Quad's Ch. 06

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I have had numerous requests to continue on with the Quad’s. Here is the latest, and I hope you enjoy.
Note : This story is completely fictional!!!

The rest of the summer after we got back from our grandparents was spent in a blur. We stayed in contact with our cousins, Jack and Brenda, and would travel to their house a few hours away to visit for a weekend, or they would visit us. mom and dad found out what was going on, and were upset at first, but when Jack and I explained what had happened, they understood and accepted it. For those of you who are reading this for the first time let me explain.

My brother, sisters and I are a set of identical quadruplets. Shawn, Shane, Stephanie and Stacy. I am Shawn. A few months ago after taking each other to our high school senior dance, we had sex with each other for the first time. When our parents found out, they did not get upset like most parents would, but instead, sat us down and explained that they were actually brother and stepsister. They accepted what we were doing, and after we graduated, took us out to meet our grandparents. Well, things got worse for us when our secret was let out, and the family tree was more twisted than we imagined. Then we found out that Jack and Brenda were having sex each other, and right before we came back home, all six of us got together and screwed each other’s brains out. It may sound crazy, but it is the truth.

When Jack and Brenda were accepted to college, they called us with the news. All of us were surprised when we found out it was the same college the four of us were accepted at. Stacy is the one who came up with the idea of having a going to college party.

“It would be a good idea,” she told us.

“Where would we have it at?” I asked.

“Here of course. We have the pool, and we can have it on a weekend when mom and dad will be gone.”

“It sounds like a good idea, if mom and dad approve of it.” Shane told her.

“The only thing we can do is ask. The worse would be them saying no.”

So we asked.

“I think it would be a good idea.” My mom told us. “As long as you don’t get too carried away, and don’t invite anyone else over, you can have it.”

We called Jack and Brenda and informed them of what we planned and the date. They agreed to it, and told us they would be there. 

Mom and dad know that we would be responsible enough, so they bought us some alcohol, and stocked the downstairs fridge.

When the weekend finally arrived, mom and dad told us that they may be gone until some time the following Monday. They were going to drive to the college we were going to attend, about five hours away, and find us a place to stay while we were there. Before they left, we were reminded again to show some responsibility, and to be careful. About an hour after they left, Jack and Brenda showed up.

Both Jack and Brenda are our cousins, but they were not brother and sister. Jack’s mother and Brenda’s father were mom and dads sister and brother.

“Hey guys, come on in.” I told them when they arrived.

We showed them to their room, got each one a drink, and sat by the pool.

“I am surprised that Uncle Scott and Aunt Sue let you have alcohol.” Brenda told us. She tried a beer, didn’t like the taste, so she had a rum and coke, heavy on the coke.

“I guess they trust us enough to let us have it, so please be careful while you are here,” Stephanie told them.

“Don’t worry, we will.” Jack told us. “Before we go any further I need to let you know, our parents know about us.”

Shane spit his drink out and started choking. Stacy started to pound him on his back.

“What do you mean they know about us?” I asked.

“Not you four, us,” Brenda said motioning between them. “Jack was over at my house when mom and dad caught us. We had to explain what was going on, but we kept quiet about you four.”

“Brenda’s parents called mine, and we all had to sit down and talk about it. They told us that they were upset, but since we are not siblings, they were not going to try and separate us. So we basically have their approval on what we are doing.”

“Good,” I said as we all breathed a sigh of relief.

“What do you guys have planned this weekend?” Brenda asked.

“We can go swimming, relax, or do whatever you want to,” Stacy told her.

With that said, Brenda stood, stripped down naked and jumped in the pool. She didn’t have Stephanie and Stacy’s looks, but she still had a well-proportioned body that anyone would envy to have.

One by one, each one of us stripped down, and jumped in after her. Our parents installed a fence around the pool when it was dug, so we had no problems with anyone seeing us. We joked and played around for a little, one-thing lead to another, and we were soon doing more than swimming. 

Jack and I had Stacy in between us on the shallow end, and Stephanie and Brenda had Shane lying on his back by the pool with his feet hanging in the water. They were each licking and sucking his cock and balls.

I was facing Stacy, so I picked her up and impaled her on my cock Jack was a little shorter than me and Shane, so after I had Stacy on me, I had to squat down a little so that Jack could slide his cock in her ass. Stacy put her hands on my shoulders and started to move herself up and down on the two cocks. I heard Brenda cry out, so I looked over.

All three of them were out of the pool now. Brenda had sat on Shane’s cock, and Stephanie was sitting on his face. Stephanie had also reached over and started to rub Brenda’s clit while she rode Shane. Brenda was crying out each time she rode down on his cock.

Stacy brought me back as she started moaning.

“Oh, oh, oh.”

Faster she went, bringing herself to a climax. Stacy finally yelled out as she orgasmed, but continued to slam up and down on us. Jack was next, as I felt his cock spasm through the thin membrane that separated us. Mere seconds later, I let myself go, and Stacy screamed out yet again as she felt the hot cum fill her from both ends. She continued to ride our cocks, and Jack and I sustained our hardness.

The others had changed their position. Brenda was lying on her back on the pool deck, and Stephanie was sitting on her face as she was giving Shane a blowjob. They must have been enjoying it, since Stephanie was grinding her pussy into Brenda’s face and moaning around the cock in her mouth. Stephanie then had to grab Shane around the waist as she started to shake out an orgasm. He then took his cock out of her mouth, moved Stephanie out of he way, and started to shot his cum all over Brenda as she lay there. 

Stacy had moved to sit on the stairs, and had me and Jack stand in front of her as she simultaneously jerked us off. She would suck one cock as she pumped the other, back and forth she went. Stacy soon had me cuming over her face and exposed body, and Jack was not far behind. When she smiled up at us, Stacy had cum in her hair, all over her face, and the upper parts of her tits. Stephanie and Brenda joined her, and they started licking the cum off each other. 

“Wow, I think it is time for a shower.” Stephanie told us.

We grabbed out towels, and walked through the house naked to our parents’ bathroom.

“Damn. This is what you call a shower.” Jack stated as he walked in.

We soon had each other soaped up, and had to stop before we got too carried away. All of us had plans for the night.

When the shower was over with and we got dressed, Stephanie called out for pizza. All of us sat around and talked until the pizza’s arrived. With the food there, beer served all the way around, except Brenda who had her rum and coke, we sat and watched a porno.

Hours later, all of us had a pretty good buzz going. Brenda stayed with her rum and coke, but with each drink, the rum got stronger and the coke got weaker. The rest of us stayed with our beer. We continued watching porno, and somewhere along the line we lost our clothes.

Stephanie eventually came over and started to kiss me. Soon we were on the floor in a sixty-nine. I was on my back, and she was laying over the top of me. Just as fast as her juices were flowing, I was licking them up. Stephanie was sucking away on my cock, and then I felt another mouth suck on my balls. Feeling two mouths at my groin got me going, so I started shoving my tongue in and out of Stephanie’s pussy like it was my cock. She then sat up, and I felt the second mouth leave my balls. Soon afterwards, my cock got sucked in again. I heard Shane yell out, and figured that he was with Jack and Stacy. We stayed like this for a little longer, and then Stephanie got off my face. Looking down expecting Brenda, I was surprised when I saw Jack. 

Not knowing what to do, and not wanting to cause a scene, I let him continue. We would talk about it later. After Stephanie had left me, she got down between Jack’s legs, and started giving him a blowjob. Looking to see what the others were doing, I was surprised by the scene.

Stacy was on her back next to me, hands on her tits, and Jack was kneeling between her legs eating her out. The surprising part was that Brenda was buggering Jack with a strap on dildo. Now I know why I heard him yell out, I would have also if I was getting that up my ass. Reaching over, I pushed a hand away from Stacy’s tit and pinched her nipple. Stacy first looked at me, and then moved to kiss me, shoving her tongue down my throat. 

Jack was sucking away on my cock, and I felt myself swell. Not able to yell out with Stacy’s tongue down my throat, I let myself go, feeling Jack’s mouth and throat working as he swallowed. After everyone had their separate orgasms, we got up to get more drinks.

We were still buzzing pretty well, so we partnered up again. After some needling by just about everyone, I was soon going down on Shane. Never having done this before, I did what I learned from the girls, and soon had the hang of it. Soon I felt something pressing against my asshole, and knew what was coming. At first I tensed up, but then relaxed. When the first inch of the strap on was pushed in, I had to come up off Shane’s cock to yell out. Whoever had it stopped, and then slowly started pushing more in. By the time I had it all, tears were rolling down my face, and I knew what the girls felt when we did this to them. After getting used to it, the dildo started going in and out real slow. Once the pain subsided, I put Shane’s cock back in my mouth. Brenda then came and sat on his face. 

A few minutes later, I felt someone get under me, and start sucking my cock. Getting fucked in the ass, having a blowjob given to me, and then sucking my own brother off got to me, and I was soon moving the cock in and out of my mouth faster. The next thing I knew, Shane was cuming. At first I choked, but then swallowed. When he was done, I had to let his cock slip out of my mouth so I could take a deep breath. 

Putting the top of my head down on the floor, I looked under me and saw Stacy sucking my cock, so that meant that it was Stephanie who had the strap on. Looking over to the side, Jack was kneeling between Stacy fucking her. I soon felt myself swelling up again, and not long after, Stacy was swallowing as fast as she could.

When everyone was done, we sat around with another drink, catching our breath. We found out that Brenda had bought the strap on and was using it on Jack. A few times she had him suck on it, and he wondered what it would be like to suck on the real thing. The girls had gone done on each other before, so no one could really complain. I am not gay by far, but with time, I could get use to this. 

After we had caught our breath, and relaxed, we wanted to go at it again. Jack reamed Brenda’s ass, and was soon on his back with Brenda lying backward on top of him. I kneeled between their legs, and slammed my cock straight up Brenda’s pussy. She screamed out because she had never been double penetrated. Shane walked over, and had Brenda suck his cock. She had all three holes filled with hard dicks, and was soon having orgasm after orgasm. 

During this, Stephanie had laid on the floor close to us, and Stacy was fucking her with the strap on. Brenda had made a wise investment with the strap on, and it was getting a good work out this night.

Jack, Shane and I had already cum twice that night, so it was going to be awhile before we did again. The three of us kept switching around on Brenda, she was really enjoying herself. After a good bit, we felt ourselves getting close, and wanting to do something a little different. We pulled out of Brenda and laid her next to Stephanie. Jack, Shane and I stood over them and started to pump our cocks. Seeing what we were going to do, Stacy pulled out of Stephanie and got down on the floor next to the others. We continued to pump our cocks, and the three of us were soon shooting our cum over the girls simultaneously. When we were drained, Jack, Shane and I had to sit down because it was going to be awhile before we got another erection. We sat there with our beers watching Stephanie, Stacy and Brenda lick the cum off each other. I guess they hadn’t had enough, because they soon had the strap on back out.

Stacy had the strap on this time and she was using it on Stephanie’s ass. Stephanie normally didn’t like to get fucked in the ass, but this time she was enjoying it. Stephanie though, was lying on top of Brenda with her face in her pussy. Brenda was underneath her, lying in the opposite direction doing the same thing to Stephanie. While they were going at it, the three of us were sitting on the couch giving each other a hand job. Miraculously, we were soon hard again. At our age, it is no problem getting erection when we want it.

Already having the strap on in us, we wanted to feel the real thing. Jack got on his hands and knees, and I got behind him to stick my cock in his ass. Shane got in front and had Jack suck on his cock. It was taking us a long time again to build ourselves up, so we switched around on each other. All three of us had the feel of a hard cock in our ass. The girls themselves had also been switching around. When Jack, Shane and I were finally ready, we again stood around the girls and jacked off all over them.

By this time it was early morning, and we could see the sun start to rise. We had been screwing each other all night. The six of us walked up to the shower, cleaned off, and slept till late that afternoon.


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