Pregnant Friend

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I’ve known Marcy for a couple of years. We work at the same office in billing. It’s not a bad deal, we have an office to ourselves and no one bothers us. Marcy is a real sweetheart, cute as a button and funny as hell! About six months ago she got pregnant by some Douche Bag, who after six months left her saying, He didn’t think he could handle being a Dad! It had Marcy upset for the last week or so, and it really is a shame because I know she will make a wonderful Mother and would make a good wife, to some lucky man.

Well Friday afternoon, she had been crying, worried about how she would do as a Single mother and if she could handle all it entailed. 

“Why don’t we to go to lunch and maybe we could talk Marcy.”

She wiped her eyes and said OK. We took a long lunch, and talked about an hour and a half while we ate. I felt bad for her when she explained to me

“If it wasn’t for insurance I would be in a real bind financially, but at least my sister has some hand me downs from her 2 kids if I need them. Which will be a great help. But my Parents are really disappointed in me for getting in this position.” She was really a mess. She sobbed as she told me all this and thanked me for being such a good friend to her.

I called her Saturday afternoon just to check on her, and she was still upset. 

“You want to go for a ride with me if you feel up to it?”

She did, so I took her to a small park I know, and we walked and talked and I finally got her to laugh, She is so pretty when she laughs. We sat on a bench for a while watching the moms and dads with their kids running around playing. It was a real enjoyable afternoon. I took her out for a bite to eat then home. 

“You want to stick around and watch a movie?” Enjoying her company as much as I did, I accepted.

We watched some chick flick, her sobbing at the mushy parts, me laughing at her for doing it. She bopped me on the arm with a smile. I just really found her irresistible at that moment I leaned over and gave her a kiss. It shocked us both me kissing her, and surprised me even more when she kissed me back! Damn, she tasted so sweet as she worked her tongue in my mouth. 

She looked me in the eyes, “What are you expecting of me?” 

“I will take anything you had to give.”

She kissed me again with even more passion and I held her tight in my arms. Her hormones were raging as her hand went under my shirt feeling my chest. I felt fair was fair, so I reached over and felt her swollen breast marveling at how big they were. I put my hand under her maternity blouse and felt her sexy belly, loving how its shape felt under my hand, her naval just beginning to poke out from the inner force against it. 

“Are you sure you want to do this?” She asked me.

Feeling that I wouldn’t find her attractive being pregnant. When she told me that, I could only hold her closely and assure her that was not the case.

Call me weird, but to me there is no sexier woman in the world than one with child! The glow in their faces, the expanding stomach and breasts, “YUMMY!” 

We entered her bedroom and undressed each other. She was shy, almost painfully so, as she stood there nude. I looked at her longingly and I admired her body. Her large dark tipped nipples, and protruding belly and her sexy legs. Her puffy pussy lips, sparkling with moisture. I just had to eat her sexy pussy. I had her lay on her back with her legs spread open spreading her pretty, hairy lips open and inhaled her fragrance as my mouth closed over her clit.

She gave a sexy sigh as I gently sucked it in and I felt it harden in my lips, getting larger as I used my tongue on it. She held my head with her soft hands, and she softly pushed me deeper in between her thighs, my tongue working overtime on her clit. She began to move her hips, her moans adding to my rising lust for her. Then she came, her pussy gushed a thick salty liquid in my face, her hands shoving my face even deeper in her as she squirmed and thrashed on the bed.

After she had come down from the rush of her orgasm, I moved to kiss her sweet lips, hardly able to contain my passion, wanting to just enter her and fuck her without mercy, but I hadn’t lost my senses! I knew this was going to have to be a slow, and hopefully long experience. Her eyes were full of happiness as we looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Her soft hand lay on my erect dick, gently playing with it, her eyes never leaving it as she squeezed my balls lovingly then asked me why I had done this with her. 

“Marcy, I have always thought you were one of the sweetest ladies I know, and as sexy as anything I’ve ever seen. And now that your pregnant, you’ve become even more so, your face just glows. And when your not crying you have the prettiest eyes of anyone in the Great State of Texas!” I said with a smile.

She then lay on her side and asked me to enter her, I was behind her and moved up until my stomach was against her back, my hard on slipped in between her crack. I felt her heat and wetness as I slid against her puffy pink vaginal lips. Reaching around front, I touched her clit. 

Her legs quivered, “I haven’t had a man’s hands on me in 4 months.” 

I questioned her knowing that her “Ex” only left 2 weeks ago. 

“That fucking jerk, after he found out I was pregnant and wasn’t going to get an Abortion, he stopped touching me as if I had a disease, not a baby!”

I felt even more badly for her then, not feeling sorry for her, but feeling bad for her. She then put my dick at her slick opening, moaning as the head of it rubbed her outer lips, sliding it along her wetness up to the nub of her clit. Jumping as if she had been shocked when it touched it. Her hips wiggled backwards as mine moved forward, my dick eagerly attempting to penetrate her puffy pussy lips. When I succeeded, her smooth inner walls surrounded my dick with her warmth and soft wetness I had never experienced before. She was so tight that I stopped to enjoy it, then, slowly moved forward getting more of me inside her until I had my entire hard dick in her.

Our hips moved in unison as we began our love making, she has the sexiest back, and her muscles flexing as her ass moved in slow semi-circles. I ran my fingertips along her backbone watching her shiver as I did. Chill bumps rising along her sides as I started moving my fingers along them up to the outer edges of her breasts. Her breathing was becoming more labored as her passion built along with mine. I squeezed her ass pulling her towards me with my hands. She began to thrust her hips harder, then she began to have an orgasm, her musky vaginal fragrance filling my senses, as I started Cumming with her. I had never had a woman orgasm at the same time I did, and it was a wonderful experience.

We stayed connected to each other just snuggling, her sweat mixed with mine as she wiggled her ass. I reached around and held her large nipple in my palm, gently gripping it telling her how much I had enjoyed this. As my dick began to soften, Her shoulders shook when she began to softly cry. 

“What’s wrong Marcy? Did I do something?” I asked, very concerned about her. “Did I hurt you?” 

She lay there in silence a minute, then replied, “No, you did everything right, That’s the problem, you just did everything right!” 

Now I was really confused. I had tried to be as gentle and loving as I could, and it seemed to me it was the wrong thing to do. Man, I just don’t know about women, but what man does?

“My Ex was always a Get on, Get it off, go to sleep lover! I was expecting the same from you, and I was surprised at your being so sweet and gentle with me as you have been.”

Great I thought, now I’m some Allan Alda type, a sweet mushy goof in her eyes. Not that being a nice guy wasn’t a good thing, but still! I told her I was confused, she just smiled “No, It is a good thing, I liked it, and uh, I like you too!” 

She turned over and we hugged and kissed laughing like little kids. Her hand tracing down my chest to my now hardening dick, jacking it off saying how delicious it felt, with an evil gleam in my eyes.

“Delicious Huh? How would you know?”

With that she moved her body down mine, looking at my dick, she began to suck it. Her mouth was so soft and sweet as she sucked it down her throat. FUCK, that felt as good as anything I had ever felt before. I watched as her hair bounced in time with her head, her hand massaging my balls, making a soft moaning sound as she did. 

I just lay back and let her do her thing, as my thing started tingling with my approaching orgasm. I told her I was on the verge of Cumming and she gained speed and started humming a Childs song from our youth. Son of a bitch, if your woman has never hummed when you’re close to Cumming, you have got to get her to do it. The feeling was tremendous, as my balls began to churn up my love butter for her hot hungry mouth. I started spurting my spunk, load after hot spurting load into her sweet sucking mouth as she swallowed it all. 

We fell asleep in each other’s arms that night, waking up in the same position we fell asleep in. Her head on my chest, I laughed when I saw where she had drooled on me, waking her up doing so. She wiped the sleep from her eyes and asked what was so funny this time of day. I pointed at the drool, her face turning red from embarrassment as I laughed even harder. We moved in together the next week, I was her Lamaze coach. And Marcy had a beautiful little girl in May. I am Daddy to her! 

We had another child the following year, another little girl. And we practice almost every night for a boy!!

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