Rachel smothered unconscious in paradise, Sequel..

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Rachel had just backed out of the room where she had seen Christie and her two large female black employees exit. She walked quickly to her room, she knew they would be back, one of them had been told to fetch the key to the handcuffs they had just used. They had left the door wide open and Rachel knew she had taken a big chance when she had looked in the large suite, she had seen a tall beautiful Asian woman laying on the sofa, one of her legs was hanging over the short back of the sofa the other one was pushed out wide to the side, her body turned slightly away from the back. Rachel looked at her face, it was pushed right back, her mouth wide open breathing hard.

She then noticed the woman,s nipples, they were really long, about half an inch and the area around them was red with small scratches. Rachel let her eyes roam downward, she noticed the woman,s hands, they were still handcuffed behind her back, the tiny white bikini she was wearing was soaking wet and was pulled in tight spreading her thick pussy lips and encasing her bulging pussy like a second skin, she looked down to the floor and saw the pillow, it still had the middle pushed in, there was a clit vibrator laying next to it she knew only to well what this woman had gone through, the furious struggles that she had made, the wild attempts to get from under the suffocating pillow, all the while being driven closer and closer to a raging orgasm, her ordeal over only when she slumped unconscious. Rachel had been there, she didn't feel sorry for her like she should. When Rachel got back to her room she stood in front of the long mirror, she run her fingers through her long blond hair, admiring her tight hard body, the bikini clung to her like a second skin, she looked at her clit standing out under it, large and inviting, wondering what was going on, she had never seen or heard of anything like this before.

Christie went to the indoor pool this is where she went to savor the memories of her latest conquests, the only other person in the pool was Sandy, she was the fitness instructor, she had heard the two black women talking about her but wasn't sure what it was about, still that didn't matter right now. Christie was already thinking about Kim Wong, that was the name of her latest victim. She knew Kim was leaving later today, so she had taken her two special black employees and boldly walked into Kim Wong's room, Kim was wearing only a tiny white bikini, perfect, Kim had put up a great fight but the two heavy black women were to much to handle and Kim was soon wrestled face down on the sofa.

Christie fastened the handcuffs and in a few seconds Kim's hands were firmly secured behind her back. The rest was easy, they turned Kim over onto her back and watched Beth, one of the black women, quickly secure the clit vibrator in place, she was good, moving expertly, avoiding all of Kim's wild kicking. Christie turned the clit vibrator on, it was a new, more powerful one, it made Kim jump, her head jolting backwards, she clenched her teeth, thrashing her head from side to side, Christie saw the wetness begin to quickly spread, due to her wild struggles Kim Wong's tiny bikini had already ridden up deep between her ass cheeks and thick pussy lips and the wetness was easy to see.

Kim struggled wildly, fighting and kicking to get free, she felt the increasing sensations begin to over take her. She cried out, trying to out run them kicking even harder, kicking wildly in every direction, she opened her eyes suddenly just in time to see the pillow come down, she felt the strong hands through the pillow forcing it down harder. She knew there would be no escape until she fell silent, smothered out, her raging orgasm would make it easier, they didn't know it but she had been in smother fights to the end before, and had lost quite a few times.

Christie watched Kim arch violently upwards, she stood at the end of the sofa, the perfect place to watch Kim's furious struggles, she could clearly hear the loud buzzing of the clit vibrator, the bikini had become soaking wet, Kim's bulging pussy was shining with the wetness, Kim fell back to the sofa her hips twisting and turning, her legs kicking alternately back and forth in perfect unison, she arched upwards, higher, her body turning and thrusting towards the back of the sofa, one leg kicked out over the back, she strained, her head pushed right back thrashing from side to side, trying to get from under the suffocating pillow, her hands pulled and pushed in the handcuffs, her wrists twisting and turning as she tried to free herself.

Kim fell onto her back and pulled her ankles together, her knees wide apart, her hips thrusting up and down, she arched upwards, lifting herself higher she pulled one leg right back kicking it outwards, it fell over the back of the sofa, she crashed back down her other leg kicking out the other way, her hips thrusting hard, her head push right back, her back arching to the side like a bow. Christie moved to the side of the sofa and cupped Kim's bulging pussy in her hand, squeezing and caressing it, feeling it's fullness, feeling its wetness, she let a finger push in hard under her tiny bikini, pushing even harder against Kim,s dark hole, feeling the fast tight contractions as she rode her raging orgasm, she looked up and saw Beth pulling and squeezing Kim's nipples, Kim's face was completely covered by the pillow. Then Kim's thrusting hips came to a sudden stop. She was smothered out, unconscious.

Rachel had seen the end result of Christie,s cravings and had even suffered through one. She didn't realize she had been seen going into Kim,s room by one of the hall way cameras, she had no idea that Christie was on her way with her new found friends. She was just about to leave her room for the pool, wearing only a bikini and towel wrap. She opened her door and was shocked to see Christie and the two black women standing there. They pushed their way into the room pulling Rachel to the floor, they were quick, Christie waved the same clit vibrator she had used on Kim in front of her face, "remember this" she said.

Rachel gritted her teeth, fighting, kicking, trying everything she knew to prevent Christie from fastening the clit vibrator in place, she knew it was hopeless, she was on her back her arms were being held out to the sides. She suddenly realized her fate when she saw Christie pull the final strap tight, Christie leaned down, saying "they are going to do the same to you as they did to the French air hostess". Rachel screamed out a long nnnnnnoooooo as one of the black women began to straddle her face, she could still remember the French woman,s struggles as she was suffocated unconscious while cumming in a mad frenzy. The black woman didn't go all the way down instead kept her large pussy a few inches from her face.

Christie turned the clit vibrator on, she watched Rachel the well known blond haired, slim and very fit newscaster arch upwards twisting hard to the side, she tried to reach past the black woman, trying to get at the clit vibrator, there was no way, her fingers stretching, clawing. Christie grabbed Rachel's pussy rubbing and caressing it, she leaned forward saying "I think you are going to get soaking wet, and cum like crazy, and we will watch everything",

Rachel cried out her body twisting and turning as she felt the throbbing sensations coming from her clit, spreading outwards, stronger, she arched up and down, alternately stamping her feet on the floor, Rachel pulled her legs together crossing her ankles her inner thighs rubbing hard, she could feel the wetness spreading she threw her head backwards crying out, at the same time her legs kicked out wide apart, her body twisting and turning in a mad frenzy her legs sliding back and forth, she felt the black woman above her begin to move, she shouted out "No,noo, nnnooo" when she saw the soaking wet black pussy come slowly down.

Beth loved what she was doing, smothering white successful bitches unconscious, making them cum knowing they will never complain, seeing them in the hotel, smiling that knowing smile. Now, as she slowly lowered her soaking pussy over this white woman,s face she smiled and told her "get ready to fuck the devil",

Rachel stared into the black pussy eyes and mouth wide open, she breathed in hard, and felt her entire head and face engulfed by Beth's pussy and thighs. She grabbed at her thighs trying to pull them away, she tried to turn her head but it was no use, the massive thighs wouldn't give an inch. Rachel's chest began to ache, at the same time the throbbing sensations came back with a vengeance. She couldn't stop her hips as they began thrusting up and down, she felt herself heading for a massive orgasm, her chest began to ache, even hurt, that didn't stop her from going over the edge, she beat on the black woman,s thighs with both hands, not wanting the raging orgasm to end. She threw her arms out wide above her head as her hips bucked up and down, turning one way then the other waiting for the sudden end, her massive orgasm and hurting chest mingling into one.

Christie watched Rachel's final seconds, at this time she was always right on the edge of cumming. She watched Rachel throw her arms above her head, her body was twisted to the side, one leg pointing out wide the other bent at the knee and pointing out wide the other way her hips still thrusting up and down. These smothered bitches always slumped unconscious, cumming and spread out wide, a sure way of knowing the intensity of their desperate fight against cumming and being suffocated out.

Rachel opened her eyes, there was no one in the room, she was still in the same position as she was when she fell unconscious. She now knew how the French air hostess felt. She was exhausted, her body ached all over, she walked over to the sofa and sat down, she noticed a large piece of paper on the table, she picked it up and read the message, it was from Beth, all it said was the French woman lasted thirty seconds longer under my pussy than you. Rachel groaned, how how can that be...

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