Sally's Lust for Cum

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Sally and I sat at a round table in the Mexican restaurant's bar, sipping our margaritas and talking. I had asked her to dress slutty for the evening so she was wearing a lowcut white top that revealed much of her round breasts. That wasn't all, she had not put on a bra so the thin white fabric pressed against the tips of her nipples.
We heard a voice behind us, "Excuse me, are you Sally?"

We turned around to see a tall man with salt and pepper hair, he looked to be in his late forties.
"Yes, I am, would you like to join us," replied my wife.
"I wasn't sure but you seemed to match the description on the internet site," he replied.
I had described Sally as a woman in her mid-forties, with short blonde hair, blue eyes, and 38C tits. My description went on to say that she was a former cheerleader with a somewhat Rubenesque figure and she would be wearing a revealing white top. It must have been a good description because this gentleman had been able to find us.

"Am I at the right place?" said another man who had just approached us. "I am looking for Sally."
"You are at the right place and I am Sally," my wife replied once again. "Pull up a chair and join us."

The four of us commenced to talking about a variety of subjects ranging from interesting travels to favorite books. As the ice broke and we got to know each other a little better (but not revealing any names) a man who had been sitting at a table nearby apparently screwed up his courage and came to our table. When he asked my wife if she was Sally, I knew the group was complete and we were about to begin my wife's gangbang.
We talked for around ten more minutes then I got down to brass tacks.

"By now, you've all gotten to know Sally and realize she is exactly as I described her in the internet ad. Do you gentlemen want to join us at our motel?"
All three said they did so we gave them directions to our room. Sally and I left first so we would arrive first. I had prepared the room beforehand so there were condoms on the nightstand and a video player set up with an x-rated movie. Sally grabbed a black baby doll negligee and went into the bathroom to change while I waited for our guests.

First one, then the next, then the third arrived. Sally waited until they were all in the room then made her entrance. The sheer negligee pressed against her large breasts, completely revealing the nipples that had been barely covered by her white top. Her nipples were erect and hard in anticipation. The negligee reached down just below her pussy. She had not put on panties so it was clear that she was a natural blonde.
"I have a video here to get us warmed up," I said. The video was of a blonde getting gangbanged. I thought the men would enjoy first watching, then doing.

Sally sat on the bed in front of the screen with a man on each side. The other man and myself sat in the two chairs in the room. As the movie began, I could see that the other man in the chair was already starting to rub his cock through his pants. The other two men on either side of my wife were already stroking her breasts. She unzipped their pants and shoved her hands inside to play with them.
As the action in the movie progressed, so did the action on the bed. Soon the men were completely naked and Sally was pumping on their cocks. By now one of the men had pulled the babydoll over her head and she was naked as well. One of them sucked on her tits while the other gave her a long kiss, shoving his tongue in and out of her mouth. She sucked hungrily on his tongue and moaned.

"Who wants to fuck me first," said Sally, pulling away and laying back on the bed. She spread her legs enticingly. The tall gentleman with the salt and pepper hair grabbed his cock and getting ready to slide it into my wife when I threw him a condom. He tore the wrapper off, slipped it on, and then plunged his eight inch cock deep in her pussy.
As Sally lay back on the bed, with the stranger's cock fucking in and out of her, the other man crawled on the bed near her face, shoving his cock in her mouth. Sally grabbed it with one hand and pumped it in and out of her mouth. With her other hand she grabbed the tall stranger by the buttocks, pulling him into her.

I got out of my chair and moved beside the bed. By then the tall stranger was pumping vigorously in and out of my wife so there was no need for her free hand to encourage him. She reached over and started jerking on my cock.
"Do you want to join us?" I asked the third man in the chair. He was rather heavyset and had a fairly small cock, which he was stroking slowly.
"No, that's alright. I'll just watch."

There was plenty to watch. Beside the bed was a closet with sliding mirrored doors so the action could be seen in the mirrors as well. As my wife sucked and fucked the other two men while jerking on my cock, I watched the action in front of me and in the mirrors. It was amazing. Here was my sexy, slutty wife getting sucking and fucking strangers while I watched from several different angles. There in the mirror I could see a cock sliding in an out of her pussy while in front of me she licked and sucked another cock. It was truly a voyeur's dream.
"I'm cumming!" said the stranger with his cock in Sally's mouth. She pulled it out and jerked on it with both hands, leting his cum shoot across her face and into her short blonde hair. The gooey white semen dripped off her cheek and covered her chin as she jerked on him, milking him of all he could give.

The sight clearly had a positive effect on the tall stranger, who began to thrust even more rapidly. My wife's entire body shuddered with each plunge of his cock. Grabbing him by his shoulders, she encouraged him.
"Give it to me. Give me your hot sperm!"

The tall stranger thrust deep and stayed, shuddering while he shot the hot liquid into my wife's pussy. Sally brought her ass up high, gripping his buttocks with her thighs and enabling him to shoot deep within her body. They stayed like that for several minutes until his full load had been emptied. Then she spread her legs and he pulled out. The condom was heavy with his sperm, sperm that he wanted to give my wife and that she wanted to receive.

The heavyset man with the small cock was finally hard. It was only five inches but sufficient for my wife. She got onto her knees and spread her legs. The man slipped a condom on and got between them. Soon he was pumping vigorously, sliding his small cock in and out of Sally's pussy. The other two men got off the bed and joined me beside it, watching my wife get fucked. I looked at the porn movie, where the blonde was getting gangbanged, then looked in the mirror, which showed me another porn movie. Except when I looked to the bed it wasn't a movie at all, it was my slut wife getting fucked. I looked back at the mirror, then at the movie, then at my wife. By now Sally's head was down on the bed as she leaned on her elbows. The angle of her pussy was perfect for receiving any size cock and the heavyset man was was clearly enjoying the experience.

"Do you like fucking my wife?" I asked.
"Oh yes," he grunted, sweating and plunging.
"You want to fill her with your cum, don't you."
"Yes, yes, fill me with your cum," Sally said in a muffled voice from the bed. She wiggled her ass carefully, making sure that the small plunging cock did not slip out.
"Ohhhh," moaned the man, as he continued to slid in and out, "I'm cumming."

Sally bucked back against him, trying to milk him with her pussy. After a few seconds, the man pulled out. His cock was already softening and something was missing. The condom had disappeared.
"Don't move," I told my wife, "the condom is still inside you."

I quickly reached into her pussy and was relieved to touch the condom. Carefully pulling it out, I examined it. Like the first man, he had left a lot of sperm in my wife. Fortunately it did not look like any of the condom's contents had spilled.
"Whew," said the man. "I'm not ready to be a father."
"But you sure were trying weren't you," I replied.
He gave me an uncertain look. I laughed and smiled.
"No problem. I hope you enjoyed fucking my wife."

All three of them agreed that they certainly had enjoyed themselves. They all left phone numbers in case we wanted to invite them back for more but, after they departed, we threw them away. Sally only bangs strangers and only once.
Like a wild female animal with multiple mates, my wife had copulated with these strange men. Like wild male animals, each had filled her with his seed. In this most wanton of animal moments their only thoughts had been to mate, culminating with her belly full of sperm, swimming rapidly toward her eggs in an effort to get her pregnant. The only thing that prevented it was a thin barrier of rubber. Later, I would fuck her myself, the only male without a condom, leaving my sperm where none other could go. As husband, after all, has his privileges.

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