Sally. A cautionary tale

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Part one of five parts. The other parts will follow if the first part is considered suitable.

Sally. A cautionary tale
The situations described in this narrative have all happened in the recent past. The acts themselves have been dramatized for erotic effect.

In two days it would be New Years Eve and Sally was in the depth of despair. It was almost two years ago that her mother had been killed in that horrible car accident and much had happened since then. Probably the worst, for her, had been her father’s marriage to Cindy nearly a year ago. Cindy, who was younger than her dead mother, had brought to the family her daughter Freda. Freda had shown her dislike for Sally from the first day. Freda was almost a year older than Sally who would be fourteen in a week’s time.

From the start Freda had made trouble, often telling lies about Sally, which caused Sally to be chastised by her stepmother. When Sally complained to her father he always backed Cindy and Freda. Her father who was a prosperous businessman was completely under the thumb of his new wife and would do almost anything to please her.

The real problem was jealousy. Freda was short and dumpy. Sally on the other hand was a picture of athletic health. She was tall for her age, 5 foot nine nearly, and weighed 115 pounds. She was a blond blue-eyed girl who would soon resemble her beautiful but dead mother. Her long legs and sinewy frame brought many an admiring look on the ski slopes where she excelled.
She had just come into her bedroom in a state of utter gloom after another row provoked by Freda who had lied saying she had bad mouthed her mother; this was an absolute fib. Her father, as usual, had believed Freda and had told Sally that she was the troublemaker. Another problem beset Sally. That Fall and because of the bad feelings between the two girls she had been sent away to a boarding school on the east coast. She hated the school. If Sally had a fault it was because she was a loner and disliked the regimentation of the place and the demands made upon her to enjoy the company of others; she was to return to this school on the coming weekend, the day before her fourteenth birthday. It was too much for her to bear and she decided that that night she would run away.

Last year, at this time, they had been in Switzerland enjoying a marvellous skiing holiday. There she had met the Jordan’s who were there on holiday from a city some 350 miles from Sally’s home. Sally and Pat, their daughter, had become close friends so much so that Sally had spent two weeks of her summer vacation with Pat at the Jordan’s. She had been invited to visit at any time; Sally decided she would visit them now. Her mind made up she packed a backpack with some spare clothes and toiletries not forgetting her little toy bear which she had loved since babyhood. She was ready to leave but waited until shortly after midnight when she crept downstairs disarmed the security system and left the house.

Sally had some $250.00 with her, which she had been saving for her next holiday when she hoped to go with the Jordan’s on a trip to Europe. She found a cab about four blocks from her home and was driven to the bus depot. There she bought a ticket to the city where the Jordan’s lived: the bus was not due to leave until 4AM and Sally waited impatiently for the time to pass.
She arrived at 10:30 AM and went to the depot café and rang the Jordan’s. To her dismay a servant answered and told her the family were on holiday in Switzerland and were not expected back until mid month. Sally returned to her table in tears. She now realized how stupid she had been to leave on the spur of the moment. What could she do? To return home filled her with dismay but there seemed no alternative. While she was sobbing and pondered her situation an older woman came over and sat at her table. She introduced herself as Mrs. Smith. She said she had noticed Sally sobbing and wondered if she could help. Mrs. Smith was about 55 years old and was of what is called a grandmotherly character; her appearance was most deceptive. Mrs. Smith made a large income as a “scout”. That is she visited those areas of the city, such as bus and train stations where young runaway girls might be found. It was remarkable how successful she was.

Mrs. Smith soon gained Sally’s confidence and in twenty minutes had been given her life history the reason for her running away and, most important, had discovered that no one knew of her leaving. She also discovered by astute questioning that Sally was a very naïve girl whose knowledge of boys and sex was almost nil. Mrs Smith was all sympathy. Mrs. Smith told Sally that she had an older daughter who lived with her but was away until the following week. She suggested that there were two alternatives; Sally could stay with her until her daughter returned, or, she could take the next bus home. Mrs. Smith said that if she waited a few days before returning her family would be so relieved at her return that she would be quickly forgiven; this made very good sense to Sally. Mrs Smith said she had to make a quick ‘phone call and would be right back. Smith made her call and let her client know that she had an excellent prospect that she was sure was a virgin. If this was so Smith stood to make at least $5000.00 from her catch with a $2500.00 bonus if Sally was “fresh”.

She returned to Sally’s table where she said she had spoken to a friend who lived in the country, was wealthy and whose wife was interested in helping girls like Sally. She said, if Sally agreed, that she should try that course of action first and that if she did not like the woman or place she could stay with her. Sally agreed to the plan. They went out to the lot and after putting Sally’s pack in the back of the car drove off to the “friend”. It was a drive, in the country, of about an hour and until they got to their destination Sally was quite relaxed. It was when they got to a huge pair of iron gates that swung open by an unseen agency that she began to feel a little uneasy. The driveway was about a mile long and ended in front of a huge mansion. Mrs. Smith got out and told Sally to follow. As they approached the door it opened and a tall woman beckoned them in and spoke quietly to Smith.

They were ushered in to a reception room and the woman told them to wait for Mr. Pelt and then left. Sally asked where the woman was who would, perhaps, look after her. Smith said everything was organized and she would soon know what was happening. A side door opened and a man leading a huge black Labrador type dog came in accompanied by the woman. The dog alarmed Sally, its broad brow and yellow eyes looked very menacing. The man gave Sally a searching look and turned to Smith and said, “ She looks good to me” and peeled of a roll of notes handing them to Smith with the remark that if she had her cherry there would be a good bonus. Sally did not understand these remarks and was getting very frightened. She said to Smith that she wanted to go home now. Smith told her it was too late for that and left the room.

Mr. Pelt, whose real name he had not used in years, was addressed by all by the name Pelt for reasons that will soon become apparent. He was short, at 5 foot four, looked almost square, weighing close to 240 pounds. He was 43 years old and a multi millionaire. He had three great passions, sex, money and food and he catered to those desires in that order, He had always been sexually attracted to young girls since raping his younger sister when he was twelve. His legs and arms were thick and muscular and he had the broad shoulders and neck of a wrestler. He did have a large gut which was the result of his third passion. His sexual drive however was as potent as when he was eighteen and he had to have sex at least twice a day to feel normal. He was as selfish as any person could be and thought only of his own pleasures; he was a sexual animal who, even after a shower smelt of male musk. Such was the man into whose care Smith had delivered Sally. He told the woman to take Sally upstairs and he would be up shortly.
End. Part one

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