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Julieann has been married to Brad for over two years now. No kids yet, unfortunately for Brad’s been destined to be in Hawaii for a year now.

A soldier for the army, the military’s dog, their relationship has had its rough patches.

She remember him and misses his touch. She could have helped being in a state of oblivion just having thoughts of them together.

It was a girls night out, Juilieann, and her friends went to a local bar just near the ocean. Drinks got her tipsy and almost tripped in the table. Brad’s table, she managed to get a hold of herself, enough to look up at a blue- eyed, clean- shaved tall guy. He has features of a scary man but his eyes were gentle, and he had a country boy’s deep sweet accent.

“You okay, miss? He asked.

“Oh! Oh! Sorry, this is embarrassing, Jullieann said, as she tried to get up and walk away.

“No, its alright, lemme help you! Carrying her by the arm.

“Why thank you, that’s kind of you, giving him a smile.
They went to a table and talked.

“What brings you here?” he asked.

“Girls night out”, bout you?

“Nothing really, just killing time.”

“What are you? I mean what do you do? Still under the influence of alcohol.

A lieutenant, out in 36 hours, as I told you, just killing time.
She said nothing,

“Your way too pretty to be in this kind of place, miss.” He said smiling.

“Names Brad!” offering his hand; “And you are?”

"Tell you what, lets grab a cup of coffee and get you home."
She smiled hesitatingly but said “Okay, sure”.

Her thought drifted elsewhere now...
Their first kiss was after that meeting, she see him more clearly now. Face clean, his shoulder, back, and abdomen as a soldier are strong, fit and wild.

His hands were big and firm and she remembered tickles and tingles when he places them on her hips, her waist, her shoulders.
He loves button- down shirts, white and tight jeans.
He would gently unbutton them while she would kiss him intently, not letting him break the kiss. She’s then put her hands around his arms and neck slowly going down.

He would want her nipples protruding as he takes off her shirt, adoring them, he would then look at her breasts, kiss and fondling them and would make her so turned on. He makes an effort to just brush them with his tongue and that’ll make her squirm with pleasure. His mouth was warm and she loved that feeling against her breasts, his intense yet gentle squeeze she feels as he slowly takes down her jeans, exposing her long sinewy legs, and to just gently caress them. The pelvic bone bare, and Brad loves to trace them with his fingers, she would demand to let him take off her underwear making her excited, anticipating.

She loves the tension if his man’s penis just gently touching the sides of her legs, waiting for the pain she remembers vividly. His body, sweat, their love, how it feels to be moved, and the intense moan.

She curls and bite her lower lip at the thought…

The phone starts to ring.

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