Roxy hits the Jackpot : Part 3

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100% fiction!

It was the second week end after Tony had moved in with Roxy, Chloe and Janet. After the initial shock of his seduction by the girls. Chloe was sure she was already pregnant, but it had not deterred her from needing Tony’s attention on a regular basis . Roxy had moved in with him, and in effect had became a surrogate wife. She had missed a period.

At high school Roxy was well behaved, but Tony found himself being the object of attention from, the sexy blonde 23 year old art teacher Patsy Henderson. Increasingly in the staff room. At break times Patsy would endeavor to sit by him and start a conversation.

She could not understand why Tony did not have a girl friend. While he had no objection normally to flirting with a pretty girl, he found it rather wearing as he missed his lunchtime naps. Life with Roxy and Chloe drained him of any excess energy and he needed the extra sleep..

However Patsy was not a girl to be sidetracked, and one lunchtime she came right out with the question “Why don’t we go out somewhere for a meal or something one evening Tony and get to know each other properly..”

Tony in frustration said with a rueful smile. “Sorry patsy my girl friend would not like it.” But that did not deter Patsy, she did not believe he had a girl friend and started questioning him along the lines “Well don’t you think I am pretty enough for you?” and the other obvious one “Are you gay?”

Tony told her bluntly “I do think you are very very attractive, and no I am not gay. But I do not believe in mixing business with pleasure”

But unfortunately that was not the end of the matter. On the Saturday following Roxy’s sixteenth birthday, Chloe asked Tony to take Roxy out for the evening to a dinner dance. Tony agreed, Chloe lent him her car, and he took Roxy to a dinner dance ten miles distance from the high school.

Roxy looked lovely, she had that day had her hair done, and had taken special care with her make-up, a new dress and high heel shoes. Tony had thoughtfully bought her a small posy of flowers to pin on her dress, and with her mothers mink fur wrap she looked like a Princess.

Half way through the meal, they were interrupted by Miss Patsy Henderson and a young man. Patsy greeted him by saying “Good evening Tony fancy meeting you here.” Tony replied politely as his mind ticked over rapidly at the implications, and said “May I introduce you to Miss Letty Rochester my Landlady’s niece.”

After a few more pleasantries, Patsy and her boyfriend moved on to another table, but every time Tony looked up Patsy’s eyes were watching him. “Do you think she believed us?” Roxy whispered.
“ I don’t know, but she is not going to spoil my evening with the prettiest young lady in the room.” Tony replied gallantly. ’
After the dinner, the music was smoochy ballroom dancing with lowered lighting, and Roxy and Tony danced very close together, just as young lovers do. And they had a wonderful evening followed by a very passionate night. It was a birthday that Roxy and Tony would never forget..

The following Monday school the Headmaster sent for Tony. “Mr. Nash I have had a complaint, that you were seen out with one of our students on Saturday evening is that correct?.”

Tony’s anger was building inside of him.
“If I was, and I am not admitting I was, what is it to do with anyone else? Tony asked.” You know that by law, that you can not have sexual relations with a girl under sixteen, and if it was a student the school disapproves of any relationship of that kind.

On Saturday night the young lady I was with was sixteen and I was her escort at her mothers request to celebrate her birthday, and did anyone see us do anything improper?”

“Does that answer your question Headmaster?”

“No Tony, I am sorry but I will have to suspend you until the matter has been gone into, As the complaint came from the Chairman of Governors himself.“ Sir Rodney Henderson.’
“Oh I see young Patsy’s daddy. Well please pass on this message “I hope that he will be prepared to defend his actions in court.”


When he got home Chloe was angry, when he told her, what had occurred, then she sat down with Tony. “I have to tell you something Tony.”
Tony was only half listening, his mind was considering the implications of his suspension, but his ears picked up when she said. “I told you a lie, I don’t sell Porn video’s, we have plenty of money because Roxy bought a lottery ticket and she won the jackpot“. I claimed the money for her, as she was only fifteen at the time,. and we don’t tell anybody But we got 38 million pounds. I did not tell you, because I thought that you may be tempted by the money. “Honey don’t worry, you don’t need to work ever again.”

Tony said “Well that is good news, but Chloe I must earn my own living. I like teaching. Your money is your money.”
But Chloe insisted that she hire the best legal firm available to represent him, and Tony said “ OK Thank you very much I appreciate that, but Chloe whatever happens between us in the future, I must earn my own living.. it is something that is important to me.
The following Saturday Tony was having a late lie in When Roxy came into the bedroom. Tony lay on the bed half asleep. When Roxy came in and said I have a visitor for you . It was Hannah her cousin who she sat by at school

Tony knew Hannah was just fifteen.. She was about the same height as Roxy and had straight black hair and a very cute face. In fact Tony would be hard put to decide who was the prettiest between the two of them Tony knew that her mother and Chloe were sisters, although so far he had not met ny of the family other than Hannah.

Roxy bent over and kissed him passionately on the lips, and then whispered in his ear “Hannah wants to get to know you more intimately darling, and its alright with me“. Tony nodded, and smiled up at her, and within a few moments Roxy had left the room and Hannah now naked was helping him very impatiently to take off his pajama trousers. Tony grabbed Hannah's shoulders and pulled her close to him. She kissed him passionately on the lips, and after a few moments of foreplay, and without further ado she straddled him, and impaled herself on his waiting cock for the first time. Almost immediately, Hannah screamed as she had a minor orgasm, and Tony nearly lost it himself.

Hannah was one of the hottest girls Tony had ever come across. Lubrication from her liberally flowing pussy ensured a smooth ride, and Hannah took advantage of it. She rode him faster and faster, her arms outstretched on the pillow as her young breasts bobbed up and down in a blur. Tony had to grab them with both hands to get his mouth on them.

Her pussy was heaven . The walls of her pussy gripped his cock firmly as it slipped in and out. Tony put his hands round on her buttocks and forced her body down even harder every time she began a downward thrust. With every stroke, his cock seemed to spear her deeper and deeper. She was breathing hard and starting to build for a massive climax. Tony found that he could not wait any longer either. One of his hands grabbed her shoulder, and pushed her body onto his cock as hard as Tony could. His other hand gripped Hannah's shoulder .

Hannah was coming hard, as Tony pushed his hips up a final time, ramming his cock into her as far as he could. Orgasm racked his body, and spurt after spurt of his baby seed shot into the young black girl. The combination of their shuddering orgasm’s. and our exhaustion gradually won the day as she collapsed on to his chest, her mouth seeking his, with a stream of passionate kisses as they recovered from their exhausting climax. His cock slipping out of her hot pussy as they both struggled to return to normality.

Three more times Hannah and Tony had sex that afternoon before Roxy came, and reminded her, that her mother expected her home for their evening meal. As Tony got up to go to the bathroom Tony heard voices and looking round the doorway Tony saw Chloe asking Hannah why she had come to see them. Tony heard Hannah say to Chloe “He’s fucking fantastic.” But the look on Chloe’s face told him that trouble was brewing.”

Chloe stormed into the bedroom and said to Tony “Get out of this house, you are not turning it into a brothel, for you own convenience. Get out, be gone in an hour or else I will have you thrown out.” In her rage she went to strike him but Roxy got in the way, Roxy fell to the floor completely knocked out by Chloe’s fist.

Tony was very bewildered, he had thought that the family policy of him servicing female family members, included their cousins, and the fact that Roxy had brought her cousin to him personally had reassured him..

He turned to Janet who hearing the row had come into the room. Tony told Janet. Ring 999 and call for an ambulance“. By now Chloe was down on the floor with Roxy crying, and telling her she was sorry. Meanwhile, Tony quickly dressed, and said To Roxy. “Keep your big mouth shut I will deal with this.”

When the Police arrived, Tony said. We had a small accident officer, I was practicing a few punches in front of the mirror to show her mother here, and young Roxy came running in to tell us something and she caught one on the chin.”

Janet taking her cue from what Tony had said we heard them laughing and playing around in here, and came running in and this is what happened. After a few further questions the ambulance men arrived, but by then Roxy had come round. She was a bit groggy and had a bruise appearing on her chin.

In the end although she had lost consciousness for a few minutes Roxy refused to go to the hospital. After the police and Ambulance had departed
Roxy turned to her mother and said. “If Tony goes, I go with him.“ Me too” said Janet.

Chloe sat on Tonys bed. “Tell me what exactly happened this afternoon” Roxy explained, that she had more or less promised that Tony and Hannah could get together on her birthday, but Hannah was impatient, and did not want to wait, so I took her into Tony.

While the girls had been talking Tony had been quietly packing. Chloe said “There is no need to do that Tony, I am sorry it was my fault I lost my temper.”
Tony said “I think I should go anyway. I will book in at the Forester Hotel. It will give us all a chance to think about the future, and where we go from here.”

Roxy was angry and crying, and Tony told her “Look I am not going far, and it will give you all a chance to sort out about our future, if we have one?. It will also give me a chance to think about my future as well, and what I want.”

That evening by co-incidence, Miss Patsy Henderson, came into the hotel when Tony was drinking in the bar. She came and sat by him. She said. “Tony I have to apologise, I did not tell my father that you were with a teenager. I happened to mention in passing that the black girl you were with were so like one of our students. Sandy the man I was with, maintained that he was sure the girl was no more than fifteen. My father in a mood picked up the telephone and rang the Head.

Tony said “Well thanks Patsy, it looks as though I have lost my job, and also been kicked out of my lodgings as well.”

He left to go back to his room when he noticed Chloe, Janet and Roxy, standing in the doorway. As he walked towards them he could see that they were smiling and looked happy.
“Lets go to my room.” Tony said.

In his bedroom Chloe opened her handbag and said “I am sorry Tony I should not have lost my temper like that. As she spoke she handed him a cheque for nine million pounds. “We want you back - we miss you. I know its only been four hours but the house is empty without you. That Cheque makes you a full member of the family.”

Tony said nothing, he just tore the cheque up and the pieces in the waste bin. ”I don’t want your money, I just want the three of you as we were.”
Roxy laughed “I told you he wouldn’t take the money, so now Momma you promised that if he did you would do something.”

Chloe said “Tony dear, we all want you back, we all love you, and both Roxy and I will be having your baby before too long. We want you back under any conditions “Will you marry me Tony please?”
Tony looked at Roxy and Janet and he said.
“I love all three of you.”
Roxy then said “What Mamma really means will you marry all three of us, we all agree that we all want you to make our family complete. But if you marry Mamma that will make it more official.

Tony smiled and said “That’s OK with me I was dreading sleeping in that bed on my own tonight.”

*** The Happy Ending

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