Postgame Show

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*** Disclaimer: THIS IS A CUCKOLD STORY with porn video!!!. If your not into this type of material, I highly suggest you don't continue reading.

It was the night of the Mets game and it was followed by a concert held by Nas. It was two admissions for the price of one. One of my friends from college gave me a great deal. His name is Manny, he is Dominican and three years younger than me. I am 26 years old and of Indian descent and love to watch free porn videos. Manny and I had three classes together last semester.

Now over the summer he contacted me about this event. He had three tickets, cause the people he was suppose to go with backed out. My girlfriend (also Indian and is 23 years old) is very interested in sports and wanted to see the concert as well. She urged me to buy the tickets, and I bought two. Manny was a bit disappointed I couldn’t buy the third ticket.

That same day he tells me he couldn’t find anyone to sell the third ticket and is thinking of coming instead. He also mentioned that he didn’t want to be the “third wheel”. I reassured him that it’s fine and that my girl is cool and social. My girl is pretty social and gets along with anyone, she isn’t the stuck up type. We have been going out for a year now. She actually lives three blocks away from me.

So when it was time to go, my girl pulled up to my house in her car. She thought she was going to drive, but then I told her Manny volunteered to drive us there. So we waited for Manny to come by my place and he showed up in an old Honda civic hatchback. In the car it was a mess and he excused himself by saying, “Excuse me guys, my car is a mess. I just had to offer you guys a ride there, since I am like a third wheel and you have to deal with me.”

My girl jumped in and said, “Oh no worries. We will make you feel like we are all just friends hanging out. By the way, my name is Tina.” My girl never met Manny but heard about him. The trunk of the car was full with stuff and there was an overly sized box sitting in the passenger seat. No one could sit there; we sat in the back while he drove.

We got to the stadium and quickly went to the stands to buy a round of beers. We had good seats and loved our view. I sat in the middle between Manny and my girl. After the first round of beers, her and Manny were being talkative. He soon figured out she knows a lot about sports. He said, “For a girly chick like you, know a lot about sports.” She fought back, “Hey, I am not girly, only when I want to be. I am just like the guys.” Manny said, “Girly is when a girl wears a dress to a baseball game.” I agreed with him and I told him that she should have changed into jeans or something. But Tina was complaining it was hot. Manny said,” Yeah, I don’t blame her, it is hot.” He then looked at her and said, “and you do like nice in that dress.” She replied, ”Why thank you.” She blushed as well.

He went to buy another round of beers and came back. We downed beers like we were dehydrated. By the time we got through the baseball game and concert, we all had 6 to 7 beers each. We were all tipsy, and I was feeling paranoid that my girl and he were enjoying each other’s company a little too much. I also felt him stealing looks at her. I wouldn’t blame him. She was wearing a pink and navy blue dress. The length of the dress was up to her mid thighs. The dress covered everything except her long sexy legs. She is 5’7 and has light to tannish complexion. Her 36C size tits covered by this dress.

She is slim, and her best assets are her breasts, legs and thighs, and of course her curvy ass. Manny and I enjoyed seeing her legs crossed and her dress was hiking up higher when she sat. This exposed her milky whiter thighs. I knew I would get some sex later with her, especially after she drinks. I just thought it sucks for Manny to see some skin and has to resort to going home and beating off to some porn videos. I felt being in a relationship has its perks now.

We all walked back to the car a bit wobbly and talking about how great of a night it was. When we got to the car, Manny goes, “Hey bro, I feel a bit fucked up. Can you drive up to your house so I can sober up a little.” I had no problem driving and just wanted to get home, so I took his keys. As I was attempting to open the car, I realized both of them would be sitting together in the back of the car, since the front passenger seat was unavailable. I thought that it is bit awkward, but not to them, as they easily got into the backseat. It was a tight fit in the back and their knees were touching.

During the drive I would ever so discreetly look back at them through the rearview mirror. Halfway through the ride home, Manny blurted out, “Tina you have such amazing legs. Do you work them out?” She replied, “Oh no I don’t. It's all natural.” She added, “I must admit, I shaved my legs pretty good today.” And with that comment she simply caressed her legs in front of him to check. Then Manny boldly did the same and momentarily touched her legs. In the same movement she did, he let his hands slide from her ankles to above her knees. Since there was no objection from her, he was safe from that move.

She also said, “The great thing is, my thighs never have hair. Its always silky smooth.” My girl didn’t even caress to check or to prove to him. But as I looked in the mirror, Manny and me made eye contact. He smiled as he turned to face her. He said, “ Is that right? I love smooth thighs! Its so sexy, like porn star!” With that comment, he openly began squeezing her mid thigh. He squeezed and let go a couple of times. Each time, my girl said, “Oh” to each squeeze.

His squeeze started at mid thigh and went close to the knee, then went back to mid thigh. He didn’t receive no slap from her or no protest. He asked her to raise the dress up so he can feel her upper thighs. She remarked jokingly, “My dress is already high up, I don’t know how much more higher you want it up.” But even though she said that, she took one look at me and raised her butt off the seat, and hiked the dress higher for him.

This gave him a prefect view of her pink lace panties. He took both hands and felt her smooth milky thighs. He commented, “Your thighs are silky smooth, and I love those pink panties.” She said, “Thank you, it’s from victoria secret.” Manny said, “Oh wearing something special for your boyfriend?” He added. “Maybe I should check inside to see if that's shaved too for him.” He is clearly talking about seeing my girl’s naked pussy and possibly touching it. She fought back, “You think my pussy would be hairy after knowing I am clean shaved everywhere else?” She took it as a slight insult and a dare.

He said, “There is only one way to find out.” He had a clear view of the elastic band of her panties, and he went for them. He took both hands and grabbed the sides of the elastic band of her panties. She looked at me with a naughty look once again, before she raised her butt again, which led Manny to tug down her panties. As he was tugging them down to her ankles, She said, “I am going to show you that I am clean as a whistle.” She wanted to prove herself to him. Her bare pussy was out in the open now. He admired her shaven pussy. He looked back at me and said, “That looks really nice. Now lets see if it’s going to be wet for him.” Tina fought back again, “I am always wet and lubricated.”

Manny replied, “Touching is believing.” His hands quickly made its way to her clit and pussy lips, she clutched her eyes shut and moaned softly as he gently fondled that area. With her mouth open, he leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back almost instantly, like it was her instincts. His hand and fingers started to assault her pussy. She was now moaning while she was making out with him. He would alternate between fingering her and rubbing her clit. This drove her wild. He took her free hand and made her grab his raging hard-on through his shorts. She gripped it hard and even tried to stroke it through the material.

He unbutton and unzipped his shorts, he freed his dick out in the open. He pulled down his shorts with boxers around his ankles. My girl without looking reached out and stroked his bare cock. His cock had pre-cum forming at the head. A lot of foreplay between the two. Both were making out nonstop and stroking each other private parts.

He broke off their kiss and she looked kind of puppy eyed because he stopped. She is such a kissing whore. He took his hand away from her pussy and licked his finger clean. She was amazed at that but looked him in the face with trance look. He said, ”You taste good mami and definitely wet for your boyfriend, or maybe from me touching you. But let me ask you, do you like to suck cock?” He looked down at his cock and she followed along. Both looked at his cock as it was twitching and throbbing. It was an eight-inch cock, but it was veiny and thick to say the least. She nodded “yes” to his previous question.

His next move was to push her head down to suck it. He was attempting by putting his arm around her shoulders, and was in the process of putting his hand on the back of her head. He wanted to gesture for her to go down on him. But before he went to do that, she willingly leaned her head into his lap. I knew she was about to give him a blowjob. This was true, as I started to see her plant kisses on his head with pre-cum. The pre-cum landed on her lips and she just licked it clean. Her mouth opened wide and started to descend very slowly on his cock. He was groaning as her mouth sunk deeper onto his cock.

She gagged as his cock hit the back of her throat. You could see her salvia escaping her mouth and traveling down to the base of his dick. She purposely deep throated and gagged to gain more salvia on it. Her goal was to make it wet for him. Each time she gagged, he said, “Oh fuck Tina, your mouth feels so good. You give such great head. Yeah take me deep mami.” This was so crazy to witness. Everything happened so quickly, but feels like I am watching it in slow motion. I was getting a hard-on watching all of this.

I remember three to four weeks ago, I mentioned to Tina it would be exciting to see her with another man. I said this while we were drunk and having sex. We got really excited; she was super wet that night. After that night, we never talked about it. I guess tonight she wanted to live out my little fantasy. She had liquid courage aiding her on. I just didn’t think I would be ready to see that though.

By now, Tina was easily gliding her mouth up and down on his shaft. She had good momentum as she blew him. She even massaged his balls. Her head was bobbing and his hand was assisting her head go up and down on his pole. He was cheering her on how good she was giving him oral sex. This only made her suck his cock with more intensity. He was groaning a lot and looked like he would cum any minute.

His eyes opened and closed at times. Out of nowhere, he looked out the window and noticed something. He said to me while he was getting his blowjob, “Hey bro, turn over there. Lets take a detour before getting home. There is park with a nice private spot.” I just made the turn. I wondered what was next. I knew when he said to her, “Yeah make that cock nice and wet for your pussy.” I am sure she heard, because she took her mouth off his cock and spat on it. Then she resumed sucking his cock. I played driver for these two horny rabbits. I lowered the rear view mirror to get a better angle of the blowjob he was getting. This slowed my driving and Manny noticed. He said, “I bet it’s a bitch to drive and watch all of this. Don’t worry, we about to pull over and you can watch it all.”

We reached a remote parking lot of a neighborhood park. I stopped the engine. Manny was eager to get out of the car. He made her stop sucking by gently tugging her short hair. There was a popping noise as her lips detached from the head of his penis. She came up for air. She wiped her mouth and lips clean as she looked around to see where we are. She asked, “Where are we? Why we here?” He just forcefully told her, “Step outside.” She was asking why again. He responded with, “I will show you when you go outside.” She pulled up her panties and reluctantly got out. His shorts and boxers were in the back. He was still naked from the waist down and his hard-on was wobbling as he stepped out. His cock still wet from my girl’s salvia. Before he got out of the car, he said to me, “I am going to fuck your girl and get her nice and ready for you later!” The door was open at the passenger side.

He then had the nerve to ask me, “Hey can you check the glove box and see if there is any old condom in there.” He asked with a huge grin. He added, “Hey bro, you already saw this much. You might as well let me fuck her. That pussy is soaking wet and is ready for some dick. Just need a condom for good measure.” He winked and I wasn’t in the position to fight now. He was right that I let things slide. I was curious how far she would go and see how slutty she can be. Only one way to find out, as I looked through the glove box. It was a bunch of papers and no condom in sight. Before I told him there was no condom, I asked him, “I thought you were too wasted to drive.” His sly reply was, “I am never too drunk to fuck bro. Did you find it man?”

I told him I found nothing, and he just merely shut the door. He joined my girl by the hood of the car. They were by the passenger side. I had a great vantage point and the window was open, I could hear their dialogue. They were facing each other. Manny with a huge smile told her to turn around. She asked “Why.” But he just turned her around and told her to place her hands on the hood. He also instructed her to bend over. He raised her dress above her ass. In one fluid motion pulled down her pink panties. She stepped out of them; he put them on the hood. He said to her, “We came here, because there is no room in the back of my car. Ever fucked outdoors?” She just shook her head no, and he grabbed the base of his cock. Watch these HD porn videos at

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