Recent changed daughter discovered by rest of family

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

I have decided to take a nap especially after all of the prior nights events and head up to turn in.

I fall asleep and the two of you have decided to have Uncle and Aunty over for drinks and dinner. Well between the former nights activities, your not seeing them for the longest time and your total desires, the four of you have made your way up to your bedroom and start carressing, sucking and kissing not to mention penetrating each other with all of your hardware, both original equipment and special add on accessories.

Aunty and Mommy are both dressed in sheer stockings or black pantyhose along with all of there lingerie and the caresses sucks, and touching start as does the moans of pleasure that are soon cascading down the hallway to my room. I am woken up by the banging and squeaking of your bed and turn over and listen closely.

The moans continue and begin to get louder and while I recognize Mommy and Daddy's voices, I can't make out the other two. I will soon learn who they belong to but at that time it will be to late.

Not having changed and still being dressed in the dark sheer pantyhose and bodysuit from earlier in the day I get up out of bed and quietly make my way down to where the noises are coming from. As I come closer, the sounds are quite evidently what I thought they initially where. Mommy and Daddy are having sex with another couple.

I'm slightly upset as I thought I was to be theirs for the weekend but not knowing the whole story, I continue down to the door and stand outside of it peering in through the crack as it had been left slightly ajar when the four of you had made your way onto the bed.

Before me, I see Daddy's cock being sucked by an older woman and I see Mommy's head buried deep inside of the beautiful legs of the woman sucking on Daddy's cock and in front of Mommy is,

Oh, my GOD, it's Uncle. Mommy's brother inlaw is fucking my Mommy while my dad is having his cock sucked by, no it can't be, it's My Mommy's sister. No.

This is to much for me to handle and as I collapse against the door, the room is immediately flooded with light from the hallway. Mommy and Aunt look up immediately and Aunty gets up and comes over to the bedroom door and grasping onto my hand pulls me into the room, closing the door behind us.

So what do we have here sis, Aunty asks as she looks me over all dressed up like the slutty little daughter I was previously changed into. mom can't believe it and decides that there is no way to do anything but fill her in on all of the activities and plans for the five of us.

Mommy begins to tell her that Daddy and her had changed me into there slutty little daughter last night and the transformation has her daughter, me, converted into the sluttiest little thing ever. Aunt can't believe it so she decides to test what Mommy has just said.

Aunty gets back on the bed opens up her legs wide and asks me what sluttty little girls do. Without hesitation, I move closer to her, planting my hands on her beautifully stockinged legs and carressing them as I move up her legs, I lick my lips in anticipation of the moment when I will soon be tasting my Aunty's dripping pussy similar to the way I tasted Mommy's earlier this weekend.

I approach and licking her outer lips I dive my tongue deep between the folds and soon find my Aunt's hands grasping the back of my head as she pulls me closer into her wetness. I dive in like there is no tomorrow and am soon rewarded with a flow of Aunty's sweet pussy juice.

So, Sis, we have another little slut in the family. You are so bad sis, so bad. With that statement, Aunty has me get on the bed laying on my back. I do as requested and soon find Aunty straddling my face as she begins to lower her dripping pussy onto my long awaiting tongue.

You enjoy being Mommy's little slut don't you?

Yes is all that I can reply as I dive deeper and deeper into Aunty's dripping pussy. Pussy dripping in anticipation of the hours of pleasure that will soon be before me.

Daddy and Uncle start discussing why I was changed and what is now expected of me and how much of a total slut I have become and how this will only continue to increase.

Daddy and Uncle discuss how I was made to suck on Daddy's cock and how Daddy fucked me deep in the ass while I fucked Mommy as there slutty little daughter. Aunt can't believe what she is hearing and with that Mommy gets up and gives her sister a passionate kiss as I continue to lick upward deep inside of my aunt's dripping pussy as Mommy caresses her sisters beautiful breasts and informs her that I have dedicated myself to being there total slut.

I still can't believe that I had been made an offer earlier this weekend to become Mommy's and Daddy's little slut daughter and in so accepting the conditions, have been transformed and made to suck on my Mommy's and Aunty's beautiful dripping pussies. Pussies that I will soon become greatly addicted to.

Mommy also has me help her on with a double headed strap on dildo and as I slide it into Mommy's dripping pussy, I'm made to lick her beautiful dripping pussy which I do so hungrily and gently slide it in before clasping the latch securing it in.

Mommy approaches her sister and calls me over. Marie, you little slut, why don't you get aunty all nice and wet and ready to accept my hard cock. hehehe.

I do as requested and soon Aunty is holding onto my head as she gets ready to cum. Mommy pulls me away and approaching her sister, spreads her legs open. I grasp onto one of her stockinged leg and start massaging it as I hold it high enough to allow Mommy access to sliding her hard pussy cock deep inside of her sister. I soon start to kiss Aunty's stockinged feet and toes and begin grinding my hard pussy against Aunt's stockinged leg. Mommy smiles because she knows that the three of us are soon going to be cumming together.

Mommy asks her sister how she likes being penetrated and of course Aunty just loves it and raising her stockinged leg further up begins to orgasm as she pushes against my stocking encased pussy.

We all cum at the same time and soon we will all experience more.

I should have never peeked in on Mommy and Daddy and now that I have, Uncle and Aunt know that I too am a slut just like Mommy. There is no turning back now and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Let me know what you think.

Your ever slutty daughter marie

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