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I thought that my parents would have been very upset with us. But, it was just the opposite. Don’t get me wrong though, they were upset with us, but at the same time, they encouraged us to stay together. 

Most parents would have been crying, yelling, threaten to disown us, and probable try to have us committed to a crazy house. But mom and dad were very calm, and even shocked us by saying that they were stepsiblings.

They shocked us even further when we were given permission to us their humongous walk in shower together, and then they joined us.

Our mother is very beautiful for being in her 40’s, only a slight indication that she had quadruplets, but I don’t think I could ever have sex with her. It was a little awkward at first having sex with my sisters, but with my mother, that is something that I don’t think I could do. 

You could call us a dysfunctional family, but we are a family who love each other deeply, and would do anything to protect each other.

After our coming out weekend, we had to go back to our normal lives. Mom and dad went to work, and we went back to school. That morning during breakfast they talked with us again, and reminded us of the importance to keep what we were doing quiet. 

At school it seemed that the resistance toward us was worse than it was before. Most of the kids were upset because we made them look bad when we pulled up in the stretch hummers we rented, others were mad because we simply looked better than they did. Stephanie and Stacy were beautiful, but not the beauty queen beauty, and they would turn heads. Shane and I were a little over six feet, and muscular. We didn’t have a body builder’s physique, but enough to cause female’s heads to turn, and to take care of each other when needed. There were those at school who didn’t push us much, because they knew that we would push back.

At home we would touch, kiss and hug each other. Stephanie and I slept with each other, and Stacy and Shane were with each other. When our parents were home, we kept it kind of low key. They knew what we were doing, but they wanted us to do it behind closed doors. We never pushed what we did on our parents, and that is the way that they liked it. My mother had taken Stephanie and Stacy to the doctors, and got them on birth control because she didn’t feel like having grandchildren yet. We were a normal family, doing normal family things together, but with a twist. We kept it quiet, and no one would have guessed what we were doing.

Graduation came for us, and we were happy. All four of us had decided to attend our parents’ alma mater earlier in our senior year, so we were all set for college. After high school, mom and dad started to make plans for us to go and visit our grandparents, mom’s mother and dad’s father. Who we found out were married to each other.

Stephanie and I were laying in bed one night talking, when she had to get up and use the bathroom. She put on her robe and walked out, closing the door behind her. A few minutes later, she came back in and crawled back in bed. I was on my back, and she threw her arm over me, rubbing my chest. 

Slowly she would rub my muscular chest, and then move her way down to my hard stomach. When I felt her hand on my cock, it started to respond and get hard. She then turned around, took my cock into her mouth, straight down her throat. Stephanie had given me quite a few blowjobs, and had gotten so good at it, that she could take my cock straight down her throat with no problem. She then started to suck me in and out. While she was sucking, I had my hand covering her snatch, with my index finger up her vagina, going in and out of her.

When Stephanie had me nice and wet from her saliva, she straddled my waist facing me, and lowered herself onto my cock. Reaching up to grab her tits, Stephanie started to ride me. After a few minutes, and her juices flowing. Stephanie pulled herself off me, guided my cock back to her rectum, and sat back down with my cock in her ass. I then knew that this was Stacy, and not Stephanie that I was fucking. Stacy liked it up the ass, Stephanie didn’t. 

As I held onto Stacy’s tits, she started to ride me up and down again. Stacy took her right hand and planted two fingers in her pussy, fingering herself as she slammed up and down on me. When Stacy felt my cock start to tighten in her ass, she started to ride me, and finger herself faster. When she felt the first shot of cum in her ass, Stacy slammed down on me, and continued to finger herself as she brought herself to an orgasm. 

When she had calmed down, Stacy lifted herself off me, and laid on my chest.

“You two need to be careful. We don’t need to get in trouble with mom and dad.” I told her.

“I know. They are in their room, and we were real quiet.”

We then lay there and fell asleep on each other.


Stacy walked into the other room, and crawled into bed with Shane. He reached over and started to massage her nipples with the palms of his hand. When he had the nipples hard, and sticking out, Shane rolled over and took it into his mouth. Stacy gasped, and started to run her hand over his back. After Shane had both nipples hard, and wet, from sucking on them, he started to licked her down the valley between her breasts and onto her stomach. When he got to her navel, he ran his tongue around and into it. Stacy shuddered, and felt him go lower. 

When Shane got down to her pussy, he pulled her lips apart, and shoved his tongue straight into her. Stacy moaned, and put her hands on his head to keep him down there. After a few minutes of bringing her close to an orgasm, Shane sat up, rolled Stacy on her stomach and lifted her ass up in the air. Kneeling behind her, Shane guided his cock into her pussy, and started to pump in and out. Then he took his index finger and slid it into Stacy’s ass. When he heard her shriek in the pillow, and felt how tight her ass was, Shane knew that this was Stephanie. Stacy usually enjoyed it when he did this, and could take two or three fingers in her ass. 

Knowing that this was Stephanie, Shane felt his cock swell inside her, and started to pump faster. Stephanie started to moan, and thrust back at him. Faster they went until Shane slammed into her one last time, shot his cum deep into her, and Stephanie muffled her scream.

When Shane and Stephanie untangled themselves, they lay with their arms around each other and went to sleep.

We switched a few more times until we left for our grandparents.


We were worried about meeting our grandparents for the first time. Would they be able to se right though us and know what we were doing? What would they say if they did know? Mom and dad told us not to worry, and for us to be careful on what we say. 

Not only were we going to meet our grandparents, but there would be uncles, aunts and cousins that would be there. We would be there for about a week, and it was a four-hour drive, so we packed and hit the road. On the way over, we didn’t say much, and left each other with their thoughts. 

When we got there, cars were already lined up, and someone look out the window. Nervously, we got out stretched, and looked around. They lived in an old farmhouse that was restored, which sat on a few acres of land. Following our parents inside, introductions were made all around.

Mom had a brother a few years older than her, and two sisters younger. Their spouses were there also, and they all showed some resentment towards us, but not much. All our cousins came inside when they heard us pull up. There were seven of them, and they were all the same age as us or younger, except one. His name was Norman. When he was introduced, he yelled that his name was Norm in a real belligerent tone. I instantly disliked him. 

Our grandparents, Brad and Joan, were an older version of mom and dad. Except for the gray hair, and age lines, you would swear that they were twins. They hugged us, and warmly welcomed us into their house.

After introductions were made, Shane, Stephanie, Stacy and I went outside with the other kids. Norman went off on his own, while the rest of us stayed together and talked. 

“What the hell is his problem?” I threw out.

My cousin Brenda, Norman’s sister, answered. “He’s pissed because my parents made him come with us. He wanted to stay home, but he got arrested not too long ago, and Dad told him that he would either straighten up or he would be on his own.”

“He just rubs me the wrong way.” Shane said.

“He gives me the creeps.” Stephanie threw in. 

Two of our cousins, Brenda and Jack, were the same age as us, and we stayed together talking with each other. Jack was the oldest son of mom’s oldest sister. It came out that everyone lived within a few hours of each other. We decided that we would try and get with each other during the next week.

Everyone stayed there for the day, and since it was summer, we cooked on the grill for dinner. The longer we stayed there, the more open everyone became with us. All that is except Norman. He stayed to himself the whole time. 

Later on that evening as everyone was leaving for home, it was decided that we would stay there instead of getting a hotel. With the house being an old farm one, there was plenty of room for every one. Shane and I would share a room, Stephanie and Stacy had one, and mom and dad had their own. After everyone had left, it had grown quiet, and as we sat around talking, I realized that I could grow to enjoy this new family. We later retired for the evening. 

When we were laying in bed, Shane and I started talking.

“You know, this is the first time in a few months that we have not slept with the girls.” I told him.

“I know. It does feel kind of strange.”

“Hold on a second.” I told him and then opened the door. Looking up and down the hallway, I quietly stepped out. A few minutes later, Stacy walked in and crawled in bed with Shane. I had pulled my own switch.

The next morning I was the first to wake, so I got dressed and walked down to the kitchen. My grandparents were already up and drinking their coffee, so I joined them. One by one, everybody made their way down. After a few hours, Stephanie hadn’t come down so mom went up to find out what was wrong. A little while later she came back to say that Stephanie had a headache and wasn’t feeling good. She wanted to stay in bed, so mom let her.

Since granddad had his heart attack, not too many things had been done, so Shane, dad, and I worked that day to get things caught up. We found out that this had at one time been a functioning farm, and there was more land here than we first realized. Dad talked with granddad at lunch about possible renting some of the land out to local farmers. This way the land wouldn’t just sit there, and it would be extra income coming in for them. Plus it would be less for granddad to take care of.

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