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I am Anjali and am a University student in anthropology. My professor gave me an assignment to work in the field and prepare project report on the subject of 'primus noctis'. I selected an agency tract interior of central India and set up my camp in a remote village. There are no tribals here but there is a community which practices this old custom of 'primus noctis'. 

The custom goes that when a girl first menstruated, eveil spirits occupy her vulva and vagina and do not allow her to conceive. If her husband deflowers her he will be cast with a curse of impotency. So, the village deity is appeased by a ritual sacrifice of a buffalo and the priest deflowers her. These people marry off their children even as little as five to six years old. However, as the time of occurrence of first menstruation is usually about 14 or 18 years only and hence, marriage will not be consummated by the husband even after the priest deflowers the girl. The father in law of the bride indulges in coitus during the first night of nuptials and only on the second night the dear hubby is allowed access to his own wife. I selected a family to interview on this custom and its details. The family consists of a man in fifties, his wife about early fifties and their son is of 26 and the daughter in law is of 24 old.

Surprisingly the family fully co-operated to answer my questions and I found no inhibition of talking about sex. The young daughter in law, named Bholie explained her first intercourse with the priest and how she felt comfortable when he did it second time. Later in the same night, her father in law did it with her six times, she said. The Q & A went like this

A:- Did you find any difference in size of the penises of the priest, your f-i-l and your hubby?
B:-Yes, my f-i-l has the large one. His testicles are also large. My hubby is short but thicker in girth. The priest's I do not remember.
A: You had sex with your hubby on the second night. How did you feel?
B: In fact, he did not know what to do, so I guided him into me because I now know what is to be done. My hubby is happy for that help.
A:- Did you ever sleep with your father in law after that at any time?
B:-Only two times. That is when my mother in law was sick with fever.

A: Your hubby knows this?
B:-Yes, he only told me to go to bed with his father.
A:How did you feel this second time with your father in law?
B: It was like good old time.I am also experienced and enjoyed his large penis.
A: The second time also it happened when your mother in law is sick?

B: No. It was one afternoon. My mother in law went to a relative's place and my hubby went for a hunt in the jungle. I felt lonely and took the hand of my father in law and took him into the attic room. He did not expect my intention but when I dropped my saree he knew what I wanted and gave me a good fuck three times until we both exhausted.

All this session her mother in law was there and smiled at the narrations. She was next to be questioned. I used to call her buvva.
A; Buvvaji, Your priest did it many times on that first day. Did you really enjoy?

B: first time it was really painful because he had such a huge luggage there. By the third time I am fully stretched.
A: That night when your in law tried how did you feel? 
B;My in law had difficulty with erection. It was soft. So, he attempted but gave up. He went out and sent my hubby in. He did it real good because I was fully open down there. Except these persons did you have any other experience?
B:no, no, none at all.

At this time her husband interfered and said "why don't you tell that episode with our guest from gudem?". Now she remembered that episode and narrated thus
B: This guest from gudem came to spend a couple of days on a hunting mission and stayed with us. After dinner, my husband told me to go to him. So, I obliged.

A: How good is this guest in fucking?
B;Any man is good if she is not his wife. He kept me awake whole night. After the fifth time, I told him to go to sleep as he has to go to the jungle next morning. Even while sleeping he kept his phallus inside my vagina. The whole of next day I felt sticky between my thighs as his cum is very sticky and much quantity. I liked it of course.

Now is the turn of the young man to answer: His name is Asur.
A: Other than your wife did you have any other experience with any girls?
Asur: no. girls are nuisance. If we start, they always are after you. So, I am not interested.
A: So, you are happy with your wife. He replied" yes" Now the odl patriarch answered me. His name is Jangi
A: Sir, why this practice in your community? You are not a tribal, is it not?

J:-We are not tribals. But the tribals has their ghouls where the boys and girls spend their nights together in that large shed situated at the outskirts of the gudem. We have no such facility. When the girl matures, her hubby is still too young to have sex. The girl needs to know the sex act and it should not be difficult if she is already given the method of doing it. That is why the elders take the responsibility. The priest's fucking is to avoid evil spirits haunting her vulva and vagina. He applies special holy paste to his penis to ward off the evil spirit.

A: It may happen that the priest may fuck both the mother and her daughter in his life time>
J: so, what? He is only doing his duty. Besides, fucking is such a holy thing one should do it as a holy duty.
A:But there is pleasure in it!
J:yes, God made it like that so that children come to this world through joyful experience of some couples.

Later I wanted to inspect the genitals of these four members. The mounds of both Bholie and her mother in law were clean shaved. The men maintained pubic hair. They explained that the menstrual blood will stick to the hair and produce lice, so they always shave.
This is the gist of my interview.

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