Sally’s One Night Stand

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"Are you almost ready to go dancing?" I asked my wife Sally. "If we get there too late, there won't be any tables left."
"I'm just finishing my makeup. Give me a couple of more minutes."

It was Saturday night and we were headed for one of our favorite dance clubs. We aren't into hip hop, rap, electronica and a lot of the music that is played at clubs nowadays. Fortunately several months ago we found a club that played music from the 70s and 80s. The club was considered one of the "meat markets" in our city, where single men and women met. There were some couples like ourselves at the club but most of the crowd consisted of singles, many recently divorced men and women in their forties and fifties. Since we are both in our early fifties, we felt quite at home there. While we usually danced together, occasionally we would split up and dance with others as well. We enjoyed the variety and I was always enjoyed watching the way the horny single guys hit on my wife.

Sally is a curvaceous and very pretty blonde with full firm breasts and a nice round ass. Browsers on the internet who are familiar with the "mature" sites would find Sally one of the more attractive and sexier offerings, should we ever post photos of her. Of course she offers much more than a sexy body and pretty face; Sally is very witty and quite the flirt. So when we go dancing at the "meat market" I can usually expect to see her on the dance floor if I leave for a few minutes to use the bathroom or even get drinks at the bar.

"Do you like the way I look?" asked Sally as she came out of our bedroom. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans and black top with spaghetti straps. The top did a fine job of showing her cleavage. Under the top she had on a bra that accentuated her cleavage but still barely covered her 38C breasts. Fortunately the sweater she had pulled on to cover her arms did not cover cleavage at all but actually called attention to it. Her makeup gave her cheeks a mild rosy glow and a red lipstick accented her full lips. Her blue eyes were nicely set off by her mascara and eyeliner. Yes, she is pretty but the makeup gave her a special sexiness.

"I'm glad you took the extra time with the makeup. You look very sexy. And that outfit is really hot."
"I know how you like me to look sexy when we go dancing. And I also know you enjoy watching the way other men look at me and dance with me."
"It makes me think of what it was like when I was first divorced. I went to the clubs but felt uncomfortable. If I had been able to dance with someone like you..."
"Well now you get to dance with me all the time."
"I just think about those poor guys at the club who go there hoping to meet someone but strike out and have to go home alone."
"Are you getting at something?"
"Well, what if you would dance with one of them and then go home with him. It might be the first sex he has had in months, even years."
"So you want me to pick someone up tonight and go home with him?" Sally's eyes twinkled as she asked this.
"Why not? But you have to tell me all about it when you get home."

Later, as we entered the club, Sally walked over to the bar and sat on a stool. I went to the far side of the dance floor, finding a place to stand where I could see her. As she sipped on her drink, a gentleman asked her to dance. He left his drink with hers and they went out on the floor. They did a couple of fast dances then walked back to the bar. He got his drink and left, so I guess Sally let him know he was not interested. This happened several more times over the next hour. Sally was clearly being quite selective.

Finally I saw Sally walk over to a man who had been sitting by himself at the bar for some time and asked him to dance. Sally has never been shy when it comes to dancing. She clearly saw that he was uncomfortable about asking a woman to dance and asked him herself. She grabbed him by the hand and led him onto the dance floor. As they danced several dances, chatting between songs, I could see that he was getting more comfortable with her. At one point she sort of leaned agains him and he put his arm around her. Then came a slow dance. Sally pressed herself very close to him as they danced, nuzzling his neck. At the end of the dance she turned her face to him, inviting a kiss, which he gave her. They walked arm in arm to a table, not the bar, where they took a seat and order new drinks. Soon he and Sally were talking and laughing over their drinks. She scooted her chair close to his and leaned toward him, giving him a full view of her cleavage. At one point he said something and she laughed, then leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. By that time I had re-positioned myself for a clearer view of them at the table. I could see her drop her hand on his thigh as she kissed him. It was clear she had made her selection.

Then something happened. She said several things to the man then looked my way. I could see him following her gaze with his own until they were both looking at me. Startled, I raised my drink to my lips and looked away. When I looked back, I could see Sally gesturing to me, inviting me to the table. Not sure what was going on, I walked to the table and pulled up a chair.
"Stan, this is Richard," said Sally. "And Richard, this is my husband Stan."
As we exchanged pleasantries, I was wondering just what was going on. Had Richard turned my wife down? Had Sally decided not to go through with it?

"Richard and I hit it off so well that I didn't want him to think about starting a dating relationship with me. I could hardly date him and be married to you. So I told him how attracted I was to him but we could only have a one-night stand because I'm married. When he started asking me questions about cheating on my husband, since his wife left him for another man, I told him you were okay with me screwing him. He didn't believe me so I just figured it would be easiest to invite you over to show you are okay with the situation."

"So you are okay with this?" asked Richard.
"Sure. We've done some swinging in the past and I am okay with my wife fucking other men. In fact sometimes I watch or even join in."
"You join in? Like a menage a trois?"
"Oh yes. It is a real turn on to fuck my wife while she is sucking another man or to have her suck me while she is being fucked."
"Wow. I have to confess I have fantasized about doing something like that. But my ex-wife refused."
"So would you like to do it with my wife?"

Richard didn't say anything. He simply nodded. Perhaps it was because he was a bit distracted by my wife, whose hand had slipped up his thigh and was caressing his cock through his pants. Then my wife leaned over and gave him a long tongue kiss.
“I think we’d better get a room. There’s a motel about a mile up the road,” I said.
Richard broke away from my wife’s mouth, “I’ll get the room. After all, you’re providing the entertainment.”
The three of us left the club. As we walked out I walked a bit behind, watching as my wife snuggled against Richard, his hand caressing her ass. I could see the bouncer at the entrance watching approvingly as they walked by. Another lonely man was about to score.

My wife rode with me as Richard drove ahead to get the room. As we waited in our car in front of the lobby she unzipped my pants and sucked my cock, making sure I was as warmed up as Richard. When he came out with the key, she put my cock back in my pants and the three of us walked to the room.

Once in the room Richard couldn’t keep his hands off of my wife. He grabbed her and kissed her, squeezing her ass. She raised one leg and wrapped it around his left leg, sliding it up and down and pressing her pussy against his thing. Richard pulled off her top, unhooked her bra, and buried his face in her ample breasts. As he kissed and sucked on them, she unbuttoned his pants. His cock sprang free. It was around seven inches long with a nice circumcised head. She dropped to her knees and, pulling down his pants, began to suck on it. Moaning, Richard grabbed her by her blonde head and began pulling her back and forth on his hard member.

After a few minutes of this Sally broke loose. “I don’t want you to cum in my mouth. I want you to shoot your semen into my pussy.” Standing up she pushed her jeans down, revealing string bikini panties. Leaving the rest of her clothes behind she walked over to the bed and got on her hands and knees.
“So come fuck me.”

Richard stepped out of his pants and pulled off his shirt. Naked, he knelt behind my wife. Grabbing the bikini panty ties on each side of my wife’s ass, he pulled them and the panties fell to the bed. There was my wife’s open pussy, wet and waiting. Richard’s cock had gotten quite hard while Sally sucked on it; straight as an arrow it aimed at her pussy. She spread her legs a bit more to ensure he had a ready target as Richard grabbed his dick and slid it home. His first thrust buried it to the hilt in my wife. He grabbed her ass and soon he was pumping in and out of her, the front of his thighs slapping against the back of hers.

I removed my clothes and crawled on the bed. I slid in front of my wife, leaned against the headboard and spread my legs. She slowly crawled forward as Richard continued nailing her from behind. Soon my cock was in her mouth. Each thrust by Richard pushed her head forward and sent my cock deep into her throat. For several minutes Sally bounced back and forth between the two of us.
“How are you enjoying your ménage a trios?” I asked.
“It’s great,” Richard gasped. “My dick feels so good in Sally’s pussy. Watching her give you head at the same time just adds to the pleasure.
“Well Sally really enjoys having two men at one time. Don’t you Sally?”

Sally raised her head from my cock and replied, ”I love having two men at one time. But right now I really want Richard to cum inside me. Give it to me, make me all wet inside.”
Sally stopped sucking me and laid her face sideways on the bed, raising her ass even higher to permit deeper penetration by Richard’s cock. With each of his thrusts she pushed back against him, moving her hips a bit to further encourage him.
“You’re an animal Richard. Fuck me doggy style and fill me with your juice. I want your sperm in my body. Give it to me.”

Richard increased the speed of his fucking until he gasped “Ahhh.” As he gasped he thrust deep into my wife. She pushed back against him one last time, working her pussy muscles to coax out his semen. At this point I had to watch. I rolled away from Sally and got beside them. His balls were pressed against her pussy lips and I could see that his cock was jerking as he filled my wife with stream after stream of seed.
When he finally finished they remained connected for nearly a minute. He leaned forward across her back and caressed her breasts. Finally he leaned back and pulled out. My wife fell down on the bed on her belly, her legs still spread. I could see a little of Richard’s cum oozing out of her.

“Your turn,” said my wife. “Do you want me to continue sucking you or do you want sloppy seconds?”
“I want you to suck me. Roll over on your back.”

Sally obediently rolled over on her back and I straddled her face, thrusting my cock in her mouth. Slowly and carefully I fucked her mouth like it was a pussy, pulling my dick out to her lips and then sliding back in until it nearly choked her. Sally grabbed my ass with both hands and controlled the speed of my fucking. Behind me I heard Richard say, “fuck her mouth just like I fucked her pussy. And give her your cum like I just gave her mine.”
That was all it took. I could feel the cum well up within me. I pulled out and gave my dick a couple of jerks, shooting my white sticky semen on her cheeks, lips and chin. When I finished I crawled off the bed and looked at my wife. She was lying there with a smile and cum on her face as well as cum leaking out of her pussy.

“I really enjoyed fucking you Richard. As I told you, this is only a one-night stand but I hope you spend many nights jerking off and thinking about how you fucked me and left your cum inside me.”
With that Sally wiped the cum off her face with the bed sheet, rolled over, and fell asleep.

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