Sally's Fourth of July Picnic

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“I’ve got the cooler all packed,” said Sally. “We have chicken salad sandwiches, potato chips, and plenty of beer. I think we’re ready to go.”
I grabbed Sally by both ass cheeks and pulled her to me. “I’ve got the buns.” She laughed and pushed me way.
“Angela will arrive any minute so cool your jets and load the car.”

I grabbed the cooler and put it in the trunk of the minivan with the rest of the picnic supplies. We were going to the lake with Angela, Sally’s best friend. Angela had gotten divorced two years earlier. Her ex had her son for the Fourth of July weekend so she was joining us for the picnic
Angela arrived and we jumped into the minivan. After around a half hour of driving, we arrived at the lake. It was a big lake, with a marina, a swimming area and lots of picnic sites. We got a picnic site near the swimming area. As we set up for the day I watched the two ladies. Sally had on a pair of black capri pants with a white knit top. The tight pants hugged my forty-five year old wife’s round ass and the top snugly fit her large breasts. Her blonde hair framed a pretty face with dancing blue eyes. Angela was wearing pair of tight white capri pants and a black swimsuit top that nicely showed off her breasts. She’d thrown a loose white cotton shirt over the top. Unlike my conservatively dressed Sally, she looked like a woman on the prowl. She’d had trouble meeting anyone since her divorce, primarily because most single men weren’t interested in a forty-something woman with a child. Certainly it wasn’t because she wasn’t attractive. Angela was a cute little package, with shoulder-length brown hair, nice legs and a compact little ass. Her breasts weren’t as large as Sally’s but they were ample enough.

“Let’s rent a boat,” I said. “We can take our food with us and have a picnic on the lake.”
“I’d love to sunbathe on the deck of a boat,” Angela said. “I can’t think of a better way to spend a lazy 4th of July.”
“Okay,” said Sally, “let’s grab our food and go to the marina.”

We walked to the marina, rented a nice motor boat, piled into it and headed out into the lake. After speeding around for a while we found a nice secluded cove and stopped the motor. Sally had put a white bikini on before leaving home so just pulled off her clothes. Angela pulled down her capri pants, revealing black bikini bottoms that went with her top.
“I’m a lucky guy,” I said, “all alone on a boat with two beautiful women.”
“Watch out for him,” said Sally, “he’s got a pretty strong libido.”
“I’m sure he’s harmless,” replied Angela, “and I must not be all that beautiful because I sure haven’t gotten much action lately.”
“Are you kidding,” I said, making sure Sally wasn’t giving me any disapproving looks, “you are not only beautiful, but extremely sexy in that tiny bikini. Any man with half a bit of sense would love to jump your bones.”
Angela gave me a smile of thanks and then stepped onto the deck at the front of the boat.
“Angie, would you like some help putting on your suntan lotion?” Sally asked.

As the two of them put on lotion, I quickly changed out of my shorts into my swimsuit. When I finished I looked to the front and was a bit surprised by what I saw. Angela had dropped her top and Sally was rubbing lotion onto her bare breasts. Before long, Sally had also dropped her top and Angela was giving her the same treatment. Rubbing turned to kissing and soon Sally’s hand slipped into Angela’s swimsuit bottoms. As I watched my wife play with her friend’s clit I began to get hard.
“It’s been so long,” said Angela. “That feels so good, keep rubbing.”
“Look over at Stan,” Sally murmured into her ear. “He’s gotten a hard-on just watching us. I’ll bet he’d fuck you if you asked him.”
“What? You wouldn’t mind me fucking your husband?” Angela asked.
“Actually, I was thinking of a threesome.”

The two of them crawled toward me. I couldn’t believe it. Here was my wife and her best friend, ready to give me some of the best sex of my life. Angela grabbed my swimsuit and pulled it down while Sally gave me a sloppy french kiss. Then both of them turned their attention to my cock. Sally started by kissing and sucking on it. Then she passed it to Angela, who took it deep in her throat. Both of them made love to my cock and to each other, kissing as each passed it to the other.
“Stop!” I said, “I am about to cum and I really want to fuck each of you first.”
“Fuck Angie first,” said Sally, “she hasn’t had any cock for quite a while.”

I pushed Angela onto her back and pulled off her bottoms. She smiled and then gasped as I slid my cock into her pussy. It was already quite wet. As I pumped into her, Sally alternated tongue kisses with each of us.
I grabbed Angela by her ass, pulling her to me and plunging as deep as possible. With each deep stroke, she gasped and pushed her pussy against me. She had been waiting a long time for a good fucking. Sally, not wanting to be left out, sucked on Angela’s nipples and continued to feed her tongue to Angie’s waiting mouth. Soon Angela was bucking her hips against mine as her first orgasm overcame her.

“Wow, it’s been a long time,” Angela gasped. “I sure have missed having a man’s cock inside me.”
“You have a nice tight pussy,” I said, “I almost came just now too. But I am saving myself for Sally. Why don’t you relax while I fuck her.”
“Oh no! I want to continue this threesome,” answered Angela.
“Fuck me doggy style while she licks your cock,” suggested Sally, pulling off her own bikini bottoms..

Angela laid on her back and Sally straddled her face. Then I crawled over and shoved my cock into Sally. She was quite turned on and quite wet. As my cock plunged in and out of her pussy, Angela alternated between licking her clit and my cock. It didn’t take long until I was ready to cum. I pumped some of my cum in Sally’s pussy, the pulled out and shot the rest on Angela’s face. Her face covered with cum, Angela continued to lick Sally’s clit. As she licked, my cum smeared all over Sally’s pussy and the inside of her thighs. I reached over an pushed two of my fingers where my cock had just been, rapidly fucking Sally with them. With my finger fucking and Angela’s enthusiastic licking, soon my wife was moaning. For a brief moment she bucked wildly against my fingers and Angela’s face, then gasped as an orgasm overcame her.

All three of us turned at the exclamation. Standing in a small boat just twenty feet away was a fisherman. In his right hand was his rod, and in the other hand was his rod. Of course, the rod in his left hand was not for catching fish.
“Sorry,” the man shouted, “I guess I got carried away watching.”
“Don’t stay all the way over there,” Angela shouted back, “come over and we’ll help you fish. Don’t forget that big hard rod in your left hand.”
Sally and I looked at each other. This was a side of Angela we had never seen; first taking part in a menage a trois and now inviting a complete stranger over for sex.
“Stan,” said Sally, “why don’t you relax and watch. I think Angela and I can handle this.”

When the fishing boat came alongside, the two women helped the fisherman into our boat. In only moments Angela had dropped to her knees while Sally gave him a long hard tongue kiss. Then Sally also dropped down and joined Angela in administering to his cock. First one, then the other, deep throated it. As they passed it back and forth it got harder and longer. The fisherman just stood there without saying a word, watching as two beautiful women gave him head.

“I want sloppy seconds,” said Sally, getting on her hands and knees in the bottom of the boat and spreading her thighs. The fisherman didn’t hesitate. He knelt between my wife’s legs and slid his cock into her still sticky pussy. Grabbing her ass, he began pumping rapidly.
As the fisherman nailed Sally, Angela leaned over and kissed him. It was a long and lingering kiss. From where I was sitting, I could his tongue thrusting into her mouth even as his cock thrust into my wife. I leaned over for a close view of this stranger fucking my wife. I could see my cum oozing out of her pussy, displaced by his large cock.

Finally, the fisherman started to tremble. He broke away from Angela, breathing heavily as the semen built up in his balls. He gasped and thrust deep into my wife, holding her ass tight against his crotch. His face grew red and I could tell the semen had traveled from his balls and was unloading into her pussy.
“I feel your cock squirting into me,” said Sally. “Give it to me. Give me all your sperm.”
She pushed her ass back against him and moved it slowly, her pussy muscles draining him of every drop. When he finished cumming, they remained connected, Sally kneeling in the boat with her face on her arms. The fisherman’s hands still held her tightly against his body. Finally after several minutes he pulled away and sat down. Sally stood up, pulling on her bikini bottoms as a bit of his cum slid down her leg.

I tossed him the fisherman a beer and the four of us sat down to talk. Sally moved close to me, making it clear that, even though she was willing to fuck other men, she was taken.
Angela moved close to the fisherman. “You’re kind of cute, are you married?”
“No, I’m divorced. That’s one of the reasons I started fishing. I’ve had a lot of extra time on my hands. I’m not much for dating. By the way, I’m Rick.”
“Nice to meet you, I’m Angela.”

Before long it was clear that Sally and I might just as well have not been in the boat. We watched and listened as they went on and on. They seemed to be hitting it off quite well. After sharing lunch, the fisherman got back in his boat and we headed back to the dock.
“Can you believe it?” asked Sally while we were watching fireworks that evening. “Angela and Rick are going out on a date tomorrow.”
“I wonder if he’ll kiss her goodnight when he takes her to her front door,” I said laughing.
“Oh stop it,” scolded Sally. “He probably will and then will leave like a gentleman. Angela said she didn’t want to let sex spoil it so she won’t fuck him until the third date.”
“The third date!” I exclaimed. “Look at the way they met. He’ll never want to wait that long.”
“Oh yes he will. Remember I took care of his needs today. Besides he will wait if he thinks she’s someone he could love. Love isn’t just about sex. Is it?”
“Of course it isn’t. If it was, I’d never let you fuck other men. But, as long as I have your heart, I don’t have a problem with sharing your body.”
“Oh Stan,” murmured Sally as she put her head on my shoulder and gave my hand a squeeze.

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