Ronda's Delightful Daughter

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Please note : This is work of erotic fantasy only!

Ronda Tucker knew her daughter Cheryl was beautiful. Nobody had to tell her that; she had eyes. In fact, she had been watching her little girl grow up with increased interest. Cheryl was filling out nicely. She had recently turned fourteen, and Ronda was acutely aware of her daughter’s effects on others, especially her own mother.

Ronda was at their pool thinking about her daughter, daydreaming about the many things that had happened while Cheryl had been growing up--and out. Because her husband Stan worked long hours and frequently had to travel, much of Ronda’s life had become centered around her little girl.

She remembered Cheryl when she had only been about four or five, riding her little toy horse on springs, Shadow. The horse had belonged to Ronda when she was a child, and later Ronda handed it down to her own daughter. Cheryl had fallen in love with it immediately, riding it for great stretches of time. Of course, Ronda knew what was happening. She herself had enjoyed the immature sexual feelings the rocking had produced, and she knew her own daughter was discovering her own feelings. This had become obvious when little Cheryl, not threatened by her feelings or her mother’s possible reaction to them, had come to Ronda and asked about the feelings.

“Mommy, why does Shadow make my po-po feel tingly?” Po-po had been their pet name for pussy, Ronda remembered. Of course, she wouldn’t have taught her child that more sexual term, and vagina had just seemed so formal. She enjoyed the cute name, as did Cheryl.
“Because you are discovering how certain touches and pressures make your po-po feel. It’s okay, honey. It won’t hurt you. In fact, you will one day find you really like that feeling a lot.”

Cheryl had smiled. “I like it already,” she’d said and dashed off to ride Shadow for another half hour or so.
Years later when Cheryl had been around eleven, she had walked in on her in the tub. She found her little girl with her little pussy under the stream of the tub faucet. She had straightened up quickly, but Ronda had assured her that what she was doing was okay.
“It’s okay, sweetie. Mommy’s sorry. I should have knocked first. You go ahead and I will leave. What you were doing is just fine. Mommy does it too, and it would be hypocritical for me to tell you not to.”

Her baby had just looked at her, wide-eyed, and smiled. A look of happiness had crossed her face. Ronda would not describe it any other way. And later her nubile little nymphet had reinforced her feelings about that certainty.

That night, after her bath, she had come to Ronda and sat beside her on the sofa. Ronda, who had more or less forgotten the incident in the bathroom earlier, had looked at her quizzically, since Cheryl had had a most unusual look on her little face.

“What is it, baby?”
Then her little girl had leaned into her quickly and hugged her tightly. “Thank you.”
“For what, honey?” Even now she remembered the intoxicating scent of her wet hair, clean and fresh.
“For being a good mom.”
Ronda eased her daughter back with gentle hands on her shoulders. “Okay. What did I do right now?” She laughed, as did Cheryl. It was telling of their relationship how often they asked that question instead of the usually more common one, “What did I do wrong now?” They had indeed been close since the child’s birth.
“Well--about the tub. What I was doing. AnnMarie’s mom would have had a fit or something if she’d caught AnnMarie doing that. You seemed like it was the most natural thing in the world.”

“It is, baby. It’s natural for me, and it’s natural for you. It’s probably natural for AnnMarie, but her mommy thinks otherwise. That’s all.”
“I just feel really lucky to have a mommy like you. And THAT’S all.”
“Can Mommy ask you a personal question?”
Cheryl had started to get up from her spot next to her mother, but now hesitated. Her daughter looked into her eyes and Ronda could see that her baby girl knew that it would be a REALLY personal question, considering what the topic of discussion had been. She could almost see the decision to be honest and forthright with her mother enter her mind. It was almost certainly a by-product of their honesty with each other on everything in their lives to that point.
Cheryl nodded wordlessly.
“Do you know what an orgasm is?” Ronda saw from her reaction that she had considered the question would be the one asked. She seemed to expect it.
Cheryl looked into Ronda’s eyes and spoke. “Yes.”
“Have you ever had one?”
Again, that forthright stare. “Yes, Mommy.”
Ronda asked the last question of that conversation. “Did you have one earlier in the tub?”
This time, Cheryl just nodded before asking, “That’s okay, isn’t it?”

It was Ronda’s turn to hug her daughter. “Yes, baby. That’s more than okay. It’s fantastic. Enjoy them. Enjoy them all.”
That night Ronda had sat and remembered her own upbringing. Her mother had been much more like AnnMarie’s mother. As a result Ronda had felt enormously guilty about her sexual feelings growing up. If her daughter was the result of honesty and parental permission for a child to explore and enjoy her budding sexuality, then she was doing this mother thing the right way. Cheryl was the most well-adjusted child she knew, filled with a strong sense of self and pride that did not alienate people at all. Quite the contrary, her self-esteem drew people to her the way the a vacuum draws dust.

Now her daughter was fourteen. A beautiful child-woman. At fourteen, that usually awkward age between early puberty and adulthood, she was self-assured and filled with love for just about everyone she knew. She rarely had fights with other girls the way so many girls that age did. Nearly everybody liked her.
And now, sitting by the pool, Ronda had to finally admit that she liked her too. Of course, she loved her. Cheryl was her daughter, after all. But Ronda liked her daughter. And today, after last night’s events that were only now beginning to creep into her consciousness after being pushed away so many times since it had happened, she was admitting to herself finally that she desired her daughter Cheryl too. She desired to kiss her mouth wetly, fondle her body’s every inch, suckle the pert breasts that filled her little A-cups so well, and lick and suck her maturing little pussy. Furthermore, she wanted her daughter to do these things to her as well. She wanted desperately to feel her own daughter’s lips, tongue, and mouth on her body’s most sensitive areas.

Of course she knew the taboos that were in play here. Incest. The UGLIEST of words in the modern culture. But why was that? She certainly had not set the rules. Could she help it if she found she desired her own daughter? And now, God help them, she was aware of her daughter’s desire for her as well.
It was that word, incest, that had kept last night’s episode from being replayed in her mind. The taboo nature of it made her mind shrink from remembering what had happened last night during the storm.

Ronda looked up at the sunny day. It was hard to believe that last night it had been anything but wonderful weather. She forced her mind to go back to the events she didn’t want to face, for to see them meant she would act again on her and Cheryl’s desires for one another. And just as surely as the sun rose in the east and set in the west, she knew that would happen too, of course.

It had been stormy all day yesterday, and the night forecast called for more of the same. They had watched TV until the cable had gone out; then they’d played Monopoly until the power failed. There was nothing left to do but go to bed, so they had.
The thunder had grown increasingly worse, booming closer to their home with each passing minute. Cheryl had never been nervous in a storm before, but for some reason she was last night. Ronda decided it was probably just being fourteen.

They had retired to their rooms, and Ronda had changed for bed when a timid knock had sounded at her bedroom door.
“Come in,” Ronda said, wondering what Cheryl wanted.
When Cheryl opened the bedroom door, she looked sheepish in the candlelight that cast its romantic glow throughout the room.
“Mom? Can I sleep with you just for tonight?”

The suddenness of her nervous response to the storm surprised Ronda.
“What’s the matter, honey?” she asked with concern.
“It’s the storm, that’s all. For some reason I’m sort of scared. Just a little,” she’d added quickly, lest her mother think she was a baby for being afraid of a storm.
Ronda could sense her anxiety over being afraid and appeased it as best she could by admitting to fear herself. “I’m a little nervous too, honey. I’m glad you came in here. I might have ended up slipping into your bed tonight myself.”
Cheryl giggled at that, and the momentary tension was over as far as admitting to fear of the storm went.
“So I can stay with you tonight?”
“Sure, hon. We’ll make it a campout of sorts.”
Cheryl leaped at the bed and landed amid the covers. Ronda noticed she was wearing a baby blue pajama shirt and almost sheer bikini panties of the same color. The sight had a disquieting effect on Ronda. She suddenly realized it turned her on to see her daughter in such a simple yet sexy outfit for the night. She decided to ignore her sudden lustful feelings. It wasn’t as if she could masturbate tonight if she got horny.
“Well, what do you say we call it a night?” Ronda asked, climbing into bed beside her daughter.
“Okay, it’s a night!” Cheryl said, squealing with adolescent humor.

“Very funny, young lady. Now, under the covers.”
“Do I have to? It’s hot and I like to sleep on top of the covers. In fact, I usually don’t wear anything on a warm night like this.”
Ronda had known that. She had entered her daughter’s room on various errands after lights out numerous times to find her little cherub naked and asleep on top of the covers. The memory of it had a rather stimulating effect on her. As the storm raged outside, she could feel one brewing inside her as well.
Then she said something she couldn’t believe she had said. “Well, I wouldn’t want to stand in the way of tradition. If you sleep in the nude, then by all means, do so now. I want you to be comfortable, sweetie.”

In any other circumstance, she would have thought nothing of this remark. But suddenly she felt embarrassed by it. For some reason, the sexual nature of it struck her with an intense inner vibration. She noticed, uncomfortably, where that vibration was centered--in her pussy. Her body was responding to her daughter in very unexpected ways. She felt her pussy grow moist.

Her daughter’s reaction was more expected, but no less intoxicating to Ronda. She began to unbutton her pajama top, smiling at her mother before looking down to watch her own progress. She was stripping, getting naked to sleep in the same bed as her mother. She behaved as if it were the world’s most normal thing.
Perhaps it was, thought Ronda. But her own feelings of lust were making her feel guilty. She had never felt guilt as far as her daughter was concerned, and the sensation was odd now, to say the least.

Ronda found herself staring at her daughter’s breasts as they were revealed. She’d seen them plenty of times before, as recently as last week, but their effect on her now was somewhat different. She realized she was viewing her daughter as a sexual partner. Her own partner.
Cheryl noticed her mother’s stares. “What?” she asked, blushing slightly. She found embarrassment to be an unusual sensation as well, but her mother’s stares were much different than her usual casual glances.

Ronda snapped out of her reverie. She realized with sudden horror, that she was imagining her mouth sucking Cheryl’s nipples, first one, then the other, until they were standing at attention to meet her mouth’s fondling of them.
“Huh? Oh. Um… I was just… nothing.” Her mind reeled with the image. What was more, her pussy was positively on fire. Her breathing was ragged. Sweat popped out on her forehead.
“Are you okay, Mom? You look kinda hot.”

My God, thought Ronda. Is it that obvious? Then she realized Cheryl was talking about the perspiration that had shown on her skin.
To cover the reason for her sudden perspiring, she just said, “Oh, well, yes, I am.”
“Why don’t you sleep on top of the covers in the nude too, then?” suggested Cheryl. “An all nude slumber party, just you and me. That would be neat!”
Ronda realized that she was stuck now. She would have to comply or give away how much desire she was feeling for her daughter right now. She began to remove the gown she’d put on. She wore nothing underneath.

When next she looked at Cheryl, Ronda saw something flicker in her eyes that she hadn’t seen before. It was a momentary flash of thought or mood. Then she realized she had seen that look before. She had seen it while Cheryl, at the tender age of four, had ridden Shadow, stimulating her little vulva and clit that had not even developed much beyond a small B-B. And she had seen it when she had entered the bathroom that time to see her daughter with legs splayed up the wall of the tub enclosure and the water from the tub’s spigot splashing onto her puffy, hairless mound. What she had seen flicker in her daughter Cheryl’s eyes was exactly what she had already been feeling. It was lust. A desire for sex. Ronda realized with sudden clarity that her fourteen-year-old daughter was horny. And she could also see that it surprised her too.

For a moment, neither spoke nor moved. They were transfixed with the knowledge about each other. Cheryl suddenly realized that it hadn’t been the heat that had caused her mother to perspire. She recognized the reason which until that moment had escaped her. Perhaps she’d recognized it because she had suddenly felt it herself, but she knew it for what it was. And suddenly their hearts were pounding in their chests, which in turn created more heat in their pussies. They each knew. And what was more, they understood that the other knew as well. And this caused their paralysis.

Finally, Ronda spoke, but it was a feeble attempt to break the ice. “Well… um… uh….well.” She heaved a sigh.
“Mom? What’s going on?”
Cheryl was the one to bring it up, of course. She was the more innocent of the two and needed answers. Ronda realized they at least needed to talk about it.
“Honey, do you want to talk?”

Cheryl nodded. It brought back the memory of their conversation after the tub incident and Ronda relaxed. Whatever happened, they would be okay.
Ronda climbed onto the bed beside Cheryl, and they lay back together, propping themselves up with pillows. They looked into each other’s eyes.
Ronda spoke first this time. “Honey, I don’t know what is going on, exactly. How do you feel right now?”
“Right now? Right now I feel like masturbating. And I am not sure why. But suddenly seeing you naked did that to me. I don’t know. What about you?”
Ronda continued to gaze into her daughter’s lovely green eyes. She could feel herself falling into them. “Right now I am so hot I could touch myself and cum within seconds.”

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