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Barry sat watching her as she sat opposite him, his jaw dropped, the words washing over him like a stream over a rock; his ears hissed his blood ran cold, he knew it was his entire fault. He alone had started the job, He couldn’t understand the details she was telling him, and he was numb. What his choices were, she was explaining, well he just couldn't really take in. He knew she would patiently explain it again, she would have too! He felt faint.

Perhaps first I should explain;

It had started back in June 2 years ago, by then he had wanted over the last five years for her to “enjoy“another man, it was he knew a quite a common fantasy, and both his fantasy, and as it turned out hers, but like a lot of others they had talked it out and after a while she had agreed to try it.

First there was a little swinging, for the other couple, long friends of theirs, it was just sex and they had had different rooms, fun but not quite the voyeur joy that he desired, not enough for them both.
It had all been fun, a fantasy turned real, and a the beginning!

Her name was Kay, she was his life's love, had been through school, through university and had grown to be a dark haired beauty, they had married in the spring 7 years since, young lovers by then, life was good, both medical research students, and later managers of their own labs, both shared interests, they lived well, and they both enjoyed life. She had always “worn the trousers” as they say, more dominant than him, though they had rubbed along well, him enjoying the lesser role.

Into every life there's a little rain they say must fall, in theirs it was being childless, he was firing blanks. They knew the score now, the doctors had told them, his respectable 7” still had full function, but the count was so low as to be not on the scale.

They had put a brave face on it and the years had passed. They had considered all the options but none had really appealed to both of them, adoption was an option and was being considered at the time he had mentioned his fantasy, just before the results of tests were confirmed.
They had had a sex life that was full, fun, and fulfilling, trying all sorts till then. They even tried swinging as I said, with a couple they knew, same age or thereabouts, who also felt the same about sex, or so they thought. The couple felt unhappy watching one another break the marriage vows so it was a separate rooms job, which for him defeated the object! It was fun but not quite right for them so she came up with the idea that they would be better to have a threesome.

Thus together they found themselves in their own clinical way discussing who and when and how like the scientists they had trained to be! It was planned like a military operation! She had had him produce a list of his proposed candidates, the ‘for’ and the ‘against’ each candidate as he saw it, both finally coming to the agreement that as she was the one to be screwed [his words not hers] she would have the final choice from his list.

Now for him the list was easy, he knew a lot of folk from the uni who were still ‘playing the field’ some real womanizer's, some just enthusiastic souls, all well hung, and that had been one of her stipulations, they must be well hung, clean and unmarried. Most on the list had tried it on at some point with Kay so he felt safe that as she had rejected them then he could see no reason she wouldn’t now just using them in a sexual fashion and discarding them after.

Well her chosen one turned out to be a surgeon named Ken, a friend from uni, masterful, tall, good looking and 2 years older than both of them at 35 with successful practice and private surgery in the city he specialized in facials, sex changes, nip and tuck that sort of thing. He was single, and Barry had shared the early bath of rugby at uni so he knew that he was well hung.

The evening was to be a Saturday in November, she cooked a stunning meal, and He supplied the wine, still unsuspecting of the reason for his visit. After the meal they, that's; Ken and Kay relaxed on the sofa, Barry in his armchair. One thing had led to another as they say and the three had enjoyed a fantastic night of sex, not least as Kens tool was two whole inches longer and an inch more in diameter, coupled with the fact he was both dominant and a little Bisexual it had been a brilliant night for all. She has been ‘royally screwed,’ Barry had received then later a dip on a sticky wicket, finally he had held her hand as she was taken once again, then a BJ by Ken, none of which he minded at all, in fact he had found it secretly to his liking!

After a shower and an early breakfast Ken had left, and the couple returned first to their bed, Barry helping her clean up after the ball was over, then to reality and some much needed sleep returning to the lives they were used too next day as if nothing had happened.
Though it must be said that was a sham, an outer shell perhaps to convince one another things were all just as they ever were.

Two weeks passed, and Barry began to notice that she was, well he couldn’t put his finger on it but just not quite so Kay. Sex was still good but she didn’t quite enjoy it as she did, the spark was just a little duller.

After a month, he asked her what was wrong , and she explained gently that he was no longer getting the results now, until Ken she had never had another cock to use as a yardstick, she had been faithful, monogamous even and his wife, but now having had the larger more experienced cock he just no longer cut the mustard.

Sadly he did his best but after another few weeks they again sat at dinner and she gently suggested perhaps she should have the occasional lover to spice up the sex and to fulfill his fantasy once more.

Knowing in his heart of hearts it was better to have part of a wife than let this put a wedge between them, he knew he was perhaps not so good at the sexual act as perhaps he would have wanted to be and in truth he had enjoyed watching her with another cock as much if not more than having her himself, the twinges of envy added to the situation.

Very reluctantly he agreed, though she had to promise that there would be no sex at all behind his back, she would only do it either in front of him, or at a push she was to give him chapter and verse on her return there was to be no meetings without prior arrangement so he knew everything .

She happily agreed to all that but added the rules that she would choose the men herself and that he would only join in if asked by the lover, otherwise he would sit watching, if necessarily bound to the chair if the lover wished it so.
Well that went on for a while, she had a number of one time lovers, each lover bringing his own slant on life to their bed, he looked it up he found the term was that he was a cuckold.

Though each of the half dozen lovers she had taken had been OK at the time, one had suffered from droop, four had had him bound, perhaps because they thought he might turn aggressive, three had smaller or the same size cocks as Barry and not one had satisfied her like that first time with Ken.

After each tryst they had sat, as they would in their labs and discussed the results.

He suggested it may be just simply size, so she decided to try a black lover, they by reputation having large cocks. He was not over keen being a touch racist deep down but it was her choice and he respected that.
A few days past and she came home excited saying a research student of hers was about to return to Kenya, she had been hit on by him and as he was soon to leave he would be ideal, especially as one of the other students had arrived one morning after an night out with Sammy, the student, in obvious discomfort and she had overheard the word “huge” used as the girls had been discussing the chap!

The chap, named Sammy by the way, was invited to a meal, their usual ploy; he clicked the scenario as soon as they sat at the table, and took a dominant role from the very start sending Barry to serve the wine. Meal over he soon had them in a bedroom and insisted Barry sat securely tied in a chair to watch, he insisted on that as he said Barry might interfere in what he termed “a real warrior taking over his wife.”

He had Kay strip herself as if it was beneath his dignity to get her ready! He then stripped himself revealing a monster tool 10 or 11 inches and as thick as a babies arm, he waved it at Barry then without any attempt at foreplay, without any lubricant save her own juice`s, he threw her on the bed and leapt at her, filled her and thrust into her savagely.

Her eyes bulged, and she screamed, trying to fend him off, but he continued his assault, brutal savage, and without mercy, no quarter given her body filled as never before. She soon gave up realizing he would not be stopped.
That assault continued for an hour or more, he filling her on three occasions, only pausing for a moment to recover, his body slumping on her and the tool never disengaging, she was overcome by the brutality of the assault and lay pinned her to their bed, her body violated, and though she had climaxed like never before, it had been physical, an automatic reaction of her body, not the enjoyable and sexual climaxes that she knew, it had been just downright brutal.

Sated he had rolled off uncaring if she had finished or not. He dressed laughed and left the couple, Barry still secured, her totally a weeping incapable wreck, as he saw himself out they heard him whistling as he walked to his car.
Both stunned by the turn of events, as soon as she could stand she released her husband and shattered, they hugged together and cried. It had been a new type of experience, she was bleeding and sore, her legs not functioning well as he helped her to bathe, and it had been just too much for either of them.

They would not be trying that again they concluded as she sat on a pile of cushion's at the dining table, and his racially bias thoughts were now much stronger it must be said.
It took a week for the internal bruising to ease enough for her to return to work, Sammy by then had left so she was saved the embarrassment of face to face, but it had cured her of the desire for something really big.

The week at home brooding had her come to the conclusion she would take a regular lover she trusted, it didn’t cross her mind there could be any repercussions, so slowly she drip fed Barry the idea that perhaps Ken would be willing to satisfy her again on a more regular footing. Hadn’t he done the business well with no repercussions; and wasn’t he big but not too big, had he not given a good BJ so they could be both satisfied. All that sort of thing mostly slipped in at dinner each evening.

Barry of course didn’t want to experience another Sammy; he had enjoyed the tryst with Ken, and the BJ was a bonus, he was curious if he could do more of that without feeling gay, though he knew deep down he had a desire to take it anally, always had since a friend had rimmed him as an adolescent boy.

After consideration he suggested perhaps “they could try it once again and talk over long term plans after that!”
Thus it was that Ken, found he with another dinner invite the Saturday before Easter, he looked forward to it as he had enjoyed the last so much.

The die was cast, ultimately it led to the conversation she was trying to have with him now. How it could lead to this well see for your selves in part two but just remember-
Cuckolding is a very slippery slope to tread the path of,


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