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Eighteen year old Ann left the house to meet her new boyfriend after she made sure her mom was asleep. He was twenty-one and discharged from the Navy. She found where he was parked and jumped in the car. Her mother said Jim was too old for her and she should date a boy her own age. 18 year old boys didn't compare to Jim. He was handsome and had a convertible. Jim drove to a secluded place and parked. Ann loved convertibles. She could see the stars. Ann's favorite subject was astronomy. She moved close to Jim so he could kiss her.

"Are you sure you won't get in trouble?" he ask.

"Not as long as I get back before mom wakes up"

"I bet you have done this before" laughed Jim.

"No, this is the first time"

Jim kissed he sticking his tongue in her mouth.

Ann responded with passion and ask.

"Will you be my boyfriend forever?"

"Hell yes"

Jim unbuttoned her blouse. She tried to stop him but he kissed her again. Now Ann didn't have the will to resist. He took her bra off and kissed her breasts. Ann was beside herself with desire. When Jim sucked her nipple she almost peed her panties. Jim pulled his pants and shorts off. Ann saw a man's prick for the first time. It was beautiful! No wonder peoples got married. Jim pulled her skirt up and removed her panties. Ann was too far gone to resist. He played the girl's pussy and stuck his finger in it. Ann closed her eyes and let him. Jim got between her legs and ate her pussy. It was something a Commander's wife taught him when he first joined the Navy.

"OH GEEZE OH GOD" she gasp.

When Jim licked her clit and Ann trembled with a powerful climax. It was wonderful! She didn't protest when Jim stuck his prick in her.

"Don't make me pregnant" she whispered.

""I'll pull it out when I cum" he said.

Jim fucked the willing girl three times before he rested. Her breasts and cunt was covered with sperm. It was almost dawn when Jim took her home.

"When can I see you again?" he ask.

"Pick me up after school" she cooed.

Ann snuck into her house and went to bed dreaming about her lover. Morning came and she woke up with a start. She didn't want to be late for school. Ann hurriedly ate breakfast with her mom and rushed off. The school day seemed like it would never end. Finally it was over and she went outside to find Jim. She waited for a half an hour and still no sight of him. Ann started to cry. Suddenly she saw his car and dried her tears.

"I didn't think you were coming" she sobbed.

"I had a flat tire" apologized the boy.

Ann got in his car and kissed him. This time Jim drove to his apartment. As soon as they were inside she undressed. Jim took a good look at her nude body. She had small tits and was five feet tall with blond hair. Her blue eyes were inviting.

"Aren't you going to make love to me?

Jim led her to his bedroom and undressed.

"Will you do that thing to me again?"

"What thing?" ask Jim.

"You know" blushed Ann.

Jim smiled. He knew she wanted him to eat her pussy and said.

"I like sluts like you" he laughed.

Ann spread her legs wide for Jim. He shoved his tongue in her hole and made her tremble with desire.

"Lick my clit" she begged.

Jim massaged her little nub with his tongue.

"OH sweet JESUS!" she cried.

Jim kept it up until he was tired and then ruthlessly shoved his prick in her cunt and fucked her. Ann was so excited she squirted pee. Jim felt the warm liquid on his prick and went off in her hole.

"Oh god I'm sorry" he cried.

"For what?" she giggled.

"You might get pregnant" he gasp.

"I don't care, I want your baby" she said.

"Your mom will kill us"

"No she won't, she will want to get rid of me if I am pregnant" laughed the girl.

Jim got another hard on and fucked her with renewed vigor.

"That's it, give me a baby" cooed Ann.

Jim fucked the girl until his prick wouldn't penetrate her anymore. Ann examined her pussy and saw sperm oozing out of her hole.

"I hope that does it" she said with satisfaction.

It was dark when Jim drove her home. He let Ann out in front of her house. Doris saw her daughter get out of the car.


"I love him mom"

"You too young to be in love"

"I'm not too young to get pregnant"

"Oh my god, you've been having sex" sobbed her mother.

Ann smiled to herself. She was in control now.

"Mom, I think he wants to marry me"

"I wouldn't mind being a grandmother" she said wiping away her tears.

"I'm going to quit school mom"

"What for?"

"So I can fuck Jim all day"

"You slut" snarled Doris.

"You bet I am, Jim likes sluts"

"How do you know?"

"He said so when he ate my cunt"

Doris didn't know what to say after that and went to her room. Her daughter was crazy and Jim was a pervert. Doris masturbated her pussy and went to sleep. The next morning Doris went to he daughters room. Ann was finger fucking her hole.

"You little whore, didn't he give you enough prick?"

"I always want more" she smiled.

Doris watched her daughter frig herself.

She took her nightgown off and lay beside her.

"What the hell?" gasp Ann.

Doris stuck her fingers in her hole and sighed.

"I might as well join you"

Ann giggled with delight. mother and daughter brought themselves to climax.

"Isn't this fun mom"

"I wish I had your boyfriends prick in me" she sighed.

"I don't care if he does you" said Ann.

"Do you think he would?"

"I know he would" she smiled.

Ann kissed her mom and called Jim. She told Jim that her mother approved of their relationship and she wanted to see him. Jim said he would be there in an hour. Ann told her mom.

"What will I wear?" ask Doris.

"Nothing" giggled Ann.

"You won't be jealous when he fucks me will you?"

"No, I know he likes me best" she replied.

Ann and her mom went to the living room and sat naked on the couch. Ann kissed her mother on the mouth and said.

"I hope Jim fucks the shit out of you"

"I wonder if he will eat my pussy?" she said hopefully.

"He will if I tell him to" bragged Ann.

"Oh my god honey I'm so excited I'm trembling"

When the doorbell rang Ann persuaded her mother to answer it. Jim's jaw dropped when saw the naked woman. She looked like Ann but older.

"Come in before the neighbors se me" she laughed.

Jim looked at Ann for an explanation.

"Mom want you to fuck her" she giggled.

Doris was unbuttoning his shirt already. No wonder her daughter wanted him. He was a handsome devil. Ann pulled Jim's pant and shorts down and said.

"She wants you to eat her pussy"

Doris lay on the couch and spread her legs. No one had eaten her cunt before, not even her husband when he was alive. When Jim spit on her clit and licked her pussy she climaxed. That was something she hadn't done for a long time. Ann squeezed her mom's breasts and whispered.

"I knew you would like that"

Jim mounted Doris and fucked her like mad. He filled her hole with sperm several times. Finally he was exhausted and lay on the floor panting. Ann saw her mom's wet pussy and kissed it.

"Oh god!" cried the woman.

"I'm going to make love to your pussy mom"

"Please do honey, make me a slut"

Ann sucked her boyfriend's sperm from her mothers cunt. Doris almost fainted with pleasure. Jim had a hard prick again and shoved in her mouth. Doris sucked it until it filled her mouth with cum. They moved to the bedroom and had sex until dawn. Jim was fantastic. Screwing Ann's mother was an aphrodisiac. Finally they fell asleep in a tangled mess happy and content. Ann married Jim when she found she was pregnant. To their surprise Doris was pregnant too. They lived together happy and content.

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