Stop to Conquer

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Having a married and happy sex life is not the end for everybody. There is always an itch to explore the unknown and have variety as spice of life, so to say. I probably belong to this category very strongly. I am married and have a great wife as partner. We have very satisfactory sex life and love each other dearly. Inspite of this, I find a strong urge to fantasize about other ladies with whom I come in contact. Just fantasy is all right, but as my sex life became more fuller (with wife I mean), my urgency to bed with other women became all the more greater. Friends, cousins, known and unknown ladies, the list being endless. I knew that as early as possible, I must find myself another partner, clandestine ofcourse.

It was with this kind of broodings I always used to roam around in my bike and this particular saturday was no different. Only the day was hot and sweaty and made things all the worse. As I zoomed past the market place, I suddenly realized a familiar figure purchasing vegetables along the roadside. This was my cousin Padma. Padma was 4 years elder to me, short and slim but having a beautiful figure. She was married to a tall and fat man, dark in nature and had a daughter studying in univeristy and staying in hostel. Padma's husband had become fatter and fatter after marriage and had such a bulging tummy that I used to wonder how his tummy allowed him to make deep entries into her cunt. That precise thought used to help me to imagine her to be sex-starved and add fuel to my fantasies of seducing and making love to her.

I stopped and rode back to her and called out to her. I was surprised to see her free on this day as she had recently joined another firm with bigger responsibilities and had little time for socializing.

"hi Padma, how are you" i asked and continued " i thought you were too busy !"
"hi Raju, fancy meeting you here! I have taken my day off and decided to be all by my self, you know"
We talked other non-sense as usual, and when her purchases were over, I offered to drop her back home. On way back Padma told me that she was fed up with her busy job and taken off to spend time all for herself, atleast for one day, her husband being away on business trip. On reaching her apartment block, she invited me for tea. Sitting in sofa and relishing her tea, I found my longing for her suddenly back and my mind desperately trying to picture her nude. Fighting against a bulging penis, I continued the conversation. After completing the preliminaries, our discussion subject changed to personal life and happiness.

"I always thought you were very lucky" she said
"In what sense?" I asked
" Oh, the usual - happy job, happy marriage, etc.. " she said and seemed to sigh
My mind is very fast in detecting disappointments in others and to my mind she looked as though she was really disappointed with her life. I saw a quick opportunity to try taking advantage of the situation, provided i played my cards right. Sometime, one needs to stoop to conquer and this seemed an ideal situation.

" It all depends you know. A person may look fine but may have deeper disappointments" I said
" Surely you are not one of them" she said and looking at my face she said "what disappointment are you likely to have?"
" I too have grave disappointments, Padma, I wish I could confide in you" I said
"Hey come on, you know me, I am always here to help you" she said
This was to be delicate. I said slowly " I know Padma I can trust you, but it is quite embarassing to talk about sex life, you know"
Padma looked surprized and said "Ofcourse, talking about sex is really difficult, but if you think I can be of some help as a good listener, you can ...." she stopped and looked very eager to hear me talk.

I said " Padma, promise that this doesn't go beyond you to any one, I mean any one"
Padma took out hand and said " I promise, Raju"
I sat there for a couple of seconds as though thinking deeply whether to confide or not and finally gave out a loud sigh and said " I haven't told this to any one so far, but .... I think I must confide in somebody, otherwise I may go mad". I again sat for a couple of seconds without saying anything.

Suddenly I blurted "Padma, I dont get any satisfaction during love making with my wife". Padma looked at me with open mouth and said " I cannot believe that!"
"That is precisely my problem. She ejaculates and gets satisfied just in a couple of minutes and leaves me high and dry" I said
"Doesnt she notice that and help you" she asked
"No, she sleeps off almost immediately. Initially I thought the problem was with me and then used to pretent as thought I also had orgasm and that is continuing even to day. I hate to put up a show but that's the reality" i said and looked at her and immediately said " Padma, please dont tell this to my wife, she will feel very bad, please". Padma nodded and assured me that she will not let this secret on to any one.

Padma was strangely silent for a couple of minutes, looking at the wall and thinking deeply.
"Hey Raju, I am in the same mess, you know ? " her eyes were moist " and i feel pained you are in the same boat too"
"Oh God, Padma, you too. I cannot believe my ears" I said and continued " I feel very sad for you Padma" and forced some wetness in my eyes.
"Hey Raju dont feel so bad" Padma said and got up and sat beside me. She took my hand in hers, squeezed it and suddenly picked my hand and kissed it. I knew then and there that this was my lucky day and I must push the situtation to logical conclusion. I held her hand and brought it against my cheek and kissed her palm and held there. We both sat there for a long while looking into each others eyes.
At last I said "Padma, only God can help us out of this situation, isn't it?"
"Raju, I cannt see you feel so bad" said Padma and put her arms around my head and slowly pulled it towards her bosom. I willingly moved towards her and kept watching as her big boobs slowly moved towards me and suddenly felt my face crushed against her boobs. Her boobs were soft and got crushed by her sudden force on the back of my head. Padma kissed my on my head several times, slowly moved her lips and kissed strongly in my ears. I responded by hugging her tight, moving my lips on her blouse and kissing on her bulging breasts.
" We cannot wait for God to help us, Raju. I think we need to help each other" Padma giggled in my ears.
I lifted my head and smiled, at her making her smile in return. We both knew and understood each others desires. I pulled her lovely face onto mine and made her kiss my lips. Her lips were soft and sensuous. She kissed me repeatedly and said "Raju come, let us go into the bedroom. Don't we have business with each other?". We both stood up and she hugged me tightly. Her hand moved down and caught my bulging crouch. "Oh my, you do seem to have a large one here" she smiled and dragged me to her bedroom.

"Raju, i want to see you naked, fast" her voice was shrill. I had nothing to hide and i removed all my clothes in a jiffy and stood naked in front of her. She sat on the bed and watched me in fascination as my freed tool suddenly enlarged and shot towards her and looked menacingly at her. As she looked at my tool in a trance, I moved towards her and put my penis against her face. Padma held my penis with both her palms and squeezed my balls slowly. She parted her thick lips and kissed on my tool. She passionately kissed my tool all along its length and moved her lips down and kissed my sack and sucked on my balls. Her hands held my tool and pulled my foreskin back and forth. My penis became more elongated and bulged to full thickness. She took out her tongue and liked my penis all over and suked and drank my pre-cum juices. Padma suddenly opened her mouth and took my penis deep inside her throat, moving her tongue all over and sucking my penis deeper and deeper. She moved her head up and down and fucked my penis repeatedly. My oozing cum was all the more encouraged her to slurp and suck my penis heavily.

Suddenly she stood up and pushed me to sit on the bed. She slowly pulled her saree up. I put my hands on her thundering thighs and slowly moved it upwards. I could smell her strong cunt smell as her saree moved all the way up and i could see dark triangular patch of her pub hair. Padma pulled my head with one arm directly into her cunt. I lunged foward and hit my lips against her cunt lips, which were soft and fully moist. I took out my tongue and started to lick her cunt up and down. I went all along her cunt lips to her clit and sucked her clitoris deep into my mouth. Padma cried murder and pulled my hair in sweet anger. I liked her cunt everywhere and moved down her slithering ravine directly into her cunt hole. Padma shivered as my tongue slid into her cunt. Her cunt was silky and hot and full of her cunt juices. I moved my tongue deep inside her back and forth, making her cunt to release her juices and sucked and drank her juices to glory.

Suddenly, Pama pushed me back against the pillows and stood and removed all her clothes. She mounted me and offered her bulging boobs. I caught her boobs and sucked deep till she cried in happiness. All of a sudden, Padma moved down into my waiting shaft. Her cunt was hot and sweet as her cunt lips opened against my bulging penis and took me deep inside her heaven. She gave a sudden push down and her cunt savagely slid on my shaft and took my penis to her full depths. Immediately began her bangings! Up and down she fucked me with all her might. Her thighs seemed to have been made of steel as she repeatedly pluged herself up and down on my penis. She pulled my head and thrust her boob into my mouth. She held my head for support and fucked my up and down.
" I am going to keep on fucking till both of us have orgasm, Okay. You have such a beautiful piece of cock, Raju. Fuck me from below, sweety" she cried.
I joined her in fucking from below. My penis and her cunt were locked in a battle for mututal satisfaction and rubbing wildly and producing countless amounts of juices for each other was the only way we could enjoy each others warm and sweating body. After what seemed an eternity, we both cried and had explosive orgasm into each other. My penis reverberated wildly into waves and waves of orgasm until we both fell on each other, fully exhausted.

Padma made me make love to her many times that day, in many positions and angles. Totally exhausted we slept in each others arms. As I drifted into sleep, holding her naked body tight, I congratulated myself for stooping just right to conquer her !

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