Reality Sucks

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100% fiction!

I don’t much care for reality shows. So how ironic is it that my idea is now the hottest reality show on television, thanks to three sexy TV news anchors, two cute local teens I met while shopping for food, and a lovely bank-teller from across the street.

Reality shows, I find, are mostly as far from reality as you can get... or they’re trite... or they’re boring... or any combination of these three. I mean, how ‘real’ is it for gorgeous young adults from southern California and Texas to be forced to ‘survive’ on some snake-infested island in Malaysia living off huge bugs and raw fish, and compete against other ‘tribes’ by finding and digging hidden pillows out of the ground. ? How trite is it to watch an on-going series about people competing making life-sized cakes in a world where 1.5 billion people are starving? And what’s possibly interesting about watching people, week in and week out, going around giving people parking tickets or repossessing their vehicles?

I must admit, a few individual shows I have found slightly redeeming. For example, although I generally hate this one show (I really do), I do admit to being a sick fuck and seeking out and then thoroughly enjoying that one episode where the sexy brunette twins Brynee and Claire and, to my mind, their even sexier blonde opponents Kendall and Kylee each had to drink 24 ounces of donkey semen and an equal amount of donkey urine en route to a $50,000 payday. It was so cute when Kylee, having to play horseshoes (a single throw) to determine how much donkey gunk she’d have to drink, tossed her horseshoe and then had to watch helplessly as it rolled on its side all the way out of the rings and beyond.

To my mind, for such a bad-luck toss, she should have then had to drop to her knees in those tight shorts she was wearing and blow the damn donkey and drink its cum and urine straight from the tap… but no matter. As you might expect, the blondes (Kylee and her sister Kendall) won... and rumor has it they wanted to buy the donkey afterwards with some of their winnings. Kylee even said that donkey drinks were her “favourite”. And the way she guzzled hers down and thirstily eyed her twin sister Kendall choking down her two glasses full, I little doubt it. Yum, Kylee! Yum!

But mostly, I find such shows mindless. How is it then that such a great idea for one first started to brew inside my head while I was waiting in line at my local Fresh & Low to buy a few groceries and suddenly glanced over to see the most gorgeous ass I think I’d ever seen?

This ass belonged to a gorgeous, blonde check-out girl named Kirsten, and was enticingly wrapped in a tight pair of shiny, black 5-pocket jeans. Why was the ass so special? I’ll tell you. Although the girl was nice and trim, she had nice full breasts and an equally nicely-curved behind that really filled out her jeans. No flat little bum here. This was one you could really sink your teeth, or plunge your hard dick into. And man, I wanted to (the latter, by the way... I’ll happily lick and suck on a girl, but I’m just not into biting or any other rough stuff other than throat-fucking... sorry girls).

This check-out girl’s face was also very sexy. Perhaps she wore a bit too much make-up for working as a check-out girl; but it was sweet, and she had nice full, soft lips. And though she looked a bit serious while scanning the items of the guy in front of me, when at least she looked up and smiled, I saw how incredibly fuck-able her mouth was. Yes... either before or after fucking her tight little asshole (or both), I’d gleefully fuck this girl’s gorgeous mouth too.

My cock was rock hard by the time this amazing blonde was ringing in my items. She stood there doing her work wearing those amazingly sexy jeans along with a pale grey sweater over a bright green company t-shirt... and I told her how pretty she was. She blushed.

“Gee, thanks,” she said.

“YOU should be on television,” I added.

She admitted that she’d always dreamed of being an actress.

‘How about a porn actress?’ I thought silently to myself when she turned to open her till and I spied her unbelievable ass again.

I was so in love, after loading all my stuff into my car, I returned to purchase two additional items that I thought hard about, trying to remember what I possibly might have forgotten, or just might want anyway.

“It’s me again,” I said.

She smiled. One of the items I’d bought was a cucumber, and the other a single banana, and I fantasized shoving either one of them slowly, deeply and repeatedly into her ass, and then having her eat the ‘brown end’.

“A girl’s favorite fruit and vegetable,” I kidded her as she rang it up.

She laughed, but nodded. And when she turned towards her till for a minute to give me some change, I noted that she seemed to linger a minute, as if giving me extra time to admire her delectable ass. She even leaned forward inexplicably, to really highlight her ass. This girl clearly knew about her valuable assets. At one point she turned her head to glance my way and must have just caught me rubbing my crotch. She just smiled and licked her lips.

I left the store as hard as a bone and anxiously awaiting any opportunity to visit this gorgeous girl again.

It was that night while flipping through channels that the idea that I believe must have been slow-cooking in my brain ever since first seeing Kirsten really started to bubble and boil. In fact, it was watching some commercial for the world’s largest fast food chain that really cranked up the heat. It made me think of my last visit to such a place, while driving through a neighboring city called Kitchener. There I walked in to buy a hot chocolate and was served by a very cute, slim girl named Jasmine who looked to have some Middle Eastern background, but was clearly Westernized, if not born here.

She had lovely tanned features and long dark hair that was straight and reached ¾ of the way down her back. What drew me to her (I think you already know) was her cute little ass. In addition to the classic brown and orange uniform top, she was wearing chocolate brown pants that looked utterly fantastic over the curves of her behind. What was unique about her pants was that they had an unusually high waist-line, which really accentuated the curve from her low back into her tush.

So here I was watching the commercial and remembering that girl’s ass... and then I thought about Kirstin’s ass and how fuck-able both it and her mouth were too... and then the TV commercial ended to reveal... you guessed it... some lame reality show. And the thought went through my brain that some show about sexy girls competing while having their mouths and asses fucked would be MUCH more entertaining... and I stopped

Hadn’t I recently just met a sexy young blonde who was a TV personality for a big local TV studio?

“I’ll call Charlotte!” I said to myself.

And a few days later I did; but not before popping out in my car that night to fuck the mouth of a pretty and very petite blonde escort named Storm whose ad had run in that day’s paper.

Of course, I worked for two days to create a quick and dirty and VERY appealing pitch to deliver over the phone... and THEN I called her. She listened quietly, saying nothing, as I explained my concept in 30 seconds or less.

“Guys are always bragging about their bold exploits with sexy women,” I started. “Here’s an idea: let’s make them PROVE how brave they are. One morning, advertize that all men have to do to get a free blow, on prime time TV, is to wander down to your station and stand in line. Let’s see how many put their honey where your mouth is.”

“You mean a blowjob?” she asked, a bit aghast.

“Yes,” I answered. I paused a few seconds to let this register with her, and then continued...

“And, to make it interesting, give them the choice of porking the mouth of either one of two sexy TV personalities... or one of two sexy teens from the community. See how many of these horny bastards pick a celebrity... and how many pick some sweet 18-year old. THAT’S the angle. See how many PREFER youth and innocence over fame and experience, when it actually comes down to having their cock sucked on live, prime-time TV.”

“Hmmmm,” Charlotte said, with obvious interest. “Who were you thinking of, in terms of the TV personalities?”

“Well,” I said slowly... “Isn’t that famous weathergirl from California visiting the area next week to promote Blowjobs for Charity?”

“You mean Evelyn?” she asked.

“That’s the one.”

“She is.” And the tone of her voice told me that she must be nodding her approval. “But who else do you have in mind?”

I paused for effect... “You.”

She laughed. “Okaaaay,” she said a bit hesitatingly. “We’ll have to see about that. You realize that the producer might want someone more famous.”

“You’re VERY famous!” I insisted.

“Thanks,” she said modestly. “But do you have two girls from the community who’d do this?”

I told her about Kirsten and Jasmine, and why I thought they’d be perfect, and told her I’d gladly approach them, once I had the go ahead.

“I’ll even ask if they can even wear their work uniforms as a form of business promotion.”

“Okay,” Charlotte said. “Let me run it by Keith (her station boss) and then I’ll get back to you.”

“Do YOU like the idea?” I asked in parting.

“We’ll see” was all she’d say. But I again could tell from her tone that she was interested.

I hadn’t expected to hear back so soon. But within 30 minutes she called me back.

“Okay. Contact those two girls and let them know we’ll pay them each $2000 for appearing on the show for the day” were the first words she said. “… starting at 8 AM and going until... whenever.”

‘Yes!!!’ I said quietly, pumping my fist. “Have you spoken with Evelyn?” I asked into my phone.

“She’s DEFINITELY in,” Charlotte answered, happily.

“And you?”

She paused, but then said: “I guess I’m in too.”

Let’s just say that it was hard for me to contain myself a couple of hours later when I stood in Kirstin’s line again. I’d already spoken to and gotten a huge ‘two thumbs up’ from her boss, who was thrilled his girl would be able to wear her store uniform at the event.

“Now if people don’t come to buy groceries at the city’s lowest prices, maybe they’ll pop by to see the pretty blonde cashier whose mouth has been gang-fucked on prime-time TV,” he said. “She looks so great in those black jeans she always wears,” he then volunteered with a long slow nod. “Make sure she wears a pair of those.”

I nodded back. “I most certainly will.”

“Hey there, beautiful,” I told her a few minutes later when I stepped forward to purchase (get this) one cucumber; one large, thick pepperoni sausage; a 12-inch French baguette; the biggest zucchini I could find; and a single banana.

Somehow, she remembered me and thought this was very “cute”.

After she’d rung me up, I handed her a letter that Charlotte had quickly had drafted and sent to me by email.

There was no one in line behind me (thanks to her manager quietly steering them to another line and putting a ‘Next Line’ sign up), so she quickly read it.

“Two THOUSAND dollars?” she gasped as she read the letter.

“Yup,” I smiled. “And I’ve already cleared it with your boss.”

“You’re kidding,” she said.

“His only request is that you wear your store uniform, including those same pants you’re wearing right now.”

She looked down, and then turned seductively to show me her ass again.

“Do YOU like them?” she asked, innocently.

“Oh yeah!” I nodded. As if she didn’t know.

She peeled and seductively ate my banana right then and there, followed almost immediately by several more. More specifically, within a few minutes, she was on her knees feasting on my and her manager’s bananas, as well as the ripe hard bananas of the assistant manager and the head and assistant butcher, all in the main office.

“I take it you’ll want that day off, Jasmine,” the manager joked as she peered up at him with his cock in her mouth, a cock in each hand, and two more inches away from her face.

“Hmm hmmmmm!” she nodded, emphatically.

She proved this by blowing the five of us continuously for over an hour, as well as at least a half dozen other male employees the manager sent out for, who included several stock boys from the storage area, two male cashiers, and an older former employee and former manager who just happened to be in the store buying groceries.

“I always wanted to fuck your mouth so BAD, Kristen,” he told the girl as he repeatedly jammed his cock all the way down her throat.

“Hnnnnnnggghh” was all she could say with her nose buried deep in his belly. She was pleased he now was getting to.

She even happily blew the mentally-challenged but very pleasant 50-ish year old gentleman whom the store had hired years ago and just kept, his only responsibility being to bring in shopping carts from the parking lot, a job he did with glee.

Speaking of glee... this young man, who stood all of 4 foot 8, was so thrilled at having had his cock sucked, perhaps for the first time in his entire life, he just couldn’t help but continuously keep singing out to everyone in the store:


Note that the manager had had to tell Tony several times that what Kristen was doing to him that felt so nice was called a blowjob...

“What’s it called?” he asked about twenty times as Kristen sucked his dick...

But finally, the word ‘blowjob’ stuck. So now that he was blurting it out everywhere, we weren’t sure he was thrilled so much at having gotten a blowjob or because he was able to remember the word. Either way, he was determined to say it out loud to everyone and anyone for the next several hours.

Worse yet, he repeatedly kept pointing right at Kristen to identify her as the girl who’d blown him - “SHE DID IT! SHE BLEW ME AND THE BOSS AND ERNIE AND AT LEAST A COUPLA’ HUNDRED OTHER GUYS!” He repeated this point-and-tell exercise any time he was near her.

Poor Kristen couldn’t help but blush as everyone kept looking her way. “It wasn’t a couple of hundred guys,” she told people. But people knew it was a lot because she could never say just how many when asked. She’d just shrug.

Later, she even noticed Tony tapping on the huge, wall to wall storefront window behind where all the cashiers worked, to get her attention. Every time she glanced his way, Tony was surrounded by a small crowd of people as he proudly pointed her out. Some of these gawkers even took pictures of her.

“It looks like you’re ALREADY famous,” I told her, having stayed around to chat with the manager and then just to “watch all the fun.”

“You’re going to have to blow Tony every day now,” I told her.

She nodded and laughed. She still had three hours of utter embarrassment until her shift was over; but maybe she’d ask her boss if he minded her blowing Tony again before her shift was over.

“If fucking my mouth becomes routine, maybe it won’t be such a big deal for him,” she reasoned.

I nodded. “Good idea!” Then I added: “Have the manager take a picture of it. That way Tony can just post it on your cash register so everyone will know what a sweet girl you are.”

She thought I was being very naughty.

But sure enough, the next day when I popped by to visit her and see how things were going, there were pictures of Kristen on her knees blowing Tony (with her calmly looking right into the camera, while Tony smiled insanely and flashed the camera a huge ‘two-thumbs up’ sign) posted all through the store, including at least a dozen on the big front window facing outwards and several on both sets of sliding glass doors leading into the store, so people could see them from outside as they approached the store. In fact, there was no way to enter or leave the store, and no place in the store you couldn’t see Kristen at work.

“I asked Tony how many copies he wanted me to run off the printer for him,” Keith told me when I popped in to see him “and he said a coupla’ hundred.”

I laughed. That sounded like Tony. And of course, for Keith (her manager), it was great advertizing for the upcoming event and for the store itself.

In truth, Kristen didn’t really mind that pictures of her with Tony’s cock in her mouth were everywhere. While posing for pictures, she’d made sure to angle her sweet bum towards the camera... AND had fixed up her make-up to look as nice as possible beforehand... AND was looking right into the camera with Tony’s thick cock deep in her mouth and her eyes wide open... AND went over all the pictures on Keith’s computer screen to identify the one she liked best...

So, when I asked her about what she thought of the pictures everywhere, she said she was really quite pleased with the picture. She’d even asked Keith to run off “a few dozen or so” for her because she (correctly) guessed that her mom would want to give them out to friends, family and neighbors.

As for Tony... Kristen’s guess that her blowing him regularly would quieten him down about it... couldn’t have been further from the truth. Now, it was ALL he EVER talked about. Every time Kristen blew him, he’d immediately go through the entire store announcing to everyone that “KRISTEN GAVE ME ANOTHER BLOWJOB! KRISTEN GAVE ME ANOTHER BLOWJOB!” And then he’d point at the nearest picture posted of her or directly at her if she was in view. And when each blowjob she gave him “wore off”, he now routinely showed up at her cashier till with his cock out of his pants asking “CAN I GET ANOTHER BLOWJOB NOW PLEASE, KRISTEN?”

He was so much like a lost puppy, what could Kristen do?

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