Prison Sex

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

It was close to midnight and the women’s prison was already dark. Most of the prisoners were asleep except one. Diana was lying on her bunk staring at her new inmate, a curvy, petite, brunette named Julia. Diana sat on her bed. She had ripped her sleeves off her top earlier making a knot by her bellybutton to accentuate her breasts. She wanted to fuck Julie badly.

She jumped off her bunk and grabbed Julie by her hair.
“Wake up, whore!” Diana whispered.

Julie, never doing it with a woman before was terrified. “What? Please don’t hurt me.”
“Shut up, slut. I need you to satisfy me tonight.”
Julie gulped hard. “I will do anything you want except that. Please!”
“You will do as I say!”
“Unhand her!” a manly voice said behind them.

The two women faced the prison officer. Diana scowled. It was Kirk. Diana released Julie and Julie ran out of the cell as Kirk had unlocked it.
Kirk walked in, admiring Diana’s new uniform. “You made some adjustments!”

“Fuck you,” Diana shouted.
“That’s exactly what I had in mind.”
Kirk locked the cell and threw the keys on the floor. “I’ll make you a deal.”
Diana smiled, eyeing the keys. “What?”

Kirk threw off his belt. “You make me cum five times and I’ll let you walk out of here tonight.” 
Diana jumped on him, hooking her sexy legs around his waist. “Deal!”

They kissed hard, their tongues lashing each other in wanting ecstasy. Kirk’s cock grew against the soft woman’s cunt. He threw her on the bunk, working his way down her neck, her moans encouraging him. He tasted her sweaty body as he ripped opened her shirt. She wore no bra. Her breasts shot out ready to be sucked and nipples were pointing to the ceiling. Kirk devoured them both, his saliva painting her breasts. Diana raised her head and kissed his head, grabbing his cheeks and finding his mouth.

Kirk worked his way to her navel as he poked his finger into her mouth. She sucked on it like how she would suck his dick. Kirk could smell her pussy as its wetness soaked through her pants. Kirk pressed his nose against her pants taking in her smell. Diana yelped loudly as his nose penetrated into her pussy making her gets a half cum. Kirk could not stand it anymore. Diana’s moans were too much for him. He pulled off her pants and parted her pussy cheeks, sticking his long tongue into it. Diana wrestled with him but he held her down, her hips gyrating with utter ecstasy.

“Yes! Yes!” she moaned.

Kirk sucked harder, his tongue darting in and out faster and faster. She gyrated harder, her whole body moving quicker until.. “yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed.
Kirk’s mouth was wet and Diana loved it like that. She crawled down to him and sucked his mouth, tasting her own sweet cum.
She then laid him on his back and turned to face his feet, sitting on his dick. Kirk’s cock penetrated easily into her ass. She felt the immediate pain but then it died down and her orgasm rose to the surface almost immediately. 

She rode him hard, hoping to give herself an anally induced orgasm. Diana rode him hard, her breasts flapping around, enticing him even more. Suddenly, she grabbed her own breast and sucked on her own nipple. Kirk cummed immediately, his semen spilling into her ass she rode him harder and harder. She moaned as her cum spilled all over her surface as well.

She came off of him and grabbed his cock, pulling up and down. “I’ll masturbate the fuck out of you!” She pulled and pushed harder and harder as they kissed. She knew no man could cum so fast after the first but she would not get tired. She pulled harder and harder until Kirk grabbed her hair and pushed her tighter into his mouth. She yanked him harder yet feeling the white liquid all over her hands. She continued to yank, making a third orgasm spill into the second. Kirk rewarded her by sticking his fingers into her cunt to masturbate her.

She turned around, gyrating her ass on Kirk’s cock as he masturbated her. He rubbed on her clit, moving faster and faster as her gyrations moved in circles. Suddenly Diana yelped. “Shit, you have my G-spot. Faster, faster.” Kirk responded until Diana’s ass automatically opened and Kirk’s cock squeezed in just in time to receive another onslaught of semen. Diana cried as she felt so much pleasure in her second orgasm. Kirk did not stop until she felt her third, fourth, fifth orgasm.

Kirk has four orgasms and he was almost tired. Diana, on the other hand, grabbed his cock and pushed it into her pussy. “Now, we get personal,” she whispered.
She rode on him slowly and lovingly as they kissed. Kirk’s cock rose inside of her and he too gyrated his waist as she danced on him, slowly. 
“Give it to me,” Kirk whispered.

“No, you take it from me!”
Kirk shoved himself harder into her, making her eyes shot wide. Suddenly, they both cummed, all his semen entering her. 
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Diana moaned.

They rested on each other for awhile. “You’ll need a place to stay on the outside.”
Diana smiled. “Yeah.”

He gave her his house keys. “See you in the morning when my shift ends.”
“Wear anything special?”
“Just wear my apron in the kitchen.”

She blushed. “Don’t forget to bring the handcuffs.”
He kissed her and she left.

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