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What follows is a transcript of an e-mail I wrote to a very special friend. A friend who opened my eyes to the world of erotic writing. The e-mail was a response to him after he instructed me to read passages from one of his many masterful works of erotica and wonder what was going through his mind as he wrote it. I became very lost in the story, as you will see. This man knew just how to seduce me through words. Though there is no sex in this story – it is nevertheless erotic in every sense of the word. And as I re-read it to decide weather to publish it as a "story", I found myself becoming aroused all over again. This is my first submission here and I do welcome constructive comments and thoughts.

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My lunch hour was certainly different than it has ever been. After reading your e-mail asking me to do certain things with explicate instructions on how to execute these tasks, my heart began to pound at the shear thought of performing them. When I wrote you informing you that I was going to do it, I was only speaking in half-truths. I wanted to – the idea sent a surge through my body. Only the fear of getting caught and wondering what all I would actually do made me hesitate.

As the office began to quickly empty of its personnel my mind began to buzz.

"Now! Do it now!" I said to myself trying to coax myself into actually standing and pulling off my panties as per your orders. 

At lunch, it is impossible to close my door as people check in and out with me. I anxiously counted the number of people that had passed my door to better gauge when the perfect time would be. I was standing behind my desk, with the drawer that contained my purse and other personal items open next to me. I chose my moment and was beginning to reach up under the stretchy black material that made up my skirt when I heard the heels of yet another co-worker coming down the hall. Quickly!

With my skirt hiked up my thighs nearly exposing my panties, I plopped back down in my chair and pulled myself under my desk just as Mary stuck her head in and said she was heading out for an extended lunch and asked if I needed anything while she was out. With a slight blush to my cheeks, barely hidden by my light make up, I chirped "Nope – thanks. Have a good lunch."

She smiled and went on her way. I drew a large breath and got up from my chair. Pulling my skirt back down to its proper level, I exited my office and took a stroll through the maze of cubicles. This was a normal routine for me as this is when I deliver mail, but today it had a different meaning. I was seeing who was left in the office. Of the group, only 3 were eating lunch or still working at their desks. With a smile, I returned to my office, stood behind my desk and before I chickened out reached up and quickly pulled my panties down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I sat back down in my chair and picked them up off the floor. Before I placed them in my desk drawer, I couldn't help but notice that they were damp. Was it left over from when I read your story or was this new perfume left on the fabric? Before I realized it, I had dismissed the thought and had thrown them on top of my purse and shut the drawer.

Taking a deep breath, I reached for the hard copy of the story. Almost like someone preparing to begin a test, I took another deep breath then thumbed through the pages to the place where you wanted me to read from.

I found my place on page 9 and began to read. '…From the first day he saw Jamie walk into the classroom he had fantasized about her. Everything about the young girl appealed to his most primal urges…' Even with that first sentence, I felt myself becoming aroused. The thin hair on my arms stood up like I was cold, and yet, I felt familiar warmth growing between my legs. My face was becoming warmer as well. I knew I was blushing – I could feel the heat. 

My heart began to beat harder as I read on. I kept reminding myself that you wanted me to wondering what you were feeling while you wrote it. It was easiest for me just to place you in the role of the Coach. I continued to read and as I went along I discovered that I was placing myself in the part of Jamie. The obvious lack of panties under my skirt didn't do anything to dispel this thought. As the tension built between the two characters, so too did the tension and the level of arousal I was feeling. 

When Tori entered the scene I noticed that I was placing myself in both of the girl's characters. I was getting very into the story. And even as thoughts of you reading my essay began to enter my brain, I couldn't help but to continue reading. At times I found myself reading the same paragraph two or three times before moving on. '…Ron, would you like to watch me kiss Jamie?' As Tori said that I felt myself squeeze my thighs together. Gently pinching my most sensitive spot with my muscles and feeling the results of my arousal begin to spill from within. This task you had assigned to me was working. Whatever you wanted to happen was in fact happening. I was encapsulated by the story, your wishes and my fantasy.

"What is he doing to me?" I asked. "Why am I doing this?" I quipped with only one answer. "Because!" That's all I could think of and with that thought, a smile streaked across my face. 

I continued to read a little farther. I got up to the point where Tori was hopping up on the desk and Ron was positioning himself between her legs. That's when a simple yet interesting thought came into my mind and I stopped. I leaned back into my chair, looked around my office as if searching for words to describe my thought. And it came to me. I may be reading way too much into this, but it seemed so right. You wanted me to place us into this story. It was your wish to have me envision us together like this.

Your subtle hints and jokes referring to my beauty in past e-mails suddenly paralleled the thoughts Coach has for Jamie. Youth full, innocent, beautiful girl? Me? Older yet attractive man? You? A taboo fantasy? Even thoughts about the mentioning of my bisexuality crossed my mind when Tori and Jamie kissed. There are so many possible comparisons in this story. 

As I was thinking all these thoughts and quite a few more all at once, I knew that the actual story was not about us. I wasn't even the inspiration for Jamie as you had written this a while ago. Yet, just feeling how well our characters fit together was amazing though coincidental. 

I didn't finish reading the rest of the story. If I did, I don't know if I could keep my hands to myself. The dampness between my thighs had grown and I was quite aroused. Everywhere I looked I noticed signs of my heightened state. My nipples were erect and had grown quite sensitive, I saw a pink glow across my arms and thighs as my body was reacting to my thoughts and your words, and I found myself rubbing my legs together producing quite a pleasant effect.

Nervous that lunch was nearly over and not wanting to be found in this condition, I got up and left the office. Heading towards the main entrance, I thought a brisk walk would calm me down. As I exited the building the sun showered me with its warm rays. It's fingers tickling my skin. The air was still cool. The temperature was hanging around 56 degrees. What a beautiful day it was becoming. Then I was amazed when it dawned on me that I had left my panties in my desk drawer. 

I, like Jamie, felt naked. But ohhh what a feeling. I walked down the walking path and every now and then stopped to let the cool breeze find it's way up my skirt. While the sun's rays tickled my face and exposed skin, the air tickled me somewhere quite different. Mmmmmmmmmm What a feeling. 

I have now spent a good part of two hours writing this for you. And as time is getting close for me to leave, I notice I'm not really trying to be too descriptive any more. But at this point – what's there to say? You had me aroused at work the most I have ever been. What an experience. I am still wound up and frisky. I can still feel the tension. But that's all right by me. 

What's next? Oh what do you have in store for me next?

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