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Let me tell you a little about my wife and my self before I get into this story. My wife Renee and I have been married for eleven years now. Renee is 42 and I am 55 and we are compatible in every aspect of life except in the bedroom. She is 5’10” tall with long legs and long blonde hair. Her breasts are perfectly natural and as firm as a twenty year old with D cups. She is a very beautiful and sexy woman. This story began about 3 years ago. I have always known that Renee had a relationship with a woman for about a year just before we met.

Like I said we were not compatible in the bedroom. I always felt there was something wrong or missing. So it was not a real surprise to me when she dropped a loaded question on me one day 3 years ago.

“Dick,” she asked, “as you know I have got to know a woman on line very well. We have been talking for the past year; she is married but is not happy and wants out of her marriage. We have become very close and I want to have a relationship with her. She wants to leave her husband and move in with us.

This is the deal, I love you very much but you know I have always told you that it’s different with a woman and I miss that. I do not want to loose you. I want you both. She does not want to have sex with you though, only me. This is what I have in mind; I will not ever have sex with her without you there so you can watch. That way you will feel a part of it and not left out. You can do things with me and you and I can make love after. I really feel this will spice up our sex life as well.”

“Wow,” I replied. “This is kind of sudden is it not?”

“Lori and I have been talking about it for awhile; I just was not sure how to tell you. If you agree she will move in tomorrow.”

“And if I don’t agree?”

“It may ruin our marriage.”

“As long as you keep your promise to me and never leave me out or make me feel alienated, I will be OK with it.”

She smiled and gave me a kiss and said, “I promise my love and you are the best husband and you are making me very happy.” With that she was on the phone telling Lori to move on in tomorrow morning.

We all slept in the same bed. At first we were all nervous about the situation. After several days Lori and I sat down and had a long talk about everything. She was nice and we seemed to have a lot in common. After all we both loved the same woman.

That night, while we were watching TV, Renee got up and said she was taking a shower and going to bed. Lori and I stayed on the couch and talked for awhile.

About an hour went by and we heard Renee ask, “Are you guys coming to bed or do I take coffee of myself?”

I stood and looked at Lori and held my hand out to help her up as I commented, “Sounds like an invitation to me.”

When I entered the bedroom Renee was standing next to the bed in a very hot sexy see through negligee. It was red lace and showed off her large breast and hard nipples. You could see enough of her pussy to tell she was clean shaven. I heard Lori moan as she saw the sexy figure standing next to the bed.

“Wow, what a sight. You look so hot Sweetie I am all ready throbbing.”

Lori replied, “Now that makes me wet.”

Renee softly spoke, “Lori you need to get undressed and join me on the bed. Dick you can sit right there and watch.” As she pointed to a chair at the foot of the bed. “Enjoy my love!” She responded to me.

I did not see Lori get undressed but that was probably due to the fact I could not take my eyes off my very hot wife. Lori was now naked and on the bed but I was focused on the tall hot blonde that I had never seen like this before.

Renee slowly crawled up and over Lori and began to kiss her very passionately on the mouth.

Although I had never seen any kind of passion from her before, I did not feel any jealousy, just excitement from watching her be so hot. I was already as hard as a rock and could feel the dampness of pre cum in my shorts.

Renee started kissing Lori’s neck and slowly moving down till she reached her breasts.

This was the first I had noticed Lori’s bare chest. She had smaller tits than Renee, about a C cup. Not as firm but still looked good, nice and round with perfect nipples. She was a little over weight but her body was tight not flabby.

Renee started kissing and licking all around Lori’s nipples and then she would suck one into her mouth hard and lightly bite it. This would cause Lori to moan slightly and softly. After several minutes of teasing her breasts she began to slowly run her tongue in circles, large then small, down across Lori’s smooth stomach and down to her bare mound.

As Renee’s tongue came close to Lori’s bare pussy, she moaned and spread her legs to give my wife better access. Renee started to lick along the lips of the now very wet cunt in her face. Her tongue ran up and down both lips from the hood of her clit to just above the anal opening. Each time she reached the clit she would pause to run circles around it with her tongue.

I could see the effect this had on Lori as each time her legs would tighten and shake slightly.

Every fourth or fifth trip up and down with her tongue, Renee would slip her tongue deep inside Lori’s dripping hole and lick out the sweet juices.

Was this my wife? I could not believe what I was seeing. My wife had her face buried in another woman’s crotch right in front of me, on our bed. You would think I would be jealous or hurt or something but instead I was full of excitement. For the first time in 8 years of marriage she was having fun, passion and excitement in the bedroom. I can’t really explain my feelings but I was glad for her and happy to be a part of it.

Lori reached down and lightly pulled Renee by the hair to bring her mouth to hers for a passionate kiss as she licked her own juices from Renee’s mouth and lips. As she did this she slid Renee’s top over her head to expose her large firm D cup breasts and pulled them both to her mouth and started sucking and licking both her nipples at the same time.

This caused Renee to moan and grind her pussy on Lori’s bare mound.

Lori rolled Renee over onto her back and very aggressively removed her bottoms to expose the rest of her nakedness. Lori knelt between Renee’s legs and started kissing between her thighs up to her freshly shaven mound. Lori took both hands, one on each side of Renee’s pussy and spread her lips apart to expose the wettest pink flesh I have ever seen. She then buried her face between the parted lips and began to lick and suck vigorously up and down her waiting crevice.

Renee looked over at me and smiled. She had such a different look on her face that I had never seen on her before. The best way to describe it would be a look of pure pleasure with loving happiness. Her eyes looked deep into mine as if to say thank you and I love you. She motioned for me to come over to her.

As soon as I got to the edge of the bed she reached out and pulled my shorts down to expose my cock that was now harder than ever before. She pulled it to her mouth and suck it all in. The sight of her being eaten by another woman as she sucked my cock, combined with the vibration of her moans, was almost too much. I had to pull out or explode already into her mouth.

Just then Renee began to tighten every muscle in her body as she had a very explosive orgasm. “Uuuuummmmmm gggggaaaaarrrrrrrggggg!” She moaned.

She always makes that gag sound when she cums. She pulled Lori up to her mouth and began kissing her and licking the juices off her face. After tasting her own cum off of Lori, Renee told me to get her favorite toy out of her dresser.

I quickly retrieved her pearl rabbit vibrator and handed it to her.

Renee wasted no time turning it all the way up and going to work on Lori’s wet swollen pussy.

I sat back down in the chair because my knees feel weak as I watch my wife work the vibrator as deep as it will go and position the rabbit ears on both sides of Lori’s clitoris. This causing Lori to squeal with pleasure. Lori’s clit was hard and protruding up between the two vibrating ears. Renee leaned her head down and began to lick and suck it. Almost instantly this sent Lori into a quivering orgasm as I saw her body shake and tighten as she moaned from deep in her throat.

“Aaaaahhhhhgggggg oooooooooohhhhh baaaabbyyy suuuccckkkk it haaaarrrrddd. Fffffuuuuccccckkkkkk iiimmmmmmm cccuuuuuuummmmmmiiinnnggg” Lori groaned!

The sight and the sounds were so hot that my cock was throbbing with every beat of my heart. I could feel the pre cum oozing out and sliding down my rock hard shaft.

Lori lay perfectly still on the bed as Renee slowly pulled the vibrator out of the dripping wet cunt and began to give the vibrator a very sexxxy blow job.

The sight of that was so hot it seemed to give Lori her second wind. She sat up and rolled Renee over onto her back, she leaned up, as Renee was still sucking and licking the toy, and began licking it to meet Renee’s tongue. This hot scene lasted a few minutes until Lori took over on the vibrator and went to play on Renee’s sweet and wet pussy.

She tried to slide it deep into Renee’s wanting hole, as Renee rose her hips to help it. As wet as Renee’s pussy was it was too tight and stopped the vibrator dead. Lori pulled it back enough to get it buzzing again and went to work on her clit with her tongue and mouth. Sucking and licking hard and fast on her rock hard little shaft.

“Bring me your hard cock baby.” Renee softly gestured.

Everything was getting to me, the sights and sounds of my wife and her female lover were so hot and erotic. I have never felt such a feeling of erotic excitement in my life. As I stepped close to the bed, Renee reached up and pulled my cock into her mouth and in an instant I could not control my load as it erupted deep into her throat. For the first time she swallowed my cum and never spilled a drop.

My cumming in her mouth must have been a turn on to Renee as she began one of the biggest orgasms I have ever seen her have. Lori’s face was wet, the vibrator was dripping, and the bed was soaked. Then she lay there with the most satisfied look on her face as Lori crawled up into her right shoulder and I lay down on her left. She fell fast asleep with that same look and a great big smile on her face.

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