Quad's Ch. 03

(Part 1 from 3)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I have had excellent feedback on the Quad’s, and as long as you the reader keep asking for more, I will continue writing.



Shit! We were in trouble.

My parents, who had left for the weekend, had returned early and caught my sisters, brother and I in bed together.

Let me explain.

My name is Shawn. My sisters, Stephanie and Stacy, along with my brother, Shane and I are a set of identical 18 yr. old quadruplets. A few nights ago, we consummated our love for each other by having sex for the first time. Last night, we decided to push Shane’s bed and mine together and sleep there. I was the first to wake, and discovered that our parents had returned from their weekend away a day early. They were sitting at the foot of the beds. I could tell by the grim expressions, that they were not happy. 

“Wake your brother and sisters. We will be in the kitchen.” My father told me. They both got up and left, without saying another word. 

I woke the others, and explained to them about mom and dad.

“What are we going to do?” Stacy asked frightened.

“The only thing we can do, go down and talk with them,” I replied

“But what are we going to tell them? We can’t just say that we have been screwing each other’s brains out,” Shane said.

“We can’t lie to them,” Stephanie told him. “They will see right through that. We will just tell them the truth, and take it from there.”

After we were dressed, we slowly made our way to the kitchen.

Mom and dad were sitting in the breakfast nook, drinking their coffee.

“Sit down kids,” my mom spoke to us. “Explain yourselves!”

Being the usual spokesman amongst us, I explained everything, leaving out the details of the sex we had. When I was done, everyone was quiet for a few minutes, then my father spoke up.

“Your mother and I are very unhappy with the four of you. We will never be able to forgive any of you fully for what you have done, but at the same time we cannot keep the four of you apart. If you want to sleep with each other that is fine.” The four of us looked at each other in total shock. “But, there are going to be some ground rules, and this conversation, along with what we are letting you do, is not to leave this house. Now, let me tell you something. Your mother agreed with me that you are old enough to understand, and you would have found out sooner or later.”

“When I was about 5 or 6, my parents decided to get a divorce. A few years later, my father meet someone else and re-married. This lady had a young daughter, about the same age I was. My mother didn’t like me going over there to visit, so she decided to move as far away as she could, and took me with her. My mother met someone where she moved to, and he became your grandfather. I never saw my father, or his new family again; that is until I was in college.”

“I meet a young lady there, who looked familiar. After we were introduced, we started to talk of our past, and our families. That is when I realized where I had seen her before. The person who she was calling her dad, was my father. After that, we started to see each other more often, and would rarely be seen apart.”

“Dad, I thought you told us before that mom was the only one you ever dated in college?” I asked him.

“She is Shawn.” 

“You have us confused,” Stacy replied. “You told us that mom was the only one you ever dated in college, but now you are telling us about your long lost sister, who you saw quite often, and was rarely away from her!”

“That’s right. What is so confusing about the whole thing?”

Then I realized what he was saying. I looked at my mother with my mouth hanging open, and she was looking back.

“Let me see if I got this right,” Stephanie said. “You meet your long lost sister in college, saw her quite often, and hardly left her side. But, mom was the only one that you ever dated.”

“That’s right,” he told her.

“So that means mom is ….”

“Your sister,” I finished for her.

son of a bitch,” Shane stammered.

“Watch your mouth young man,” my mother told him, speaking for the first time.

“But dad, you just told us that you will never be able to forgive us for what we did, but yet you married your sister,” I told him.

“You understood part of what I told you, but not all of it.”

“And what part is that?” I asked.

“You mother is my sister, but she is my sister by marriage, not blood.”

We were all quiet while we let all this new information sink in. Then my mother started to talk to us. 

“When your father and I decided to get married, his father and my mother were very upset, and told us that if we went through with it, we would be on our own. When the four of you were born, it was my decision not to tell any of you about this until you were old enough to understand.”

“A few days ago, I heard from my mother for the first time since you father and I were married. It seems that your grandfather had a heart attack, and he has to go through bypass surgery. He wanted to see your father and I before they operated on him, just in case he didn’t make it. That is where we were this weekend. They live a few hours from here, and have been there for quite a few years. Both of them have forgiven us, and would like to get the family back together. You have some aunt’s, uncles and cousins that you haven’t met yet. We agreed on it, but we will not do it before all of you graduate. The reason why we came back early, was to tell the four of you about the whole situation. Are any of you mad about it, or have any questions?”

“No ma’am,” the four of us replied in unison.

“Good. Now here are the new rules of the house,” my father said.

“Number one, I have already told you that you may sleep with each other. But, there will be no switching of partners. Two, do not try and get your mother and I involved with anything sexual that you might do. Three, I built the shower in the main bathroom so that your mother and I could take showers together. You may use it, whether in two’s, or all four of you. Four, no sex in the shower. Your mother and I may want to come in, and we do not want to walk in on anything. That is all that we have come up with, for now. But, we may come up with more later. It is late for breakfast, so lets go out, grab brunch and relax for the day.” 

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