Sally Settles a Debt

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I screwed up. Several years ago I borrowed money from someone who turned out to be a loan shark. It was only a couple of thousand but soon the amount started multiplying rapidly. In only a matter of months I owed twice the amount I borrowed. I finally set up a meeting with him to appeal for him to be reasonable reduce the interest he was charging. It did not go well.

"I'm no charity and you have to pay me back plus interest. Just like a bank," **** said.

"But you aren't a bank," I protested. "That means you can overlook certain things."

'Do you take me for an idiot? I'd be out of business if I forgave everyone's debt."

"Okay, you can't overlook things, but since you aren't a bank maybe we can work out some sort of deal. Maybe instead of money I can provide some assistance with something or provide some services, like helping you with marketing your business."

"Marketing! I don't need any of that."

"Well, I'm a writer. Is there something I can write for you?"

"Well, I do have another business for which you might be able to do some writing." **** paused and thought for a moment. "I tell you what, I’ll charge you a regular interest rate, just like a bank. You will still need to pay off the debt and interest up to now though."

"Okay, I just need to slow this down or I'll never be able to pay you back."

And that's how I got started writing for the porn industry. First it was writing scripts but eventually **** discovered he needed marketing after all, and I started writing ad copy, website text, and other materials. But that initial debt was still hanging over my head. I just couldn't get enough money scraped together to pay it off as well as the interest, even though it was lower than at first. I wasn't falling behind but I wasn't getting ahead either.

"Stan, I like how you write," said ****. "Your scripts are very creative and sales are good. There's a new market that has emerged in the past couple of years and I'd like to tap into it."

"What's that?"

"Matures porno. I don't know if it there's a lot more sick young fucks out there who fantasize about their mothers or if the baby boomers aren't getting enough from their wives so they fantasize about their wives' friends. Either way there's an opportunity."
"Okay, I'll work on a script."

"I want more than that." **** continued. "I have a proposition for you. I'll resolve that outstanding debt but you have to do one thing for me."


"I keep an eye on all of my employees and I've noticed that wife of yours. She's pretty hot for her age and I know the two of you have done some swinging. So I want her to be the star of my first matures video. If she does that, I'll tear up your debt."

"I don't know if she'll do it."

"That's your problem. You have to convince her. By the way, you won't be doing a script for this one, it's going to be an amateur video. So she won't even have to act, she can just do what comes naturally. The offer's on the table."

That night I told Sally what **** had asked. But first I had to tell her about the debt. She was pretty pissed to hear about that. When I told her about the proposition, she nearly hit the ceiling.

"But babe, I borrowed that money so we could take that trip to Cancun. Remember how much you enjoyed it. You've been talking about going back ever since. But I couldn't take you because of this debt. Once it's gone, we can save up our money and go back again."

"It sure was fun. But I wish you would have told me about the debt earlier."

"What difference would it have made. You would have only worried. But now we have a chance to make the debt go away. And it won't be that different from swinging. There will just be cameras recording the action."

We argued for a while but Sally finally agreed. I think the idea of going back to Cancun helped persuade her.

The afternoon of the film shoot arrived. Sally dressed in tight black pants and wore a tight pink tank top without a bra. The top hugged her large 38C breasts and accentuated her nipples. The black pants not only nicely showed off her nice round ass, they were tight enough in the front to snuggle up against her pussy. With a pair of “fuck me” pumps on her feet and a black beret on her short blonde hair, my fifty-year old wife looked like a French hooker.

We met the film crew at a strip club owned by ****. As we walked into the club, I could see that Sally’s nipples were hard. She was clearly ready for action but was still clearly nervous, this was going to be her film debut.

The situation was pretty simple. Sally was at the club to apply for a bartender job. Then things would escalate into a gangbang with the owner and his employees. After the director briefed us, **** pulled me aside.

"I told you I've noticed your wife, she’s a real milf. I'd like to fuck her. So I'm going to play the part of the club owner. Of course I am, so it will be an easy part to play. And as I said before I know about your swinging and have heard some stories about your wife. Acting the slut shouldn't be hard for her."

He was right there. Most of our friends and neighbors think Sally is a very conservative and even prissy woman. They don't realize she has a second life. In the right place and the right time she lets her hair down and indulges her animal instincts. And that was exactly what she was going to do at the club.

**** was all the gentleman. He walked over to Sally, welcomed her to his club and offered her a drink. While the film crew set up cameras around the one of the stages where all the action would be happening, he chatted with her and got her at ease. I sat quietly in the back while the two of them talked and laughed. Sally clearly found him charming and didn’t even flinch when he touched first her shoulder and then caressed her thigh. In fact she responded by putting her hand on his thigh as well. In a few moments he leaned over and pulled her to him, kissing her and running his hands over her hard nipples.

“Nothing like a little rehearsal,” said the director as he walked over to the two, “but we’re ready to begin filming.” With that he gave the two of them general directions as to how the film would proceed.

While the director was talking with Sally and ****, I looked around the club. There were the members of the film crew, getting everything ready, and several other men hanging around. One was dressed like a bouncer and another like a bartender. One even had on a janitor’s outfit. They were all in their thirties.

“I’d like to apply for a bartending job,” said Sally. The filming had begun. She was seated at the snack bar along the stage, facing ****.

“We already have a bartender,” replied ****.

“But I’m really very good. I have tended bar at various places for the past six years. And I’ve even tended bar in a strip club before.”

“Sorry, but we simply don’t need another bartender.”

“I really need a job. Isn’t there anything I can do to change your mind?”

“Well,” said ****, “You have very nice breasts. But I generally don’t hire strippers who are over 40. Sometimes we do hire women who have, shall we say, other talents than stripping.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sometimes our guests get very excited after watching the girls strip. The cops keep a pretty close watch on what the girls do on the dance floor but we have a special area upstairs that they don’t know about. Up there our guests get a very special and very personal treatment.”

As **** said this, he scooted closer to Sally and looked her straight in the eye. I could see one of the cameramen zooming in for a closeup of her face.

“You’re asking me to fuck your guests?” Sally asked. Her face showed both shock and intrigue. She was treating the job interview as though it was real.

“It pays very well.”

“Well, I don’t know. I need the money but…how well?”

“Very well. But first I would need to know your qualifications. I think we should begin the job interview,” said **** as he leaned over and kissed Sally. She responded just as she had earlier, opening her mouth to allow his probing tongue in. Once again his hand moved up her front to cup her breast, then to play with her hard nipple. Sally wiggled closer to him, running her hand up his thigh.

**** picked up Sally by her ass and she wrapped her legs around his back, rubbing her crotch against him. He lifted her up onto the stage. The film crew had placed a large sheepskin rug on the stage and Sally scooted back onto the rug. She writhed around on the rug while **** walked up the steps and stood over her. Rising to a kneeling position, she reached up to his crotch and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock. She started kissing and licking it as she played with his balls. Slowly but ever so surely his cock got bigger and harder until it was a full eight inches. She continued to lick it, stopping to occasionally insert the tip of her tongue in the opening at its tip, lapping up his pre-cum.

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