Pretty Feet : Chapter 1

(Part 1 from 1)

I was sitting in my hotel room watching TV when I realized I was out of ice and needed to run down to the ice machine before the game started. It was about 5:30 PM and with the hallway empty and the ice machine one room away I slipped out into the hallway in my boxers and quickly filled up the ice bucket and ran back towards my room. As I approached thevdoor, the adjacent door opened and a pretty lady stood there staring at me with a smile on her face.

“I assume you’re not headed out for dinner”, she chuckled as I tried to look as casual as possible. “No, had a late lunch just needed some ice for my drinks and a few snacks to have in my room” I replied. “ Well I see you’re dressed for the occasion” she giggled. Actually I envy you - I’d love to shed these clothes and relax, but I have to go to a business dinner. She leaned forward slipping on a pair of heels with her head just inches from my crotch. As she stood back up I could see her checking out the profile in my boxers. Well, I said, “ have a great dinner and enjoy the evening” as I quickly slipped inside my room.

Damn, I thought, I’m such a jerk….she probably thinks I’m a real idiot. I thought about what she looked like as I made a drink. Not bad actually about 5’4 very shapely not skinny not fat but meat on her bones as some would say. She had lovely long brown hair, perky breasts, shapely legs with beautiful feet. MMMMMMMM for a few minutes all I could think about was visualizing her naked and before I knew it my manhood was rising for attention. I sat down and began watching the game and put the entire incident out of my mind. The game was good for about an hour or two, then became too one-sided and boring so I began looking for something else to watch.

Looking over all the options nothing seemed to catch my interest so I thought I look at the adult selections. Sex, sex and more sex …then one caught my eye the best of hand jobs, foot jobs, and blowjobs for $9.95 for the next 24 hours. What the hell I thought knowing that I’d be jerking off before I went to bed and watching some good clips might help with stimulating the situation. And I could watch more in the morning and start the day as well before checking out. My flight home wasn’t until 2PM, so I’d have plenty of time.

It was 9:45 as I closed the blinds freshened my drink and sat down on the recliner to watch the show. I lit a cigarette and sat back to enjoy the first of the scenarios. It was called “ Jaime’s 1st Handjob”. I watched a petite small blonde making out with a young athletic male as they petted and caressed each other to a higher level of excitement. It wasn’t long before he was playing with her tiny titties and sliding his hand between her thighs. She was busy caressing his erection through his pants. Finally she had his cock in her hands and exposed as she began to stroke it slowly enjoying the firm hot flesh in her hand. Soon the two were busy with each other as he fingered and rubbed her bare tight pussy and she continued stroking his now throbbing cock. After five or six minutes she had an orgasm and he had shot a large load into the air and landing on her flat tummy and small breasts. The scene faded and was followed with a few short ads for phone sex.

My cock had swollen and was semi erect as I read the next title “Pretty Feet” when suddenly I heard a knock on the adjoining door and a female voice asking if I was still awake.
Ah, yes I am I replied, as I turned the channel and walked toward the door. “is there something I can do for you I asked” to which she replied …”well I just got back and needed to relax and thought maybe you had a night cap to share if you don’t mind a little company”.

Just a minute I said, as I looked around for something to put on, then to my surprise the door opened. I guess it wasn’t locked. She stood wearing the hotel’s robe tied seductively around her waist. The top revealed a small amount of cleavage and beneath I could see her shapely calves and sexy feet. Hi I’m Cathy, I hope I’m not intruding. I introduced myself and asked her if she wanted a drink.

All I have is blended whiskey and water or coke. OK that’s fine a little whiskery and water is perfect she stated as she picked up the remote and started scanning the channels. I sat down next to her sipping my drink thinking maybe I should put on a robe as well. “hope you don’t mind me sitting here in my boxers I said and she replied, no problem with me, hell I’m only wearing a robe.

When she hit channel 2, the intro for Pretty Feet started to play. The voice on TV seductively spoke that a woman with pretty feet is a beautiful thing but a woman who knows what to do with them is exquisite. Watch Sue as she seduces and satisfies John using only her soft sensuous feet. I grabbed the remote and said that might be a little risky to watch and changed the channel. Cathy sipped her drink, looked at me with a twinkle in her eye, extended her feet across the sofa and asked do you think I have sexy, soft looking feet. Well, actually you do I said, when I saw you leave earlier this evening, that’s one of the things that caught my attention. She smiled and slid her feet along my thigh as she asked me to let her watch the movie …she might learn something of value.

Ok I said I don’t mind if you don’t. I refreshed our drinks sat down and started the movie again.

We sat there watching the scene develop as Sue began teasing John rubbing her feet along his thighs. After several minutes her toes began to work their way beneath his shorts exposing more and more of his thighs. She continued stroking his thigh with one foot while placing the other in his lap and slowly sliding it along his growing erection.

After another five minutes or so it was clear John was fully erect and the small wet spot on his shorts revealing the pre-cum that was dripping out of his throbbing cock.

So far I kept my eyes on the TV with an occasional glance at Cathy. She sat back with her feet to her side between us and I noticed her feet moving together seductively as she watched Sue on screen using her talented feet on John. It was then that Sue asked John to massage her feet. Slowly John covered her feet generously with oil and began rubbing and massaging them.

The camera focused on his touch and caressing as his hands traveled around her feet accenting every curve of each foot. Sue was becoming more aroused at the sensations of his touch as her hand reached up unbuttoned her blouse exposing her breasts. When John began massaging and caressing her toes ,her hands went to her breasts and played with her hard and firm nipples. His hands remained on her feet as she lifted her skirt revealing her bare sweet slit. In an instant her one hand massaged her breasts while the other was between her legs sliding along her wet glistening slit.

Sue’s breathing became more rapid as she moaned with pleasure. John was holding her foot massaging the ball of her foot as her finger circled and rubbed her swollen exposed clit. Oh yes she moaned don’t stop I’m going to cum. John lifted her foot upwards and began licking and sucking her toes as she moaned and began cumming. The juices were flowing from her slit across her fingers as waves of passion brought her to several orgasms. OMG she cried that felt so good and so relaxing she moaned. Slowly her foot began to trace down across John’s chest to his waist and began to try to lower his shorts. John not wanting to waste any time stood up removed his shorts exposing his full erection and sat down. Sue told him to lean back and face her as her feet began to slide along the insides of his thighs.

I paused the movie looking at Cathy and said I needed to refresh my drink, just a minute.
As I placed a few ice cubes in my glass and poured some more whiskey and water into my glass. Cathy joined me at the bar and refilled hers as well. Her robe had opened slightly and I could see the swell of her breasts as she turned back to the sofa.

Cathy then asked me if I would ever treat a woman that way and massage her feet so sensuously. I suppose with the right woman sure I would. She then asked me if I would rub her feet like that. I admitted I would but I didn’t have any baby oil or lotion. She got up asking me to wait a minute as she went into the adjoining room.

When she returned she was carrying a large bottle of baby oil. Ok sport here you go she smiled and rested her feet on my lap.

I turned the movie back on and began to rub oil all over Cathy’s feet. Massaging them from heel to toe caressing and feeling the slippery oil against her smooth soft skin, I watched as the movie continued.

By now Sue feet were sliding along John’s full erection sliding her toes around the head of his throbbing cock. The sliding her feet together squeezing his cock and watching the clear sweet nectar dripping across the head, Sue then began to pump his cock with her feet. Within seconds his cum was spurting out across his stomach.

During the entire scene I was stroking and rubbing the oil on Cathy’s feet. She was drifting into a trance enjoying the massage and starring at the TV. I looked at her admiring her shapely legs that were more exposed as her robe had separated to about midway up her thigh. I could feel my cock beginning to rise as I was becoming more and more aware of the sexual feelings and the touch of Cathy’s smooth soft skin.

After almost 40 minutes of having her feet massaged Cathy sat up and commented that she felt so relaxed and how much of the daily stress she had been feeling seemed to disappear. She thanked me and began watching the next couple making love. No problem I said but I need to stretch out and relax my lower back. Tossing the pillow on the floor in front of the couch, I laid down to watch more of the movie. Cathy tapped me with her foot and invited me to move closer so that she could massage my back with her feet.

She then poured a generous amount of oil on my back and began to slide her feet along the muscles on my back. It was very relaxing and I love feeling her smooth foot sliding across my lower back. I must have fallen asleep for 20 or 30 minutes while she was massaging my back. I awoke to the moans of a woman getting ready to have an orgasm. At first I thought it was the TV, but quickly realized it was Cathy who was close to cumming. I turned my head and saw her lying on the sofa, leaning back with her robe wide open as her hands were busy rubbing her clit and sliding in and out of her glistening wet slit as she massaged her swollen breasts and played with her hard erect nipples. Her eyes were closed as she was nearing her orgasm. I could see her breathing had increased her lips parted as she moaned with each breath. Her hand was moving rapidly across her swollen clit and her legs extended outwards and pressed together as the first orgasm erupted. For the next three minutes her body trembled as she experienced one orgasm after another until she had several and finally stopped.

As she opened her eyes and realized I had been awake to witness her activity she closed her robe and apologized saying that she was so stimulated by all the scenes on the TV I had to relieve the tension…… and that she thought I was still asleep. I told her not to worry about it that I actually found her more erotic than what had been on TV. I turned to see what was now in the screen and watched as two women seduced two guys in a nightclub scene. I lowered my head watching from the floor so that I wouldn’t expose my full erection.

Cathy continued watching and once again started sliding her feet across my lower back.

It felt so good when her foot moved across my back just above my boxers and I found myself moaning whenever her foot moved closer to my butt. She realized each time her foot moved lower on my back I was moaning or stating how great it felt. Slowly she slipped her feet under the waistband of my boxers and slipped them lower exposing my bottom. She then leaned forward and slid them down my legs with her hands and applied a generous amount of oil on bottom and the backs of my thighs.

OMG that feels so good I said as her feet applied pressure and slid across my cheeks. From my lower back down to the backs of my thighs and back again, each time applying pressure and massaging my buns. I could feel my body reacting almost in rhythm to her touch as if inviting her to continue each move she made. My cock was throbbing beneath me and I could feel several drops of pre-cum against my stomach. I was becoming very aroused as she shifted herself so that her feet could slide along the backs of my thighs and up and over my bottom.

Each time her feet seemed to spread my cheeks apart exposing more and more of my ass. When she pushed her feet upwards along the crack of my bottom I could feel her smooth heel slide directly across my butt hole and I moaned with pleasure. What a sensation, it truly felt amazing. I think I could have cum with her just doing that. She continued for several minutes knowing it was turning me on and raising my level of sexual tension.

Cathy whispered and told me she thought I had cute buns and a nice sexy body, as she slipped her foot under my hip from the side encouraging me to roll over. By now I was in her full control and without hesitation I rolled over on my back exposing my full throbbing erection. She smiled at her creation as she poured oil all over my genital area. Her feet then began to slide all around rubbing the oil all over my cock and balls and all the way down to my butt hole. For the next ten minutes Cathy’s feet were sliding along my shaft, gently massaging my balls and occasionally sliding her heel against my butthole. Pre cum was drooling out of the head of my cock as my body reacted to her touch.

Her movements became more focused as I approached that point of eruption. As her one foot slid upwards along the shaft her toes came into contact with the head of my cock. While sliding my cock between her toes and rubbing that sensitive spot her other foot was positioned so that her heel was pressing against my butt hole and her toes massaging my balls. I moaned as the first stream of cum shot forth across my chest and hitting my chin, followed by a generous amount oozing out into a small puddle on my stomach and collapsed as I tried to catch my breath.

Cathy smiled and said mmmmmmmmmm now you are as relaxed and stress free as I was earlier and we should both be able to have a good night’s sleep. She then said thank you for an enjoyable evening but she needed to be getting to bed to make it to the meeting on time in the morning. As she returned to her room through the adjoining door she replied sweet dreams and closed the door.

I cleaned myself off and laid down on the bed thinking about the evening and feel asleep within minutes.

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