Quiet Desperation

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Paul was, superficially at least, a happy, reasonably successful man, with a pretty, buxom wife named Michelle, and 2 children- a son and an infant daughter. He was not, however, as happy as you may expect, with his lot in life. 

His wife was not as bad as some, granted, in that she did want sex somewhat regularly, about once or twice a week, which was better than some men had, but she was also a loud, sarcastic busybody, who touted the "virtues" of monogamy, while hypocritically leering at male strippers and flirting with her male co-workers. What's more, she frequently ignored his opinions on things, took him for granted to a great extent, and insisted that no one, including him, was as hard-working as herself.

Paul was living in resignation to this mediocre marriage, until he met his wife's best friend, Vicki. Vicki did not quite meet Paul's aesthetic standards, in that she was thinner, had small breasts, and wore short, straight hair (although, admittedly, her hairstyle was still feminine, and matched her face rather well). However, she was a sweetheart, often smiled pleasantly, and had a wonderful laugh, a feminine voice, long legs, and a tight, well-shaped ass that seemed to plead for male attention.

Being Michelle's best friend, Vicki would presumably not sleep with Paul, even if he had asked, and he thought it best not to chance it. Besides, she was around Michelle so much, that there was little opportunity to act on any inclination to seduce her. Paul had to dismiss any ideas or fantasies he might have had about Vicki, and let her get away. It was just too risky.

Paul was groaning beneath the surface, ready to erupt at any opportunity to find a babe of a nicer disposition and get her in the sack. He was rapidly losing his sexual interest in Michelle, as she got less pleasant by the day. After days of arguing, it was hard to get it up for someone who had just screamed at him a few hours earlier. He was now at the point of picturing himself with other girls, including some of his wife's co-workers, and that was sustaining his erection for the moment.

It would not prove necessary for much longer, however, as his wife's boss hired a new worker, a 25 year old single mom named Stacy, who was as sweet as Vicki, not as connected to Michelle, and had curly hair, which Paul really liked. There was something special about the way that Stacy acted toward people, that made it clear that she thought in terms of being friendly. She was definitely a "people person", and Paul found that especially attractive, to the point that for the 2nd time in his marriage, he began to reflect upon the possibility of an extramarital affair.

The day that changed his fantasy into fact was a strange day for sure. Hearing that he was an exterminator, Stacy asked him to get her apartment rid of her termites, ants, and roaches. Michelle was not threatened by this, since she had complete confidence that Paul was not interested in Stacy, because she had smaller breasts than herself.

Stacy, naturally, had taken the day off for that purpose, and she was quite eager to see him start on the job. He worked hard on the project for several hours, until at last the bugs were all dead. When he went to get paid for the work, he actually stumbled upon Stacy changing her pants, which had gotten a few stains that she needed to wash. 

"Oh, I'm so terribly sorry, Stacy! I didn't mean to intrude on you, while you change, so I apologize for the violation of your privacy."

"Ok, but it was partly my fault, for forgetting to completely close and lock the bedroom door. However, this is strangely not as embarrassing as I would have expected. I just find myself curious- did you like what you saw? You know what I mean, don't you? My panties, thighs, and the shape of my butt?"

"Yes, Stacy, I really did, but I'm wondering why my opinion matters so much to you. I'm a married man, you know."

"Married men have eyes, too, don't you? You have desires, attractions, and interests, like single men, I imagine."

"True, but I am wondering about the relevance of this matter, and about when I should go ahead and stop waiting for you to get dressed, and just wait for you at the kitchen counter, where you can pay me."

'Oh, yes, the money! Oh, God, this must be my day to be a ditz! First, I dress where a married man can see me half-naked, and then I forget the money! Here, let me just get it from my purse. Oh, I guess I'll have to bend over, if you don't mind."


She bent over as she had warned him, and he was shocked that she did so while he stood there and watched her. First of all, he ordinarily did not watch, but turned his head, and secondly, she presumably did not make a habit of bending over, half-dressed, in front of married men. When she got the purse, and took out the money, she found herself lingering as she paid him.

He noticed, too, but just went to the counter and settled up the rest of the bill, giving her a receipt, and telling her to sign. She was still in her top and panties, and Paul found himself getting kind of hard. Stacy caught that as she returned the pen to him, and her eyes began to seriously examine his dick for a second. He was pretty big, with a 7 and a half inch boner, which was not surprising for a fairly heavy guy like Paul, but was still quite impressive.

The thoughts that entered both of their heads about this heads all pointed to one thing. They were both dissatisfied with their sex lives, and indeed, their lives in general, and the idea of an affair with each other was beginning to appeal to them. After all, how much worse could things get? They would just be shaking up their boring, dull, monotonous lives, and enjoying some well-earned pleasure for once. 

Stacy was fondling her pussy as she thought this, first on the outside of her panties, and then she slipped her hands inside them and began masturbating that way. That sight was enough for Paul- he was charmed by her sensual behavior and obvious delight in the idea of his phallus.

"Stacy, if you are thinking what I am, it is dangerous, you know. I am a married man. Of course, my marriage isn't what I'd like, but you should just be aware of the risk. That being said, I still would like to enjoy you, at least this once, if that's alright with you. I'll risk it, if you will."

Stacy didn't bother to speak back to him, but planted her lovely lips on Paul's mouth, inserting her tongue as she kissed him. This french kiss began to increase his determination to fuck this sweet girl, and she looked at him with evident desire, indicating her intention of giving him her body for that day.

Since it was the end of his work day, and he didn't have to report into work for the rest of the day, he seized the opening to slowly move his hands down to her waist and slip her underwear down to her toes. As her bare pussy rested against his crotch, soaking it with her wetness, both of them kept kissing, let their bodies act for them.

Paul's hands began to massage Stacy's cheeks, causing her to gasp for several seconds, and touch his neck, hanging onto him as if her life depended on her grip. He found his hands wandering up to her top, and easily lifting it above her shoulders, until it hung from her neck. Stacy broke her kiss, finished the removal of her shirt, and then simply resumed, kissing him even more eagerly than before.

Her fingers gradually lowered to his shirt buttons, undoing them, and then she just pulled his workshirt out of his pants, removing it from his upper body. She then proceeded to unbuckle his belt, pull down his pants, and scratch through his briefs, slicing the front of them and making them fall to the floor.

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