Sherry sells her ass

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Sherry was high on weed so she put her baby girl in her crib

"Are you going to fuck my friends for money?" ask her husband.

"Yes, I'm ready" she giggled.

Frank undressed his wife. She lay on the floor and spread her chubby legs. Then his motorcycle buddies paid Frank twenty dollars took turns fucking her. They squeezed her tits and watched her squirt milk. When they were ready to ejaculate they pulled their cocks out of her hole and covered her face with cum. Sherry was in heaven. She always wanted to have a gang bang. This went on until the men went home.

"Did you have fun?" ask her husband.

"How much did I earn?"

"Three hundred dollars"

"I want to do it again"

"They will be back next weekend"

Sherry heard her baby crying so she fed it. When the baby girl sucked her breast she climaxed. That was the best part of breast feeding. She fixed her husband breakfast and gave him a blow job before he went to work. Then she cleaned the house. She was feeding her baby again when the doorbell rang. It was her dad.

"Hi honey, how's my granddaughter?"

"Hungry as usual" she laughed.

Ted looked at his daughter's breasts and said.

"I wish I could have some of your milk"

"You can daddy, but you have to fuck me first"

Then she put her baby on the floor so the little girl could watch.

Sherry took her clothes off and kissed her father.

"I've always wanted to fuck you" she cooed.

Ted sucked his daughter's breasts and fucked her until his prick went limp.

"Do you think I'm a whore daddy?"

"I love whores" he laughed.

"Frank sold my ass to his friends" she bragged.

"How much money did they pay you?"

"A lot of money"

Ted mounted his daughter and fucked her again until he was too tired to continue. Before he went home she kissed him goodbye and ask him if he could come back tomorrow. He said he would and he was going to bring a fiend. That night she told Frank that she gave her dad some pussy. He said he deserved it because Janet was a cold fish.

"My mom is a lesbian what do you expect?"

"How do you know?"

"When I was five she stuck her finger in my twat and broke my cherry"

"Did you tell your dad?"

"He told her not to do it again because five year old girls can't keep a secret"

The next day after her husband fucked her she didn't bother to dress. She sat on the couch and waited for her dad and his friend. When she opened the door to let her father in he was with a large black man.

"This is my daughter"

"Is this the girl I'm going to fuck?"

"Pay her twenty dollars and you can have all the pussy you want" he laughed.

When they were in her bedroom her father and his friend took their clothes off. She saw the black man's giant prick and wondered if it would fit in her hole. She lay on the bed and closed her eyes when he stuck his prick in her cunt. It was so long it pushed against her womb and she cried out.

"Jesus god almighty you horse, take it easy"

The man laughed and fucked her as hard as he could. Sherry had the biggest climax of her life and squirted pee.

"Now make her shit" laughed her dad.

When he filled her hole with cum he said his name was Chuck and she was the best pussy he ever had. She suddenly realized that she had fallen in love with him.

"If I leave my husband can I live with you?"

"If that is what you want" he replied.

Her father was surprised, but whatever his daughter wanted was ok with him.

"Will you let my husband and his friends do me?"

"I like to watch you get fucked, It turns me on"

That night she told her husband what she wanted and he agreed as long as he could use her pussy for a sperm dump. She took her baby and moved in with Chuck. Every weekend they had a wild party so Sherry could get her gang bang for money.

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