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The drive down to London had been horrendous. Five hours on motorways in pouring rain. Sonia felt tense, her shoulders and back were tight and aching, and her head was pounding. Flopping down on the bed in her hotel room, she grabbed the hotel information book to see what drinks to order from room service. While she flicked through the pages her eye was caught by the advert for the hotel’s health and beauty centre. A nice back massage would be absolutely fabulous she thought.

When she rang up to see whether there was any chance of a late booking the girl on the other end of the phone was very helpful, and said she could fit her in as the last treatment of the day in another hour. This left enough time for a relaxing bath and cuppa before she went down.
Feeling much better already, Sonia got dressed and wandered down to the salon. She was greeted by a slim attractive woman in her mid 30s, who introduced herself as Amanda. After the usual chat about health conditions etc she persuaded Sonia to take the special offer of a full body massage for only another £15.

Under instruction from the therapist Sonia undressed down to her panties and laid on her front on the couch. A short while later Amanda came back into the room and draped a towel over Sonia’s butt to further preserve her modesty. Standing at Sonia’s head she poured a little oil on her hands and started to gently rub her shoulders and upper back. Gradually she increased the pressure, easing away the knots and strains from the drive down.

As she felt Sonia relaxing, Amanda moved round to the side of the couch and started on the rest of her back. As her fingers traced gently down her spine she felt Sonia jump slightly and give out a little whimper.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Is anything wrong” she asked
“No it’s fine. It’s just that I’m a little sensitive there. But it did feel very nice”
“OK, but let me know if you feel uncomfortable at any time”

With that Amanda continued to work up and down the length of Sonia’s back, alternating slow firm movements, with much lighter more delicate ones. Small moans were slipping unbidden from Sonia’s lips as the sensations she was experiencing started to become more than just relaxing. She knew that she was straight and had never looked at another woman with any sort of sexual interest before, but there was no denying that she was starting to get damp.

Amanda kept on working down her back until she got the top of her panties. Tucking the towel into them she eased them down slightly so that she was massaging the very bottom of her back, or the top of her buttocks, depending upon your viewpoint. Taking things very slowly Amanda waited for Sonia to protest that she had gone far enough, but when nothing was forthcoming she slowly worked her hands further and further down. Before too long there was absolutely no question that she was working on Sonia’s buttocks, squeezing and kneading them from the outside towards the crack in between. Feeling Sonia’s hips start to move in time with her hand movements, Amanda casually enquired whether she could remove her panties to avoid getting any more oil on them.

Receiving a grunted confirmation that this would be OK, she removed the towel and eased them down her legs. She then worked her way very slowly up the back of her left leg before repeating the treatment on her right. Returning to the bottom of her legs she ran one hand up the inside of each leg to within an inch or two of the top. Sonia felt her legs part slightly, almost involuntarily. Part of her wanted Amanda’s hands to continue all the way to the top of her legs and part of her wanted this to stop. As these confused thoughts were running through her head, she vaguely heard Amanda asking her to turn over. It was only when she had done as requested that she realised that she was totally naked in front of a complete stranger. As the realisation hit home, she covered her breasts with her hands. Amanda smiled at her and thoughtfully placed a towel over them.

When she felt the therapist’s hands running down her abs and over her hips Sonia suddenly remembered that she was not covered up down there at all. At this stage she decided that it was time to stop worrying and relax and enjoy the sensations. She put up no resistance as Amanda’s hands worked back up her body and pushed at the towel as she cupped her breasts, increasing the pressure gently and running her fingers round the nipples.

Sonia’s eyes were now closed as her breathing became more and more excited. There was now no question that her legs had parted, and Amanda took this as an invitation to run her finger in slow circular motions around the outside of her pussy lips, before finally sliding two of them inside. As she did so Sonia’s hips raised off the couch to increase the penetration of the masseuse’s fingers.

She bucked faster and faster as Amanda fucked her with her fingers, until finally Sonia came with a loud cry, momentarily trapping Amanda’s fingers inside her.
Slowly she opened her eyes to face up to the reality of what had just happened. Her new favourite beauty therapist was smiling down at her. “You looked like you needed that. I’m off duty now, fancy a drink”. After a moment’s hesitation Sonia accepted the invitation. After all the night was still young.

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