Queen of the Kill

(Part 2 from 4)

Julie was to slowly realize the official Hunger Games training was more oriented to look good for the camera and make a good kill for the Imperator than actual survival training. Those three days with her grandmother was much more help Julie felt than a whole week at the official training center.

The threat of being killed by her own Plebes was not a very great threat. Her teen competitors ranged from three young terrified boys that probably should run with the Fish. Then there was one tall blonde fluffy headed girl that was afraid of her shadow. In reality there seemed to be only two real threatening teens. One was the aloof dark haired girl that rode with Julie in the float car. She muscular and with numerous tattoos and had that street smart tough girl look. Another was a tall muscular lad with short cut brown hair. He looked like the mean sadistic type and didn't mind terrifying the other teens by telling them how he was going to kill them.

The training week went quickly and it was soon time for the evening gala event prior to the hunt. It was a major affair with Imperators, past and present all wearing their colorful sashes. Bright gold stars were worn on the sashes , one for every 10,000 kills. A rather elderly Imperator had 10 such stars on her faded sash. Also in attendance were bevy of politicians and Benson Corp. executives. The party was really for the Imperators; Plebes such as Julie were ignored.

With a drink in hand Julie wondered to a small alcove to avoid the main crowd. She was surprised to see Crazy Girl. Crazy Girl was sitting on the face of a young man in the standard straddle smother with her legs spread wide apart. The girl looked serene and was keeping up a slow steady pumping motion with her hips. She wore a colorful print dress that was wide and full thus allowing her to partially cover up her victim. She had the young man down on a long leather couch that look like it was made especially to accommodate smothering. The lad lay perfectly still and not resisting in the least. Julie noticed he had a magnificent chest and was probably very handsome. She also noticed his pants bulging from an erection. Someone else nearby also noticed it.

Crazy girl and her young male victim seemed content in their little part of the room. That was until they discovered by the drunken Imperator, Karen Howe. She stumbled into the room knocking into chairs and tables. She even draped herself over the shoulders of a well known reporter and belched loudly.

“What the hell we got here?” She said in a slurred voice. “My my look at that,” she said pointing to the young male's erection. Next Karen stripped off her skirt and underwear. She then fell to the floor cursing. A nearby attendant helped her up. “We can't let a nice erection like that go to waste,” She stated while pulling the lads pants down. She then proceeded to climb up and mount him. Various camera crews rushed over to record the event. Crazy Girl was mortified. With her audience assembled Karen yelled, “Ride um cowboy,” and began bouncing around like she was riding a wild horse.

Julie noticed the panic in Crazy Girl's eye, it looked like she might flip out any second. Just then a middle-aged women steeped forward, Crazy Girls mother. She put a hand on her daughters shoulder and told her to take deep measured breaths. She then told her to spread her legs a bit more and force her victims nose in as deep as she could. Crazy Girl complied. It seemed to calm her and, despite the distraction of a drunken Karen. Now calmed Crazy Girl once again resumed her slow circular hip grinding motions.

The gathered crowd began to disperse when a incredibly beautiful woman approached Julie. It was the Imperator Gloria. She was wearing a seductive bright blue skin tight dress with a daring slit up the side. She glanced at Karen in disgust. “She's a pig. I wish she'd retire.” Gloria said making small talk with Julie. Julie nodded and replied, “Yea, just a mess really.” Gloria leaned towards Julie's ear as if impart some secret. “Julie, I'm going to hunt you down and kill you.” Julie was taken completely by surprise by this comment. She shook all over with fear. It was a terrifying thought to have a well know Imperator with an extensive kill record to be out hunting you.

The party continued but Julie would be happy when it ended, especially after the very real threat from Gloria. Julie once again ambled into the alcove where Crazy Girl was mounted on her victim. Karen had since lost interest in her sex toy and was now passed out on the veranda. Crazy Girl was being helped off her victim by her mother. Crazy Girl smoothed out her dress and taking her mothers hand left the party. She never once looked back at her recent kill. Maybe that's the way it was.

Julie went over and looked into the face of the expired youth. He was handsome, with soft brown hair. It was all matted down with sweat and ringlets of Crazy Girls brown pubic hair were pressed against his face. The lad looked peaceful in death. Julie even detected a bit of a smile on his dead face. Julie had to give Crazy Girl credit, she sure knew how to smother.

The Audience

Finally the day had come. All of the Plebes were loaded into a float plane and whisked off to the arena. They were then directed to a unisex locker room where they stripped out of their cloths and into, for the girls bright red sports bra and sandals, and for the boys bright red shorts and sandals. Officials then directed them to a long well lit tunnel. One would expect the roar of the crowd to great them. There was none, true their was an audience, an electronic audience. Julie pondered for a second at the tens of millions of people that would be watching. Just who were these people, what were they like?


Julie's grandmother had her viewing room all arranged. She had a nice stock of victims, 8 in total. She selected the most frightened boy for her first kill. Fear can be transmitted and it was best to eliminated the most frightened first. The poor boy was also the youngest. She gently directed him to lay flat on his back on the custom smothering bed. Phones, remotes, coffee maker, treats were all arranged within easy reach.

Carefully and slowly she climbed up on him. She sat high on his shoulders and spread her legs wide. He looked up at her with terrified brown eyes. She patted him on the head and gentle ruffled his hair. She then slid forward until she was mounted on his face and his young nose pressed firmly in place.

With one click of a button the TV lit up. There before her was the full pageantry and glory of the Hunger Games. She sighed. A flood of memories overtook her, some pleasant and some not. She loved Julie dearly but feared for her survival. The poor thing faced as deadly array of professional killers as could be assembled.

Over the top fan:

In another city a young woman looked intently at the screen. She was what you might call a Hunger Games junkie or fanatic. The young woman, Gale Roberts, had not one but three large TV screens to look at. She was the head of the Witch Twins fan club. The walls of her home were plastered with posters of the twins in various action shots. Most showed them atop victims and others were of the twins wearing black or white robes, depending on the twin, officiating over some demonic type ritual. Two large prominent matching posters were signed originals and Gale's most prized possession.

Gale's face was grease painted one side black and one side white in honor of her hero's. The screen to her left was covered with video pictures of fan club members. Right now their was a lot of chatter amongst the fans as to how many kills the twins would make this game. The general consensus was 100 plus Fish each, maybe 2 each Plebes and, it was hoped a Imperator or two. They figured that boy, Craig Wilson and perhaps even Stan Nelson, would be easy kills for them. Most of the members of the fan club were female and many felt Stan was, well, just too cute to kill.

The Slob:

Marvin Block was beyond doubt a total and unabashed slob. He lived in the basement of his grandmothers home on government welfare since he often stated “he's too sensitive to work.” His parents had died many years ago in a float plane crash. Marvin was in his mid twenties with long greasy unwashed hair and a huge fat greasy gut that overhung his lose fitting dirty jeans. His basement lair was a dirty stinking morass of old pizza boxes, fast food empty cartons, dirty rumpled cloths and uncollected garbage. A general overall stench permeated the whole area. Upstairs though, where his grandmother lived, was pristine. Antique furniture, old pictures of long past family members adorned the walls. She never dared venture down into the basement.

Marvin, aside from his collection of garbage had a vast collection of pornography. His Hunger Games collection was the most prized and unsurpassed by anyone in the city. He didn't care for the shots of a graceful Imperator chasing and bring down a fleeing Plebe or Fish. No, his favorite shots were often clinical such as closeups of a victims nose being deeply massaged inside a sexy Imperator's body.

Marvin loved those close in shots. He masturbated in front of the TV monitor to them. He undid his pants in anticipation of the next Hunger Games which were to start at any minute. Marvin always liked to see those cute perky girls such as that Julie girl brought down and killed. His all time favorite Imperator was the sexy Gloria. Just one look at her naked body was enough for him to start masturbating furiously. He belched and reached for another slice of pizza. He reminded himself to clean off the TV screen and keyboard as they were stained with, um, well, something. Let's leave Marvin alone, I'm starting to get nauseous just writing about him.

The Family:

They were a normal suburban family. The father, John Klein, was in his late 30's. Not too tall and muscular and not overly athletic. He was an unexciting man, boring in fact. Recently he'd come into a sum of money which made it unnecessary for him to work. He had tossed light brown hair and brown eyes. John was a handsome man by all accounts and was a decent father.

His wife Brenda was quit pretty with straight long blonde hair. Her face was well balanced and had a cute pert nose. Her eyes were a light gray in color. She was also a good parent, firm when she needed to be but a bit permissive with her children when she got lazy.

They had a young son, Tony, and was a bit of a handful as they say. The boy's hair was always a mess and cloths scuffed and dirty from roughhouse play. He was a bit of a rascal and tormented his older sister something awful.

The sister was a cute blonde some years older than Tony. Heather had soft blonde hair and a nice athletic body. She was very outgoing and numerous boys were calling her at all times night and day. She was also on her schools cheer-leading team.

The Klein's oldest daughter was home from college and in her second year. She was very pretty and her features matched those of her mother. Brett had a more solid body, compact in form. Her hair was also blonde and her face round. She was a quiet reclusive young woman more interested in her precious books than anything else.

Right now John and his wife Brenda were seated in front of their huge screen TV waiting for the Benson Hunger Games to start. It was always a thrilling affair and the family made small wagers as to which one would make the most kills.

Heather was on the staircase tugging at young Tony's arm. “Come on squirt I'm gon'na sit on you during the games.” She said. “Noooooo,” screamed Tony in protest. “Mom, can I sit on Tony during the games?” Heather asked. It was a long tradition that women and girls often sat on a willing or unwilling males while watching the games. “No mom. I don't want to. Not all six days.” Tony pleaded. “No not the six days of the game but all summer.” Heather added. Tony's mother hesitated for a second then said, “Sure, all summer's fine with me.” “No, mom please no.” Tony begged. Heather had a big smile on her face and ushered her younger brother upstairs to her bedroom. “Well looks like we won't see much of them this summer.” John said to his wife.

Brett came down the stairs wearing a bright blue soft bathrobe with matching fluffy slippers. “Come on over Brett.” her father said making room on the sofa for her. It surprised him a bit for previous Hunger Games had never interested her. She walked over and stood in front of her father. “Um, Dad. I got something serious to ask.” She said looking at her feet. “What is it?” He replied looking up at her. “I, well you see. I want to sit on you during the games.” He was shocked, speechless in fact. His wife had an amused look on her face.

“I'” stammered John, “I guess so.” he replied. “Great, I want to get on you right away.” Brett said bouncing up the stairs ahead of him. He shrugged and followed her. When he got to her room she had already removed her robe and was taking off her slippers. She then stood before him totally naked. “Come on Dad, strip to your shorts.” she said. John complied and was soon out of most of his cloths.

Brett had already placed a small hard pillow on her bed, the kind used in smothering. Brett then indicated for him to lay with his head towards the foot of the bed. “This was crazy,” he though and stripped down to his underwear in the presence of his totally naked daughter. “This can't be happening,” he said under his breath. John lay down as indicated with his head resting on the hard pillow. The pillow tilted his dead downward with his jaw almost resting on his chest. He smiled up at his daughter but she was in a very serious mood right now. No smiles, no conversation just all business.

She climbed up onto the bed, facing his feet and lay on his face in a 69 position. With a deft maneuver of her hips she worked his nose deep into her. Next she spread her legs wide apart and began hard pumping motions with her hips. “This wasn't so bad,” John thought. He could even see out a bit at the slow turning ceiling light fan. The pumping escalated and quickly got deeper. His face was now completely covered.

John couldn't see anything but only hear the opening speeches of the Hunger Games. “Damn, damn and damn,” he thought. He was going to miss the game completely. Oh sure, big deal he could hear the games but that was a poor substitute to seeing the Imperators in action. They must have showed a picture of one of the contestants for his daughter cried out, “Yea Gloria, go get'em girl.” she yelled. John just had to tap his daughter on the right butt cheek. “Gloria” he thought, “she's nothing compared to Wild Woman.” “Sorry Dad, I'm not letting you up.” Brett stated in a firm voice.

Actually he wasn't surprised a daughter of his was smothering him during the Hunger Games. This type thing had been going on for hundreds of years and quit common. The females gender seemed to get a little wild during the games. What shocked him was that it was Brett. She was the quiet book worm type. Now the more aggressive Heather was a different story; you could expect most anything from her.

John was just settling in resigned to being smothered for the next 6 days, until the end of the games when Brett said. “This is really delicious. I think I'm going to stay on you until fall when I have to go back to school. “Nooooo,” John thought. “This was the worst Hunger Games ever.”

The Boss:

Big Sal Salvatore sat at his huge oak desk. With no one in sight he swiveled around to the large safe behind him. With a few spins of the dial it opened. The first thing he saw in the safe was a large caliber jet black handgun. He ignored it after all he had another in a shoulder holster, one in each desk drawer and a small ankle gun for back up. Carefully he retrieved a package containing 2,000 Gold Credit, a virtual fortune. The safe was closed and with a pen he wrote a name on the manila envelope, J-U-L-I-E.

Sal or Big Sal was a mob boss and owned one sixth of the city. Their had been many gang wars and deaths accompanying his rise to power. Things were quiet now as the city had been divided into six parts fanning out from city center. Each mob family owned their own territory. The city center, a 10 mile radius, was deemed neutral territory. Big Sal controlled everything illegal within his area. Prostitution, drugs, money laundering, you name it and Big Sal was in it.

Right now he was contemplating a making a heavy bet a an obscure young girl in the Hunger Games. He was a shrewd better with a eye for detail. He'd watched her training tapes and felt she had potential.
“Hey Tank get Bennie in here.” Big Sal shouted. Tank was an over muscled thug with a large gun shaped bulge under his sports jacket. “Yea Boss,” he replied and retreated.

Bennie sat alone in the dim lights of the empty first floor bar. Big Sal's headquarters had 4 bars and too numerous to count mini bars. Bennie was thin, about 30 with slick back greasy black hair. He felt he was a rising star in Big Sal's illegal empire. What he really was was an annoying low level hood that was full of himself. “Hey Bennie, The boss want's you.” Tank said calling out to Bennie.

“Ya boss,” Bennie said in an overly familiar voice to the mob boss upon entering his office. “Hey kid, take these 2,000 Gold Credits down town to the bookie Willie the Wiesel. Make sure the bet's for this little broad Julie. See I even wrote her name on the envelope. She's got a nice cute ass. I think she can maybe win or something.” Bennie nodded and was off.

Bennie felt he was way more smarter than Big Sal or any of his hoods. Anybody with half a brain could tell Rocket Boy was going to win. Hey, when that Rocket kid won Bennie could take some of the extra cash for himself. You know skim a bit off the top and the big guy would never miss it.

Day 1 – A Star is Born

Julie gave out a long hopeless sigh. She was finally there, the Hunger Games. She didn't want it, she cared nothing for the games, she never watched them on TV, yet here she was about to be totally immersed in one. The arena wasn't too huge, the people running the games knew their audience wanted to see kills not some Plebe hiding in the forest. The main building and starting point was atop a low rolling hill. Directly in front was a grassy field bisected by a wide dirt road that led off down into a woods beyond. Near the road and mountain top was just grass but not far off the grass gave way to a field of golden tan 6 foot tall wheat.

Julie could see no fence as fences were often made of a near transparent material and would only become viable when you got too close. What was visible were numerous animated bright signs advertising everything from float cars, whiskey to perfume. Since the fence was nearly invisible it made the signs look like they were floating in air. The whole arena had temperature and weather control of some sort. It was overly hot for that time of year. Julie appreciated it as she would be running around mostly naked, a girl could get a chill.

All participants in the games were injected with various sensors. These sensors would indicate where you were, wither you were alive or not and all manner of things, including giving you a nice electric shock if you got too close to a forbidden area.

Julie noticed a string of small bathrooms spaced along the fence perimeter. Only one person at a time would be allowed within each individual bathroom area. If you lingered too long or tried to hide out in one you'd an increasingly powerful electrical shock until you got the message and left. Food would be provided by large backpacks containing tubes of various food items. The packs were to be placed at random throughout the arena. Granny had told Julie the food wasn't bad and advised her to collect a few backpacks early and hid them from little grubby Fish hands or other competitors.

Immediately out in front of her were a milling throng, well maybe not throng, but hundreds of small boys or Fish attired in bright blue shorts. These were poor street urchins and even some none urchins. They looked well fed and cleaned up. Life was cheap in Julie's world. The old earth had been abused and re-abused by man via constant wars and destruction of the environment. Now the population had gotten out of control. Many felt the Hunger Games was a fun way to thin the excess human population a bit without resulting to war.

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