Sex In Hut with mature servant

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Hai I am santosh writing my first story in kerala erotica. It was good experience so I thought I should share with u all. one day I was having a cigartte in front of a shop in mumbai. one man was talking in mobile phone and he was very tense. so I ask him what happened. He told that his aunty is need of money on urgently for some work. And it was night time so he knew that he cannot get money from anywhere. I told him that I can give u the money if u want. He was very happy. He told this to his anuty about this. She told him to bring me with him to her house wadala. First I said no but he said she will not take the money. ok I told him that I will come.

I went with him to their place which was in slum area. I told him that I cannot come inside the slum. but insisted me to come to his aunty houseI entered his aunty house it was hut. He told me that he will bring coldrink and snacks. When I saw his aunty I was shocked to see lady with good figure in her fourtys. I told her that she is very good looking. I ask her what she does . She said that she begs and does some domestic work in some house. She told she was widow. She told me that she can do anything for me as I helped her. I told her its ok but she told u stay here at night. I was shocked to hear this. She told that I can do anything with her.

I was afraid because it was slum area. I call my house told them I am at friends house. She brought me some food, water. We had our dinner in her house. Her name is reshma. As it was 11. 30 pm she gave me lungi to wear. Then she told her nephew to sleep outside which he agreed. Now we were alone in the house. she took her saree and she was in blouse and petticoat. actually she has good boobs and ass. As time progress I was comfortable there in hut. We started to talk naughty things which arouse me. I should describe myself as goodlooking and well built. She told that she was attracted to me. She told me that she had never had a sex for 10 yrs.

I took her blouse and petticoat now she was in bra and panty. I could sense she was very desperate to have sex. One thing I should say she was very clean and tidy. She took my cock in her hand and started to move up and down. I asked her what she knows in sex. She told only intercourse. Then I took my big mobile phone and showed her some porn clip.  She was shocked to see this at the sametime she very hot. I told her I like pussy licking. anal sex and blowjob. First she told me that it is not good thing to do but she agreed . we had good long kiss exchanging saliva and tongue twisting. Now I gave my cock in her mouth she took it but she was not doing properly.

I told her to lick it like lollypop and then she started to do properly. I told her to taste my cum and I pump all my cum in her mouth . then she spread her legs I can see her pink pussy which was not shaved. I started to lick her pussy and put my one finger in her asshole. now she was really hot and she was yelling very madly. she was making nosie. when I saw her urgue for sex I was very excited . By then she had her orgasms and she was very happy and thanked me. Now I started to lick her asshole and finger fucking in her pussy. I asked her if she wants my cock in her ass. she told no but I convince her I will make it slowly. I applied oil on her asshole and slowly started to pump my cock in her ass. she was yelling in pain but after sometime she enjoyed it and started to support me. I cummed in her ass.

That night we had good 5 hours session of sex she told me that she had 3 orgasms that night which she loved it. then I gave her the money that she wanted. She told to come to her house any time . but I told her I want to have threesome ie 2 ladies and 1 guy. I gave my no to her so that she can call me anytime for sex. That is how I had a sex with beggar. if u like my story plz post coment on it and if any lady want have sex with me in mumbai plz mail me at sandyno11127 at gmail dot com

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