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 It was about three six years ag o, i was staying the night at my girls place, and we had been out the night before partying hard. My girl had to get to work early, so when I finally got up she was gone, but her roomate missy was still there. She was still asleep on the couch where she passed out. She was a gorgeous brunette with a wonderful pair of. I watched her laying there.

Her tits moving up and down as she breathed, her legs slightly spread and her dress just barely covering her panties. My cock grew as i thought of the things i would love to do to her. She then rolled to her side. this exposed her tight little ass. she was wearing a black thong. It was all i could do not to reach over and startrubbing my hands all over her. She began to stir so i quickly turned on the tv and pretended to be watching.

After she awoke we had a few laughs about the night before, then i told her i better get goin, and headed for the door. I left and stopped at a quick shop to get a drink when i realised i left my wallet. So i headed back to get it and let myself in. But when i got it I could here the showere running, and she had left the door wide open.

I stood there for a minute and watched her, as she turned around wetting her whole body, and it was even hotter then what i had pictured. Her tits were amazing big and full. i thought they just loked like that because of her bras'. As my eyes walked down her body, past her flat stomach to her bald pussy.

She spun and showed me her ass, It was so tight you could have bounced a quarter off it. She then grabbed for the shampoo working it deep into her hair, I heard her moan as she massaged her scalp. After a rinse she picked up the shaver, and passed it under each armpit then down to her pussy.

She took some time shaving her pussy making sure it was good and clean. I found myself stroking hard on the outside of my pants, rubbing my hard cock and balls. She now had the luffa all soaped up and ws cleaning herself from head to toe. Up and down each arm and across her chest, her soapy tits flopping as she rubbed them. down her stomach went the soap covering her legs, she washed them next, stepping up her foot up on the shower stool, the soap and the water dripped down her ass, next she slipped her fingers between her ass cheeks and washed it clean.

Standing straight up she spread her ass cheeks letting the hot water run down her back washing the soap down. She was all clean now or so i thought because now she got really dirty. I watched as she turned to the shower head and beagan squeezing her nipples and pushing them into the hard spray of the shower. Her moans grew loud, then one hand moved its way to her bald wet pussy.

She began rubbing her clit and soon her fingers were deep inside her, and what happened next almost made me cumm in my pants. She moaned and moaned as she fingered herself, and soon i could hear her say a name. Was it i thought? Na! then there it was again. Jamie!! Fuck me! oh yes lick my pussy you know you want to I ve seen you looking at me! Taste me, then i want a taste of yours.

My mind and heart exploded when i heard this, and i know what your thinking, but your wrong my name isn't jamie, but my girlfriends name is!!! thanks I hope you liked...

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