Raised For Sex

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Jane and Johnny were 18 years old, but they didn't know that. They didn't even know anything about themselves or about the world they lived in. They each lived in a twelve-by-twelve foot room with no windows and a door in the middle of nowhere. They had never even met each other, since they were not allowed out of their rooms. The owner of the building was a mysterious, twisted man that kept the rooms secret and only identified himself as Mr. Z.

Every day was the same routine for Jane and Johnny since they'd been four and kidnapped. They would wake up in their cells, and Mr. Z would come into each room, one after the other, to inspect the teens and speak to them in simple English so that they would learn at least a little language. They were given healthy meals, and then told to begin their exercise routine. They were both, of course, completely naked, and their rooms had no exercise equipment, but they would do exercises that didn't require much, like stretches and aerobics. 

After years of such exercise and diet, Johnny had grown into a sexy young man. He had strong, noticeable muscles, a flat stomach with a six-pack, and smooth skin. His black hair was occasionally trimmed, so he had a sexy, roguish look about him. Most noticeable was his long, thick penis, which extended eleven inches. Jane was grown into a gorgeous, brunette woman. When she jogged in place, you could just notice her smooth muscles on her thin body. Her breasts bounced during her exercise, a perfect, pert 34C with large pink nipples. Between her legs was a small triangle of brown hair.

After their long period of exercise, ever since they were very young, they would watch porn videos on the TV in the top corner of their cells. This porn wasn't regular soft-core, either. Every day meant two hours of new material. Some days, Mr. Z chose to show them heavy S&M videos, so that they could see women whipping men into submission and men spanking disobedient women. Some days, Jane would see lots of clips of women deep-throating cocks and Johnny would see pictures of men licking women's clits into ecstasy. Bondage, machine-masturbation, and forced cumming were all part of the video lessons for the two teens. 

Each cell had a small camera hidden behind a two-way mirror. That way, Mr. Z could spend very little time in the cells (except in the morning and evening meals) but could still see the teens to his heart’s delight. From a very young age, Jane and Johnny would squirm as they became aroused by all the sexy porn, but since their hands were always tied to the posts of their beds, they could never touch themselves. After the movie, they would stay in silence for one hour, until they were calmed down enough to be trusted not to touch themselves. Then, Mr. Z would bring their evening dinners, spray them with cold water and soap, give them a drying towel, and tie them down again for the night. 

All of this was agonizing routine. Jane didn’t know if anyone existed in the world except for her and Mr. Z, and Mr. Z always wore full clothing and a mask so as not to arouse Jane. Johnny didn’t know the world contained any women except those he saw on the movies. And yet every night, Jane would toss and turn in a sweaty sleep full of hot fantasies. Her nipples would harden, her clit would get hard, and her pussy would get all wet and hot from longings. Every morning, Johnny would wake up hard and uncomfortable after a night of fantasies, and often his white jizz would be dripping down his still-frustrated shaft.

All of this happened every day- until the teens were eighteen. That morning, Johnny and Jane were wakened like usual, but instead of having their usual exercise after breakfast, they were each told that today they would meet a new friend. Johnny, very excited, was led first out of his cell and into a third room in the basement. This room contained a few items: one corner had a large mattress, another had several sex toys and handcuffs and rope, another had some sex machines, and the last had a small, tall table. Johnny was told to sit on the table and wait, and he could scarcely make himself stay sitting. He had, however, learned at the age of four from harsh whippings to be obedient to Mr. Z. Johnny was covered in a blindfold.

Jane was also taken into this room, but she was blindfolded as well. She was left by Mr. Z in the center of the room, and told to be silent and not move until she was told she could. When Mr. Z had checked to make sure the cameras in the room were working, he locked all doors to the room and shouted from the outside, “you may now remove your blindfolds.” The two teens removed the coverings, and promptly saw each other and stared.

Neither teen moved for a while. Finally, however, they moved towards eachother silently and began to touch each other. Johnny touched Jane's face, her neck, and then trickled his fingers over her chest. As he touched her nipples, they hardened into sharp points, and he was taken by surprise. At this, his shaft hardened into arousal. Then, he kept moving his hands down her stomach, over the hair covering her pussy, and he noticed that the hair was damp. Little did he know that this was further sign of Jane's arousal.

He did not linger there, however. Taking both of Jane's hand, he forcefully pulled them to his body, until she began a similar inspection of his anatomy. She paused the longest at his long, hard shaft. Experimentally, she touched it, and it got even harder and longer. Now it was fully aroused. Both teens were surprised and looked at each other in shock. Johnny felt a shiver run through his whole body. Though Jane looked confused, Johnny knew that he didn't want her touch to stop. He pulled her hands back onto his shaft, and after a few minutes, she began to touch him harder.

Jane had learned well from her daily videos, and in just a few minutes, her touch had Johnny writhing. He couldn't control the urges that suddenly came to his brain. He used his superior strength to push Jane over to the mattress in the corner and down flat on her back. Jane was scared, but she had learned about submission her whole life. She watched him move his gigantic cock towards her open mouth, and she did nothing but suck as he forced it inside. 

Jane was frightened, but she too was living a fantasy. she was feeling a human dick in her mouth, and she got off so much just on the hardness and thickness of Johnny, violently thrusting down her throat. She sucked him off like a proffessional. 

Johnny couldn't believe the feelings that were running through him. He saw Jane's luscious lips below him, curving around his cock so tightly. Every nerve was in flames. He couldn't control his urges, yet, and so he exploded, suddenly, into Jane's mouth. He had never felt release from his years of cravings, and so his load was a big one. Jane coughed on the semen, but she'd learned to swallow every single drop. She licked his penis clean.

Jane, however, was still in agony. She'd gotten turned on by Johnny and by her own fear, but had no release. In broken English, she began to beg. Johnny, by example of videos he'd seen, turned Jane over to doggy style, and began striking her rear end for having the nerve to beg him. On sudden inspiration, he saw a whip in the sex toy corner. He grabbed it, and began to slash it on Jane's untried skin, and her ass jiggled gently from the blow, as she cried out in her first experience of real pain. It didn't matter though. She was still turned on. Thin wetness was trickling down her legs, and though he didn't know why, Johnny got turned on by this. His shaft was hard again, and Jane's inviting rear was pert in his vision. Like he'd seen so many times on a tv screen, he leaned over Jane and touched his prick to her pussy hole.

Now Jane's gasp was pleasure. She was experiencing her first ever touch by a man, and she could not have been more ecstatic. Suddenly, Johnny thrust, breaking her hymen. This took Jane by surprise, and tears ran down her face, but as Johnny moved in and out by instinct, she too began to push back on his thrusts in pleasure. Her large breasts hung loose in the air and jiggled erotically as they moved in rhythm. Johnny, seeing this, got even hotter, and he began to pinch her nipples between his fingers. Every time Jane felt pain there, it ran like a jolt to her clit, which just got more throbbing.

Johnny suddenly realized that he wanted to see Jane in pleasure. That turned him on almost as much as her pain. Remembering videos, he slid his hand over her stomach, through her bush, and to her little nubbin clit. He continued to thrust, though more gently, as he massaged her spot. Yet he didn't like that this didn't let him thrust as hard. Suddenly, he had a solution. He made Jane support herself with just one and, and pulled the other to touch her own clitoris. First, he showed her hand how to touch herself, and then he removed his, and she had learned just how sexy it was to feel her wetness. Johnny began to thrust hard again, and Jane touched herself and touched herself until both exploded, exhausted, on the mattress.

To be continued...

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