Sandy oral education

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A lot is made about just how super-sexed blonde girls are, especially when it comes to having cocks in their mouths. You hear all kinds of jokes, like:

Why did the blonde keep bumping her head?
All the guys were sitting around a table.

What do blondes wear to an Oral Exam?
Knee pads.

What do blondes say when they finish giving a blowjob?

The truth is, at least from my experience, that there is a certain amount of truth to all this. Certainly, there are a few brunettes whose mouths have surrounded my dick way more than once. Sabrina is a pixie-like girl with short brown hair who works as a professional Escort. Besides giving great blowjobs, the entire world (of men anyway) is indebted to her for getting her beautiful blonde friend, JoAnne, so incredibly active in a full-time career of escorting and prostitution. And Jackie, my girlfriend Nadene’s best friend at the news and weather station, spends almost half of each workday on her knees.

Having said this, there is no doubt that the vast majority of blowjobs I get now are from beautiful girls with long, silky blonde hair… at least one a day from both Nadene and JoAnne, and one or more from Heather on most days. Is there any prettier and more erotic than a gorgeous, nicely dressed blonde on her knees giving blowjobs to a line-up of men? Not to me, there isn’t. Though I must admit, I do enjoy seeing Jo, Nadene and Heather having fun with horses too.

Quite recently, a new blonde entered my stable of cocksuckers, and if there ever was a girl who was gift-wrapped for blowjobs, it has to be Sandy.

The first time I saw her, she was sitting behind the reception and information desk at the Cherry Hill Branch of my bank. The sign on the desk said: Sandy B. Like Jo and Heather, Sandy’s hair was very long and silky. She also had a gorgeous face. But unlike Jo, Nadene and Heather, whose faces are just so naturally friendly, Sandy’s demeanor seemed a bit more businesslike and serious. I couldn’t help but smile at her from the bank machine line. She did look at me, but didn’t smile.

She was wearing a very light blue, sleeveless top and I wondered whether she was wearing pants or a dress. I have a thing for girls in pants. As luck would have it, I was soon to find out. When I was second in line, I noticed that she had stood up and was walking to the back. That’s when I saw she was wearing black dress pants and black spike heels.

When she returned to her desk and just stood there looking through her purse for keys, I figured she must be going out, presumably for a lunch break since it was just past noon. I desperately wanted the old woman in front of me to finish her transaction so that I could follow Sandy out of the bank.

Luckily, the old woman finished just then, I was very quick and Sandy stood at her desk for another minute or two. With perfect timing, I arrived at the door just in time to hold it open for Sandy. She smiled, but only very slightly. She opened the second door herself and I followed her out to the sidewalk.

That’s when I saw her ‘gift-wrapped’ look. For, instead of wearing an actual belt, it seemed that around her waist, threaded through every belt loop, she had a thick pink ribbon that she had tied into a very cute big bow at her right side. It looked VERY sexy. Moreover, she had the one of the nicest, round little asses I had seen and her black pants, pleated and with pockets only in the front, were very tight. I followed her down the sidewalk a ways until she turned into a parking lot. Not wanting to appear that I was stalking her, I stayed walking along the sidewalk. My cock twitched as I watched her walk away from me. I was determined that, one day, I would have that beautiful blonde’s mouth surrounding my dick.

I didn’t have to wait long.

I actually told JoAnne about Sandy while Jo was blowing me that night. Jo wondered if Sandy might be interested in escorting, since she herself was becoming so busy she just wasn’t able to keep up with all the calls.

“Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm?” Jo asked me.

I was thrilled. Of course I wanted Jo to talk with her. But the secret was getting them to meet.

The very next Monday, Jo and I returned to that bank, since that happens to be the same bank (if not the same branch) where Jo keeps her money. In fact, Jo has a lot of money. Averaging about twenty blowjobs on escort calls a day, Monday through Thursday, and 
then anywhere from 50 to 70 blowjob tricks on Friday and Saturday nights hooking on the streets, Jo pulls in about $40,000 a month. Almost half goes to taxes; Jo sends $5000 a month to her mother and baby brother and spends about $5000 a month on rent, food, entertainment, new clothes, shoes and make-up. Just recently, she’s started dressing regularly in what I call her ‘panty suit’… a sexy little combo of satin bikini panties with spike heels and various cute half sweaters and tops… that only reach to just below her breasts so that her panties always remain in full view… especially when working. She has so much fun shopping for these combos at the same little store (and the owner has been so good at ordering a steady supply of new panties and tops) that Jo buys about two or three new ‘outfits’ a week. She has two full drawers filled with satin bikini panties, one other filled with tops, and a closet full of spiked, high heel shoes, both at her place and at my place. Because this is a cute little specialty shop, and because the panties have two layers of satin material, so that the almost seem like bikini bathing suit bottoms until you feel them, the panties are quite expensive… $30 each. With these plus tops and heels and also new pairs of designer jeans (Jo always likes her work jeans to look new) and dress pants, Jo spends about $500-$1000 a month on clothes. She also spends about $200 per month on make-up and getting her hair done, because she always insists on looking her best for clients.

Despite this, Jo still manages to put away about $10-12,000 per month. Her goal is to work full time as an escort until she is forty (another fifteen years) making sure she works out and stays as pretty and trim and toned as she can. By then she hopes to have saved 2-3 million dollars, so she can buy a nice house, and then put the rest away in a high interest account to live off the interest. She’ll still work as a prostitute, of course, but by then it would only be for fun. In fact, she could make a lot more money than she does now if she didn’t always feel so badly about asking for money. She’d gladly blow almost any man for free. Seniors and regulars often get freebees. Of course, I get freebees. 

Nonetheless, $10,000 per month saved is a lot of money. So when Jo and I spotted Sandy working as a teller behind the counter, Jo had an idea. Lucky for me, Sandy just happened to wearing a white top, but otherwise the exact same black pants, pink ribbon belt and heels a the first time I’d seen her. 

“That’s a nice outfit,” Jo complimented her.

Sandy just smiled, looking Jo up and down. Jo also looked nice, not in a panty suit today, but rather wearing a nice pair of front-pleated, front-pockets light blue pants with a white cloth belt, a pretty blue and white checkered blouse and white heels.

When Sandy saw just how big Jo’s account was, her eyes got really big.

“How do you make so much money?” Sandy asked Jo, with great respect.

Jo smiled sweetly and proudly announced: “I’m a prostitute.”

“Really?” Sandy asked, incredulously. “And you make this much?”

“Uh huh.”

“She gives the best blowjobs anywhere,” I added.

Jo laughed and playfully poked me in the ribs.

“Do you like it?” Sandy asked skeptically.

“I LOVE it,” Jo said sincerely. “It’s really just so much fun.”

Sandy’s face became very thoughtful as she worked the remainder of the transaction. At one point she turned to go to a small desk away from the counter and I again marveled at her marvelous ass. When she returned to us, she asked nervously:

“How does one get to BE a prostitute?”

And I knew she was hooked. Since it was just noon, I asked her when her lunch break was and suggested she join us for lunch to talk about it. She happily agreed and we agreed to wait for her.

“You’d have a lot of fun and make a lot of money as a prostitute,” I told her just before I turned away from the counter.

“Do you think so?” she asked hopefully.

“You’re a beautiful girl,” I said. “If you give decent blowjobs…”

“Well… that’s just it,” she frowned. “I haven’t given a lot of them and I don’t know how good I’d be.”

“Do you want to try it out on me?” I asked brightly, knowing an opening when I see it.

“Can I?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“We could go into a room just over there,” she said pointing to a glassed-in room over in the far corner behind where customers lined up. 

“That sounds good,” I said. And then Jo and I found a couple of comfortable chairs and waited until 12:30 for her.

At about 12:33 by my watch, Sandy was replaced by another teller and came out from behind the counter. Rather than come right over to us, she walked over to a different glassed-in room to the one she had indicated before, and seemed to be speaking with her manager. After a minute of this, she walked back towards us with a somewhat nervous smile on her face.

“He says we can use the room,” she said, and Jo and I followed her.

The room itself was empty of furniture. Sandy explained that a desk and chairs had been there but had been moved to another branch where they were needed more. 

“We’ll be getting a new bit of furniture soon,” she explained.

What surprised me most about the room, though, was that with glass walls on three sides, it was almost entirely visible to the rest of the bank. The only thing hiding us was the fact that the line-ups of people waiting for tellers all faced the other way, and the line-ups also obscured the tellers from view. But anyone who turned around could see us if they paid any attention at all. I thought that maybe Sandy had brought us here just to talk before going into another room, but when she said: “Are you ready?” and dropped down to her knees at my feet, I knew that my latest conjecture had been wrong.

“What got you into prostitution?” Sandy asked Jo keenly as she reached up to undo my zipper and belt.

As it turns out, I was facing out towards the main branch area with Sandy’s back (and bum) to it. Because the light in our room was slightly brighter than that outside, there was a slight reflection of her in the glass, so I could enjoy looking at her bum while she kneeled there.

It was just before Sandy leaned forward to take me into her mouth that I saw her turn her head to her right and wave. My eyes followed suit. On the other side of the glass wall to my left was another similar room, but fully furnished. Another woman who I didn’t know was sitting behind her desk waving at Sandy, with an apparent client sitting across the desk from her. His eyes turned towards us too.

Sandy’s eyes seemed to stay on her friend as she leaned forward, mouth open, and allowed my cock to navigate into her mouth. Then she closed her mouth gently down on my dick and slid slowly back and forth a few times.

Almost immediately, her eyes found Jo and she asked: “Hmm hmm?”

Jo squatted down to get close to Sandy so that she could closely observe her technique.

“Hmm?” Sandy asked, pausing to look right at Jo. “Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm?”

Jo leaned back, her eyes taking in Sandy from top to bottom. She then used her hands to position Sandy’s feet a little further apart and gently pushed on Sandy’s bum to have her kneeling a bit more straight up.

‘Try taking him a little deeper in your mouth,” Jo said. And I realized that Sandy truly had only been sucking on the last inch or two of my dick.

“Hmm hmm (okay),” Sandy said, leaning forward so that now more than three inches were inside her. “Hmm mm?” she asked, her eyes back on Jo.

“That’s good,” Jo encouraged her. “Now slide slowly back and forth… don’t use your neck… bend at the waist.”

“Hmm hmm,” Sandy said. I noticed that Sandy DID start bending more at the waist, and was pleased as to what this did to the reflection of her bum in the glass, making her pants a little bit tighter every time she leaned forward, thereby flattering the curves of her behind.

After a bit, Jo suggested to Sandy that she start tilting her head one way and then the other, Like Jo does so effectively to find every man’s sweet spot.

“Hmm?” Sandy asked.

“Let me show you,” Jo said. And so I was allowed to slide out of Sandy’s mouth into Jo’s.

“Hmm hmm,” Jo said cutely, staring up at me cutely with her big, brown eyes.

“Hello,” I returned.

Jo then started to slide ever so slowly to and fro along my cock, running almost the full length, from five inches deep in her mouth to just having my cock head inside. And every time she pulled back, she tilted her head ever so slightly one way or the other, working the right underside of my shaft one time and the left side the next. Back and forth and often humming softly.

“Hmmmm… hmmmm… hmmmm… hmmmm,” she said so sensuously.

There was a dramatic difference in skill level between the two girls. Jo obviously had experience that virtually no woman anywhere could match. Sandy still was a novice. But Sandy watched attentively and when I returned to her mouth, not only was she tilting her head right and left as Jo had done, but she also was taking me deeper… to about 4 inches… sometimes gagging a bit but never stopping her slow rhythmic pump.

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