Playing Pick-A-Dick

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My husband Mark frequently invites his buddies over to the house for either poker or to watch the big game on our 50" TV. On those occasions, I dress up in something sheer and revealing and serve the guys their drinks and snacks. My favourite outfit is a French maid uniform which has a sheer, white lace top through which you can clearly see my tits and big, dark nipples, a very short skirt that just barely covers my pussy, and black scanty-hose which are open at the pussy and ass.

As I walk around serving the guys, they constantly feel me up, and before the evening is over, I eventually end up having sex of some kind with all of them. Mark and I are always trying to come up with new ideas to add some extra fun to these evenings, and this story is about the night that he came up with a great new game that really added a lot of fun to my sexual pleasure. We decided to call the game Pick-A-Dick.

After the guys had been playing poker for about two hours, and feeling me up to the edge of an orgasm, we called a break in the game. Mark had already filled them in during the poker game about how Pick-A-Dick would work. I got on my knees on the big easy chair in the living room, with my ass facing out toward Mark and his five pals, and I put on a blindfold. The guys then took turns tonguing and fingering my ass and pussy to get both my holes nice and wet and lubed up. That went on for about half an hour, and having all those fingers and tongues working on my ass and pussy was enough to give me three fantastic orgasms. By the time they were done, my pussy was gushing wet, and I could feel the pussy juice running down my leg. Now came the Pick-A-Dick part of the game.

One at a time, the guys would come over and shove their cock into either my ass or pussy and fuck me for one minute. Mark was the timekeeper, and when each guy's time was up, he'd pull out and I'd have to guess who it was that just fucked me. At first glance, that might sound almost impossible, but you have to remember that I have fucked and sucked all these guys dozens and dozens of times, so I'm very familiar with their cocks and their moves. Every guy that I guessed correctly would owe me a fifteen minute full body massage, and every guy I guessed wrong would get to do whatever they wanted with me for fifteen minutes.

Anyway, the first guy came over and put his hands on my ass and pushed the head of his cock against my asshole. He slowly pushed the swollen head of his cock into my ass, causing me to let out a moan of pleasure, and just as I did, he rammed the full length of his hard cock into me. I screamed in both pain and ecstasy as he started pounding my ass for all he was worth. I could hear Mark yell, "Yeah man, give her a good assfucking." I really enjoy anal, so even though it was only one minute, I actually had an orgasm just as Mark yelled time and the guy pulled his cock out of my ass.

Now came the big challenge. Of Mark's five friends, two of them, Jeff and Steve, are into anal. But one of the other three guys might have chosen to assfuck me just to throw me off. But as I thought about the fucking I just got, it occurred to me that I could really feel his balls slapping against me, and Steve has a great set of big, low hanging balls. So I guessed Steve, and I was right. He was very disappointed, but I comforted him by telling him he could get as "intimate" as he wanted when he massaged me.

I braced myself for the next guy, who grabbed my waist and pushed his cock about halfway into my pussy. He then started stroking it in and out, always just halfway, which was driving me crazy, because I desperately wanted his cock to fill my pussy. So I yelled at him, "Stick your whole cock into me, please!" He immediately complied and started doing a wonderful back and forth type stroke which I immediately recognized as Jamal's "special move". So even before Mark yelled time, I said, "Wow, that feels great Jamal" To my surprise, I heard laughter behind me and then Ron's voice yelling, “Yes, it worked." Apparently Jamal had told Ron about the move he usually uses when fucking me, and Ron used it to trick me.

"Alright you tricky bastard, you win. What do you want to do with me for 15 minutes?" I said.

Ron said that one of the only things he'd always wanted to try and had never done with me was a foot job, so that's what he asked for. I took off my blindfold, asked Mark to put one of our big bath towels on floor in front of the easy chair, and told Ron to sit there because it was the perfect distance for me to grip his cock with black-stocking covered feet.

I started off by slowly and gently running my toes up and down his still hard cock. The big grin on his face told me he was enjoying it. Then I put my right foot under his balls and gently jiggled them up and down while I rubbed my left foot up and down the underside of his cock. After doing this for a couple of minutes, I could tell by Ron's moans that he was getting close to cumming, so I put my feet on either side of his cock, squeezed it and starting jerking him off. It wasn't long before he yelled, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" He shot a huge load, covering my feet and his thighs with a delicious coating of Ron's very thick, creamy cum. I hate wasting cum, so I carefully removed my scanty-hose and stuck the feet of the stockings into my mouth so I could lick all the cum off them. Then I got on the floor and licked all the cum off Ron's legs and cock. He thanked me, and I got back into position on the easy chair and put the blindfold back on.

The third guy then came over, grabbed both my ass cheeks and pulled them as far apart as he could. He then rammed his cock into my pussy in one swift motion, causing me to yell, "Oh fuck yeah!" He started fucking me slowly, and suddenly I felt him sticking his thumb into my ass. I love DP, so this felt fantastic. As his cock sped up, his thumb also started poking in and out of my ass faster and faster. I was just about to have a mind blowing orgasm when I heard Mark yell, "Time."

I immediately started pleading," Please finish me off. I'm almost there. Please!"

Mark gave his okay, and about ten seconds later, my screams of pleasure told them I had cum, and the guy pulled out. Now came the guessing. As I mentioned before, Jeff is one of the guys that enjoys assfucking me, and I figured that it might have been him because of the thumb-fucking my ass had just received, so that was my guess. Unfortunately, I was wrong again. Turns out it was Eddie, Mark's cousin.

When I asked Eddie what he wanted for his fifteen minutes, he said, "Carolyn, I've been lucky enough to already have done everything I've ever wanted to do sexually with you. So if it's okay with you and Mark, for my fifteen minutes I'd like to order a pizza and have you answer the door in what you're currently wearing and then watch you give the delivery guy a blowjob."

As you know, my husband Mark is a huge voyeur, and I guess being a voyeur must run in the family. Anyway, Mark said it was fine with him, and of course, I'm never going to say no to giving a blowjob, so we ordered the pizza.

While we were waiting, the guys went back to poker and I put on a pair of sheer black panties, a garter belt, black stockings and high heels. And then I put a $10 and a $20 bill down the front of my panties. About twenty minutes later the doorbell rang. Eddie took a seat where he had a good view of the door, and you should have seen the look on the pizza delivery guy's face when I opened the door! He was a short, middle aged East indian guy, and his eyes were just bugging out of his head. I asked him to please step in and close the door, which he did. As I took the pizza from him, he said that it was $24.50. I replied, "Well there's $30 in my panties, and as you can see, my hands are full with this pizza, so could you please reach in and get the money."

He said, "You really want me to do that?", to which I replied, "Yes, and feel free to do some exploring down there while you're getting the money."

Well I didn't have to ask again, as he stepped closer and quickly stuck his right hand down the front of my panties. He used his fingers to push the bills to the side, and then he started rubbing my clit. I turned sideways, put the pizza down on the foyer table, leaned back against the wall and spread my legs to give him better access, and to give Eddie a better view. As I moved, the pizza guy moved right along with me and his hand never missed a beat. After I spread my legs, I said, "You can stick your fingers into my pussy if you like." Almost before I finished the sentence, he had two fingers inside me.

I figured it was time to introduce myself, so I said, "My name is Carolyn, what's yours?"

He replied, "I am Deepak, and I think you are very beautiful and very kind to let me touch you in this way."

"You're very welcome honey, but it's now time for you to get your money and take your hand out of my panties."

He looked very disappointed, but quickly complied. As his hand came out of my panties, I took it, grabbed the two fingers that had been in my pussy and stuck them into my mouth. As I finished licking the pussy juice off them, I asked Deepak, "Did it feel good to have your fingers in my mouth?"

"Yes Carolyn," he replied, "I liked it very much."

"Do you think," I asked him, "that you would also like to have your cock in my mouth?"

His jaw dropped and he nodded vigorously as he said, "Yes please, I would very much enjoy putting my cock in your mouth."

"Well there's a favour I want you to do for me."

He looked kind of nervous as he replied, "What is it?"

I pointed to Eddie and said, "I lost a bet to my friend over there, and his prize was that he got to watch me give a blowjob to the pizza delivery guy. So would it be okay if I sucked your cock while Eddie watches?"

"Oh yes. I would very much like for you to blowjob me."

I took Deepak's hand and led him into the living room. When he saw Mark and the rest of the guys he seemed frightened, so I reassured him by saying, "Don't worry Deepak, that's just my husband and some of his poker buddies."

Deepak looked puzzled and said, "Your husband allows you to do these things?"

I replied, "First of all honey, nobody allows me to do anything. I have sex with whomever I want, whenever I want. And secondly, my husband loves to watch me with other men."

"Well I guess everyone has their own ways," replied Deepak, "but even though I very much want you to blowjob me, I would feel uncomfortable for so many people to watch."

Mark said, "That's okay Carolyn, why don't you take Eddie and your pizza guy up to the bedroom."

"Would that be okay with you Deepak?" I asked.

"Yes, just one man watching would be okay."

So I took them both up to the master bedroom. Eddie pulled a chair to the side of the bed and had a seat, and I had Deepak take off his pants and underwear and lay on the bed. He had an average size cock, but he had a huge set of balls, which excited me, because usually guys with big balls shoot big loads of cum.

I got on the bed in front of him and was about to start blowing him, when he said, "Before you start, can I ask a favour from you Carolyn?"

"Sure honey, what would you like?"

"I think you have very nice tits and I would very much like to touch them and suck them before you suck my cock. Would that be okay?"

I moved up, leaned my tits down into his face and told him, "Go for it honey."

He reached up and squeezed my tits and took turns sucking on them for about five minutes before I finally said, "Okay honey, now it's my turn to do some sucking."

I moved down between his legs and started licking and kissing his cock and balls. When I began nibbling on the sensitive spot on the underside of his cock, just below the head, he let out a moan so loud that I thought he was going to cum, but he managed to hold back. Then I wrapped my lips around his cock and started bobbing my head up and down his shaft as I sucked for all I was worth. After about two minutes, he yelled, "I will pull my cock out now because I am about to cum."

I took my mouth off his cock just long enough to say, "No way honey, I want to swallow your cum", and then went back down on him. In about thirty seconds his hips started to buck and he started cumming into my mouth. And he just kept cumming and cumming. I had been right about his big balls shooting a big load. I think I swallowed 4 times, and even then, a bit of cum dribbled out the side of my mouth. When he finally finished, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and licked it clean.

"Thank you so much Carolyn! No woman has ever swallowed my cum before. That was great."

"No," I replied, "Thank you honey. That was one of the biggest, tastiest loads of cum I've ever had!"

I turned to Eddie and asked, "Well, did you enjoy the show?"

"Yes." he exclaimed. "Watching you suck cock is like watching Picasso paint!"

Deepak got dressed and the three of us headed back downstairs. He thanked me again several times and as I gave him a hug and kiss goodbye, he managed to give my pussy one last squeeze.

Anyway, it was time to get back to playing Pick-A-Dick. There were just two guys left who hadn't yet fucked me, Jeff and Jamal. This meant that if I guessed after one of them did me, I would automatically know who the last guy was. So I suggested that I simply not make a guess until after both of them had fucked me. Mark, however, had a better idea. He said, "Why don't Jeff and Jamal do a DP with you, and then you can guess which guy's cock was in which hole."

As I said earlier, I love DP, so I immediately congratulated Mark on being such a genius. I put the blind fold on, and then one of the guys lay on his back on the floor. Mark helped guide me to lowering my pussy onto the guy's cock, facing forward. Once his cock was all the way in, I raised my rear as much as possible and the second guy shoved his cock into my ass.

They both started pumping me, and though I don't remember doing it, Mark told me afterward that I started yelling, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" As Jeff and Jamal were fucking me, the rest of the guys kept lightly slapping their cocks against my face. Jeff and Jamal were fucking me harder and faster, and just before Mark yelled time, whoever was in my ass blew their load, and I felt the wonderful warmth of their cum filling my ass. When they pulled out, I said, "Before I remove my blindfold, would whoever came in my ass, please put his cock in my mouth so I can lick it clean."

A moment later I felt a wet cock pushing against my lips. I grabbed it and licked every delicious drop of cum off it. When I was finished, it was guessing time. It was really pretty easy. Jamal has fantastic endurance. He once fucked me for almost an hour before he came. So I knew it couldn't be him who came in my ass. So my guess was Jamal in my pussy and Jeff in my ass, and I was right.

So now I had three guys who owed me a full body massage – Jeff, Jamal and Steve. I said that I wanted all three of them to massage me at once. So we went back up to the bedroom where it would be more comfortable, I stripped naked and lay on the bed. For the next fifteen minutes they used their hands, tongues and cocks to massage every inch of my body, including the inside of my ass and pussy. You haven't lived until you've had six hands feeling, fondling and fingering you at the same time. The whole fifteen minutes was like one long, non-stop orgasm. Mark later said that he could hear my moans from the living room.

After everyone had finally left, Mark, who had not yet had a turn because he was supervising everything, gave me one of his best fucking in years. And we agreed that we would be playing Pick-A-Dick on a regular basis.

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