off and finger fucked her, Jim tore off her dress and bra. She struggled to get free but it was no use.

"Would you boys do this to your mother?"

"She's not a drunken slut like you" said Jim.

Sara relaxed and let them do what they wanted, young boys were nasty cruel creatures. They drove the helpless woman to a park and raped her on a picnic table until they were too tired to continue. Sara gathered her torn clothes and put them on. She looked like a bag lady.

"Are you going to take me home?"

"That depends" said Jim.

"Depends on what?" ask Sara.

"If you keep your mouth shut we will take you home, if you don't you will have to walk" laughed Carl.

"I won't tell anyone, I've always wanted to be raped"

"You're a kinky bitch" laughed Jim.

He gave her his phone number so she could contact him. The house lights were on and her husband was helping his mother paint her house. She went in and found her little sister waiting for her. Lucy looked at Sara's torn dress.

"What the hell happened?"

She told her sister about the rape.

"Are you going to call the cops?"

"I liked what those boys did to me"

"You're crazy!" gasp Lucy.

"I climaxed twice" giggled Sara.

"You're not only crazy but your a slut to boot"

"I've got Carl's phone number would you like to meet him and his brother?"

"Might as well, I haven't had a prick in my hole since my boyfriend dumped me"

That night Sara slept with her sister and made love to her. It was something she did whenever she had the chance. The next morning was Saturday so Sara called Carl. She said she had her sister with her and they were both horny. He said he and his brother would be there as soon as they could.

"Get up and get dressed bitch"

"What for?" ask Lucy.

"You said you wanted to get fucked and now is your chance, Carl and his brother Jim is going to do us"

The sisters got dressed and waited for the boys. When Lucy saw Jim she liked him immediately. She wanted him for herself, her big sister could have Carl.

"Do you like to smoke pot?" ask Jim.

Both girls said yes so he loaded his bong and they got high.

"Let's have a contest" said Lucy.

"What kind of contest?" ask Jim.

"Sick your fist up my cunt and measure how far it goes, then do it to my sis"

Sara got some Vaseline for lubrication. Then the girls took their panties off and spread their legs. Carl went first. He shoved his greased arm up Sara's hole and Jim measured it.

"I think that is about nine inches"

"Now me" cried Lucy.

Jim pushed his fist as hard as he could against the girl's hole, It slowly slid in until it hit her womb. Lucy bit her lip to keep from screaming. She was going to beat her sister at this game if it killed her.

"My god that's at least eleven inches" gasp Carl.

"I win" said Lucy.

"To hell with this silly game, I want to get fucked" growled Sara.

The girls had sex all weekend until the brothers had to go to school. Jim got a job and quit school and shacked up with Lucy. Sara continued to see Carl whenever she could.

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