Product Launch

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Andy was asked to help out a friend and client at a sports event and product launch, the client had over streced his resources and then had additione requirements to cope with at the event.
It was an opprtunity for Andy to network and make some good contacts so he grabbed the opportunity. Some of wills oold crew had moved on and a mix of friends and families were working inclusing two new hostesses, Carol and Nancy. Nancy a 42 year old stunning ex model and 23 year old Carol

The wholle crew worked long hard hours and on the Monday after a long weekend the clients wanted to party along with some others at the venue.

Andy played a middle man roll between the bickering crew and the clients and their guests, on thr finsl day evberone had consumed a few drinks and by 10 pm most were quite drunk. Carol had attracted an annoying young Austrian guy and Andy was grabbed by her, "Get rid of hime pleashe" she drawled a little to drunk. Andy moved a chair and started chatting to Carol and asked the guy to get them a drink, Scooping the drunken Carol off her wobbly feet to another hospitality suite where she found a half empty white wine bottle and poured her heart out to Andy about her boyfriend leaving her.
Andy persueded her to stop drinking and half carried her out to the workers caravannand motorhome park.

Carol suddenly went limp and quiet and then was violently sick all down her front. "I needs a shoowwwer" she drawled eventually and Andy helped her to the Motohome and got her a robe and towel. Carol was sat in a muddy puddle having falen of her chair when he came out and helped her to the changeing room.

Carol managed to get her blouse and bra off but ended up on the cubicle floor calling "fucking wells helpsh me" Andy managed to forcr his way in the door and get her on her feet her arms around his neck he nice generous sticky sick coated smelly tits squashed to his white shirt he unzipped her skirt and pulled it and her thong down before siting her on the toilet. She giggled as she peed and jiggled her tits at Andy. "nice titties" very nice, he replied. Before he helped her into the shower which she turned on nearly soaking him as she tuerned the shower lever and falling to the floor aas he jumped clear. "WASH MY BACK" she shouted trying to get up and then falling cracking her head quite hard against the tiles and then sobbing.

Andy couldn't leave her and stripped to his under pants before deciding to hell with it and stripping them off. He lifted Carol under the arms and got her holding the shower pipes and turned the warm water on faster asnd he steadied her and soaped her hair with shower gell and washed her back and firm arse and legs "don't forget my titties ane pussy"she laughed drunkenly. "I'm a married man and shouldn't be doing this he said, she thrust her arse back intoo his dangling cock and he wrapped his soapy hand around her tits quickly soaping them and her soft belly before his hand went to her smooth shaven mound and she forced her arse harder against his cock as he washed between her stick puke coared legs in a business like manner she squealed as she swiftly grasoed his fat cock "mmmmnnn , big willy" she squealed. "Al's was a little one, I've never had an orgasm she said sadly with a long face as she turned as he broke away.

She grabbed his balls hard making him shout, it s so big and fat she said sounding quite sober suddeny and you have real big balls as her fore finger nail scooped his foreskin away exposing his domehead as she dropped to her knees and licked under the gead before wrapping her lipstick smudged lips over his swelling bell end her hand wanking his cock and squeesing his balls as she bobbd back and forth nearly gagg ing has he held her head and spunked in her mouth. She fell back against the shower wall still stroking his cock poking he tongue at him showing hime his seed vefore coily sirling it into her mouth and swallowing." I'm old enough to be your Dad" he said. Just as well your not she giggled as he grabbed the robe quickly drying himself and getting his pants and trousers on and wrapping her in the robe. Wobbly in the warm night air he half carried her un noticed to the motorhome.

Carol stipped out of the wert robe her youg fit body lit by the soft night lights of the lounge bed as he passed her a dry towel and she dried her tits front and pussy. "How often do you fuck your wife" Andy and does she orgasm she said in a desperate but controlled voice. "Yes and three or for times a week and more at weekend and holidays". "make me come or I'll tell her I sucked you cock" she laughed hysterically. "Please make me come she begged". you don't tell aanyone he said, Promise. "PROMISE" she said.

A change of diet afer thirty years may be good he said as he knelt down spreading her legs as she laid back stroking her nipples and breasts as his tongue spread her pussy ans delved deep he sweet aeoma making his nostils flare and inhale as he moved into a rythm and circled her little hardening clit, groaning as his teeth gently bruised her swolen bud and his finger flicked and stoked it as his tongues probed deep in her pusssy as she cried out moaning with pleasure and went int uncontrolable shaking as he lapped at her creamy slot and she came bucking into his face and pulling his head tight between her legs. spreading her legs wider andy delved her fingers into her slot and spread her legs wider as Andy continued to make her come again. he smiled as her eyes closed and he teased her hard clit and his hands moved to her tits and he gently stoked her firm young tits. He was tired and as she fell asleep his head rested on her pussy and soft downy tummy, "I fucking well came" she murmered as they both dozed.

Tired Andy never noticed his trousers being undone. So involved they had not noticed their audience of one. Nancy stood naked playing with her pussy as she watched the performance from the bedroom doorway, hot and sticky the air con of the motorhome had her hands wandering over her body pleasuring herself until she heard Carol and Andy.

Andy's wife was a luckt lady, "muff diver supreme" from what she had witnessed and Carol had experienced.
Andy rolled away from Carol and Nancy parted his trousers fishing for his hidden manhood, would his swordsman efforts be as accomplished as his oral expertise. Nance shuddered has her fingers found his fat bell end and she ducked to his cock pulling his wais band down so she could suck his mouthful sized cock.

Andy woke with a jump, and tried to push the woman away wen he realised it was the awesome Nancy with her firm braless 42'' tits free from her works blouse and her long gorgeous legs leading all the way to her brown sun kissed smooth pussy and flat hard muscular tummy.

She kneltcrouched offering Andy her tifght pussy erotically sreading her lips showing him her moist warm pussy and leading him to the queen sized motorhome bed and burying her head deeo in the pillows her arse in the air her legs sprrad her pussy gaping and dripping in anticipation. Andy shed his clothing his erect cock now hard and straining as he took Nancy's hair and pulled her head to his erection as she licked her lips and she buried hick slowly but deeply in her throat before mounting her from behind working hard to gain entry to her tight pussy, virgin tight and a good steady thrusting to gain full entry. "so fucking tight" he groaned in apreciation, "so fucking big and sixteen empty years" she groaned back. "EightTEEN" he exclaimed. "No one has fucked me since my divorce so make it good" she begged. His pubes pressed hard against her his ten inches fully buried his balls tickling he thighs he pulled back ans slowly drove forth and back and forth on and on stretching the beautiful womans oussy as she panted out instructions and he gave her orders as she flexed her cunt and gyrated on his probing monster until they came violently together bucking frantically talking dirty encouraging one another to last outbefore collapsing on the bed locked together his hands wrpapped tightly around her big tits his theumbs urgently circling her nipples during their last moments of orgasm. They dozed off and then she stirred waking Andy as he stroked her tits and fingered her pussy his erection hardened as usual , not yet she begged. He slipped away to the toilet washing himself before going to the lounge bed where Carols pussy was still on display he knelyt over her thigh lifting her left leg out the way roughly sprerading her pussy and slipping into her sideways her young tight meat spreading rgently her pussy juice coating his shaft azs he proceeded to fuck her to two more earth shattering orgasms oblivious to his performance with Nanacty and his penchant for anal sex. Her pussy oozed the lubrication for his nexr move that would alert Nancy and give Carol another orgamic experience.

Nancy woke as Carol whimpered her last orgasm and cussed at Andy's cheeky manouvre before burying her head back into the pillow for more sleep the warm feelings mashing her brain as Nancy dragged Andy into the small shower. Cramped but a good space for two new lovers to esplore one another his cock buried in her arse beting her clit and cunt and exporin her nipples and tits bring her to climax again. Before they moved to the bed again for some pussy stretching action.

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