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I can hear the rain outside trickling down my window
While my fingers drown in my own private
Stream of water.

It was just last night that you were here with me
When our bodies became one and I
Lost myself with you.

Your taste still lingers in my mouth
And your touch still burns on my skin.
You've left this morning
You've left me aching for more of you.

I find myself thinking of you
More than I ever though I would.
You have such a hold on me
I'd be willing to please you for eternity.

I treasure each of your kisses
And hate the feeling of being alone
Since all I can do is touch myself
And silently wish that you would be inside of me.

I run my hands across my breasts remembering
The way you did it last night.
I feel fire between my thighs
Once again with you on my mind.

I have to finish this pleasure at once.
I can't keep it locked up any longer
Otherwise I'll explode with heartache.

I reach the level of satisfaction for the moment.
And my heart flutters with excitement, knowing soon
I'll be able to have you again,
Knowing I can never get enough of you
Being so in love with you.

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