Policeman cottage sex

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PC Grey was desperate for a piss and was grateful that he could take one while still watching from the toilet window. He unzipped his fly and spread his legs so that he would not splash his shoes. He had counted twenty cars pass by during the evening but after the two students no one had walked past. He could see the light from the squad car dimly in the distance and envied his colleagues who were at least warm, even if they were probably as bored as he was, waiting to catch a killer on the prowl. He shook the last drops of pee from his dick and slipped it back into his uniform, looking down instinctively to check his fly was fully pulled up. When he looked up again it was just in time to see a shadow pass by close to the wall of the toilet building and he waited to see it come out from the dark and into the street light further down. It didn’t, instead he heard soft footsteps enter the toilet and his heart began its familiar, excited pounding as someone made their silent way nervously inside.

He heard the person stop and could just make out a slim form by the door. He turned and undid his jacket to allow the person easy access to his trousers when the time came. There was a pause as the other person made up their mind what to do and Cain shifted a foot making just enough noise to let him know he was there. The stranger came closer until he was stood before the policeman who was quietly unzipping his trousers once more.

Then he felt a tentative hand reach out and probe inside his fly. His cock was not fully hard yet but the anonymous hand soon caused it to swell as light fingers brushed up and down against the smooth material of his underwear. He assisted by opening his fly fully but did not let his trousers drop to the floor, if he had done that he would not be able to move quickly and he knew he had to keep the upper hand in this potentially lethal situation. If this were the killer he would have to proceed carefully. He reached behind him to check that his cuffs and truncheon were still in place and their presence relaxed him. The hand in his trousers felt smaller than the one last night and it wore no gloves. He could feel it’s cold skin against his stomach as it began slipping in under his shorts. His mind flashed back to the graffiti he had read and a dark fantasy crossed his mind. He was in charge of this event and it would proceed in any way he chose. As his fully erect cock was released into the cold, damp air he reached back for his handcuffs and, with only the slightest clink of metal, released them from his belt.

He gently pulled the hand from his cock and heard the other person draw in a short gasp of breath, obviously scared that he had gone too far. Cain reached out and felt for the shoulder. The person was smaller than the man last night. This was someone else.

Without warning he span the other person around, grabbed him by the arms and pulled them towards him. In a second the handcuffs were on and the other person was his captive. The stranger gasped in surprise but made no other sound as PC Grey pushed him towards the cubicles across the room. Once in side he closed the door behind them and drew out his torch. Covering it with his handkerchief he placed it on the floor and let it light the ceiling. The cubicle was then dimly lit with a yellow glow and Cain could finally see who was before him. He saw the back of a young, blonde head, a tight denim jacket and tracksuit bottoms. Without saying a word he spread the person’s legs and pulled down the jogging bottoms to reveal a small, hairless arse. The person in front made no objection, in fact he shifted his legs as if to allow Cain a better view. Cain did not like this. He wanted to see the other guy struggle and to know that the policeman was in charge. He drew out his truncheon and held it across the guy’s neck, pulling him back so that his cock rested between the cool arse cheeks. That was better, the guy was starting to get worried.

Jez had only hoped to find his friend there. Everything else had happened so quickly that he didn’t know what to do. His cock was small and shrivelled in the cold and someone had him cuffed and held. He started to panic. He knew he was about to die and he started to cry. But then the truncheon around his neck was moving, rolling over his jacket and down to where his balls were screwed up tight between his legs. He’d only wanted to earn his twenty pounds, he didn’t want this. The hard stick was probing around his cock now, pulling it up and letting it go and although he was scared the sensation was making his small dick grow longer. The truncheon was playing over his balls and he knew that with one stab from it he would be crippled and helpless with pain. He felt a heavy cock pressing against his backside and could feel the tip near his fingers as his hands were locked and helpless in the cuffs behind his back. The only thing he could think of to do was to grab for it, appease the man, play along, perhaps then he would let him go. He pressed his buttocks back into the other man and grappled for the cock with his fingertips. 

Then he was being turned around and pushed to his knees, the cock was in his face and he was expected to put it in his mouth. He had not done this before. It had always been the other guy who sucked him. Feeling the cold porcelain behind him he tried to grip the toilet bowl to steady himself as he felt the stiffness prise his lips apart and invade his mouth.

Cain looked down and saw who it was. He had seen him coming home from school earlier that day and he tried to imagine this was the same boy who was written about on the wall. He read it again as he screwed the teenagers mouth. ‘I made him suck mine before I fucked his virgin hole.’

Cain knew that was exactly what was going to happen next. He felt the young mouth try and escape its punishment but he was not going to allow it. He pictured the boy in the graffiti. Tight black trousers shining over a small arse, a school tie half undone and loose over a clean, whiter shirt. The boy was on his knees now servicing his thick dick and he could even feel the teenager’s blonde hair rubbing against his dark bush of manly pubes as he filled the innocent throat. 

When he had forced him to do this for a little longer he would stand him up, turn him round and grip him by the cuffed hands as he bent him over. He imagined the boy protesting as he pushed his tongue into the virgin sphincter to moisten the path his throbbing cock was going to take. The teenager would struggle but his efforts would only increase Cain’s pleasure as the boy fought back. He would grip a smooth arse cheek in each hand before burying his face in the sweet smelling virginity of the boy’s hole. Then the boy would start to moan and would push back with lust not panic. He would be begging for the man’s tongue to go deeper as the small hole was teased wider and the man would respond by biting the wrinkled flesh around his anus. Then Cain would stand up and, before the boy could stop moaning with the pleasure he had given him, he would stab the teenager’s virginity with his stiff meat. The boy would suck it into his arse all the way to the root and groan with ecstasy as the man’s balls banged against him. Cain would grab the boy by the handcuffs as he screwed the virgin. He imagined the boy crying with pleasure as his spirit was broken and the boy was driven to orgasm by the long cock ramming his insides.

But then Cain realised it was him who was crying out, the kid’s mouth was still around his cock and it was dumping wad after wad of creamy spunk into the teenager. He swore, knowing that he wouldn’t get to screw the boy like in his fantasy and he whacked his hips against the boy’s head in frustration. His balls emptied their desperate load and Cain held the boy’s face against his groin until the jerking had stopped.

Jez thought he was going to choke as the man came. He had never tasted spunk before and he knew he liked it as it filled him up. It tasted like his friend’ mouth did when Jez kissed him after he had been sucked off. It tasted safe and comforting. He swallowed and shivered with pleasure as the liquid slid gently down his throat. He could get used to this taste. Then the man was releasing him and he dared to look up. Above the long cock which was turning limp before his face he saw the uniform, the silver buttons, the numbers on the shoulders and his eyes opened wide. PC Cain lifted him to his feet, turned him round and undid the handcuffs. Cain put a finger to his lips for silence and Jez said nothing as the policemen knelt before him. He felt his own, smaller cock, pulled into a hot mouth and, while it grew until it exploded, he gripped the policeman by his uniformed shoulders and marveled at what was going on.

When it was over and they had corrected their clothing PC Cain lead the boy outside and back down the hill to the alley leading to Eagle Road. Neither spoke until they stood in the alleyway.

‘Stay in doors in future,’ the beat office advised and the teenager nodded.

Jez knew he had been lucky. If he needed money that badly he would call on his friend and earn it at his house. It would be a lot safer that way. As he climbed the wall back onto his garden he realised something and the thought took him by surprise. The money didn’t matter anymore.

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