Pleasing the size queen

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My life as a teenage stud Pt.8 (mMF, size, humil) AGE 15 PLEASING THE SIZE QUEEN By BigTimmy When I was 15 and despite the many sexual adventures I had experienced, my hunger for more outrageous sex was growing stronger. I had deflowered many young virgins at my school, had sex with teachers, neighbours and, yes, was still enjoying regular intercourse with my mother and sister, but something was missing. The thrill I had gotten from fucking married women was becoming intoxicating and my body demanded more. Specifically, I needed to assert my masculine superiority not only to married women, but to their husbands too. Eventhough I had no trouble getting into married women’s panties, they invariably hid their infidelity from their unsatisfying hubbies. But I WANTED their husbands to know that I had sexually ravaged their young pretty wives, that I had unloaded more cum in one session over their nubile bodies than they had ever seen during their years of marriage, that I had overflooded their stretched cunts with my thick cream, that I had brought them to more orgasms than they had ever experienced before. In order to satisfy my sexual appetite, I posted an add on a website. it read « Horse-cocked muscle stud willing to fuck beautiful big-busted wives in front of their husbands. **** area. » Most of the mails I got were asking for proof of my claim in the shape of photographs. Fortunately, I had acquired a digital camera. I received, in return, pics of young females with their cunts exposed, some even with a large dildo stuck up their juicy twat, begging for me to come and pound them to heaven. I first settled on a voluptuous 34 years-old married woman named « Jenny ». She claimed to be a size queen who was unsatisfied by her under-endowed husband, who was barely 3 inches long erect. Apparently, he did not mind his wife’s infidelities, and liked to watch as other studs fucked her senseless. I initially lied about my age, stating that I was 18. But after a few chats with Jenny, I let her know my true age. I feared she might reject me, but instead, she became even more excited. We settled for a meeting at her house, which was conveniently located only a short bus ride away. This was just a pre-sexual meeting in order to get acquainted and work out a plan. Apparently, Jenny was an aspiring actress and loved to play out different scenarii with her studs. I didn’t mind that at all, indeed it kind of turned me on. She asked me to come wearing normal clothes so I settled for an oversized T-shirt and baggy jeans. I didn’t want to give too much away just yet, eventhough she had seen pictures of the « beast » I sent her. « Come in, Tim », she greeted as I walked in and lust instantaneously filled the air. We were both examining each other from head to toe and I stood speechless admiring her form for a few moments. « You like what you see ? » « You’re stunning Jenny », I managed to answer. She was wearing a cropped baby T-shirt that tightly hugged her enormous breasts. Despite the absence of a cleavage, her hardened nipples were clearly visible, poking at the stretched fabric, and the tight material showed every curve of her massive bosoms. Her sumptuous body was further put in evidence by the Lycra body shorts that barely covered her hips. This piece of clothing was so ridiculously tiny that her pubic hair would have been visible had she not shaved it off. When she noticed my gaze travelling downwards, she turned round and I caught the sight of her perfectly-shaped heartbuns and long, tanned, slender thighs. Finally, her hair was arranged in a ponytail, accentuating the youthfulness of her facial features. I did not see a wrinkle or crease in her flawless skin and almost drowned in the deep blue of her piercing eyes. She fluttered her eyelashes and smiled at me, waiting for further approval. « I think we’re going to have fun ». « Your turn to show me the goods, Tim. I still can’t believe the pics you sent me. I’ve gotta see that horse cock of yours for real ! », she pleaded. « Why don’t you see for yourself ? », I told her while groping at her massive tits. I noticed with approval that one of my large hands could not encompass one of her outsized melons. More firm titflesh overflowed either side. She was not a natural but I didn’t mind fake breasts when they were as well enlarged as hers. She kneeled in front of me, slipping away from my grip, and quickly unzipped my baggy jeans, in her quest for my 12-inch soft manhood. Her hand plunged through the opening and I felt her holding on to my pipe. « Holy shit ! This thing is for real. Please let me take it out, I wanna see it ». Without waiting for my answer, she pulled my shorts down in a swift tug, and, more delicately, pealed off my boxers, revealing the wide root of my immense dick, her mouth forming an O as more and more inches of giant soft manflesh was uncovered. Before she could reach halfway down my knees and my flared cockhead, I gripped her wrists with my hands. « That’s for later. You can’t see it until tomorrow ! », I harshly announced. With that, I pulled up my gear, while she stood motionless and disappointed. « That’s the deal, baby. I want your husband to watch your face when you see my full cock ». « How big is it ? I need to know ! », she begged. « You’ll measure it tomorrow, both soft and rockhard, and believe me, it’ll be rockhard for such a beauty as you. » « Oh, I can’t wait, Tim ! I’ve never seen someone as manly as you and you’re only 15 ! », she moaned while rubbing her clit through her garment. « Come and sit next to me and we’ll talk about my little plan for tomorrow ! ». I followed her to her patio where she had prepared a glass of lemonade and some cakes for me. While I was eating, she explained what she wanted me to do when I arrived tomorrow. I agreed with her plan and, after letting her play with my soft meat through my jeans for a while, I left her to play with her wet pussy alone. I wanted her to be real horny for the main show. That night, I refused to have sex with my mum and sis, claiming I had a massive headache. They attempted to suck me despite my efforts, and managed to coax one huge load for my bloated sperm makers before I was allowed to got to sleep. I almost willed my gonads to go into overproduction during the night and woke up with enormously swollen cum-eggs. I suck out of bed and left my naked mum and sis sleeping, made breakfast and went into the training room in our basement. When mum and sis woke up, I claimed that I had to leave to meet up with my football team for training. I left them bitterly disappointed and almost begging for a good fuck, but I forced myself to avoid their pleading eyes and heading for Jenny’s house, wearing tight shorts and a tank top that showed off my stretched muscles to best effect. Jenny was going to get the shock of her lifetime as a massively muscular teenage stud with a dong hanging more than halfways down his knees walked up to her door !... I knocked and waited a short while before she opened. She was wearing a two-piece bikini, the small triangles of material of her top barely concealing her arealoas. Her hard nipples were pointing straight at me. The bottom half, a G-string, was minuscule and her cuntlips were almost visible as she swayed her hips. « I’m the poolboy, mam. Came to check your pump ! ». I had almost forgotten my line as I took in her hourglass figure. « Come in, please ! I’ll show you where it is. ». She turned round and led me through the lounge to the back garden. Her buttcheeks looked so firm that I could not help my cock from twitching and growing slightly erect. « Here young man, I’ll let you to it ». I looked down at the pump and saw that it was indeed not in working condition. I guess she chose this scenario because she knew I was actually a trainee pool maintenance man. She slowly walked back to her lounge chair and I looked back at her, almost drooling at the sight of her perfect frame. The scenario was loose and left much to improvisation. I decided to take my tank top off and let her suffer from seeing my overdeveloped muscles bulge as I worked. I used the toolbox I had with me and started my assignment. I could hear her moan slightly as my muscles flexed and unflexed. The default on the pump was minor and I finished in less than five minutes. Rising back up and walking towards her, I wiped the sweat off my forehead. « Thank you so much, young man. I bet you must have needed some pretty big tools to do the job ». She emphasized the word « tools » as she spoke. « That’s right mam. But I have a very big tool that’s always handy for such jobs ». I thought afterwards that this line was kinda vain but I was desperate to fuck her so said it anyway. « Oh, really ? And what kind of tool would that be ? Can a woman handle such a tool ? », she asked as she sat up and lifted her sunglasses, watching me intently. « It depends. It’s a pretty heavy tool to handle. » « I am a grown woman. There are no tools I can’t handle. Let me see it now young man ! », she snapped. This is going to be fun, I thought to myself. I undid my jeans buttons one by one while she bit her lips in anticipation. After what must have been ten excruciating seconds for her, the giant root of my stalk was uncovered. Slowly, I undressed before her, as I had done the previous day. By the time, my slightly blood-filled shaft head came into view, she was breathing heavily and rubbing her clit. « Oh, my God, young man ! You are hung like a horse ! This is the biggest tool I have ever seen. Can I measure it please ? ». Her voice was almost erratic as she spoke. I handed her a measuring tape from the toolbox that had I hidden in my hand. Quickly, she unrolled it and place one end where the immense root met my rockhard lower abdomen. Looking down, she read off the length of my semi-flaccid dong and held, frozen in place. « Fuck me ! You’re thirteen inches long soft ! I never even had a guy near that size when hard ! My hubby is only three inches long erect. I must have that godly cock, young man ! ». She held my tool in her soft hands and started a spiralling motion along its tremendous length, in order to stiffen the beast into action. « Call me Tim. Or Master. », I answered back at her. I stepped out of my jeans and sat back in her lounge chair. Throughout, she held onto my engorging cock for dear life, planting small, wild kisses along its surface. By the time I was settled into the chair, I was enjoying a noisy blowjob and my cock was almost fully erect. « May I measure your huge cock now that’s it hard, Master ? » « I’m not hard yet. Keep sucking. », I snapped back. She redoubled her efforts, mesmerized by the sight of my already hard monster schlong growing larger still, a further inch in length and girth in front of her eyes. « Now, I’m really hard. » Again, she fumbled for the tape measure, eager to find exactly how big my humongous prick was. « Jeezus ! Sixteen and a quarter inches long. » After a moment of bewilderment, she composed herself and read my girth at 10.25 inches. « Now that you know, suck it and make me come ! », I ordered. At these words, her mouth darted for my glistening knobhead, wet from copious amounts of pre-cum that I had been drooling while she was measuring my gigantic rod. She polished it roughly at first, her tongue fluttering near the cumslit while her left hand mauled my oversensitive glans. Her other hand was busy kneading my sperm orbs in turn. She was moaning, groaning and incoherently muttering how enormous my genitalia was and how I made all the other men she ever had look like little boys. She next opened her mouth so wide that I could hear her jawbone crack. She turned her head sideways and fastened her wide-open mouth to her lover's shaft at a point just below its crown. For a while, she sucked and sucked on my rock hard love muscle at that point. The giant-breasted stunner then slowly, ever so slowly, ran her wet, dripping, wide-open mouth down the length of my thick shaft to its very base. After applying gentle kisses near my root, she very slowly retraced the exciting journey back to the tip of my massive dick. By that time, my shaft was slippery and shiny with her saliva. « Yeah, that’s good, go on ! », I urged as a wave of excitement was overtaking my whole body. She stuck her tongue out as far as it would go and resumed her thrilling open-mouth trips up and down the length of my monster shaft. This time, the extended flat end of her tongue along with her open mouth encompassed over half the staggering circumference of my prong. After tonguing, sucking, and generally slobbering all over the underneath portion of my cock, Jenny pulled down on the shaft and administered this electrifying tongue-lip-and-mouth treatment to the upper side of my giant dick. Finally, she returned to my cockhead and drooled thick trails of saliva to lubricate my helmet further. She had problems fitting the whole head in as I was so hard that it must have been the size of an apple by then. After some three-dozen bobs of her luscious mouth, she managed to get the entire knob of my penis into her mouth. Clots of pre-sperm were oozing from my wide-opened slit and she cupped her hands to catch the outpouring before it hit the floor. At the same time, she began slowly jacking me off. The electrifying feel of her hot little hands as they rapidly skimmed up and down my shiny, saliva-coated shaft was so great! « Oh Tim, your cock feels so hard ! I never felt a weapon as massive as this ! You’re a dream come true for a size queen like me ! », she exclaimed between loud slurps on the tip of my granite-like pecker. While I was enjoying this sumptuous blowjob, I noticed a man by the garden gate half-hidden behind some high bushes. He seemed to be jacking off while admiring the show on display. I immediately knew he was her husband. According to the scenario, he was supposed to catch us in the act pretty soon. I guess he couldn’t wait to wank his puny dick silly before entering the picture ! Jenny still didn’t realize that we had company so I encouraged her to blow me faster and harder and stood up to give her hubby a better view of his wife on her knees, sucking the biggest cock he had ever laid eyes on. After a few minutes, the man’s eyes closed and he was cumming. He managed to stay quiet while his short-lasting orgasm overtook him. By that time, I was getting pretty close to blowing my load myself. « Yeah, suck harder and wank that giant cock ! », I stammered as thrills of pleasure ran up and down my spine. « Yes,, gggrrl.. Master... mmh... Give me..gargggll... your cum... », she managed to mutter between great licks of my enlarging knobhead and mouthfuls of my outpouring pre-cum. I had reached the point of no return and looked down at Jenny, my face contorted with pleasure. « I’m ccccuummiinnngg ! », I growled. My first voluminous jet filled her mouth entirely, viscous cum coating her tonsils and teeth. Her eyes expressed both shock and disconfort at the unending rope of spunk she had to swallow. I therefore slightly pulled back for the second streamer, which landed all over her long blond hair, coating strands together with great sticky globs of juvenile goo. At that point, I aimed my cock higher, in an attempt to bring her flabbergasted hubby into the picture. He got the message alright. My third rope was so powerful, it actually reached the ten feet that separated us from him. Amusingly, some of my cum splashed on his exposed cock and balls and he retreated back in horror to see the last of my giant streamer whitewashing the left leg of his pants. Jenny heard his muffled cry and turned round, aiming my cum cannon towards him. « Yeah, pindick, watch a real man cum ! », she sniggered as she wanked my disgorging rod with both hands, sending more giant ropes of cum at his feet. « Shit, look at all that spunk ! I can’t believe I’m holding the biggest, fattest cock in the world and it’s just cumming and cumming and cumming ! ». She was getting delirious as ten, twelve then fifteen enormous streamers rocketed out of my rockhard manhood. I kept feasting myself on the sight of her heaving breasts, small clots of my cum landing now and then on her firm cleavage. I lowered my cum missile and blasted the last salvoes of boycream all over her 36EE bosom. After a minute or so of almost continuous ejaculations, my dong rested on her right shoulder, still drooling thick dollops of semen on her back, the threatening helmet aimed at her cuckolded hubby. She held my slightly softened tool up with her hands as if lifting a weightbar and licked the drying spunk from its vast surface. « Fuck, it feels so heavy, it’s like holding a fucking baseball bat ! » « Honey, how could you do this to me ? », moaned her hubby as he attempted to clean some of my spunk from his shrivelled penis. « Because THIS is the biggest cock in the world and it’s attached to the hottest, most muscular teenage stud I could ever find in my life ! He’s a dream come tue and he’s gonna fuck me some more until I can’t walk ! », she said with a wicked smile. Her words stirred the animalistic instinct in me and my cock re-harden instantly. I lifted her off the ground and laid her on my rock-hard cock then crossed my arms, to show her and her wimp of a hsuband what my monster was cpaable of. She looked bewildered, suspended in mid-air, her whole body resting on my cock, not bending it in the slightest. « Fuck, this is unbelievable ! Look honey, he’s carrying me on his cock ! », she moaned as she furiously wanked my engorged cockhead which had already started leaking pre-cum once more. I walked inside their house and signalled to her hubby to follow us. He looked utterly defeated, his small stub of a dick barely visible under my coating of potent semen. « Come here, and hold my cock for your wife ! », I snarled. He quickly complied and I could tell that he was starting to get excited by the situation. After all, this is what this couple wanted. I easily lifted Jenny off my cock with one arm while her husband held my firm stalk, his fingers not encompassing its tremendous girth. It was the first time a guy was holding my cock in his hand and it felt good to ascertain my alpha-male status by letting hold the very cock that was about to plough deeper than he could imagine into his darling wife’s pussy. « Stick it in ! », I ordered. I felt his left hand fumbling a bit around his wife’s pusylips as he aimed my three-inch wide helmet at the hole I so desired to fuck at that very moment. I almost wanted to take matters into my own hands, so to speak, but gave him some encouragement instead to play along. « Yeah, that’s right, right between your wife’s pussylips. Push it harder now ! », I groaned as my cockhead parted her labia and penetrated a few inches inside her vagina. She was panting already, a sight I had been accustomed to the first time I fuck a woman. After a while, more inches managed to make their way into her juicy cunt and she started to relax a bit. « Oh, this is so good ! So good ! Oh God, I think I’m gonna cum ! Yes, YES ! ». Well, her first orgasm I thought. Not the last one for sure ! I was pummeling her insides with around ten inches by then and her hubby was still holding the base of my cock, occasionnaly caressing my massive dangling balls or licking his wife’s pussy on my outstrokes. Her lips were being sucked out by my cock so he didn’t have to dive too far into action. I could feel her pussy juices sloshing around my pistoning rod and squeashing sounds were heard every time I lunge my monster dick up her cuntchute. Suddenly I moved faster, stroking myself with her body at a frenetical rate, sucking hard on her upturned nipples, which by now had grown to giant proportions and were soon becoming red hot. I alternated between each tit, malaxing it in my large hand as my teeth bit the nipple ferociously. She was fast becoming delirious, a mixture of plain and pleasure that I learnt over the years brought my conquests to unsurpassed climaxes. « Yeah, feel that cock Jenny ! Hey pindick, how is it going down there ? », I asked as I continued my rough pounding of Jenny. « Thank you master for pleasuring my wife like I could never do », was all he could meakly reply. « It is an honour to be helping you in your brutal fucking of her ! ». « Ohh, please don’t stop fucking me ! I don’t want this to ever end ! Oh God, I’m coming AGAIN !! AHHH ! », his wife exclaimed. I was growing tired of this position so I lifted Jenny off my red-hot cock. Her pussy was trying to cling onto my giant helmet but I it eventually came out with a loud pop. I turned her upside down and plunged my tongue into her hot snatch. I noticed that juices were still pouring out of her gaping cunt, and that she had sprayed herself all the way to the middle of her thighs. I slowly licked the trails of her pussy juice and my pre-cum all the way to her wide-open pussy, lapping at the copious salty splooge. In the meanwhile, she had started swallowing my man-sword as far as she could and hubby was helping her, feeding her as many inches of forearm-thick teenage cock as she could possible take, encouraging her as he caressed her hair. I could feel my flaring cockhead hitting the back of her throat every time I pushed my hips forward. She was gargling incoherently and froth was forming at the corners of her mouth as I ravished her oral cavity with my mammoth steel rod. « Move your head closer to my balls, noodle-dick ! ». As he did so, I lunged forward, feeding six inches of my sixteen incher down Jenny’s gullet while my massive balls slapped loudly on her husband’s forehead. Of course, my cock was reaching all the way past his head and into Jenny’s upturned face and I repeated this humiliating pounding, feeling my scrotum repeatedly smacking sissy-boy on his head. He was moaning but I saw from the corner of my eyes that his hand was rubbing his tiny cock, which, remarkably seemed to have harden a bit. « Yeah, you like that don’t you, my giant balls in your fucking pussy face ! » « Yes master, they are so big it hurts ! May I lick them please ? ». I acquiesced and felt his tongue lurch to lap the sweat from my scrotum every time they bounced into his face. They were hanging so low and heavy that they easily reached his mouth and he didn’t even have to bend his neck backwards to lick them every time I pushed six or so inches into his wife’s outstretched mouth. My rhythm was slowly increasing, spurred by the highly charged sexual atmosphere of what I was doing. Finally ! I was banging a guy’s wife right in front of him and he was totally submissive, not daring to question my superiority. After ten minutes of a sloppy blowjob, during which pre-cum as well as some of Jenny’s saliva poured continuously on his head, he suddenly grabbed my cock with both hands are started furiously wanking its bottom half while I fed the top eight inches to his wife, who I allowed down after feasting on her cunt for so long. « Please come master, I want to see your enormous load of hot young virile sperm drowning me and my wife! », he blurted out. Well, I felt compelled to oblige and my cum-cannon expanded further in anticipation of my impending orgasm. Slimy ooze was falling down on Jenny’s upturned face and her hubby kept licking it off and moaning. I groaned as the first bolt of semen flew up my sperm hose and blasted in a continuous pencil-thick stream of pearly boy-nectar. It flew past their dazed faces and hit the wall five feet away with a loud splash. « On my face Timmy, drown me with your potent cum ! », encouraged Jenny. The next four massive salvoes did just that, painting her entire face in a mask of my virile scum. I decided to give sissy-boy a treat and aimed my ever-spurting cum rocket at his countenance. He didn’t expect it and when the first wad hit his face, he backed off in fear but as more powerful bolts of semen erupted from my monster cock, he became more subdued and even opened his mouth for me to aim a few shots and fill it to overflowing in seconds. The remainder of my giant load was aimed at Jenny’s mammoth jugs, which were red from my previous hand assault but soon became white from my enormous wads landing on its vast surface till not a single square inch of flesh could be seen under the thick layers of semen. Finally, my rod could deliver no more cum and I breathed out for the first time in the last minute. Fuck that had been an intense orgasm ! I was wondering whether I was going to be able to keep it up but true to form, my cock remained rock hard and my balls were already churning up more cum for the next delivery. « Shit, look honey, he’s still hard ! Are you going to fuck me some more stud ? », asked Jenny while pursing her lips seductively. « I’m gonna fucking destroy your cunt, slut ! », I snapped back. I picked her up effortlessly with one arm and place her on her stomach on my right shoulder. « Try and keep up sissy ! », I barked at her hubby. He was half-naked and tried to quickly pull his pants up as I strolled upstairs two steps at a time to their master bedroom. « This is where I want to fuck your wife, your marital bed ! » « Please sir, this is so humiliating ! », he moaned from the staircase. I had already dumped his wife on the bed and placed my giant cockhead to her soaked pussylips, allowing my flowing pre-cum to mix with her juices for a while. I would need my dong well lubricated for the pounding I had in mind ! « Jenny, what are you doing on our bed ? Will you really let this boy fuck you with his huge cock on our marital bed ? », he pleaded. « Try and stop me ! », she answered. And with that, she took hold on my almost four-inch wide flared head and rubbed it against her labia, while moaning breathlessly and looking me straight in the eyes. « Fuck me now you stud, while my pathetic, useless husband is watching. Show him how a real man fucks a woman ! », she grunted. I knew they were acting really and that he was probably enjoying himself being the submissive husband but I played along. I took her hand away and made her lick her fingers and mine, then held my giant cock by its firm base and pushed forward in one mighty lunge. Her whole body was pushed by the sheer strength of my cock and she almost hit the headboard. « Easy tiger ! Oh, ooh, I’m cumming already ! Yeah, fuck me harder you fucking stud ! ». I admired her body while I continued pounding her, her beautiful hair was in a heap over the pillow, the soft features of her face unrecognizable under the strain of her contorsions. But her huge firm tits were still there in all their majesty, pointing skyward and wobbling slightly every time I bottomed out of her long vagina at the end of lengthy foot-long strokes. Her flat stomach was deformed by the size of my apple-sized knobhead hitting deep inside her cervix, her thin, muscular legs were spread wide in total submission. Every now and then, she opened her eyes and admired my body, wandering from my mountainous biceps to my wide shoulders, my sculpted pecs and my washboard 8-pack, glistening with a tiny sheet of sweat. When she could, she lifted her head up from the pillow to admire the sight of my massive sixteen-inch slab of meat ripping her cunt apart. Then, she would squeal in delight and move her hand to her clit to rub it in a hurry, bringing herself off to another climax. For ten, then twenty minutes I pounded her mercilessly, her husband wanting his tiny stub while admiring the scene from the edge of the bed. Every few minutes, I would open my jaw and fill my mouth with her abundant tit-flesh, sucking like a hungry baby at her rigid nipples, salivating all over her cum-covered breasts. In the process, I also licked my cum and fed it into her mouth in luscious embraces lasting minutes. Her fuck juices were splattering all over the bedsheet as I rammed her cunt inside out, some of her vaginal foam hanging from my low-dangling testicles as they dragged along the bedcovers on every fuckstroke. I could feel the boiling cum ready to explode from my aching balls as I managed almost fourteen inches of mega-thich teenage fuckstick deep inside her ravaged pussy. « Yeah, here it comes ! », I yelled as the first arcs of hot sperm raced up my engorged collosal dong and splattered deep inside her uterus. « Shit, I can feel it, it’s so fucking strong ! AAAH ! », she screamed back at me as I unloaded more powerful jets of cum in her overflowing canal. Then, as I pushed my ultra-stiff monster as far as possible, her head hit the headboard woth a loud thud as her eyes closed as she fainted. Her hubby looked horrified but I couldn’t believe I had hurt her that much so pulled my disgorging rod out of her cunt and painted her body with a pint of cum. Half a dozen thick strands erupted from my peach-sized helmet and each was bigger and stronger than the previous one. I aimed higher as she regained consciousness and liberally coated the wall behind the bed, claiming her bedroom as mine with my slimy gunk. After another ten powerful shots, my colossus slowed down and drooled a few more thick strands into her navel. « Oh fuck, how long was I out ? Aaah, fuck, I’m totally coated in your spunk ! How can you come so much ? » « Cos I have huge balls », I replied as I slowly wanked my still raging monster to milk the last dollops of cum from its sixteen inch sperm canal. I was sweating profusely from this monumental orgasm and held my arms up behind my head to show her my mighty teenage muscles. My biceps ballooned out and my chest heaved with power as the ripped muscles strained from the exhortion. She was licking her own nipples and breast from the vast amount of sperm covering her. « Shit, you’re STILL hard ! Fuck me some more please ! », she begged. I could easily have complied but stood up and started heading downstairs to fetch my clothes. « You’re not the only slut on my agenda today Jenny. I’ll come back another day. Now your marital bed is mine. Remember that sissy boy ! », I said to them as I walked out, my slowly deflating monster cock smacking my hips asI stepped out. They were left to contemplate the enormity of what had happened, and it would take them a long time to realise that they hade just met their match. Jenny, the size queen, probably did not expect to meet such a stud, but then again, I’m used to that kind of reaction by now ! THE END Please email feedback to :
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