Romanic Encounter

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My name is Jay and I am married to the greatest partner any man could ask for. My wife of 8 years has been a joy to be with anywhere including the bedroom. Granted is Jan is not the 18 year old I first met but after 2 kids and 8 years she still looks good and I have no desire to roam. That is until my wife got me turn onto our next door neighbor. We moved in next to Roger and Joan about 3 months ago. He is a pastor at a local fundamentalist church and she is the office assistant at the church.

They are in their mid-forties and four boys and an 18 year old daughter, Chris. We are on friendly bases but because we have different religious outlooks we’re not your typical everyday “how are you” types. Now even thou Jan is an awesome woman I do tend to let my eyes wonder if the scenery is good. Jan laughs about it because she knows she’s the only woman I want. But Chris never caught my eye as it were, she doesn’t wear makeup and dresses to cover not ascent her figure. She is rather tall with an athletic build.

One Friday spring evening we had a hot spell. Warm enough to open the window but not enough to turn on the air conditioner. I woke up early in the morning having to go to the bathroom. Upon returning I notice my naked wife wasn’t covered by the sheets and was looking at me. One thing lead to another and we screwing away like a there was no tomorrow. Beside we didn’t have to work the next day so we really went at it. We hadn’t had sex in a couple days and we were both horny. Now my wife has incredible orgasms. Not only can she have multiple orgasms but she a moaner and shaker.

The next morning I had a quick cup of coffee and took off for the nursery to get spring planting supplies. When I got home Jan was in the kitchen making breakfast for us and our two kids. Now Jan had this look on her face that tells me she just had something interesting to share. She knew I had pick up on it and tells me, “I tell you later when the kids go out. You are not going to believe this”. After breakfast I helped clean up and watched the kids go out in the yard to play. I looked at Jan wanting to find out what was going on.
Me: So what’s the big mystery?

Jan: Our window was open last night while we were rolling in the hay. Apparently, Chris couldn’t sleep and step out on to their patio for moment. She heard my moaning going on and on. She wondered if I was OK. So this morning when I was in the kitchen she came over and asked if everything was ok because of the sounds she heard.
Me: We need to remember to close the window next time.
Jan: It gets better. I told her we were in the midst of a romantic encounter and I was sorry she heard us. And we would make sure the window was closed next time.
Me: Romantic encounter. That’s a safe way to putting it.

Jan: But she had no clue what I was referring to. The look on her face was like “what is that”. I asked her if she knew what an orgasm was and she didn’t know what that was.
Me: Come on, she’s 18.
Jan: So anyways, I asked if she had some free time later today and said she was free after lunch. Her parents are going to the church to help work on Sunday’s service and the boys are off to baseball practice. So I am going over to have a little chat with her.
Me: Oh, if I could be a fly on the wall.

The rest of the morning was spent doing yard work. Actually, it looked like the whole neighborhood was doing the same, including Roger and Chris. I gave them a polite wave and hello and went about working. After lunch I take our 2 boys out for bike riding lessons. In the meantime Jan went over to talk to Chris.

Later that night after supper and the kids were off to bed Jan and I sat on the couch. Instead of turning on the TV Jan filled me in on their “Little Chat”.

Jan: Well it took a while before Chris opened up to me and shared things about sex. She kind of looked at me as a big sister figure. She couldn’t understand what an orgasm was. She doesn’t know what masturbation is, has never touch herself as that would have been sinful and is a virgin. To top it off all she was told was on her wedding night she was to lift her night dress up to her waist and allow her husband to place his seed into her.
Me: You’re making this up right?
Jan: Jay they are fundamentalist, like in sex is for procreation. I was so dumfounded I didn’t know what to say. I don’t think her parents have even seen each other naked. Sex for them is lift night gown up to waist, pulled down PJ’s to mid-thigh, insert penis into vagina, pump until ejaculation and get dressed. Two minutes tops.
Me: You’re making this up.

Jan: This is for real. At least that’s her story.
Me: I think we are the ones who are blessed. Remind me to thank our parents for not being too religious.

A couple weeks went by and nothing more was said. Then on Friday night Jan and I were about to have a romantic encounter when without her know I opened a window just enough for sound to travel. Just the thought of Chris being able to hear made the encounter much more enjoyable. Somehow I did push the limit to our play and made it go longer than usual. I do have a naughty streak.
The next morning I caught Chris at the door talking to Jan. I couldn’t wait for that conversation to end and find out what it was about.

Jan: Someone forgot to close the window last night.
Me: Who me? Little ole me?
Jan: Well you started it now. Chris wanted to know if we had a romantic encounter again. How long they last, why I moan and if you were abusing me.
Me: Yes, not long enough, because we’re good at it and no.
Jan: You are a sinner on a paved road to hell you lustful man.
Me: Meet you there.
Jan: Well her curiosity is at an all-time high. So I invited her over this afternoon.
Me: Oh, if I could be a fly on the wall.

Once again during the day it was “I can’t wait” to hear what happened with our now curious neighbor.
Later that night. Jan gave me a rundown of their little chat.

Jan: Chris I want you to feel comfortable with me. I want you to observe, learn and think about what happens. You can leave any time you want and I will be honest and truthful with you. Are you ok with that?
Chris: This is scary for me but I’m ok.
Jan: Do you think sex can be enjoyable?
Chris: I didn’t think it could be. I mean married people do it to make babies.
Jan: Can you think of a reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it also?
Chris: I never thought of it like that.
Jan: Chris sex can be a wonderful experience. My husband and I have gotten so close and loving because of it. Without a desire and drive for it we wouldn’t have children. Sex does have a purpose. And yes I enjoy it and you can too.

Jan told Chris she was going to expose her vagina for Chris to look at. Chris was embarrassed at first but looked and commented that Jan was shaved. Jan showed her were her clitoris was located and told her that with correct stimulation it would bring her a tremendous amount of released pleasure. Jan showed her how she stimulated herself. She then gave Chris a towel and told her to lie down on the bed and cover her hips up, raise her dress and stimulate herself. Chris hesitated at first but did as she was instructed. After a minute or so she stopped and wondered if she was doing if properly. She asked Jan to observe and tell her to if she was doing it right. Jan agreed and Chris removed the towel exposing a very hairy bush. Jan found some lotion in the bathroom and put some on Chris’ finger telling her to rub a little faster and with more pressure. Chris started in again and before long she was rubbing herself faster and fast. Her hips began to push against her fingers, her legs pushed up and her face looked like she was bearing down. In several minutes she brought her knees up and turned her body and began to cry out. Jan stroked Chris’ arm and told her she did it. Chris finally opened her eyes and said it was the most wonderful thing to have happened to her.

Jan told Chris to watch her masturbate. This time Jan got totally naked and began with massaging her breast and move slowly to her vagina. In a short while she orgasmed also. Chris asked if massage breast added to the experience. Jan told Chris to try it. Chris undressed and began to massage her breast. Within minutes her eyes were closed and one hand moved to her hairy nest. As her pace quicken Jan moved toward Chris and sucked on her breast. Chris gave a loud sigh as once again she went over the top. They lay in each other’s arms then got dressed. Chris told Jan she was amazed and not sure what to make of it.

Me: So what is the next step?
Jan: Chris is going to learn about oral sex with your help.
Me: And just how are you going to pull this off?
Jan: You are going to be blindfolded. Then I am going to have her watch as I sit on your face. My guess is before long she will want to try it.
Me: So you are ok with me eating Chris out?
Jan: It will only get better because you my hot lover will get a hand job from me.
Me: Yeah and before you know it Chris will give me one too.

Jan: You’re catching on.
Me: You’re kidding you really think Chris will jack me off?
Jan: Only if you are blindfolded.

The following Saturday finally came after what seemed like forever. I couldn’t believe what Jan had predicted would come true but I only hoped. Right off lunch Jan told me to run up stair and take shower, then lay down on the bed with just my briefs on as though I was going to take a nap.

I hadn’t stepped out of the shower when I heard a knock at the back door.

Jan: Hi Chris, how was your week?
Chris: Jan I couldn’t wait to have some alone time at home and I rubbed myself a couple times.
Jan: We need to get you onto step two. Now Jay is upstairs getting ready for a nap. I am going up there to have him get me off in a very special way. He won’t be naked so don’t be afraid of seeing him but I will blindfold him so that he doesn’t know you are watching. Are you ok with that?
Chris: I guess so. What is he going to do?

Jan: You will see, you have to trust me.
I could hear them coming up the stairs but only Jan entered the room.
Jan: Hey honey, before you doze off I need you to do me a special favor.
Me: Sure anything you want dear.
Jan: I want to blindfold you and sit on your face.
Me: You know I up for that any time, but why the blindfold?
Jan: Just something I wanted to try.

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