Round 2 with visiting aunt

(Part 1 from 1)

After she arrived and I destroyed her pussy the first night,auntie wanted more. The day after we fucked she was walking funny and had to be in pain. but,she needed more.

THe following night i got home from work and sat on my couch to relax. She walked in wearing another tight,short skirt with black fishnets and one of my wife beaters on. her tits hung free and her nipples wear rock hard. She said,"are you ready to give that cock to auntie?" I undid my denims and she got on her knees and pulled my cock out and made a comment about how she is in love with my cock.

SHe began to suck on it and jammed my soft member in her throat as she gazed at me while i pulled her hair aside to watch. She got me hard and asked if i would fuck her huge tits. I got up ad she took her shirt off. i laid her on my floor and got ontop of her and she smushed my cock between her soft breasts. i pumped her tits for awhile until she said,"i want you to make my pussy hollow NOW!"

I got up and helped her to her feet. SHe teased me by bending over showing her bare cunt under that skirt. I stood behind her and rammed my thick cock inside her and began to stretch her out while squeezing her tits and kissing her neck. She moaned and said,"now ur making auntie feel at home."

I pumped her until i felt her knees buckle And her pussy shoot cum out. She couldn't stand so, i laid her on her belly and nounted her big bubble butt. I inserted my cock inside her as deep as i could making her scream. I started slow then began slaming her balls deep hard and fast making her orgasm over and over. She screamed," i love your balls slapping my ass baby!"

I went for a good thirty minutes before my load came. I whispered to her asking where she wanted my cum. She pushed back meeting my thrusts and screamed," fill auntie up!" So,i blasted in her as deep as possible until i pulled out. Another spurt covered her gaping cunt. and i pumped her a few mor times before i got up and brought her to her knees. I grabbed her hair and forced my slimey cock in her mouth and she sucked my cum off of my memeber. then i slapped her face with my cock. she moaned and licked my balls.

we both got into the shower afterwards. BUt thats another story...

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