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“I just can’t take it. It’s not fair. What’s wrong with me? I tried to be a good boyfriend, and all I ended up meaning to her was that I went on a couple dates with her!” cried Brad late this one Saturday night. He had tried to go out with one of my friends, and she had rejected him after one date, mostly because he fell too hard.

“Come on, it’s not so bad. So what if it didn’t work out. It just wasn’t meant to be.” I replied, trying to comfort him as much as I could. It sort of hurt me to see Brad suffering so much; mostly because he was being so dramatic. We weren’t best friends or anything, but I always listened when he had something to say, usually in relation to a girl problem. In fact, we had only known each other for a couple months, ever since I moved into the dorms at college for my wonderful freshman year. But because he liked one of my friends we started talking and then after a while we started hanging out.

He was relatively easy on the eyes aside from the really pale skin. He had some sort of self-image issue which drove him to work out a lot. He had brown curly hair and some clearly defined abs. He was a sophomore, and he had a tendency to be whiny. But he had a smile that would light up a room.

And now it was three o’clock in the morning and he was on the verge of tears in the hallway, and I was starting to wear a little thin. He just continued to pile on that poor, poor, pitiful me garbage. But I decided that he really needed to vent. So I sat there, occasionally offering some words of condolence, and giving him an occasional hug. I watched the clock on my cell phone slowly move to three thirty, then four, and then four thirty. Luckily it was a Friday night and so it wasn’t like I had a class the next day, but I was still pretty tired. I asked him if there was something I could do. He just shook his head.

I took that to mean that I was free to go, and so I got up off the ground. I told him I was pretty tired. He got up and said that he really didn’t want to sleep in his room because his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend were sleeping in there and then started to get worked up again as he said he didn’t want to disturb them, but I think the thought of a couple existing just bothered him. I said he was in luck, because my roommate had returned to L.A. for the weekend, and wouldn’t be back for a couple of days. So we walked up the stairs to my room and I prepared a bed on the ground.

We went to brush our teeth and stuff, so as to get ready for bed, and I gave him an extra tooth brush. We changed in the bathroom into our sleep wear, which for me was usually just my underwear but I decided to don a pair of gym shorts. I let him borrow some pajama bottoms so he wouldn’t have to go back to his room. They were a little long on him, but it was fine. I think they looked better on him anyways. We walked back to my room and he stopped me once I closed the door and hugged me, thanking me for everything.
I asked him there was something he wanted to do, like watch a movie or something. He mumbled a not really. I got out some cards, and showed him monopoly, but nothing caught his attention. I asked if he wanted to listen to music or watch comedy central, but nothing. I gave up, mostly out of fatigue.

He wasn’t as tired as I was. He asked if he could use my computer or something. I was like sure, why not. He did the usually check email, MySpace, and so forth while I tidied up my room. After I finished I sort of mentioned that I was ready for bed, but he definitely wasn’t. I went over to the computer, my happy 17 inch widescreen laptop, and looked to see what he was doing. He was checking his hotmail account and was reading a new email. I looked closer to see some of the other emails, and noticed that the fifth one down was a confirmation of a subscription to some porn website.

“Hey, uh, what’s that one about?”

“Oh nothing, it must be spam or something.”

I was not convinced. I wrestled the computer from him and clicked the link. It took me to a standard, heterosexual porn site with a list of movies available for download. By now he was completely scarlet. I turned to him and reassured him that it really isn’t a big deal, and that in fact it was not the end of the world. I set the computer down, and asked him if he had ever been on this one, and he said that he had just got the three month subscription. I handed the computer back to him and stood behind him. I asked him if he wanted to watch one. He was slightly taken aback, and asked me,

“What? You want to watch it together? I don’t know. ”

I said sure, why not. He was a little uneasy, but I could tell he was considering it. I then told him that watching some mindless porn would probably take his mind off of everything. That seemed to convince him, and he clicked some link that told the “story” of a woman getting her driveway paved by two burly cement layers; very sexy, burly men. I turned the lights off so we could see the screen better.

The story began watching the men lay cement and getting all sweaty. This was quite enjoyable. The woman was like washing her car or something, and then invited them in to the house. My hands were now resting on brads shoulders, as I leaned in to see it better. I then straightened back up, and slowly began to massage his shoulders and neck. I give pretty good massages so even though it was awkward he didn’t stop me. He said it felt really good, a looked up at me and flashed me a cute smile. Then he returned to the movie. I took this opportunity to check out the action going on off screen, and noticed his dick swelling.

By now the bimbo on screen was trading off making out with the two guys, and I was like whatever. But I worked his back a little harder, moving my hands down to his lower back and rubbing his sides. Brad was getting pretty hot. I worked his muscles harder, because I know he had worked out extra hard earlier tonight to deal with some of rejection. He had couple knots but I massaged them into submission. All the while he was greatly enjoying the movie. He looked back again and said it felt really great. He stared up into my eyes for a while, but then hurriedly broke the contact.

He stopped, stood up, and said “If we continue watching this I will get a boner. And I don’t think either of us wants that.”

I replied to him “Brad, whatever it takes to make you feel better tonight is what we’ll do. If it takes masturbation to dirty porn then we will. Plus apparently you are almost there anyways.”

He was not sure how to react. But then he asked me “Are you sure you want to do this?”

I said we didn’t have if he didn’t want to and I would just go to bed. I think the idea of sleeping or being alone was enough motivation for him to say okay. So I got us some hand towels out of my closet and then we returned to the movie. I took my gym shorts off, and he matched me by removing his pajama bottoms. We both stood there and pressed play. The two men had the woman sandwiched between them, and one fucked her while the other was sucking on her neck.

Brad focused on the screen and I watched his hand slide down into his boxer-briefs. My hand followed into my boxers, and I jacked off to his body moving in the screen light. The porn was getting pretty dirty now, and I did not continue to watch it. I’m not really sure brad was really into it either because of how freaky it was getting. He slowed down his hand motions, and eventually stopped. I stopped too, and we looked at each other awkwardly.

I turned off the porn, and then decided to ask if he wanted to continue. He replied with a head shake, but I was horny and I was not going to take no for an answer. I asked him to tell me about his wildest fantasy, partly to get him horny, partly to hear if it was kinky or not. He said okay, and began his ideal scenario.

“Well for one thing she is a beautiful, but not in a super model way. She is a little curved and has brown hair. We are in love and it is our first time to do it together. We go away on a romantic weekend”. It continued like this for a while. It was cute, but not really a turn on. But then all of a sudden his mood changed.

“Then we lay out on the bed. I undress her with my mouth, and she does the same. Talking has ceased and the only sounds in the room are a series of half moans and sharp breaths. I lay out on my stomach and she rubs my sides so tenderly. She massages my shoulders, just like you were doing earlier, and I start to swell ridiculously. She is blowing softly on my neck, and occasionally places a small kiss or a lick on my back.”
I could hardly contain myself. I noticed one of his hands rested on his chest, and the other on his thigh while he told this story. There would be short pauses as he felt a surge of euphoria wave through him. I told him that it was really getting me hot, this story, and that I really wanted to jerk off to it.

I said to him that I was going to take my boxers off to make it a little easier, and he nodded and looked over as mine slid off. Then he felt obliged to do the same and we were both naked standing up in my room. Then he sat back down. We both worked our own organs while he continued this picture of his greatest pleasure, and god did it feel good. I started to feel it well up in me so I stopped and I ogled his six inch penis. It was quite thick, and I imagined my mouth going down on it as he described the girl going down on it. His eyes were closed as he totally enjoyed this.

He looked up and closed his eyes which I took to mean he was getting really close. I moved close enough to hear each heavy breath and watch his chest move. I moved behind him and rubbed his sides and he took it in his stride. I moved up and down them, lightly blowing on the back of his neck.

This spooked him and he exclaimed, “Dude; what are you doing?” but I simply replied, “Brad, you deserve to feel so good tonight. I am just trying to help you out by acting out this fantasy for you. Just don’t think about me and think about the way it feels”. He gave me a confused look but then gave way to me rubbing him down. I stopped and told him to climb up onto my bunk bed, and I followed him and rubbed him over up there. He let out an occasional moan, and I just worked him harder.

The bed was not that spacious and there wasn’t a lot of head room, but then I told him to roll over and he did. I knew I was taking advantage of him, but god was he hot right then. I gently rubbed the side of his head and asked him if he was going to object to me sucking his dick. He was still floating from the massage, but said he wasn’t sure. I told him I was ready to make him happy, and that nothing would please me more than giving him a blow job.

I started rubbing his dick before he objected, and a little pre-cum leaked out. I wiped it up with my finger and put my finger in my mouth. Then I returned to jacking him off while I softly kissed his stomach. My lower lip danced with his abs, and then down to the area around his dick. I slid down to his balls, putting one and then the other in my mouth. I moved them around in my mouth testing their firmness. Then I let them fall out of my mouth and started working on his dick.

I started very slow, but it didn’t matter. His hips were moving up and down and his back and feet were curling. I mumbled to him, “Cum baby, cum”, and he moaned a “Yes, yes I will”. This was shortly followed by a “oh fuck, oh fuck, oohh fuuuuck!!!” His warm bitter cum was flooding into my mouth as he bucked his hips and let out some more moaning.
I swallowed the cum in my mouth, and then continued to suck out the remaining traces of it from his dick. He had stopped fucking my face now, and was just lying there breathing heavily. After I finished I sat up on my bunk with sort of sprawled out. He took one deep breath, and I moved in close to him; lying right next to him. I rubbed his abs and after a minute he looked over at me.

“What just happened?” he asked me. I replied “Well, I just sucked your dick and then you came in my mouth. By some definitions, we just engaged homosexual oral sex.” He replied with an “Oh” then looked at me quizzically. I told him I wasn’t going to tell anyone, and not to worry. Then I asked him what he was thinking.

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