Rachel gets smothered unconscious in paradise.

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Rachel lay back on the fine white sand wearing only a tiny light blue thong she was determined to get an all over suntan on this trip. She let her long legs slide out wards stretching her arms out wide above her head. She hoped this would be an interesting vacation.

Christie had been watching Rachel for a few days now, she had worked at this exclusive resort for over five years and it seemed there was no shortage of beautiful women to satisfy her cravings. Her position of assistant manager gave her complete freedom to move among the guests and find out everything she needed to have her way. She already knew that Rachel was a young and very successful news anchor, a very aggressive and determined woman. She was looking forward to watching this woman struggle wildly to the very end.

Rachel lay in the hot sun unaware that Christie and her two latest employees were watching her, if she had opened her eyes she would have seen the same two black women that were on her flight, but her mind was somewhere else, thinking back to the short flight over here, the plane was a small business jet, the interior was very plush and was designed like a small den, it had two large sofas facing each other about six feet apart. The only other passengers were two very large black African women and the air hostess, a small beautiful French woman. Rachel had followed her up the steps and onto the plane, she was a few steps behind and couldn't help but see right under her very short mini skirt, her tight ass swaying from side to side, the tiny bikini that she was wearing pulling deeper and deeper between her ass cheeks with every step she took. She looked back at the two African women behind her, they were also staring, they smiled, one of them flicking her tongue in and out of her mouth, Rachel knew the meaning of that gesture. The French hostess had better watch out.

Christie and the two black women stood only a few feet from Rachel, they looked down silently, waiting. Rachel's nipples had grown long and hard, they stood upward pointing straight out, her bare tits hard and round, her legs moved, she pulled her right leg back pushing it wide to the side, the other pushed out wider the other way. Christie could now see the light blue thong pulling tight over her thick bulging pussy lips, digging in deep covering them like a second skin, the black women also stared down, licking their lips, grinning, they all noticed the wetness spreading outward from the center of her pussy, and had no idea that she was thinking about the flight over.

Rachel was still unaware of their presence as the details of the flight filtered through her mind, the two African women had taken seats opposite her, Rachel,s eyes opened wide in disbelief as one of the women took out a large vibrator and turned it on for a second. They grinned, nodding with their heads towards the French woman. Rachel lay back in the deep plush sofa wondering what they had planned, then she heard one of them say " I think that our hostess will be asleep soon " they were both looking at the French air hostess, " she won't say anything ". The other woman laughed, " they never do".

Christie swallowed hard as she watched Rachel's hand slide slowly down over her rock hard tits, down over her muscular stomach and coming to rest over her clit. Christie,s mouth dropped open as Rachel,s knees pulled closer together as she began to squeeze and caress the large lump between her long fingers. The two black women looked at each other, they wanted to get started, they knew why they were here, they loved to watch these white women fighting wildly trying to escape from under the vibrator and suffocating pussy and ass or pillow, sometimes even a plastic bag.

Rachel,s fingers moved faster, squeezing harder, her head pushed right back as the final minutes of the French woman's ordeal swept through her mind. She saw the French woman struggling wildly as the two black women suddenly grabbed her and pulled her to the floor, one of the black women took the vibrator and held it firmly over the French woman's clit, Rachel could see she was very experienced and was able to follow every wild and furious move she made, the French woman was trying desperately to escape but each time the French woman twisted and turned her hips or arched upwards the black woman kept in perfect time with her keeping the vibrator firmly in the same place. Allowing no chance to recover. Rachel could still see the soaking wet thong digging deep between her bulging pussy lips, her inner thighs wet from her juices as they rubbed together during her furious struggles.

Then as the French woman began to groan the other black woman got up and began to straddle the French hostesses face, her massive muscular ass cheeks completely engulfing the poor woman's head. The French woman arched high into the air her legs wide apart, thrusting, trying to throw the huge woman off her, at the same time her hands grabbed the black woman's knees pulling and pushing trying to force them apart, trying to pull her face free. She kicked her legs out wide apart twisting and turning her hips. Then without any warning her hips began to thrust back and forth, the black woman sitting on her face said " Ah look, she is now fucking the devil". The French woman threw her arms out wide apart above her head, her hips thrusting hard a few more times then she was still.

Christie nodded to the black women, they at once grabbed Rachel's arms pinning her down. Rachel opened her eyes screaming out, in an instant she recognized the two black women from the plane " no, not to me, no no". Christie held out a clit vibrator, "use this" she said, Rachel kicked her legs wildly as one of the black women began to fasten the three straps of the clit vibrator, after a few minutes it was in place, Rachel arched upwards and out to the side as Christie turned it on. " Oh my fucking god" she clenched her teeth and closed her eyes tight " aagghh, no way you bitches" Christie loved to see these wild struggles and Rachel was fighting harder than all of them.

Her body twisted and turned wildly, suddenly turning direction, arching violently up and down, Rachel saw Christie hand a pillow to one of the black women, "pull her arms above her head and sit on them, she cried" Rachel felt the weight of the woman on them, she tried to move but found it impossible. Rachel felt the forbidden sensations rising within her, she pushed her head back " Aagghh, never, never, agghh,", she tried to pull her legs together thinking that might stop the sensations, but straight away kicked them back out wards twisting and turning, She heard one of the black woman call out "are you ready to fuck the devil" "never, Aagghh, Aagghh" Rachel felt the pillow pushing down over her face cutting off her screams and air,

Rachel tried to force air through the pillow, but it was no use, she screamed out in her mind a long AAAAGGGHHH as the orgasmic sensations began rolling right over her, she lay there struggling furiously, a captive of two black women who knew just how to get what they wanted, she was cumming wildly, thrusting her soaking wet pussy upward, no longer caring she pushed her head right back a long silent AAAGGGHHH came from her wide open mouth. She felt her chest begin to ache, a heavy dull aching, " oh my god Agh,Agh AAGGHHHH" she thought as she arched higher into the air pulling harder at her arms, it didn't matter she was trapped. then her body began to twist and turn harder than ever, she felt her self arch upwards falling back kicking, then............

Christie watched Rachel twisting and turning wildly, her hips thrusting up and down, hard and powerful, she groaned in ultimate pleasure as Rachel arched upward high above the sand and fall back for the last time. She let the black women set her free, Rachel lay there her arms still above her head, her legs wide apart one bent at the knee, her body twisted to the side her back arched like a bow. Rachel had put up a great fight just as she knew she would.

When Rachel came round she was all alone, and it took her a few days to get over her smothering ordeal. She wondered just how many other women had gone through what she had. She had seen Christie and the two black women come out of one apartment, she heard one of them say " I'll get the key for the handcuffs", she looked in and saw a really beautiful Asian woman sprawled out on the sofa, one of her legs was hanging over the short back the other pushed out wide to the side, her arms were still handcuffed behind her back, she had her head pushed right back her hard tits and long nipples heaving up and down as she breathed in and out. There was a pillow laying on the floor and still had the middle pushed right in were it had been forced down over her face. Rachel looked and could see the woman was soaking wet, her thong deep between her thick pussy lips. The black women had scored yet again. Rachel quickly left before they showed up.

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