Sally the Groupie

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This happened around 10 years ago, when my wife Sally was in her late forties and at the height of her sexuality. We were on vacation and stopped for the night in a city that shall remain unnamed. After checking into our hotel, we saw that the hotel had a bar with a live band and dancing. Sally suggested it would be fun to go dancing that evening.

After dinner we returned to the room and got ready for going to the bar. Sally had a number of outfits that showed off her assets to best advantage. That night she chose a white bodysuit with a snap crotch. It was very form-fitting with the fabric clinging tightly to her bra-less breasts. It was scooped enough in the front to also show the upper globes of her tits.

She pulled on some tight black pants, put on her makeup, and finished off the ensemble with some "fuck me" pumps. I should stop for a moment here and describe Sally. As I already mentioned, she was in her late forties at the time but looked nearly ten years younger. Her pretty face, with deep blue eyes, was framed by short blonde hair. As your eyes traveled down her form, the next major attraction was her breasts.

Large and round, they didn't need any support under the bodysuit but stood upright and impressive. Her nipples, already erect with anticipation, pushed against the fabric of the suit; two obvious and attractive swellings awaiting a man's touch. Her body slimmed to a comparatively narrow waistline below which her hips expanded to a nice full ass. In front her belly was just slightly rounded. It was a belly that had been filled with cum many times in her forty-some years. The "fuck me" pumps sculpted her legs and raised her ass just enough to earn their nickname.

As I said, Sally's belly had been filled many times. As a teenager she had been rather promiscuous before meeting her first husband. Then after her divorce she had fucked a number of men. Finally, a few years after our wedding we started swinging. Durin that time, she had fucked and sucked over 50 men. Exuding sexuality, Sally was like a theme park for men. So what happened later in the bar was no surprise.

When we arrived at the bar the band was already playing. It was mostly disco music from the seventies, which Sally loves. I am not so fond of that kind of music so I opted to stay at the bar, having a drink and watching. Sally is not shy about dancing and went right into the fray. Soon she was near the band, shaking her tits and her ass. She did not go unnoticed.

During a break between songs, the lead singer of the band mentioned how much they were enjoying playing for the crowd and loved their enthusiasm.
"Especially this blonde up front here. Oh baby!"

Sally smiled and waved at the singer. During the next song she positioned herself right in front of the lead singer. He sang for her and she danced for him. The conclusion of that song marked the conclusion of the set and the band went on break. I thought Sally was going to come back to the bar but instead she went to the band's table and talked to the singer. After he bought her a drink they talked through the entire break.

Sally danced during the first song then came back to the bar to get another drink. Then she filled me in. She had continued her flirtation with the singer while they were drinking together at the table. She'd also done a bit of flirting with the other members of the band. The band members' conversation had gotten more and more sexual, encouraged perhaps by her nipples, which they could clearly see hardening through her white bodysuit.

One of them had brought up the subject of groupies and said he was sorry there weren't still groupies like there had been during the 1970s. Sally had replied that there still were women who were interested in fucking band members but it just wasn't as common. At this point she mentioned she had been a young groupie during the 1970s and still banged the occasional band. This wasn't true but it sure got their interest. By the time the break had ended, she had arranged to meet the band after their final set.

During the next, and last, set, Sally danced with me and several other men. It was clear, however, that she was not dancing for us but the band. This point was not lost on them. When the set ended, the band began packing up their instruments. Sally walked up to the stage and talked with the lead singer. I could see her gesturing at me as she talked. Finally she came back to the bar.

"I've arranged for the band to come back to our room."
"Are all five of the coming."
"Yes they are, and I hope they will be cumming more than once."
"What about me?"
"I told them you are a friend and that you will be joining us because you like to watch. They're cool with that."

We walked back to the room and hid most of our things in the closet. Sally changed out of the body suit into a white Hooters crop top and white string bikini bottoms that untied at the sides.

The knock on the door came shortly after we finished getting ready. It was the lead singer and three of the band members. Sally went in the bathroom so she could make a grand entrance while I answered the door.
"Hi guys. I'm Sally's friend Stan."
"I'm Jim. This is Bill our bass player, Greg our guitarist, and Craig our keyboard man. Our drummer Ron is still packing up. He'll join us a bit later," said the singer.
"Sally is in the bathroom. She'll be out in a moment."

They were all in the their late thirties and early forties. Bill the bass player and Craig the keyboard man were black. There were two chairs in the room and two queen beds. The fellows sat down in them and we chatted briefly while we waited for Sally.

"Hello fellas," said Sally as she emerged from the bathroom. She immediately walked up to Jim and gave him a long tongue kiss. As they kissed, Jim's hands wandered to her behind, where he gripped her ass and pulled her to him. After what seemed like minutes, Sally broke off the kiss.

"I don't want your friends to feel neglected," as she walked up to Bill, who was sitting on the bed. She sat down on his lap and gave him a long tongue kiss too. By this time Craig and Greg had stood up and were taking off their clothes. Jim, who was already standing, dropped his jeans and underwear. When Sally got off of Bill's lap she was grabbed by Craig, who pulled her to him for a kiss. As they kissed, Sally's left hand dropped down and she started stroking his hardening dick.

Greg came up to her on her right and she grabbed his cock with her right hand. Breaking off the kiss with Craig, she slid to the floor and guided Greg's cock into her mouth. She licked, kissed and sucked on it until it was stiff as a board. By this time Jim and Bill, who had dropped his drawers as soon as Sally stood up, walked up and stood beside Craig and Greg. With all four men surrounding her, Sally gave them a circle suck, sucking on one cock while jerking the other three.

"Damn, I like getting head," moaned Jim, when Sally got back to him. "Finish me right now." Grabbing the back of her blonde head, Jim pushed his cock deep in Sally's mouth. Had it been Bill's long black cock, she might have choked, but Jim's cock was short and thick. Sally's head bobbed back and forth as she coaxed the cum out of Jim.

The other three stood back to watch, their own cocks standing out like flagpoles. I had sat in one of the chairs to watch and my own cock was hard as I enjoyed watching my slut wife give blowjobs to these four strangers.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, shit!" moaned Jim as he shoved his cock deep in Sally's mouth one last time. Sally gagged a moment as his hot fluid shot down her throat, then swallowed quickly. She continued to swallow as Jim jerked and came. Finally she pulled back and his cock popped out of her mouth. She gave the tip one last lick and took one final swallow.

"Stan, would you bring me a drink to chase that down?" she asked. I poured her some Jack Daniels on ice and handed it to her.
"Who's next?"

Greg stepped forward and she grabbed him by the cock, leading him to one of the beds. She pushed him down on the bed and had him scoot up so he was leaning against the headboard. Then, starting at the foot of the bed, she crawled up to him on hands and knees, spreading his legs and taking his cock in her mouth.

Before she started sucking, Sally looked back and said "I need someone to fuck me."

She spread her legs as Bill got on the bed. Bill grabbed the ties for her string bikini and pulled on them, undoing the bows that kept them on her ass. The bikini bottoms feel to the bed and she spread her legs even more, giving him room to enter. Bill slowly inserted his long black cock into her pussy, which was wet and ready.

Gripping her on either side of her hips began to push himself in and out of her. With each penetration, his hard cock plunged so deep it pushed against her cervix. With each backstroke he pulled the tip of his cock back to the entrance to her vagina. He continued this slow, almost scientific, motion for several minutes before increasing the speed of his fucking. As he increased his speed his thrusts became more vigorous, shaking my wife's body with each deep penetration.

Sally had started sucking Greg just as slowly as Bill was doing his fucking of her pussy. She began by licking the tip of his cock with her tongue then continuing to wrap her tongue around it as she slowly took its full length into her mouth. Her left hand guided the cock as it assisted by mouth by pumping on it.

As Bill's speed increased, so did her servicing of the cock before her. She bounced back and forth between the two cocks pistoning in and out of her body. The speed of Bill's fucking plus the intensity of the experience eventually became too much for her. She pulled the cock out of her mouth and laid the side of her face down on the bed, supporting herself with her bent arms and presenting her ass to Bill for his fullest and deepest penetration.

Greg remained where he was, stroking his cock and watching my wife, her face on the bed between his legs, being pummeled by Bill's cock.

Both Bill and Sally were clearly enjoying the experience. Sally gasped with pleasure each time Bill completed one of his hard inward strokes. Bill was sweating and grunted every time he thrusted. Finally Bill began penetrating Sally even more rapidly until making one final deep thrust, his ass checks tightening.

This time he groaned, holding Sally's ass deep against his groin, his cock fully penetrated. Then his body jerked as he poured his semen into her in stream after stream. Sally must have been able to feel the force of those spurts because she moaned and pushed back against him, trying to capture every last drop deep within her.

My wife and this black stranger remained locked together for several minutes as his pulsating cock emptied its last drops within her. Then he slowly pulled out and her body collapsed on the bed, her legs still askew. As she laid on the bed, regaining her breath, she reached up and put her hand over Greg's cock, pushing his hand away. In an almost absent-minded manner, she began to slide he hand up and down, pumping on his cock.

Sally rolled over on her back, allowing Greg to straddle her. He scooted forward and soon his cock was once again sliding in and out of her mouth. This final action proved to be the final straw.

"I'm going to cum," said Greg. He pulled his cock out of Sally's mouth and aimed it at her face. She pumped on his cock two more times and suddenly a spurt of white cum shot out of its tip. That first spurt shot across her face into her hair. The second spurt landed on her cheek and the side of her face, narrowly missing her ear. Greg continued to empty his cock onto Sally's face until her lips and cheeks were glistening with his sperm.

By now I had gotten out of the chair to get a closer view of the action. Bill also stood watching, his cock gradually softnening, while Craig and Jim watched from the other side of the bed. Greg got off of Sally and joined the rest of us by the sides of the bed. There, lying in the center of the bed, was my wife, her face covered with cum and cum leaking out of her pussy.

But the band had not yet been satisfied. Craig had not cum yet and Ron hadn't come or cum. As we stood beside the bed, there was a knock on the door. I walked over to open it.

"Hi, I'm Ron. Has the party begun yet?"
"I'm Stan and the party has begun. You're just in time for sloppy seconds."

Ron greet his friends and looked over at the bed. Wiping her face with a wet washcloth, Sally sat up to greet the new arrival. During the fucking, her Hooters shirt had bunched up around her breasts. She pulled it down so it fit tightly over her breasts, her nipples making half inch mounds in the fabric.

"Hi Ron. I hope you are here to fuck me too."
"I am."
"Get undressed. I want to have a threesome with you and Craig."

With that Sally gave Ron a long tongue kiss then turned to Craig, falling back and pulling him onto the bed beside her. She began to lick his ear while pumping on his cock to ensure it was hard enough to fuck her. When it was, she spread her legs wide and invited him in. Craig climbed on top of her and slid his thick black cock into her well-lubricated pussy.

As he did, some of Bill's semen leaked out around the sides. It didn't seem to bother him, soon he was pumping away. Once again my wife's white pussy was filled with a hard black cock, his curly black pubic hairs merging with her blonde pussy hairs.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," repeated Sally as she raised her legs in the air on either side of her body. As he plunged, her legs shook like flags in a breeze. Ron climbed onto the bed beside Sally's head and shoved his cock in her mouth. As his cock hardened, we could see the shape of its head pressing outward against her check with each plunge.

"Fuck me doggy style. That's my favorite position."

Craig pulled out and Sally got on her hands and knees facing the side of the bed. Ron stood by the side of the bed and she continued sucking on him. She spread her legs so Craig could enter her from behind. There was my wife, like a bitch in heat, getting fucked doggy style by a stranger while sucking on another stranger's cock. Three of our guests had cum and now the last two were going to be satisfied.

Craig started pumping faster and faster as he got closer to cumming. He was thicker but shorter than Bill so the position was perfect for him and Sally did not have to present her ass higher to him as she had with Bill. There wasn't going to be any deep penetration and that was clearly not a problem with either of them. Sally continued to suck on Ron as Craig neared orgasm.

"I'm going to cum on your ass," Craig said to Sally.
"Go for it," said Sally as she wiggled her ass, pinned to his cock. In turn Craig rotated his hips, his thick cock widening her pussy lips even more.

"I'm cumming," gasped Craig as he pulled his cock out of Sally. He aimed his dick at her ass and shot streams of cum across her back an into her ass crack. As he continued to empty his cock, he aimed it at each of her ass checks, covering them as well. Soon Sally had sticky cum all over her derriere.

Sally turned to Craig, "Rub it in while keep sucking on Ron. It's good for my skin." Craig rubbed his semen into her flesh while Sally concentrated all of her sucking skills on Ron.
"I want to cum on your tits," said Ron.

Sally stopped sucking and leaned back, pulling her Hooters top over her head. Her large tits fell out of the top, their nipples so hard that they extended a full 3/4 of an inch.
"Just say 'when'. Now sit on the bed."

Ron sat on the bed and Sally knelt on the floor below him, resuming her sucking. As she sucked she played with his balls.
"I'm so close. Almost...there."

Sally stopped sucking for a moment, although she continued pumping his cock with her hand. "I'm your slut. Give it to me. Cover my tits with your sperm."

That was all it took. Ron gasped and began to cum. Sally must have felt the semen rising in his cock because just before he came she directed his cock at her large tits. Semen shot out of its head and landed in gobs on her breasts, first the left then the right. Soon it nearly covered them and was dripping from them onto the carpet. As each gob fell, Sally tried to catch it with her other hand. What she caught she smeared on her belly.

When Ron finished, Sally laid on the bed on her back and rubbed the semen into the skin of her breasts and belly until it has all been absorbed.
"I'm ready to go again," said Jim. Sure enough he was. Standing by the bed he had a hard-on as big and stiff as the one he had before he first came with Sally.

"Stan, don't you want to fuck Sally too? Or do you just watch?" said Jim.
"Oh I fuck her a lot but I'd love to join you," I said as I climbed out of my clothes.

"I have really enjoyed this but I haven't cum yet," said Sally. "Let's see if the two of you can make me cum. And if you can't I guess the rest of the band will have to try again."
And so it went.

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