Punishments And Rewards

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The meadow of grass was alluring; it beckoned me closer, tempting me to lay myself down in its embrace and take pleasure in the warmth of the afternoon sun. I had slipped away from the hustle and bustle of the village about an hour ago and have since been wandering the nearby woods, relishing the solitude that would, undoubtedly, dissipate the minute I returned home.

I crouched down to study a patch of buttercups, picking just a few and rose up to continue my walk to the meadow. I’ve made many a visit to this secluded field, a hidden gem of nature that I had happened upon during a previous trek through the forest. No one else is aware of its existence, as far as I know, so I always come here to sleep or think or maybe even touch myself. I certainly can’t do it at home, where any one of my many family members could suddenly walk in on me, which would definitely end in a loathsome punishment of sorts, since my family is very puritanical and religious. I mulled over that thought, absentmindedly reaching down to caress my thigh. My dress was a little short, the hem coming to rest a few inches below mid thigh, whereas most of the village women wore dresses that fell below their knees. No one seemed to be bothered by my clothing style, however, since I was so well behaved and didn’t cause any trouble.

I didn’t wear panties, most of the time. Why should I? They were rather uncomfortable and I oh-so-loved the feeling of a gentle breeze between my thighs. There was also the added benefit of being able to pleasure myself more easily. I ran the remaining way through the forest, eager to reach the meadow and caress my pussy. I threw myself onto the grass gracelessly, wriggling over onto my back and releasing a breath. I reached down to pull my dress up and expose my vulva, taking immense pleasure in the heat of the sun’s rays and closing my eyes against its bright light. The fingers of my right hand began stroking rhythmically over my folds, every so often brushing over my hot clitoris. My unoccupied hand came to rest on my petite breast, rubbing in a circle to feel the hardness of my dark nipple pushing through the fabric.

My mind formed a faint picture of a man. A man, not a boy. I was hardly interested in the silly boys of my age in the village; they were a bore, they weren’t smart or strong or exciting. My mental image was a man, strong and fierce with intense eyes, like no one I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. I rubbed shamelessly over the stiffened nub of my clitoris, my slippery secretions aiding in the achievement of my pleasure. Maybe he would be tanned from working in the sun, or perhaps a lighter hue because he preferred to be alone indoors, reading or writing. But his hands would be strong and confident, attached to muscular, veiny arms. I moaned, softly at first, but a little more passionately each time, because there was no one around to hear me. The fingers of my left hand slid into my opening as the digits of my right hand continue to massage my clitoris. And his cock, it would be… it would be…

I squealed, my bare buttocks writhing against the cool grass as the muscles of my pussy began squeezing tightly. I moaned and groaned and gasped with reckless abandon and pushed my fingers harder against the pulsing walls of my vagina. My orgasm pounded a hot, steady beat low in my belly and I opened my eyes, parting my lips to sigh again and…
I screamed.
A man!

There was a man, standing at the edge of the meadow, his body only half visible through the foliage of the forest, and his eyes were on me, watching me with an almost scary concentration. I knew he could see me across the clear field, lying in the grass with my pussy exposed to his ravenous eyes.

Oh, God! I had been moaning so loudly, how could he have not heard me? I bolted upright, frantically pulling my dress over my thighs and looking at him with wild, wide eyes. Just as I sat up, he turned and sprinted off into the forest, leaving me struggling to catch my breath. I pulled myself to my feet, not quite sure as to what I should do.

Was he from the village? I didn’t recognize him. His tanned skin and dark, disheveled hair were completely foreign to me. Nonetheless, if I was mistaken and he did live in the village, he could easily tell anyone he liked, including my parents. I swallowed hard, hoping I was right and that he had no connections to my small community.

Feeling light headed, I made my way back to the forest to walk home, sleep, and try to forget about that encounter. But, try as I might, the man would not leave my thoughts. How long had he been watching me? I chewed my lip, remembering the look in his eyes. Was it lust? For me? I considered my pale skin. My small, slim frame. Dark eyes, dark hair, falling just below my shoulder blades. I suppose I am pretty, but I’m certainly not gorgeous. Most of the boys I knew tended to prefer those buxom, curvaceous girls, giggling and batting their eyelashes.

That man, did he think I was attractive? The look in his eyes was so hungry, so forceful. I began to feel almost flattered, but those feelings were not as powerful as the fear I felt. I was scared of this man. He looked strong. He could have defiled, desecrated, completely violated me and I would not have been able to fight back. I thought of his dark hair again and sighed softly. He was handsome… And he was a man! Not a boy. Tightness began coiling low in my belly. I pushed away all thoughts of the man and instead focused on the trees around me.

I slowed my pace, not wanting to arrive home just yet. It was summertime and the sun had many hours left before the moon took over. I strolled down a fork in the path, a familiar route that would take me to a private little pond in which I could bathe before going home. I breathed in the fresh, damp air, grateful for a distraction and smiled when the pond’s glimmering water came into view.
I bent over to untie the laces of my boots, overcome with an innocent eagerness to play in the water. I froze, however, when a chorus of splashing filled my ears.

“But I thought no one ever comes here…” I realized with confusion. I straightened up, quietly treading over the grass to hide behind a large tree. Leaning to one side, I searched with wide eyes for the source of the splashing.
I noticed a naked figure at the opposite side of the pond, facing away from me. I jumped in surprise when I realized it was the man I had encountered earlier.
Oh! My body stiffened with excitement.

I stared, unblinking, at his muscular back. I was close enough to see the water dripping down his body. Only his torso was visible above the surface of the pond. My eyes followed his hands as they moved to run through his now wet hair.
I giggled, just a tiny bit, filled with an unquenchable curiosity. This was like revenge! I was the one watching him now, and I was in awe, frozen in my hiding spot. He was older than me, judging by his appearance, maybe in his middle twenties.
I watched him swimming back and forth across the small area of the pond. He was completely naked; I could see the bare skin of his ass as he swam. I wrung my hands together, not quite sure if I should leave or stay and watch. I wanted to stay – I was curious, after all. I had never been in this kind of situation. Eventually my adolescent mind won over and I sank to my knees in the soft grass, drinking in the sight as my breath escaped through parted lips.

His body rose above the water, and my eyes rose with it, eagerly anticipating the moment his cock would be bared to me. I had never seen one before, only read of them in books and heard depictions from the older girls of the village. I observed the water glistening on his hipbones and on the dark trail of pubic hair adorning the flesh below his navel. I squeezed my thighs together, wanting to whine in frustration. I leaned further against the tree, practically embracing its trunk, waiting for him to climb just a little more out of the water, it was so close, I so, so wanted to see it.

He stretched his arms above his head, extending further out of the water by just a few inches. I panted slightly, my cheeks, by pussy, my body felt hot, I pleaded silently in my head,
“Please, please, please!”
I chewed my lip and watched him intently, a slippery wetness throbbing inside me, oh, I could almost see his cock, I wanted to see it, and I needed to, oh,
“You naughty girl!”
I cried out and jumped to my feet.

His eyes drove into me, his lips pulled into a feral grin to reveal his sharp, white teeth. I stumbled back and fell clumsily, my dress falling around my waist. His eyes were plastered on my naked pussy, taking in my pink wetness. Ashamed and scared, I forced myself up and ran away. I heard a thunderous laughing behind me and I didn’t dare look back.


By the time I made it home the sun had begun setting and my family members were scattered around the house, indulging in their various activities. I passed by my mother and older sisters sewing in the living room and made my way to my bedroom, exhausted from the day’s events. I undressed and slipped into an old nightgown, the familiar softness of the fabric a comfort to my damaged pride.

I felt so stupid. So embarrassed. I squeezed my eyes shut and pressed my face into the pillow. All of a sudden, I was overwhelmed by… by all that had happened. I felt hot and wet and I liked the way he had been watching me, but those feelings only served to humiliate me even further. I moaned helplessly into my pillow and rolled onto my side to try and sleep.


I awoke the next morning to a bright, sunny, beautiful day. The light streaming through the windows was painful, I felt exposed and vulnerable to the world. I could not hide in the darkness now; I would have to continue as if yesterday were nothing more than a dream. If only it had been. The throbbing in my body, down my spine, nestled between my thighs, everywhere, was too real to bear.

I sat through breakfast in silence, picking at a slice of toast and hiding my face behind my cup of black tea. I took off once my parents and siblings began going about their daily routines. I scurried to the village center where, hopefully, I could engross myself in conversing with my peers.
I knew I was lying to myself; I abhorred being around the silly, foolish girls and naïve young boys. I sat alone, watching them, but thinking of the man I had seen yesterday.

If I went for a walk in the woods, would I happen upon him again? My heart quickened at the possibility. I wanted to see him. An abrupt bolt of courage had me on my feet and hurrying far, far away from the incessant chatter of the village and toward the seductive isolation of the forest.
I walked with my hands clasped at my throat, debating the path I should traverse. I couldn’t simply take the same route I usually did, because I had never seen the man in that area until yesterday. I would have to travel a bit further into the wood, a thought that, admittedly, worried me, but the paths were clear and easy to discern. I would have no trouble finding my way home, as long as I didn’t stray from the walkway.

I had no exact intentions for this trip. The chances of finding this stranger were slim, and even if I did, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with him... Or what I wanted him to do to me.
I stared at my feet as I walked, contemplating my motives.
I wanted to feel the same striking mix of shock and arousal I had experiences the previous day.
I wanted him to stride over to me, push me on the ground and ravish me, the way I had imagined he would in the meadow.
I just… I just wanted to be fucked.

A concoction of apprehension and anticipation formed in my belly, effectively distracting me from my surroundings as I strolled to nowhere in particular.
“Well, hello there!”
My eyes darted up frantically and I found myself staring into a pair of shady eyes. A log cabin stood among the otherwise desolate area, housing the very subject of my thoughts.
My voice caught in my throat, disabling my ability to speak as he leaned languidly on the wooden railing of the veranda. A small, secretive smile quirked his tawny lips as he watched me, making it difficult for me to look up, and I stood squirming under his gaze, wanting to remark on how rude it was for him to stare.

“Come here, girl,” he commanded suddenly.
I didn’t move, too frightened by his abrupt order, and stood staring at him mutely.
“I said COME HERE!”

His demand was again bellowed thunderously, giving me half a mind to just turn around and run away. Instead, however, my legs began moving in small steps towards the cabin, my slow pace transforming the short journey into a painstakingly drawn out effort.
I ascended the triplet of wooden steps, my eyes firmly on the ground and my hands wringing the hem of my dress. Standing with my back to the railing, I saw his feet, tan and bare, cross the short distance between us. I could feel the sharp pierce of his gaze. I didn’t look up.
I expected him to say something. To do something. To touch me or comment on our encounter. He opted simply to sit on a nearby chair and continue his observation of me. It was harder now to avoid his eyes, as his seat brought him just about my line of vision. I took the opportunity to study him in return.

His nose was straight and formed in an elegant, angular shape. His eyes were dark and liquid, his lips light brown and standard. The manner in which he possessed those common traits, however, was what made him so intriguing. He seemed to be silently proclaiming an air of arrogance and absolute confidence.
“Alright,” he spoke unexpectedly, startling me out of my examination,
“Bend over my knee.”
“What!” I took a step back and stared at him in alarm.

He laughed; a short chuckle, as if his request was in no way out of the ordinary.
“Sweetheart, you seem to have forgotten the occurrences that took place yesterday. I caught you indulging in very wicked behavior. Not only were you brazenly pleasuring yourself out in an open field, where anyone could come along and see your cute pussy,” my face grew hot at the smirk on his lips,

“But you were shameless enough to follow me and watch me bathe. I had quite the pleasant surprise when I spotted you behind that tree. And finally,” he dragged me between his knees and ran a large hand up my thigh to press his palm across my naked pussy, “You aren’t wearing any panties. How would you like it if I were to alert your parents of this disgraceful behavior?” He grinned salaciously as I tried to wriggle away from his rough caress. I cried out as his thumb pressed on my clit.
“No, no you can’t!” I pleaded helplessly, “Please, sir, I can’t disappoint my mother and father; and what would everyone think of me? I’ll be humiliated!”
He nodded in approval, and parted his lips yet again to speak.

“I suppose I’ll be the one to administer your punishment, then. You must be punished, after all, or you won’t learn your lesson,” he squeezed my thigh, “Now be a good girl and bend over my knee.”
I swallowed hard and moved forward to slowly lay myself across his spread legs. My mound rested just on his knee and I gripped the opposite leg to keep my balance. I felt the skirt of my dress being slowly drawn up; my naked ass elevated and bore to his sight. I closed my eyes and waited for the first strike. I could feel his hand resting lightly, unmoving, on the small of my back. Just as I parted my lips to question him, a hard slap was delivered upon my behind, the loud thwack accompanied by an acute stinging sensation.
I gasped in slight pain. The slap left a warm tingle. His palm struck me again, the strength of the blow forcing my groin harder onto his knee.

“Ah!” Each strike felt like a shock, my tender flesh searing beneath his hand.
“Please, no more!” I wriggled on his lap, trying to slide off.
“Lie still, you little slut, you deserve this!” He gave a short laugh and pushed my bottom harder against his knee.

The next spank caused me to mewl in delight as my clit pressed and rubbed against him. I rocked back and forth on his knee, his hand still administering a series of slaps. I felt a finger forcefully probing the opening of my pussy, sliding in just one inch, then two, pushing in further and moving in a slow rhythm. My wet mound rubbed repeatedly against him, the pleasure intensified by his hard slaps to my ass cheeks.
I moaned breathlessly and writhed about on his lap, my nipples hardening against my dress. I was on the verge of orgasm, I was so close, the steady back and forth motion across his leg was enough to offer me release and…
Without warning I was shoved off his knee and onto the wooden platform. I looked up at him, bewildered and irritated. He stared back, calm and reserved. I had been mere seconds from a gratifying orgasm. I felt cheated.

Forgetting all manner of modesty, I ignored his presence, spread my knees and began working my clit furiously, focused only on achieving my desperately needed orgasm. Just as my fingertips grazed my flesh rough hands grabbed my wrists and hauled me to my feet. I fought against his grip, trying to pull myself free. He pulled me close so that our faces were a few inches apart.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” He growled. “This is a punishment, girl. You are not to receive sexual gratification because you’ve been naughty and you don’t deserve it,” he smirked, “You are not to pleasure yourself, either. You are to go home and obey me. If you lie to me, I will know it – I can easily spot a liar. If you behave, I will have a reward waiting for you. Return tomorrow in the afternoon. Of course, you can completely disobey me and not come back at all, but then you won’t receive your reward,” he ran a thumb over my lower lip, “But I know you won’t do that because you’re a good girl, aren’t you?”

I nodded mutely and he smiled at my compliance. Smoothing my dress down, I shifted my gaze away and spotted a wet patch adorning the fabric of his pants, right where I had been bent over. I turned around, hot with both humiliation and arousal. I hurried back to the pathway, his eyes burning into me as long as I was in his sight, my pussy painfully tight with lack of fulfillment.


The following morning, after a hasty breakfast and an equally hasty goodbye to my oblivious family, I made my way to the forest with slight hesitation. Was I actually going to return to the cabin? Or would I just walk halfway and end up shying from the delicious possibilities awaiting me? This man was so arousing in his manner, so boundless in his confidence; he was no timid boy watching me from afar but too afraid to take action. I was excited to find out what he had in store for me, the mystery and seduction of our secret rendezvous was intoxicating.

However, potential dangers also riddled my imagination. I didn’t know him; I didn’t even know his name!
I huffed out a breath of air and stopped my walk. I wanted this. My life was stuck on a repetitive cycle of eat, sleep and try not to be bored – maybe he was what I had been hoping for. Thanks to this arrogant stranger, the last few days have thrilled me far more than anyone I’d ever met or any orgasm I’d ever had. Walking away now would be like walking away from the perfect opportunity for an amazing experience.

I resumed my brisk pace, now determined more than ever to find this man and receive the ‘reward’ I very well deserved. I had not touched myself at all the previous day, although I spent the night tossing about in bed, hot and wet.
A small, almost childish smile tugged at the corners of my lips when I viewed the wooden structure in the distance. It quickly fell away to a frown, though, when I discovered the veranda to be devoid of any human presence. I took a few steps closer to assure myself of what I saw – he wasn’t there.
What the hell!

I ran up the steps to the veranda and scowled around the empty platform. He couldn’t have been joking when he told me to return. It was early in the afternoon. Maybe he was out?
Edging closer to the door, I wondered whether or not he may be inside. My fingers brushed the doorknob and I found that turning it was unnecessary, as it was already open. I pushed it open cautiously and crept inside.
I stood in a kitchen of sorts; a table and set of two chairs were positioned in the center and shelves lining the walls were filled with food items. A massive stone fireplace was opposite me.

I eyed my surroundings, not finding any sign that the man was either in or out. I continued my exploration, moving down a short, dim hallway lined with several doors. I took the one at the very end and found a bedroom. The floors, like the rest of the house, were of a dark wood. A large bed, covered in a blanket and fluffy pillows, was situated in the corner. A wardrobe and other assorted pieces of furniture were scattered about.

Nervousness grew in my belly – should I have even come in? I made my way over to the inviting bed and sat on the soft mattress, bouncing slightly under my weight. I squeezed handfuls of the blanket in my fingers. I wanted to lie down, just for a few minutes.
I removed my boots and laid myself across the bed, pulling the blanket over my body. It was, admittedly, very cozy, and the warmth relaxed me into sleepiness. I closed my eyes. I wouldn’t sleep for too long.


I woke with a start, surveying my surroundings and immediately recalling my position. Seeing that I had slept for a while and the man was still not present, I decided it would be best to return home… I reached to rub at my eyes, but an odd pressure held my arms above my head.

I twisted frantically, trying to see what was happening. It felt like a rope or string was wrapped around my wrists, fastening them to the frame of the bed. I thrashed about even though I knew I couldn’t remove the restraints. Only then did I realize my dress was not on my body. I could see it slung over the back of a chair across the room.
I screamed out, unable to find any words.

The door swung open to reveal the stranger, his broad chest bare, as well as his feet. Despite my alarming position, he seemed completely at ease with the situation. He munched on a shiny green apple and leaned against the door frame, his brows raised at me. I stared at him in confusion. He tossed the apple core in a nearby bucket and strolled over to the bed.
“You’re awake,” he remarked simply.
“What’s going on? Did you do this to me?”
He laughed lightly.

“Well, of course I did. This is your reward.” He flashed a toothy smile. “You’re a little slut, aren’t you? I’m pleased to see you obeyed and came back.” My cheeks warmed at his comment.
He proceeded to climb onto the foot of the bed and grab my ankles in each of his fists. My breath came in short wisps. I tried to stay still when his right hand slid up my naked leg to stroke at my pussy.
“What is my reward, exactly?” I stuttered horribly, reddening my cheeks further. He took his time to answer, rubbing at my clit for a few moments.
“Mmm… I’m going to fuck you, hard. Isn’t that why you’re here, sweetheart?”

My heart pounded at his words, as crude as they were. He didn’t really seem to want an answer, so I didn’t bother to supply one.
He removed his fingers from me and stood, his eyes roving my body as he leaned across me to reach for my bound wrists. I could not see, but felt the bindings loosening above my head.
“I think we’ll both enjoy this more if you aren’t restrained.” His breath was scented with a mild mint, perhaps from a tea of some variety.
I massaged my freed wrists and sat up, pulling the blanket to cover my nakedness. He noticed this and reached down to wrench it away.

“What the hell are you doing? Stop acting so shy; you came here for a reason, didn’t you? Now get up and follow me.” He turned around and made his way toward the door without waiting for a reply. I glanced over at my dress.
“No, don’t bother with that.”
I trailed after him with my arms wrapped around my torso, down the hallway and through the kitchen. He opened the front door and exited, obviously expecting me to do the same. He stood in the center of the veranda with his hands on his hips. I stood before him meekly, scared about being outside completely stripped. He soon settled himself into his large chair, indicating that we would not be going back inside for quite a while. He motioned for me to approach him and smirked at me.
“You look nervous. I’m guessing you don’t regularly have sex outside?” he noted with a hint of humor in his voice. I was too anxious to laugh or even smile at his joke.

“No… I’ve never had sex, actually. I’m a virgin.” I had no idea of how he’d react.
Much to my relief, his smirk did not budge. Instead, his hand reached behind me to stroke at my ass a little.
“Climb onto my lap,” he ordered simply. I hurried to compliantly position myself against his groin, my thighs on either side of him.
“Rub your clit. We need some lubrication.” I leant back a bit and supported myself with my left hand resting on the chair’s edge in the space between his knees. My other hand reached behind me to find my clit from the back and pressed it in hard circles. I closed my eyes, but the feeling of his stare on me made my clit tingle. Silently, his fingers pushed into me, brushing against my own every so often. After five or ten minutes, warm flows of cum were slickening both our hand.
He moved me back a bit on his legs and began working on his belt and pants. I could already see his hardness through the fabric.

I gave a small gasp when I saw his cock, upright and stiff, gripped in his hand. It was tanned, like him, of course, somewhat purple towards the head, with veins pushing through the skin. It looked to be a little more than five inches in length. Precum dripped from the tip.
“Ready?” he asked, his voice gruff. I nodded. I gripped his shoulders and he lifted my bottom to position me over him. I lowered myself until I felt his hardness pressing against my pussy, then I kept going, pushing down further. A soft hum came from me as I felt his thick cock stretching my pussy wide open. Never before had I felt so filled. I rested my chin on his shoulder, completely sheathing him. He then seized my waist and began lifting and dropping me while simultaneously thrusting upwards. Each plunge forcefully parted my pussy lips, and I moaned into his bare shoulder.

Suddenly, he lifted me completely off of him, only to turn me around and continue fucking me roughly from behind.
“Anyone could come through those trees at any second and see your poor pink pussy being abused. Then they would run off and tell your whole village… Or maybe someone’s watching right now, hiding behind one of those trees like the way you were spying on me in the pond. They can see how much of a wanton slut you are, letting me fuck you out in the open like this, completely exposed.” A moan was my only response, as his fingers were now softly teasing the tips of my dark nipples, each touch tap increasing the warmth between my thighs.

I pressed on my enlarged clit whilst his cock maintained its ‘reward’. His teeth grazed my shoulder and I wriggled against him to push down harder. I felt a deep growl rumbling in his chest against my back.
I flicked my clit ceaselessly until my pussy squeezed tightly around his cock, clenching and relaxing almost to the point of aching. Hot fluid trickled out of me, his or mine or maybe both of ours. I lolled back onto him, exhausted, and felt his chest rise and fall under me.
“Such a good girl…” He breathed next to my ear as he wrapped his arms around me. “Now that you’ve been rewarded, I suppose I can let you go. But if I catch you being wicked again I’ll have to continue your discipline. And mind you, I won’t be so easy on you next time… Not at all.”

“Oh, yes, please! I find it so hard to stay out of trouble…” I closed my eyes and sighed contently.
And I still didn’t know his name.

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