Please Fuck My Wife!

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My dominant wife, Teri, is the head of our household. My wife thoroughly enjoys her superior status over me and had has a large collections of whips, paddles, and restraints to keep me subdued. Teri gave me permission to write about my submission to her and her newly rejuvenated sex life.

When Teri learned of my secret desire to be totally dominated, she was more than happy to accommodate me. Her efforts in training me have been well-rewarded for I am now completely submissive to her. Over the years Teri has become increasingly dominant and has developed a penchant for humiliating me. I have a very strong foot fetish and my wife allows me the pleasure of worshiping her beautiful size-8 ½ feet on a regular basis. I must satisfy her completely or face the consequence which usually means a severe paddling of my ass. I have become nothing more than a house boy and slave to my beloved wife.

Even now as I write this, I am embarrassed by these words, but for several years now I been unable to sexually satisfy my wife. Teri has a powerful libido but, unfortunately, I am not a satisfactory lover. My penis is small and I cum much too quickly. Teri began to tease me about the size of my dick early in her domination of me. Eventually, my wife started telling me about different men she had slept with in the past and how much better endowed they were than me. She is always amused by my reaction of jealousy. To compensate for my shortcomings, I happily provide Teri with cunnilingus and analingus whenever she wishes. She also enjoys being stimulated with toys. As it is now, my only source of sexual relief is through masturbation.

One night last week as I kissed her feet, Teri told me of her desire to have extramarital adventures. Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness swept over me. I realized, however, that I am totally under Teri’s control and devoted to serving as her foot slave, and would be powerless to oppose her having an affair if she chose to do so.

“I want you to be happy, dear,” I said in between kisses to her feet. “I’m your slave and you can do anything you want. I’m helpless to stop you, dear.”

“Well, what would make me happy is a big, hard cock,” she informed me.

"Yes, dear,” I responded shamefacedly.

My wife and I have been married almost twenty years, and she still looks fantastic. My wife is 5’ 7” tall and measures in at an impressive 36D-22-34. Teri has hazel eyes, a great tan, and long dark hair. To me, she is a goddess; I want nothing more than to worship her and cater to her every whim. To other men, however, she is just a sexy woman they would love to fuck. I knew Teri could easily find another man to bed her.

When I got home from work yesterday, I knelt down before my wife and kissed her feet as usual. She was in a cheerful mood.

“Honey, you know how we talked about me screwing another man?" she began with a patronizing tone.

"Yes, dear,” I responded sheepishly. “Have you met someone you want to sleep with?"

“Yes, I have,” she beamed. “His name is Tom and he's a male stripper. One of my married co-workers dated this guy behind her husband’s back. She told me how great he was in bed. She told me about the size of his cock, too. And I want him to fuck me."

"Yes, dear,” I said, trying to hide my apprehension. "I want you to do whatever makes you happy, darling,"

“That’s exactly what I plan to do,” she told me in a condescending tone. “He’s coming over tonight, and you’re going to act as our butler and all-around servant. I’ve told him all about you, and he says it would really turn him on to have you to watch us.”

My only response was a sobbing, "Yes, dear.”

My wife then made me help her get ready for her date. After her bubble bath, I helped her into a short, low-cut, pink cocktail dress and a pair of strappy, high heeled sandals. Teri decided not to wear a bra or panties.

"I’d just be taking them off as soon as he gets here anyway," she told me. “I’m really horny and he will be here to fuck me in half an hour. I can hardly wait!”

She then had me dress in a tuxedo and explained my duties as butler.

“I expect total obedience when I order you to do something, no matter what it is. Am I understood?" my wife lectured me.

"Yes, dear,” I answered. “Of course, dear.”

“I want to see you to kneel before him and beg him to fuck me,” she grinned.

“Yes, dear,” was all I could manage to say. “Whatever you say, dear.”

I answered the door when my wife’s guest arrived. The man was ruggedly handsome and quite muscular. I felt intimidated by him. Addressing him as “sir,” I escorted my wife’s date to the living room where my wife greeted him with a deep, smoldering kiss.

My wife told me to take Tom’s jacket and to bring them each a glass of Chablis. When I returned with the wine, they were on the sofa. I passively knelt at my wife’s feet and quietly waited for further instructions. Teri and her guest sipped their drinks and chatted for several minutes.

“My husband is not man enough to satisfy me,” Teri confided. “So I make him lick my feet to show his affection.”

“Are you kidding?” he laughed. “He licks your feet?”

“Show Tom how you worship my feet,” my wife smiled smugly down at me.

I obeyed without question, removing my wife’s shoes and amorously kissing her bare feet. Teri then began to work her delicious feet up and down my face and in and out of my mouth. I was soon in an erotic trance, passionately licking her feet from heel to toe for the entertainment of the new man in her life.

“It looks like you’ve trained him well,” he chucked.

“Yes,” she responded proudly, “He tongues my pussy and asshole whenever I want, but I haven’t let him sleep with me for more than a year. He’s content to lick my feet and jack off.”

Tom was looking down at me, smiling from ear to ear, and I blushed in embarrassment.
“He’s gotten pretty good at giving me oral sex, but he knows his dick just isn’t big enough to satisfy me,” my wife told Tom as her hand gently stroked the bulge in his pants. “He wants me to enjoy sex, and since he’s not man enough to get the job done, my husband wants a man with a big cock to fuck me for him.”

“I have a big cock.” he smiled down at me arrogantly, waiting for my response.

My face burned crimson with shame. I must admit that watching my wife having sex with another man was a secret fantasy that I had relished. Now, with the prospect of the cuckold fantasy about to become a reality, I found myself becoming increasingly apprehensive. The feelings of humiliation were more severe than I had imagined. I remembered what Teri said about begging him to take her to bed, but hesitated at first.

“Did you hear that? Tom says he has a big cock,” Teri giggled. “Isn’t there a favor you want to ask him?”

“P-please, sir,” I stammered, kneeling before him and trembling with shame. “Teri needs a man with a big dick. I know that she would really enjoy herself with you. Please take her to bed fuck her good and hard, sir. Please fuck my wife.”

Uttering these words made me feel thoroughly degraded. The horror of asking an obviously better a better man to bed the woman I love cannot be described. Both of them laughed derisively at me plea; my eyes teared in disgrace.

“Sure, I’d be happy to fuck your wife for you,” Tom looked down at me with a menacing smirk. “I’ll give her a fucking she’ll never forget.”

My wife quickly secured my hands behind my back with a pair of handcuffs and unzipped my pants and attached a harness and leash to my undersized penis. Tugging on the leash, my wife happily took hold of Nick’s hand and led him into the bedroom with me submissively following behind them on my hands and knees.

I obediently kneeled at the foot of the bed and my wife quickly pulled her dress over her head. She sat on the bed and made me kiss her feet as she watched him undress for her.

“Wow!” my wife exclaimed.

I looked up at Tom. He just stood there with his massive cock swaying out in front of his belly. I averted my eyes in shame, but could not help staring at his massive erection. Rod’s manhood was twice the size of mine. It was almost as big around as my wrist, and had to be 10” in length, with purple veins coursing up the think shaft and ending just below the enormous head. I looked at him with my mouth open in disbelief, and he stared down at me arrogantly. I felt my own cock shrivel up; my embarrassment in front of him, and even more in front of my wife, was unbelievably degrading. After sizing him up, my wife looked over at me and her smirk said it all; she and I both knew the extent of my inferiority.

He sat down on the bed beside Teri. Snuggling up to him, my wife took his cock into her hand and began to stroke it lovingly.
“Oh, my God!” Terri exclaimed. “You’re so big!”

They started making out, French kissing with increasing passion and he was kneading and sucking her breasts. I was at the foot of the bed and passively watched. It was so thick she could not get her hand around the shaft. My wife’s 3 carat diamond wedding ring seemed to sparkle with insolence as her fingers fondled another man’s huge, hard cock.

My wife glanced at me with a smirk as she went down on him. Teri began licking her way up and down the thick shaft, and then kissed the plump head of his cock before taking it into her mouth. Tom moaned with pleasure. As my wife licked and sucked Tom’s big cock, I was required to suck her toes. Teri could not devour the whole thing, but using both hands, one atop the other, she stroked his thick shaft and sucked hard on the fat head. I felt totally ashamed, kneeling there and unquestioningly worshiping my wife’s feet as she sucked another man’s cock with whorish abandon. My indignity was compounded by the fact that, in all our years of marriage, Teri had absolutely refused to go down on me. It was obvious that her adoration of his cock matched that of mine for her feet.

Then Teri clasped her breasts around his cock, trapping it in her cleavage.

"C'mon, baby, fuck my tits!” she urged him.

Tom began to stroking his erection in and out of her bosom's loving embrace. His cock was glistening with her saliva and moved smoothly between her breasts. She kissed the head of his cock lovingly and tenderly as she cradled its shaft between her soft, silky boobs.

“Eat my pussy,” my wife smiled smugly down at me. “Get it nice and wet from Tom.”

I obediently crawled to Terri and buried my face between her legs. Terri positioned her legs over my shoulders and layback to enjoy my oral services. I started licking her moist labia and repeatedly plunged my tongue deep inside her. She started to moan Even though I just started licking her, her cunt was all juiced up and ready for fucking. I was in a daze. I circled Terri’s clit with my tongue and sucked on the sensitive organ. I licked and sucked her voraciously as he continued to thrust his cock between her tits. I am not sure if Terri reached orgasm, but after several minutes she spurned me.

“You can worship my feet while we fucks,” she smirked.

As my wife pushed her toes into my mouth, Tom was fingering her moist vagina. Teri pulled Tom on top of her and spread her legs for him. I was totally at the pleasure of my adulterous wife, kneeling at bedside and fervidly sucking her delicious brightly painted toes as Tom mounted her, his large masculine feet coming between her petite ones.

"C’mon, Tom, give it to me!” my wife panted. “Fuck me!”
This was the moment I had both craved and dreaded. The idea of my wife having sex with another man had been a wonderful fantasy, but with the cold reality of the situation I now felt possessive and heartbroken. My feelings were of no concern; there was nothing I could do to stop them now. Teri’s foot was at the edge of the bed, and I was allowed to humbly suck her toes while she prepared to commit the act of adultery.

I just knelt on the floor, kissing and licking her bare foot, and watching in amazement as Terri reached down and guided Tom’s cock to the opening of her juicy slit. I was mesmerized as I watched the big head of his cock enter her. My wife gasped loudly as Tom drove his big, stiff cock deep into her vagina, filling it to the limit. I wondered if my wife would be uncomfortable from his size, until I she brought her mouth to his, kissing him passionately; their tongue entwined.

"Oh, Tom,” I could hear my wife panting. “Oh, Tom."

How she took all of him, I'll never know, but she did. His thrusts, measured and methodical at first, became increasingly harder and faster. He kept pulling his prick almost out of her cunt until just part of the head was in and then rammed it in hard.
Terri was squealing with pleasure, her hands were gripping the flesh of his back. My wife dug her heels into the mattress and bucked her hips to urge him on Eyes shut and mouth agape, Dianna concentrated on the orgasm that swelled within her, when it arrived she announced her gratification with a cry of ecstasy.

“Oh, yes, Tom, fuck me,” Terri was gasping “Oh, Tom, I love it!"

Rod’s stamina was incredible, and Terri careened from one orgasm to another. As I worshiped my wife’s foot, it was jerking rhythmically, recoiling from the powerful impact of his thrusts. He didn’t make love to her; he fucked her. There was no softness, no tenderness; it was animalistic. All the while, Terri was moaning, crying out, and screaming. I’m sure the next-door neighbors could hear her wails of ecstasy. In all the years we had been married, she had never been this vocal with me. Tom was fucking my wife good, better than I ever did. She loved his big cock.

“Oh, yeah, baby!” my wife cried out. “Yeah!”

It felt so demeaning to have my wife working her foot up and down my face and in and out of my mouth while she writhed in ecstasy beneath another man. I humbly ran my tongue between her wiggling toes and over her heels, arches, and soles. Teri cried out rapturously, her feet trembling against my lips, as she experienced wave after wave of orgasm. Tom was pounding his hard cock into my wife, and she loved it. Teri planted the sole of her foot firmly in my face and used my features to brace herself as she thrust her hips upward to meet his cock. My wife’s fingernails dug into his broad back as she bucked her hips upward to urge him on. Her foot was stomping rhythmically into my face Teri seemed oblivious to the fact that she had kicked me hard in the face and sent me sprawling to the floor.

"Oh, yes, Tom!” my wife was moaning. “Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

I scrambled to reclaim my kneeling position at the foot of the bed, but now I was denied even the humility of worshiping my adulterous wife’s feet. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist. My wife’s beautiful feet were locked at the ankles around Tom’s bobbing ass, quivering with excitement, as his cock moved in and out of her. No matter what I do, or how hard I try, I will never be able to match the feelings of fullness and deep penetration his big cock gave her. I watched him touch my wife in depths I will never know. My wife was so totally focused on him that I could just as well not have been in the room; she cared about nothing except his cock inside her and the orgasm she felt running through her body. I was a spectator, a bystander, as my wife and another man shared feelings which will never be mine.

“Fuck me, Tom!” she panted. “Fuck the shit out of me!”

Now Tom pulled my wife’s long legs over his shoulders and really started to fuck her.
From my vantage point, I could see Tom’s thick, glistening cock slamming into my wife like a piston, his balls slapping against her ass. His strokes were long and deep. The whole bed was shaking. Her tits were jiggling flopping wildly. The headboard of the bed was banging into the wall. The slap, slap, slap of their thighs meeting filling the room.

“I want you to cum!” she was moaning. “Shoot your cum in me, Tom!”

Tom was slamming his cock into my wife like a stallion. I could see his balls convulse and that he was about to come. Finally, he plowed into her with one final thrust. An animal-like growl burst from Tom’s throat. My wife moaned in delight when she felt his hot semen spurt deep inside her; her blatant act of adultery had been fully consummated. Tom rolled off of my thoroughly satisfied wife and his cock slowly came out of her with a loud plop, which cause both of them to giggle. They just lay there for a few minutes, resting, as I devotedly kissed her feet.

“Oh, my God,” Teri panted. “I’ve never been fucked like that before. You were wonderful, Tom.”

“Come here slave,” she commanded with a wicked smile.

Teri grabbed me by the hair and roughly pulled my head between her legs. With my face just inches from her freshly adulterated pussy, I could see that my wife’s labia were open like butterfly wings and her vagina was gaping from the fucking Tom had given her. I could see his slimy, pearlescent semen ooze slowly from my wife’s love hole and trickle down the crack of her ass. The fragrance coming from my wife’s semen-filled pussy was overpowering.

"Lick it!" Terri demanded.

I hesitated at first, but timidly did as she ordered. I obediently lapped Teri’s pussy and asshole, slurping up Tom’s cum. More and more semen oozed from deep inside my wife as I continued my degrading task; it seemed like the flow would never stop. My wife and her lover laughed as I gagged and struggled to lap up and swallow his big, slimy load.

"That's it. Get it all,” Terri laughed at me. “Don't let any get on the sheets,"

Whether it is submission or humiliation, licking another man’s sperm from my wife’s pussy emphasized the impudent nature of what my wife had done. My future role in her sex life was made perfectly clear. My debasement could not be more complete.

Later that night I fell asleep on the living room sofa while my wife, of course, shared the bed with Tom. It was difficult for me to sleep. I was jealous and haunted by what I had witnessed; however, I took humble pleasure in being forced to worship my wife’s feet as she committed the act of adultery. There was no denying that Tom was a better man than me. My neglected, unworthy cock was hard and my balls were blue with denial. I needed relief and masturbated to mental images of my wife’s beautiful feet during her exhibition of infidelity. Within seconds, I exploded with a force I had not known in years.

I served my wife and her lover breakfast in bed the next morning. Teri and Tom lounged in bed most of the morning, snuggling and watching television, while I went about my assigned chores. As I was washing dishes, I could hear my wife in the bedroom, moaning with passion. From the squeaking sounds of the mattress and the headboard banging against the wall, I knew that he was fucking my wife again. After things quieted down, my wife called me into the bedroom and made me lick her pussy clean before they took a shower together.

As Tom was leaving, my wife made me kneel before him once again. She had coached me on what to say.

“Thank you for fucking my wife, sir,” I meekly told him. “She had a wonderful time in bed with you. Would you please come over and fuck my wife again soon?”

“You can count on it,” Tom smiled. “Your wife is a fantastic piece of ass.”

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